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Concern for the Truth

Globally recognized historian and philosopher Tzvetan Todorov argues that the foundations of democracy are at risk whenever a country accepts - as the United States did with the war in Iraq - lies and illusion.

Bush Can't Kick the Habit

Robert Scheer writes: "Here we go again: A new secretary of defense and yet another call for ending the war in Iraq by escalating it."

The Drug Scandals Keep Flowing: Time for New Thinking

"Stories of abuses related to the pharmaceutical industry fill the newspapers on a regular basis. The latest involved Zyprexa, a drug used to treat schizophrenia. It turns out that the drug has harmful side effects, such as contributing to diabetes," Dean Baker writes. "This was information that the manufacturer, Eli Lilly, knew but chose not to share with doctors, because it might discourage usage. It turns out that Eli Lilly was also promoting the drug for off-label uses - uses for which it has not received approval from the Food and Drug Administration."

US Soldiers' Suicide Rate in Iraq Doubles

US soldiers serving repeated Iraq deployments are 50 percent more likely than those with one tour to suffer from acute combat stress, raising their risk of post-traumatic stress disorder, according to the Army's first survey exploring how today's multiple war-zone rotations affect soldiers' mental health.


Suicide rate spikes among troops sent to Iraq war

The suicide rate among troops deployed for the Iraq war reached its highest point last year since the 2003 invasion, according to an Army mental health study released Tuesday.

From Information Clearing House

Bush: U.S. Not Winning War in Iraq

Bush Calls for Larger Military

President Bush on Wednesday called for an increase in the size of the US military in Iraq, as well as a new strategy to meet "changing realities" on the ground. The statement comes a day after he told a newspaper that the United States is not winning the war in Iraq and that he wants to increase troop strength in Iraq and for the long-term fight against terrorism.


U.S. Not Winning War in Iraq, Bush Says

The administration is preparing plans to bolster the nation's permanent active-duty military with as many as 70,000 additional troops.

Bush defies commanders by bolstering troops

George Bush today confirmed that a temporary increase in US troops for Iraq is under consideration, despite the opposition of his top generals.,,1976022,00.html

Bush warns of new sacrifices in Iraq

A "sombre" President George W. Bush said today he planned to increase the size of the United States armed forces to cope with the "beginning stages of an ideological struggle" between liberty and evil across the globe.

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Where's the Accountability for the Dead and Wounded?

"SAR-Lupe": Deutschland soll wegen Weltraumrüstung gegen UN-Resolution verstoßen


Nach Darstellung des Bundesausschusses Friedensratschlag steigt Deutschland mit dem Start des ersten von fünf Satelliten des Radarsatellitensystems "SAR-Lupe" im russischen Plesetsk in die "militärische Nutzung des Weltraums" ein. Damit verstoße Deutschland gegen eine UN-Resolution. Die Ausrichtung der deutschen Außenpolitik auf eine "weltweite militärische Einsatz- und Angriffsfähigkeit" erhalte durch eine "permanente und gezielte Bodenbeobachtung" aus dem Weltraum neue Schubkraft. Federführend bei der Herstellung des Satellitensystems sei die Bremer Firma "Orbitale Hochtechnologie AG" (OHB), die mit zwei Mitgliedern in der Arbeitsgruppe Luft- und Raumfahrt des Deutsch-Russischen Kooperationsrates vertreten sei. Das Satellitensystem SAR-Lupe sei samt Bodenstation im rheinland-pfälzischen Grafschaft-Gelsdorf auf einen 10 Jahre langen nationalen Betrieb ausgelegt. Gezielt könne binnen eineinhalb Tagen jeder Ort auf der Erde mit dieser licht- und wetterunabhängigen Radarte chnik "ausspioniert" werden.

Die ganze Nachricht im Internet:

2007 wird WiMAX-Jahr

Sophisticated atomic agreement with India

Trickreiches Atomabkommen mit Indien

Mit der Unterzeichnung des umstrittenen Atomabkommens setzte US-Präsident Bush in gewohnter Manier viele der vom Kongress geforderten Einschränkungen und Verpflichtungen stillschweigend wieder außer Kraft.

Nuklearpakt zu Lasten der Sicherheit

US-Präsident Bush hat den atomaren Handel mit Indien per Gesetz legitimiert.

My Congressman Makes Me Prouder Than Ever

Two-thirds of Americans believe the government knows too much about them: they may be right

Bush's Data Strip-Mining Plans

Unable to grapple with his failure in Iraq, Bush stubbornly clings to his dream of victory

Bush, Asleep In The Bunker

What Congress can do to end business domination of federal policy

A Contract With Corporate America

Oppose the Plan to Build New Nuclear Weapons

It Can't Be Won Militarily; So, Send More Troops?

W. Patrick Lang and Ray McGovern write: "As Robert Gates takes the helm at the Pentagon this week, he can be in no doubt that Vice President Dick Cheney and President George W. Bush remain determined to stay the course in Iraq (without using those words) for the next two years. What Gates probably does not realize is that the US military is about to commit hara-kiri."

Innocents abroad

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Democracy needs voices, not silence

Capital Times
by Maya Fairchild


By 5 years old, living in the former Yugoslavia, I understood without question that I was never to speak to anyone about my beliefs. To do so would endanger my family. At the very least my father could lose his job or, worse, end up in prison. ... My father ... sought illegal and dangerous ways to escape the tyranny of a dictatorship. And he succeeded and brought the family to the United States. ... I was falling in love with my new country and appreciating the core values of its democracy. I understood what being free meant. But, sadly, starting in 2000 my country began to change. ... When the invasion of Iraq began I started to protest and express my opinion that the war was a huge mistake. My friends dissuaded me from speaking and asked me to support our president and our country at the time of war. The forced and dishonest smile of my childhood was back...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Hillary Clinton and my Visa bill

by Paul Rogat Loeb


I just got my Visa bill for my final election donations -- all those click-and-donate appeals in my email box and on the Web. I gave more than I thought I had, more than I'd intended to spend, and more than I'd ever given before. You make enough $25 to $50 contributions, and soon you're talking real money, a tenth of my annual income. But I feel just fine about my giving -- doing my part to help Democrats in close races, even if they ultimately went the other way. However, what doesn't please me, in fact disturbs me immensely, is discovering that Hillary Clinton raised $52 million dollars for her Senate campaign and allied leadership PAC, HILLPAC. She spent $36 million of it on a race that she could have won staying home in her pajamas, not spending a dime. Now she's sitting on a $13.5-million-dollar war chest, which she'll roll over to her presidential campaign...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Will deployment to Iraq break the army?

Independent Institute
by Charles Pena


The requirements of maintaining a professional volunteer military means that the troops in Iraq must eventually be relieved by fresh troops. If deployments are excessively long or result in being away from home and family too frequently, the risk is soldiers deciding that a military life is too much of a hardship on themselves and their families -- resulting in exodus rather than retention. For an all-volunteer force, the rule of thumb for retaining soldiers over time is a 3:1 rotation ratio (meaning three total units are needed to keep one unit deployed) for active duty forces. So the 152,000 troops in Iraq requires an additional 304,000 for rotation or a total of 456,000 soldiers -- which is precariously close to the total size of the active duty Army. Moreover, the U.S. Army has another 64,000 troops deployed overseas, which, to be sustained, requires a total of 192,000 troops. Simple math adds up to the Army being almost 150,000 troops short of being able to sustain current deployments...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Napoleon in the White House

by Justin Raimondo


The standard right-wing myth when it comes to Vietnam is that 'the politicians' sold out the military and lost a war that could have been won. Civilian interference with the strategy and tactics employed by military professionals led to U.S withdrawal from Vietnam, which was not a defeat so much as a victory aborted by subversives on the home front. Or so the story goes. While this idea is refuted by the facts -- it wasn't for nothing that military experts of the time warned against getting involved in a war on the Asian landmass -- at least it represents an attempt to make a rational argument, which is that the conduct of a war is best left to the professionals. In our post-9/11 Bizarro World reality, however, that stance has been completely inverted. Instead of abhorring civilian interference in the military, the neocons are emphatically in favor of it...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

UK: Reid to face legal fight over ID cards

Independent [UK]


John Reid faces the threat of legal action over the introduction of biometric ID cards after disclosing that foreigners living in Britain would have to start registering within two years. Campaigners warned that the proposals could be discriminatory and breach European human rights law. The Home Secretary also provoked anger when he announced that the identity register that will under-pin ID cards would be held on three existing Whitehall databases rather than built from scratch. Mr Reid set out the timetable for identity cards yesterday and insisted they would be an 'essential measure' in the fight against terrorism, organised crime and fraud...

Expensive and illiberal intrusion into our lives

Independent [UK]
by staff


The Government chose the last day before the parliamentary recess to publish its promised 'action plan' for the introduction of identity cards. And it came with one agreeable surprise. Plans for a huge national database have been shelved. The Home Office will make do with three databases they already have. This marks a welcome retreat from the technological gigantism that has marked so much government computerisation. In other respects, however, the 'action plan' confirms most of what we knew and feared. ... We believe ID cards will be an illiberal intrusion into our lives and create more problems than they will solve...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Iraq troop buildup idea worries generals

Anderson Independent Mail


A White House laboring to find a new approach in Iraq said Tuesday it is considering sending more U.S. troops, an option that worries top generals because of its questionable payoff and potential backlash. President Bush said he is ready to boost the overall size of an American military overstretched by its efforts against worldwide terrorism. The military's caution on shipping thousands of additional troops temporarily to Iraq is based on a fear that the move could be ineffective without bold new political and economic steps...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Annan: Iran intervention would be unwise

Newark Advocate


U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan called Tuesday for key parties to seek a negotiated settlement with Iran over its nuclear program and warned that military intervention would be 'unwise and disastrous.' Annan, who steps down as U.N. chief Dec. 31, issued the warning as the Security Council debated a resolution that would impose sanctions on Tehran for refusing to suspend uranium enrichment. The United States is considering sending a second aircraft carrier to Persian Gulf as a show of force against Iran...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Critics call EPA's new rule a loophole for big business

Informant: binstock

Asbestos fears are justified

Informant: binstock

Some Americans Abroad Turn in Passports

Informant: Lew Rockwell

Politics Is Anti-Truth

Barack Obama is more of the same: on just another warmonger

Informant: Lew Rockwell


Obama's Doubletalk

by Cliff Kincaid

Having said that he opposed the war in the first place, he now favors "a phased redeployment of American troops from Iraqi soil." But he doesn't provide any details. In fact, he voted against the Kerry amendment to require a redeployment of troops from Iraq. So he wants to have it both ways......

In Lost Productivity

Tarnished medals: on Bush's freedom awards

George Washington was right: it's long past time to return to his foreign policy

Is America Ready for Hillary or Obama?

"It's impossible to separate the abstract question of whether America is ready for a woman or a black from the concrete matter of whether we're ready for Hillary or Barack," says Jonathan Alter. "Historically, the odds favor a woman over an African-American; psychologically and generationally, they may favor Obama over Clinton. Both are now expected to launch their campaigns early in the new year, which has created a level of political novelty and intrigue that goes beyond gender and race."

We Are All Waiters Now

"We're often told, 'Democrats have no ideas.' But that's a silly thing to say. What the Democrats don't have is a serious commitment - the political nerve - to make people happier in the only way they can: by raising people's taxes. How happy more of us would be if only we could pay higher taxes! More of us at last could joyfully retire," according to Thomas Geoghegan.

Female Troubles for Wildlife Raise Human Worries

Across the US, female animals exposed to toxic chemicals are suffering from a flurry of health problems. As scientists examine the impact of environmental pollution, some are pondering what the results may mean to female humans.

Environmental Group Offers Road Map to Curb Global Warming

A regional environmental group Monday released a comprehensive "climate change road map" to reduce pollution linked to global warming by 75 percent in the northeastern United States and eastern Canada. Environment Northeast said the proposals included in the 275-page plan draw from many of the best practices already found within the region, including Massachusetts's use of low-emission, hybrid buses and Maine's requirement that new state buildings exceed energy codes by 20 percent.

Lorain, Ohio police use Taser on 12 year old child

I’m digging around for old news about police brutality where officers used Tasers on children, elderly, handicapped, or other defenseless people.

From Information Clearing House

Witness says police shot man in back

The shooting death of Ronald Madison, a 40-year-old, mentally retarded man, has triggered a police investigation and a grand jury probe even though the NOPD claim that the incident has been thoroughly investigated already.

From Information Clearing House

US bans Hicks psychiatrist

The US military has prevented a senior Melbourne psychiatrist from visiting David Hicks at Guantanamo Bay to provide an independent mental health assessment for his legal team.

Bush accused of gagging critic of Iran policy

Former CIA Official Exposes Bush Administration Fraud


Flynt Leverett worked as a senior director for Middle East affairs at the National Security Council, the NSC, and he was a CIA analyst.

Bush accused of gagging critic of Iran policy

The White House yesterday faced fresh accusations of tailoring intelligence to suit its political viewpoint from a former CIA analyst barred from publishing a critical newspaper commentary on American policy towards Iran.,,1974216,00.html

White House Now Grows Skittish Over Iranian Demarche of 2003

The White House does not want the public to know that in May 2003, the Iranian Foreign Ministry floated the prospect of a wide-ranging dialogue with America on everything from uranium enrichment to anti-Israel terrorism.

Iran to replace dollar with euro

The Iranian central bank is to convert the state's foreign dollar assets into euros and use the euro for foreign transactions.

Oil producers shun dollar

Oil producing countries have reduced their exposure to the dollar to the lowest level in two years and shifted oil income into euros, yen and sterling, according to new data from the Bank for International Settlements.

From Information Clearing House

Sen. Clinton qualifies Iraq vote

U.S. Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, D-N.Y., said she wouldn't have supported a call for action against Iraq if she knew then what she knows now.

Hillary Clinton: No regret on Iraq vote:

Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton said she is not sorry she voted for a resolution authorizing President Bush to take military action in Iraq despite the recent problems there but she does regret "the way the president used the authority."

From Information Clearing House

Blair Iraq war support 'a debacle'

The foreign police of Tony Blair, the British prime minister, has failed because of his inability to influence Washington and his successor must carve out a leading role for Britain within Europe instead, a UK think-tank has said.

From Information Clearing House

Mast protesters' human chain

Dec 21 2006

By Ryan Kisiel

ANGRY residents say they will form a human chain to stop a controversial phone mast being put up.

Protesters in and around Arthur Road, Wimbledon, say they will fight to stop mobile giant Orange.

Phone company bosses plan to put the mast up yards away from five nurseries early next year.

Campaign organiser DeNica Fairman said people would be coming out in force against Orange.

Ms Fairman said: "We're definitely looking at forming a human chain and having a peaceful protest to stop the mast going up.

"People are watching the area in case they try and put it up over the holiday period.

"There are five nurseries within 100m of this building and we're very concerned about it.

"People are devastated that they are going through with this and it just goes to show that our voices are not heard."

The mast is planned for above a cafe in a street that is home to many young families.

The height of the proposed mast means no planning permission is necessary.

Site owner Towerstile, which is based in Sussex, offered through an email to withdraw consent for the mast if campaigners gave them £130,000.

Wimbledon MP Stephen Hammond said: "We've been fighting this for six months now.

"I've given Orange a number of alternative sites and we under-stand they are a commercial business, but this is a highly sensitive site.

"All the other landlords have refused them permission except the absentee one from Sussex, who is holding this community to ransom."

A spokeswoman for Orange said: "We are aware of the protest against our plans to put up the mast.

"We have had consultation with residents and the MP and there are no plans not to go ahead with putting up the mast."

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Alternativgipfel gegen die Armut in dieser Welt

#Die Linkspartei.PDS: Pressemitteilungen

20. Dezember 2006

Die Linkspartei.PDS beteiligt sich aktiv an den Bündnissen, die zum G8-Gipfel unterschiedlichste Veranstaltungen und Proteste organisieren. Dazu erklärt die stellvertretende Parteivorsitzende Katja Kipping:

Bundeskanzlerin Merkel will den Abbau globaler Ungleichheiten und die Entwicklungshilfe für Afrika zu einem Schwerpunktthema des Weltwirtschaftsgipfels machen. Wenn diese Ankündigung mehr als ein PR-Gag sein soll, dann sollte sie sich auch dafür einsetzen, dass die entsprechenden Gelder für Entwicklungshilfe im Bundeshaushalt aufgestockt werden. Für 2007 hat sie es verabsäumt, aber wir werden sie bei der nächsten Debatte um den Haushalt 2008 daran erinnern. Die Linkspartei.PDS kämpft für Gerechtigkeit nicht nur vor der eigenen Haustür sondern weltweit. Wir wollen eine Brücke bauen zwischen den globalen Fragen von Armut, Umwelt und Frieden und den konkreten Sorgen der Menschen in Deutschland und zeigen, dass der Neoliberalismus nicht alternativlos ist. Die Linkspartei.PDS und die WASG beteiligen sich an der Arbeit in den Bündnissen und unterstützen die Vorbereitung der bereits in Planung befindlichen Veranstaltungen im Umfeld des G8-Gipfels. Dazu gehören eine Großdemonstration am 2. Juni in Rostock, ein Alternativgipfel über die gesamte Woche, der öffentlich über Ursachen und Folgen der Globalisierung aufklären soll, und ein groß angelegtes Protestcamp mit viel Kultur und Aktionen des zivilen Ungehorsams. Wir rufen die Mitglieder der Linkspartei, die Sympathisantinnen und Sympathisanten der Linken auf, ihre Ideen in die Vorbereitung einzubringen und sich an den friedlichen Protesten zu beteiligen. Der G8-Gipfel ist für Die Linkspartei.PDS und WASG eine politische Herausforderung: Es geht um die Herausbildung einer globalisierungskritischen "Alternativagenda. Wir streiten dafür, mehr Geld in die Entwicklungspolitik statt in die Rüstung zu stecken und setzen uns für eine nachhaltige Wende in der Energiepolitik weg von wachsenden Rohstoffimporten hin zu erneuerbaren Energien ein.

Politiker a.D. in ihren neuen Jobs

War With Iran: "We're Heading Straight To The Gates Of Hell"

By Scott Ritter

Democrats are Not Anti War - We are Not Anti War - We are Anti Loosing!

The Iraq Study Group Report: Defeat With Honor

By Christian Parenti

That's what it is: a plan for defeat with honor. To put the report in very simple terms, its message is: The United States got its ass kicked, time to go. Or, if you prefer a direct quote: "The ability of the United States to shape outcomes is diminishing. Time is running out." And later they ponder how to "avert catastrophe."

Why we stand for immediate withdrawal of all U.S. troops from Iraq

By Tariq Ali, Arundhati Roy, Howard Zinn and many others

Iraq's infrastructure has been destroyed, and U.S. plans for reconstruction abandoned. There is less electricity, less clean drinking water, and more unemployment today than before the U.S. invasion.

From Information Clearing House


International Law Authority Rips Bush for Illegal Germ Warfare Development

Francis A. Boyle
Law Building
504 E. Pennsylvania Ave.
Champaign, IL 61820 USA
217-333-7954 (Voice)
217-244-1478 (Fax)
(personal comments only)

From: Sherwood Ross
Sent: Tuesday, December 19, 2006 6:53 PM
Subject: International Law Authority Rips Bush for Illegal Germ Warfare Development


By Sherwood Ross

In violation of the U.S. Code and international law, the Bush administration is spending more money (in inflation-adjusted dollars) to develop illegal, offensive germ warfare than the $2-billion spent in World War II on the Manhattan Project to make the atomic bomb.

So says Francis Boyle, the professor of international law who drafted the Biological Weapons Anti-Terrorism Act of 1989 enacted by Congress. He states the Pentagon “is now gearing up to fight and ‘win’ biological warfare” pursuant to two Bush national strategy directives adopted “without public knowledge and review” in 2002.

The Pentagon’s Chemical and Biological Defense Program was revised in 2003 to implement those directives, endorsing “first-use” strike of chemical and biological weapons(CBW) in war, says Boyle, who teaches at the University of Illinois, Champaign.

Terming the action “the proverbial smoking gun,” Boyle said the mission of the controversial CBW program “has been altered to permit development of offensive capability in chemical and biological weapons!” (Original italics)

The same directives, Boyle charges in his book “Biowarfare and Terrorism”(Clarity Press), “unconstitutionally usurp and nullify the right and the power of the United States Congress to declare war” in blatant violation of the United States Constitution.”

For fiscal years 2001-04, the Federal government funded $14.5-billion “for ostensibly ‘civilian’ biowarfare-related work alone,” a “truly staggering” sum, Boyle wrote.

Another $5.6-billion was voted for “the deceptively-named ‘Project BioShield,’” under which Homeland Security is stockpiling vaccines and drugs to fight anthrax, smallpox and other bioterror agents, Boyle wrote. Protection of the civilian population is, he said, “one of the fundamental requirements for effectively waging biowarfare.”

The Washington Post reported Dec. 12 both houses of Congress this month passed legislation “considered by many to be an effort to salvage the two-year-old Project BioShield, which has been marked by delays and operational problems.” When President Bush signs it into law, it will allocate $1-billion more over three years for additional research “to pump more money into the private sector sooner.”

“The enormous amounts of money” purportedly dedicated to “civilian defense” that is now “dramatically and increasingly” being spent,” Boyle writes, “betrays this administration’s effort to be able to embark on offensive campaigns using biowarfare.”

By pouring huge sums into university and private sector laboratories, Boyle charged Federal spending has co-opted and diverted the U.S. biotech industry to biowarfare.

According to Rutgers University molecular biologist Richard Ebright, over 300 scientific institutions and 12,000 individuals have access to pathogens suitable for biowarfare and terrorism. Ebright found the number of National Institute of Health grants to research infectious diseases with biowarfare potential shot up from 33 in 1995-2000 to 497.

Academic biowarfare participation involving the abuse of DNA genetic engineering since the late 1980s has become “patently obvious,” Boyle said. “American universities have a long history of willingly permitting their research agendas, researchers, institutes, and laboratories to be co-opted, corrupted, and perverted by the Pentagon and the CIA.”

“These despicable death-scientists were arming the Pentagon with the component units necessary to produce a massive array of DNA genetically engineered biological weapons,” Boyle said.

In a forward to Boyle’s book, Jonathan King, a professor of molecular biology at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, wrote “the growing bioterror programs represent a significant emerging danger to our own population” and “threatens international relations among nations.”

While such programs “are always called defensive,” King said, “with biological weapons, defensive and offensive programs overlap almost completely.”

Boyle contends the U.S. is “in breach” of both the Biological Weapons and Chemical Weapons conventions and U.S. domestic criminal law. In Feb., 2003, for example, the U.S. granted itself a patent on an illegal long-range biological weapons grenade.

Boyle said other countries grasp the military implications of U.S. germ warfare actions and will respond in kind. “The world will soon witness a de facto biological arms race among the major biotech states under the guise of ‘defense,’ and despite the requirements of the Biological Warfare Convention(BWC).”

“The massive proliferation of biowarfare technology, facilities, as well as trained scientists and technicians all over the United States courtesy of the Neo-Con Bush Jr. administration will render a catastrophic biowarfare or bioterrorist incident or accident a statistical certainty,” Boyle warned.

As far back as September, 2001, according to a The New York Times article titled, “U.S. Pushes Germ Warfare Limits,” critics were concerned “the research comes close to violating a global 1972 treaty that bans such weapons.” That treaty forbids developing weapons that spread disease, such as anthrax, regarded as “ideal” for germ warfare. The Pentagon did not respond to the charges made by Boyle in this article.# (Sherwood Ross is a Virginia, USA-based writer. Reach him at sherwoodr1

Bush "Developing Illegal Bioterror Weapons" for Offensive Use

Kofi Annan warnt vor Irankrieg

Walk for Change: January 3rd and 4th in Washington DC

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Walk the halls of Congress with Gold Star Families for Peace, led by Cindy Sheehan. Let's tell the members of the 110th congress what is expected of them from Day 1: an immediate exit strategy from Iraq.

We will insist that all funding for the war stop immediately and money in the pipeline be spent to rebuild Iraq. We will insist that hearings begin immediately into Bushco's crimes against humanity and the lies he told to the American people. We will demand IMPEACHMENT.

Learn more, sign up, find a ride, find a room:

Sean Penn Demands Impeachment

Sean Penn received the 2006 Christopher Reeve First Amendment Award from The Creative Coalition on December 18, 2006, in New York City, and called for impeachment.

As we all know, Penn was absolutely right in opposing the war in Iraq before it began, and came under withering assault from FOX and the FOX-wannabees at NBC, CNN, CBS, and ABC. Will the TV networks make amends to Penn? Will he be interviewed about Iraq and impeachment by Tim Russert, George Stephanopoulos, Brian Williams, Katie Couric, Larry King, Bill O'Reilly, Chris Matthews, and the rest of the talking heads? Let's ask them!

Here's an excerpt from Penn's speech:

"They tell us we lost 3,000 Americans on 9/11. Is that enough? We're about to match it. We're within weeks, if not less, of killing 3,000 Americans in Iraq. I ask Speaker Pelosi, can we put impeachment on the table then?"

More here:

DVD of Camp Democracy Now Available

For the holidays this year, give your loved ones some TRUTH.

Camp Democracy lasted for 18 days this past fall; 18 days of workshops, press conferences, education, and actions. Some of the highlights have been captured in a 45-minute documentary. You and your friends and family can listen to the wisdom of Howard Zinn, Jeff Cohen, Elizabeth Holtzman, Col. Ann Wright, Ray McGovern, Iraq War vets, Iraq War resisters, Hurricane Katrina survivors, and many more.

Watch the Bush Crimes Commission verdict being delivered to the White House and hear a panel of experts lay out the case for impeachment. See Helga Aguayo tell the story of her husband's refusal to serve in Iraq. Camp Democracy can continue to educate and engage those newly awakened to the issues before us; those who were there can remember the lessons learned.

Purchase the DVD. They're $17 each. The cost of shipping and handling is included.

Save by Puchasing DVD Together With a Book

You can save money by ordering the Camp Democracy DVD together with "The Canary in the Coalmine" by Jesselyn Radack, a compelling and shocking new book recounting the struggle of a young Department of Justice lawyer to compel her superiors to obey the U.S. Constitution. Learn more about the book.

Purchase the book alone for $24.95, including shipping:

Or save $9.00 by purchasing the DVD and the book for $32.95, shipping included:

Forward this message to everyone you know!


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Midnight raid in Arlington, Texas, jails refugee family guilty of no wrongdoing

Informant: jensenmk

From ufpj-news

Mast campaign candlelit vigil

By Tom Stirling

ANGRY campaigners will tonight hold a candlelit vigil around the mobile phone mast they have fought for months to remove.

Representatives from Ryedale District Council have agreed to travel to Sheriff Hutton to meet residents.

But the council has already decided it has no legal power to force phone giant Orange to move the mast.

Its mistake meant formal objections to the mast were sent in one day late. But a top lawyer said even if they had been delivered on time, they were not valid, and would not have made any difference.

That legal advice led the council to decide there was nothing it could lawfully do to get the mast moved.

But Sheriff Hutton campaigners maintain they never even got a chance to have their say on the mast, and feel let down.

Councillors on Ryedale's policy and resources committee have arranged to meet the residents tonight, at 7pm, in the village's Methodist church.

Campaigners will hold a candlelit vigil at 6.30pm at the foot of the mast, then march to the church.

Protester John Botting said: "I don't think councillors realise the strength of feeling. They haven't seen the village in terms all the people that could turn up at one time - they will get a big surprise.

"We have been disenfranchised by not being able to negotiate, and that has all been caused by the council's lack of appropriate action.

"We are going to give them the story from our side, explaining the number of errors made by the council. This isn't over by a long shot."

Coun Robert Wainwright, chairman of the policy and resources committee, said: "The advice we got from counsel is that we could properly make some modest payment to a project in the village, and that is what the meeting is about. It is a recognition that we have made a mistake."

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Esteemed Professor and Law Expert Warns Of Police State

Informant: shane_digital

Lawsuit Demands Answers About Government's Secret 'Risk Assessment' Scores

Hold Those Responsible for Iraq Accountable

The Rascals are Still In Charge

US Officials Split over Troop Surge in Iraq

Iraq on Brink of Becoming Failed State

It is up to the Democratic leadership in the House to decide whether or not to call for a re-vote in Florida

After reading this article by Joel Bleifuss, you may want to contact your U.S. House Representative's office and ask your representative to stand up for the voters of District 13 in Florida by demanding another election before seating its representative.

Kathy Dopp

December 19, 2006

Voting Problems? In Florida? No Way!

By Joel Bleifuss

If it weren't for Katherine Harris, where would George W. Bush be now?

Following the 2000 election a popular bumper sticker in Florida read, "If you think we can't vote, wait 'til you see us drive." But nobody's laughing now.

Unless the Democratic-controlled House votes to hold a new election, Republican Vern Buchanan will represent Florida's 13th congressional district in the 110th Congress. Buchanan "won" election by beating Democrat Christine Jennings by 369 votes out of 237, 861 cast.

The election was held on direct-recording electronic (DRE) voting machines that don't leave a paper trail. Strangely, according to the machine count, 18,382 voters in Democratic Sarasota County did not bother to cast a ballot in the congressional race (that's 15 percent of those who voted in the county on November 7). That is unlikely, since it was a hotly contested battle for the seat vacated by former Secretary of State Katherine Harris, who ran for Senate and was soundly defeated. (Yes, Al, there is a God.)

All evidence points to voting machine malfunction. If those 18,382 votes had gone to Jennings by the same percentage with which she carried Sarasota County, 53 percent, she would have won the election by 600 votes.

The machines in question are iVotronic DRE touch-screens manufactured by Election Systems & Software (ES&S). According to a Sarasota Herald-Tribune survey of election workers, one in three reported that they had received complaints from voters who said their votes did not register. And more than 100 voters have told Jennings' campaign that, after voting on the iVotronic touch screen machines, their votes for Jennings did not show up on the summary displayed at the end of the voting process.

A recount was conducted, but little changed, which is only natural. One can't really recount votes cast on DRE voting machines—one can only re-run the vote-counting program that caused the problem in the first place. Nevertheless, Gov. Jeb Bush, a champion of electronic voting, certified the recount and promised that the Sarasota machines would be audited—by Alec Yasinsac, a Florida State University professor who during the 2000 election imbroglio held vigil on the steps of the Florida Supreme Court wearing a "Bush Won" button.

It is up to the Democratic leadership in the House to decide whether or not to call for a re-vote. has organized a national petition drive aimed at Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Short and sweet, the petition reads, "In the wake of Florida's electronic voting machine meltdown, Congress should call for a re-vote and repair our nation's elections."

Florida Republicans, skilled in the art of stealing elections, have geared up for battle. Miami Rep. Mario Diaz-Balart told the St. Petersburg Times, "If that happens … forget about any possibility of pretending to be civil. That would be an affront to democracy."


MoveOn Calls for New Election in Florida Voting Machine Meltdown


Neas Calls on Congress to Fight for 18,000 Disenfranchised Sarasota County Voters


Congress Asked to Intervene in Florida Race

Democrat Christine Jennings, who narrowly lost to a Republican in the race to replace Representative Katherine Harris asked Congress on Wednesday for an investigation. She is seeking to obtain the programming code for the touch-screen voting machines to determine whether a bug or malicious programming could have lost votes.

Robots will have rights

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US buildup in Persian Gulf as Iran ditches dollar, switches to euro

U.S. Plans Military Buildup To Warn Iran

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US buildup in Persian Gulf as Iran ditches dollar, switches to euro

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From ufpj-news


“Leave Us Alone,” Iranian Reformers Say

Back in March, the Bush Administration released its new “National Security Strategy of the United States,” and regime change in Iran leaps out of it as a goal. “We may face no greater challenge from a single country than from Iran,” the document baldly states in a grand exaggeration.

From Information Clearing House


NY Times features US Persian Gulf buildup as page-one story

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U.S. Not Winning War in Iraq, Bush Says for 1st Time

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Good Evening, Vietnam

Let It Come Down: Forcing the Constitutional Crisis of Liberty

The Rape of Justice: on Durham, Duke, and dishonor

Occupation Hazards: of trying to run someone else's country


With controversy over its Total Information Awareness program still fresh, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) is embarking on a no less ambitious program to digitally "capture both the user's physical experiences in the world and his or her interactions with other entities in the world."

The DARPA LifeLog program was first reported today by Noah Shachtman in his web log Defense Tech and his related story in Wired News. See "DARPA Wants Your Life Indexable and Searchable":

and "A Spy Machine of DARPA's Dreams":,1367,58909,00.html

Further background from DARPA on the LifeLog concept is available here:



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