UK MEP: U.S.Appeal for your support re Electromagnetic Radiation funding


You are all working hard to save children from Leukaemia BUT there is one, simple blood study that needs to be done. The new study, along with resultant, positive publicity, will save the lives of many children and others.

Your charity will be able to provide other valuable information after doing another study that can be done on humans at no risk to them that I will also explain below.

"A focus" on EMF/EMR exposure at night to electrical appliances such as electric clocks, telephone equipment, electric meters, etc. will provide the "specific information" that can then be also be expaned upon to explain how living in close proximity to transformers, high voltage powerlines, cellular antennae, WiFi and more, may also promote Leukaemia and other health problems if person is subjected to "distant exposures" over an even longer period of time.

Information from one such new study can be combined with Dr. Andrew Marino's "identical work" re blood results (specifically "lymphocytes and neutrophils") on guinea pigs and a reference can also be made to Dr. Duane Dahlberg's "Minnesota Herd Study."

The 2002 California EMF Study provides a lot of information re probable promotion of Leukaemia due to high voltage powerline exposures but I believe "a focus" is needed on a new study re "bed exposures" (appliances and frequencies on electrical wiring, etc.) in order to save as many children as possible and to also get efforts moving in the right direction while trying to sort out effects from telecommunications' antennae, powerline distances, etc. .

Local Baubiologist Oram Miller ( ) recommends all circuits to bedrooms be turned off at night. While turning off circuits would obviously eliminate concerns for items on nightstands/headboards, etc., I believe another blood study such as I suggest will then provide the necessary insight needed to understand the importance of turning off all circuits to sleeping areas. Additional work re grounding problems and correction of wiring errors is also needed perhaps before circuits are turned off.

Oram Miller demonstrates "body voltage measurements." With a proper meter and wire connected to ground, the importance of reducing electrical currents anywhere, but "especially bedrooms" becomes obvious. There is a lot of focus on magnetic fields and while important, "electrical fields" must be reduced.

Perhaps Dr. Henshaw or Dr. Phillips might be able to conduct an epidemiological study using human volunteers who can easily measure and report body voltage measurements both before and after reducing nighttime electrical exposures? This would be non-invasive -- such measurements would not be based on increasing electrical exposure but rather, reduction of electrical exposure and would reflect only what already does exist but that which is not now being measured (except by those of us who have acquired knowledge and have testing equipment) -- "high body voltage measurements!!!."

Study participants could provide a list of concerns (if any) such as poor quality sleep/early waking/sleeplessness, headaches, ear/sinus/asthma problems, blood sugar changes in anyone monitoring same, etc. prior to reducing nighttime exposures, along with several body voltage readings (before bed on separate nights) also prior to reduction of electrical fields, over a period of two weeks.

Similar data could be provided for an additional two weeks -- after moving appliances and/or turning off all circuits to bedrooms (detailing changes), with body voltage measurements taken perhaps as few as three separate nights before going to sleep and another listing of any observed improvements in sleep, less headaches, less ear/sinus/asthma problems, lower blood sugar readings, etc. during that two-week period.

Since I am "a non-expert," I do not meet the qualifications for submitting a request for formal funding. This can be done by your own EMF consultants, however, and as you know, Assoc. Prof. Olle Johansson, Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, Sweden, is willing to participate and/or conduct his own study or studies that prove the connection between "markers for irradiation" and effects due to low dose, chronic prolonged exposure to electromagnetic radiation.

Best wishes for much progress in your quest to help save children!!! Take care - Joanne

Joanne C. Mueller Guinea Pigs R Us
731 - 123rd Avenue N.W. Minneapolis,
Minnesota 55448-2127
Phone: 763-755-6114
Email: (6-17-06)

Be loyal to your country always, and to the government only when it deserves it. -Mark Twain


RE: UK MEP...U.S.Appeal for your support re Electromagnetic Radiation funding!!!
From: Piers Merchant
Date: Fri, 23 Jun 2006 17:41:19 +0100

Roger Knapman MEP has asked me to thank you very much for your email and to say that he does support independent research on this issue, though he would like this carried out by the British government not the EU.

He feels the technology has raced ahead of proper checks on the safety aspects.

Best wishes

Piers Merchant
Assistant to Roger Knapman MEP


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