If You Could Make ONE Phone Call Now To Stop The War NOW, Would You Do It?

LIVE VIRTUAL PHONE BANK: http://www.usalone.com/virtualphones.htm

Today OpedNews.com, the premier online digest of progressive opinion will be featuring an article on the new virtual phone bank we told you about yesterday.


The ultimate act of speaking out of course is to vote, and the most effective activism of all is electing someone who is dedicated to changing a disastrous course, as in the destructive occupation of Iraq.

As a case in point, Bob McCloskey in California's 29th district has challenged a Democratic incumbent has who voted again and again in support of the war crime of a war in Iraq. Bob has opposed the war from the beginning and is calling for our troops to come home now. If Bob, and others like him, win their elections, the war will be stopped. A majority of the current incumbents still see no real reason it should. Losing their seats would be a compelling reason.

This is why we must turn out every possible vote for Bob McCloskey between now and the California primary this Tuesday, June 6th.

To do so Bob has set up a revolutionary new virtual phone bank, being tried first with OpEdNews.com. It allows you to make calls from your own phone smoothly coordinated with other volunteers all over the country. The new interface includes a chat function where you can talk to other activists and get instant live help. And Bob even has prepaid phone cards available for you if you ask for one.

LIVE VIRTUAL PHONE BANK: http://www.usalone.com/virtualphones.htm

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If you speak out alone, you are just one voice. And if all did the same, that's all that would be required. But if you call ten people and let them know there is a real alternative to vote for, you can increase your impact ten-fold. If you have time to call 100 people between now and June 6th, to encourage them to come out and vote against this war, you can magnify your activism 100-fold. We each can cast only one vote, but we can make as many phone calls as we like.

This is a grand experiment in democracy. If we are able to use this new technology to take Bob McCloskey over the top, we can help other candidates for free in the same way. What we are asking you to do is take a look at Bob's positions on issue after issue, and see if you agree with him on just about everything.


See how he is already standing up and fighting for you with his own action pages


Why do we support particular candidates? . . . Because particular candidates REPRESENT policy change. And when they have the courage to stand up for us, we must all of us stand with them.

Let us make an example of Bob McCloskey. and example of what the people can mobilize to do for someone who deserves it. And let's do it between now and Tuesday with the help of this new virtual phone bank which makes it so easy to organize it all.

Please take action NOW, so we can win all victories that are supposed to be ours, and forward this message to everyone else you know.

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