Mobile phone ban to be lifted in hospitals as ward costs rise

Scottish Hospital Ward mobile phone ban to be lifted -

Exploitative charging of 50p/minute for hospital provided bedside phones creates patient pressure.

"...a spokeswoman for the British Medical Association said: "Research has clearly demonstrated that modern mobile telephones have very little risk when used in hospitals".

(Arthur J.)


These paras in the article are particularly interesting - especially the second one!

Recent research by the UK medicines watchdog Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency found that 4% of medical devices suffered interference from a mobile phone at a distance of one metre.

But it also found that 41% suffered interference from handsets used by the emergency services (were these TETRA?) and 35% from those used by hospital porters. Doctors have demanded that mobile phones be used to replace the out-dated beeper system used to contact staff in many hospitals.



The Medical Devices Agency (2001) tests were specifically done to try to support the notion that tetra wasn't that bad. So they wangled the considerably different test results to a conclusion declaring tetra 'comparable to mobile phone'.



This is an absolute disgrace - if patients are sick already and are "captive" in hospital, their health is likely to be seriously compromised by the constant bombardment from the mobile phones of patients, staff and visitors all around them. What about the EHS people in these hospitals - how are they going to be protected? We know that mobile phone users are not the most considerate of people!

My sister is in hospital and has been for some time - a few weeks ago an elderly lady in an opposite bed had been given a mobile phone to ring relatives. She had just had a tumour removed from her breast and also suffered from many other health problems. She was lying in bed with the mobile phone under her head and made two quite long calls. I went over to her when she had finished and asked her if she knew that there were concerns over the safety of the phones and suggested that she took care how much she used it.

The next time I visited the hospital she had been moved into a side room as she had developed an "infection" in her breast and was quite poorly. She was later moved to another hospital. I wonder if she would have developed this complication if she had not used the phone extensively straight after her op?



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