The abundant studies repeatedly showing serious adverse health effects

I've just got two letters pub'd in a local monthly newsletter "Hollingdean News" - Hollingdean is an area of 3500 houses in Brighton of which the newsletter gets put through nearly all the letterboxes. One of the letters was sent via a friend. They were both however very heavily edited.

Below are the letters as published (edited) and the intro.


For years, anti mast campaigners have been accused of “scaremongering”, in spite of repeated applications by Telecom companies after masts are refused (which usually end with their victory), the abundant studies repeatedly showing serious adverse health effects and scientists across the globe appealing for urgent and radical changes in the law. With £billions at stake in revenue to the UK Government and Telecoms companies, it would appear wise for local residents to focus attention on the masts targeted for the bottom of Davey Drive and recently at Fiveways, plans to instal 8 -16 times as many 3G masts (way more powerful than existing ones) in the next few years and multi frequency transmitters in every lamppost.

Safety guidelines - "ICNIRP" (International Commission on Non Ionising Radiation Protection) were formulated in 1998 to ensure the safety of phone masts, but they only cover the thermal (heating) effects of phone mast emissions.

The Thermal effects are negligible - however, NON-Thermal effects are now known to affect the make-up of our bodies and how they work, posing real risks to our health and to our lives. Hence ICNIRP Guidelines are not protecting people at all.

The Regional Government in Salzburg, Austria have set the acceptable THERMAL limit for emissions in homes, under advice from Independent scientists, to just under 0.1 V/m – also referred to as “the suggested 0.1 V/m precautionary maximum”, or P.Max.

"GRAM" (Goldsworth Residents Against Masts) state in their comprehensive leaflet on microwave devices that "20 to 40 times P.Max may ‘have serious health consequences for those exposed’" - these levels are absorbed by people using any current microwave devices such as: cell and DECT phones, digital baby monitors, some burglar alarms, WiMax, wireless computers, interactive whiteboards in schools, bluetooth devices (eg headsets) and masts up to about 500 metres away, new generation games consoles and wireless entertainment systems, wireless music systems, digital streamers, headphones and Wi-fi radios. The ICNIRP Guidelines also ignore long-term low-level exposure to microwaves. There are now thousands of formal and informal studies worldwide by independent scientists which conclude that there are many and serious adverse health effects from such exposure.

Gary Kemp

BHFOE Mast Campaigner
Dover Road

Recently The Argus newspaper published two letters denying that there is any harm caused by mobile phones and phone masts, and continues to advertise microwave wireless devices whilst omitting omit to mention any of the freely available research into the adverse health effects of this technology. For example, in the March 29th edition, a JA Frapwell - on behalf of Vodafone - claimed there to be "no link between mobile communications and any adverse health effect.."

However, "GRAM" ( has published an extensive document on wireless technology based on copious independent international research, which says otherwise. The main health effects discovered are; DNA damage potentially leading to cancers such as breast and testicular cancer, the worsening or causing of epilepsy, reduction in Melatonin levels - and increase (their error) in nitric oxide (NO) levels - resulting in: reduced cancer fighting cells in our bodies, sleeping disorders, increased cholesterol levels leading to greater risk of atherosclerosis and coronary heart disease, increased blood pressure giving greater risk of blood clots and strokes. Also increased are chances of serious disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease, Lou Gehrig’s disease, Multiple Sclerosis and Parkinson’s, Tinnitus and Hearing problems, Headaches, and reduced drug effectiveness.

They say "Dect and Wi-Fi are the devices that we have personally checked and found comparable, if not worse, emissions, to Mobile Telephone Masts" and "A DECT monitor placed in a baby's bedroom will expose the child to more pulsing microwave radiation than living near to a mobile phone mast"

With the Government making billions from the Communications industry, does anyone really believe that either will report any harmful effects from their technology? Neither can afford for these devices to be thought of as anything except safe.

And is it surprising that The Argus dances to the telecom tune when the press, including them, are largely owned by the telecoms industry? GRAM's advice is unequivocal; ""Don't buy any of the wireless devices listed at the beginning of this leaflet. If you already have any, get rid of them".

Masa Kepic


Independent Media Source

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