Donnerstag, 21. Dezember 2006

Bush may want to defer unveiling his new strategy, but there will be no obliging pause in Iraq's unraveling

Rudderless in Iraq

The editors of the New York Times write: "Anyone looking for new thinking on Iraq, or even candor, had to be disappointed by President Bush's news conference yesterday. Mr. Bush may want to defer unveiling his new strategy, but there will be no obliging pause in Iraq's unraveling."

Bush's Signing Statement on India Nuke Deal Raises Concerns

A statement by President George W. Bush issued in connection with the just-signed US-India civil nuclear cooperation law has raised concerns that Bush may try to circumvent some of Congress's intentions, lawmakers and analysts say.

India and Three "Emerging Democracies"

J. Sri Raman writes: "In an unbeatable illustration of double irony, President George W. Bush is pushing through the much-discussed US-India nuclear deal not only as a non-proliferation measure but also as a blow for democracy. Enough has been said about the Indian establishment's pious anti-proliferation protestations. It is time to talk of its pro-democracy tasks immediately ahead."

Watada States His Case in Moiliili

Watada said he could no longer condone the war, asked himself if he had the ability to do something about it, and took it upon himself to speak on behalf of those who cannot speak for themselves.

EU-Fischereirat: Wissenschaftler halten EU-Fangquotenbeschränkung für unzureichend


Die am Donnerstag von den EU-Fischereiministern beschlossenen Beschränkungen beim Kabeljaufang für 2007 gehen Wissenschaftlern nicht weit genug. "Der Wiederaufbauplan für den Kabeljaubestand in der Nordsee wird weiter schlecht gemanagt", meint der Leiter des Instituts für Seefischerei in der Hamburger Bundesforschungsanstalt für Fischerei, Siegfried Ehrich, der Nachrichtenagentur ddp. "Wir befinden uns erst am Anfang eines richtigen Weges, damit die eingeleiteten Maßnahmen in einigen Jahren richtig greifen." Das deutsche Bundesministerium für Ernährung, Landwirtschaft und Verbraucherschutz bezeichnete die Einigung der Minister hingegen als "Erfolg".

Die ganze Nachricht im Internet:

"Demokratie im Ausnahmezustand": Klage in Karlsruhe wegen Mißachtung der Recht der Opposition


Die Grünen im Bundestag kritisieren eine zunehmende Ignoranz der schwarz-roten Bundesregierung gegenüber der Opposition und haben deshalb Klage beim Bundesverfassungsgericht eingereicht. "Seit Antritt der großen Koalition befindet sich die Demokratie in einem parlamentarischen Ausnahmezustand", begründete der parlamentarische Grünen-Geschäftsführer Volker Beck am Donnerstag den Schritt seiner Fraktion. Mit der so genannten Organklage wird eine unzureichende Beantwortung parlamentarischer Anfragen gerügt und das verfassungsrechtlich verbrieften Fragerecht eingefordert.

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Der Große Bruder im privaten Computer

Jetzt dürfen dank FDP und CDU von Nordrhein-Westfalen ausgerechnet die Verfassungsschützer Computer hacken, auch wenn man technisch noch nicht so weit ist und einiger Wirrwarr herrscht.

Racial justice is both essential and valuable to the progressive cause

Beyond Diversity To Justice

It's hardly progress when energy independence means "burning more coal"

Coal In Your Stocking

Anschlagserie gegen Mobilfunkmasten


Sabotage gegen bisher 14 Mobilfunkmasten

Nachricht von Maik Will

Target Iran: on White House Plans for Regime Change

Informant: Kev Hall

A matter of grove concern,0,3857373.story

Informant: binstock

Umweltinstitut München legt Widerspruch gegen Genehmigung von Gen-Weizen ein

Send a Message to Canada's Top Greenhouse Gas Polluters

From Pam F.

Date: Thursday, December 21, 2006
Subject: fwd: Urgent petition!

Original Message

Please sign and forward this urgent petition to save our climate!


Company slammed for failure to consult

By Simon Greenhalgh

TRAFFORD'S planning committee has heavily criticised a mobile phone operator for its failure to consult a school about a proposal to install a new mast on land adjoining Flixton Station.

In considering the proposal earlier this month, it became clear that Vodafone had failed to talk to nearby St Michael's Primary School and ward councillors before submitting it for planning approval.

Deputy-chairman Councillor John Reilly said: "The company has shown a complete disregard for good practice recommended by both the government and the mobile phone industry itself.

"The government has based its guidelines for masts on a comprehensive report by Sir William Stewart which highlighted the need for operators to talk closely to schools which might lie close to a potential site.

"The council cannot accept a proposal where there has been a major failure to talk to the community and respond to their concerns."

Nobody from Vodafone attended the meeting. The committee turned down the application.

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Surging to disaster

The American Prospect
by Lawrence J. Korb & Max Bergmann


In 1964, when Lyndon Johnson began escalating America's involvement in Vietnam, Undersecretary of State George Ball warned that 'the party which seems to be losing will be tempted to keep raising the ante.' In the summer of 1965, when the United States had less than 100,000 troops in Vietnam, Ball concluded that 'humiliation would be more likely than the achievement of our objectives -- even after we have paid terrible costs.' As Ball predicted, the United States eventually increased its troop levels to nearly 600,000 and suffered almost 60,000 deaths to no avail. And so today we hear the latest call from the architects of the war in Iraq to raise the ante by surging our troop presence...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

How the Grand Old Party lost its mojo

Intellectual Conservative
by Carey Roberts


On November 7, American voters took the GOP to the woodshed and gave them a licking they won't forget for a good long time. Congressman Mike Pence concluded solemnly, 'I believe we did not just lose our Majority, we lost our way. I believe this happened to us because somewhere along the way we lost our willingness to fight for limited government, fiscal discipline, traditional values and reform.' So how did the GOP fall off the wagon? Six years ago the GOP brain-trust decided to get serious about closing the gender gap...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Will the Democrats save our civil liberties?

Independent Institute
by Anthony Gregory


Many commentators have called the Democratic victory in the November elections a referendum on the Bush administration's policy in Iraq. They have also noted that the voting public is concerned by the attacks on civil liberties so loyally defended by nearly all the Republican lawmakers in fighting the war on terror. The Democrats, presumably, now have a mandate to reverse current trends in domestic as well as foreign anti-terror policy. There is little reason for optimism that the Democrats will follow through on this supposed mandate, and deliver us from the evil of the growing police state of warrantless searches, indefinite detentions, sweeping surveillance, and other attacks on civil liberties...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

What has Bush learned from his mistakes?

by John Dickerson


At his press conference Wednesday, the president was asked what lessons he's learned after five years of war. He's been asked a version of this question many times since he had such trouble answering it in April 2004. He has tried various responses over the years and none has been satisfying. This morning's answer also fell short: 'It is important for us to be successful going forward is to analyze that which went wrong, and clearly, one aspect of this war that has not gone right is the sectarian violence inside Baghdad.' It is progress of a kind for the president to talk about the need to examine past failures -- there was a time when he didn't even admit them -- but the answer still failed. First, Bush didn't actually answer the question. He talked about what went wrong, but not what he learned...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Post-traumatic futility disorder

by Mark Benjamin


This week, even as former Secretary of State Colin Powell lamented that 'the active Army is about broken' from repeated combat tours, President Bush announced that he is thinking about sending as many as 30,000 more troops to Iraq. Nearly simultaneously, the Army released a study that suggests that those troops who have served more than one tour of duty -- true of a large percentage of all military personnel -- are 50 percent more likely to suffer from acute combat stress, a possible precursor to PTSD. According to experts contacted by Salon, however, there is another overlooked risk factor likely to lead to a high rate of PTSD among those troops already in Iraq or yet to be 'surged' there. As the U.S. mission in Iraq has morphed from overthrowing Saddam into a vague cross between nation building and refereeing a civil war, returning soldiers like Davis express a growing disenchantment with that mission. Questioning the mission is a psychological liability on the battlefield -- and such disillusionment means that American soldiers in Iraq are at greater risk of developing PTSD...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

The right men, the wrong president

by Leon Hadar


The signals coming out from the White House indicate that President Bush and his aides are not going to adopt the proposals contained in the ISG report. If anything, it seems that Mr. Bush, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and other officials have rejected the idea of engaging Iran and Syria, and are planning to increase the number of US troops in Iraq, hang tough when it comes to Teheran and Damascus, and continue advancing the Crusade for Democracy in the Middle East. There are also no signs that the Democrats in Congress are going to support the reports prepared by Mr. Baker and his colleagues. So why do natural winners like Mr. Baker and Mr. Paulson end up looking now like losers, if not whiners? The fault is not in our two stars -- but in their boss in the White House...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

How Dangerous Is the Dollar Drop?

Investors worldwide are becoming skeptical and starting to pull their money out of the United States. They have realized that a people and a country cannot live beyond their means in the long term. The US dollar's exchange rate is starting to crumble as a result of this withdrawal.

US Commanders Wary of Gates Proposal

Defense Secretary Robert Gates found American commanders wary of a proposal to rush more US troops to Iraq as he visited the war-ravaged country Wednesday. Commanders have been uncomfortable with even a short-term troop increase, saying it might bring only a temporary respite to the violence while confronting the US with shortages of fresh troops in the future.

A Very Dangerous New Year

US and Britain to Add Ships to Persian Gulf in Signal to Iran

The United States and Britain will begin moving additional warships and strike aircraft into the Persian Gulf region in a display of military resolve toward Iran as the United Nations continues to debate possible sanctions against the country, Pentagon and military officials said Wednesday.

Wilson Challenges Subpoena in CIA Case

I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby, accused of lying to investigators about his conversations with reporters regarding former ambassador Joseph Wilson's wife, outed CIA operative Valerie Plame, subpoenaed Wilson as a defense witness this month. Wilson asked a federal judge Wednesday not to force him to testify in the CIA leak case, and he accused former White House aide Libby of trying to harass him on the witness stand.

BSG-Richter Wolfgang Spellbrink über Ein-Euro-Jobs und Eingliederungsvereinbarungen

»Missglücktes Konstrukt«

Wolfgang Spellbrink, Richter am Bundessozialgericht, rechnet damit, dass
beim obersten deutschen Sozialgericht bald Klagen gegen Träger, die
Ein-Euro-Jobber einsetzen, eingehen werden. Spellbrink findet es
zweifelhaft, wenn Ein-Euro-Jobber 30 bis 35 Stunden die Woche beschäftigt
werden. Mit dem BSG-Richter sprach Ulrich Jonas. Interview in epd sozial
Nr. 49 vom 8. Dezember 2006, dokumentiert bei Tacheles

Aus: LabourNet, 21. Dezember 2006

Energiekosten: ALG-II-Empfängern und Kommunen droht böse Überraschung durch Jahresabrechnungen

Studie zu Energiekosten und Hartz IV

„Empfänger von Arbeitslosengeld II, Sozialgeld und Sozialhilfe bekommen zu wenig Geld für die gestiegenen Stromkosten. Das zeigt eine Studie im Auftrag der Hans-Böckler-Stiftung. Es mehren sich Fälle, wo Haushalte wegen Zahlungsschwierigkeiten der Strom abgestellt wird. Die Situation dürfte sich durch Jahresabrechnungen mit Nachzahlungen weiter verschärfen…“ HBS-Pressemitteilung vom 18.12.2006

Energiekostenanstieg, soziale Folgen und Klimaschutz

Die Studie von Elke Dünnhoff, Immanuel Stieß, Cord Hoppenbrock (pdf)

Aus: LabourNet, 21. Dezember 2006

Hartz-Gesetze schaffen neue Verlierer

Prüfbericht: Hartz-Gesetze schaffen neue Verlierer. Das Bundesarbeitsministerium hat die Auswirkungen der Hartz-Reform untersucht - und teils vernichtende Urteile gefällt. Die Reform mache vor allem eine Gruppe zu Verlieren.

„Das Urteil ist hart: Weder brachten die Personal Service Agenturen (PSA) den erhofften Erfolg, noch erleichterten Arbeitsbeschaffungsmaßnahmen die Eingliederung von Erwerbslosen in den Arbeitsmarkt, heiß es im Prüfbericht des Bundesarbeitsministeriums zu den Hartz-Reformen, über den am Mittwoch das Bundeskabinett in Berlin beriet. Die Arbeitsmarktreformen I bis III haben sich damit als teilweise wirkungslos erwiesen. Verlierer seien vor allem schwer vermittelbare Arbeitslose…“ Artikel im Handelsblatt vom 20. Dezember 2006

Aus: LabourNet, 21. Dezember 2006

Frankfurter Rundschau gerät unter die Heuschrecke

„…In den anstehenden Verhandlungen fordern Betriebsrat und Vertrauensleute, "alle Möglichkeiten des Personalabbaus auzuschöpfen, ohne das Mittel der betriebsbedingten Kündigung anzuwenden. Fluktuationsanreize, Altersteilzeitverträge usw. sind ein Weg, den Betriebsrat und ver.di-Vertrauenskörper zu gehen bereit sind." Die Unternehmensleitung setzt zur Zeit auf "moderierte" Verhandlungen mit dem Betriebsrat. Große Teile der Belegschaft, zusammen mit der Gewerkschaft ver.di, werfen der Unternehmensleitung vor, einseitig ihren Willen durchsetzen zu wollen; sie verlangen eine tarifvertragliche Regelung, einen sog. Sozialtarifvertrag, dessen Zustandekommen und Inhalt sie mit gewerkschaftlichen Kampfmitteln beeinflussen können…“ Artikel auf der Seite des Vereins Uebergebuehr e.V. vom 17.12.06

Aus: LabourNet, 21. Dezember 2006

Burger King: Keine Burgerrechte

In der Nahrungsbranche zu arbeiten ist ein hartes Los. Immer wieder berichtet das LabourNet Germany über unhaltbare Zustände in den Betrieben, über mieseste Bezahlung, Ausbeutung bei Arbeitszeiten, schlechte Behandlung und insbesondere über die Verletzung grundlegendster Rechte im Arbeitsrecht. Natürlich nicht nur in Deutschland, sondern weltweit. Die Firmen die besonders auffallen sind leider immer dieselben: Gate Gourmet, McDonalds, Starbucks, Burger King… Letztere, nämlich Burger King, hat in Deutschland 500 „Restaurants“ und ist allseits bekannt für sein gewerkschaftsfeindliches Verhalten, welches auch ausgiebigst ausgelebt wird. Kein Wunder es gehört derselben Gruppe wie z.B. Gate Gourmet, nämlich dem Finanzinvestor Texas Pacific Group. In Dortmund erstattet Burger King zunächst Anzeige wegen Wahlbetrugs bei Betriebsratswahlen, verliert natürlich sämtliche Prozesse, aber behandelt seine Mitarbeiter weiterhin wie rechtlose Sklaven. Siehe dazu die folgenden Berichte (und Dank an die Taz für die Hauptüberschrift):

Burger ohne Burgerrechte

Eine Dortmunder Burger-King-Filiale hat BetriebsrätInnen rechtswidrig rausgeworfen. Auch andere Branchen vermeiden Mitbestimmung. Gewerkschaften beklagen Mobbing und Schikane. Artikel von Moritz Schröder in der taz-NRW vom 20.12.2006

Kündigung bei Burger King: Ein Job für die Gewerkschaft

„Burger King schreckt offenbar vor nichts zurück, wenn es gilt, einen missliebigen Betriebsrat einzuschüchtern. Drei Betriebsratsmitglieder und ein Wahlvorstand wurden dieses Jahr in einer Dortmunder Filiale des Fastfood-Riesen fristlos gekündigt. Unter fadenscheinigen Begründungen, die nachher von Gerichten wieder kassiert wurden. Es ist bezeichnend, dass Burger King öffentlich keine Stellung dazu beziehen will…“ Kommentar von Dirk Eckert in der taz-NRW vom 20.12.2006

"Überall herrscht die gleiche Struktur" –

Alle Fastfood-Ketten sind "tendenziell sehr unfreundlich" zu Betriebsräten, sagt Gewerkschafter Manfred Sträter. Ein Interview von Dirk Eckert in der taz NRW vom 20.12.2006

Burger King Dortmund: Der nächste Klops!

Tief enttäuscht: Gökmen Yücel hatte gehofft, gestern wieder arbeiten zu können. Daraus wurde nichts. Trotz gerichtlicher Verfügung durfte Mitarbeitervertreter Gökmen Yücel gestern nach sieben Monaten nicht an seinen Arbeitsplatz zurück. Siehe dazu die Seite der NGG Dortmund vom 19.12.2006

Aus: LabourNet, 21. Dezember 2006

Weder Leistungsmissbrauch noch Kostenexplosion

The Occupation Project

Wake Up, Employers: Working Moms Are Giving Up

New York Times writer Lisa Belkin's controversial October 26, 2003, article about smart, young women leaving the work force to raise children - dubbed the "opt out revolution" - sparked a firestorm of debate centered around one dramatic question: Is the most well-educated generation of women in history - the daughters of feminism and Title IX and glass ceiling-smashing pioneers - really choosing domesticity over career?

The Hereditary Consequences of Environmental Pollutants

It starts in the first weeks of life. As the umbilical cord sends nutrients to the fetus, pumping 300 quarts of blood per day, it also delivers what nature never intended: synthetic chemicals that may wreak havoc with development and cause health problems later in life.

The Year the World Woke Up

None too soon, the West awoke in 2006 to the vast economic, political and social implications of climate change. As temperature and rainfall records tumbled and unseasonal, intense heat waves, droughts and floods struck many countries, local and national politicians scrambled to beef up their green policies and credentials. Some businesses found they could make a packet from trading carbon, and a broad-based global social and ecological movement emerged, linking climate change to social justice, as well as to poverty and lifestyles.

Lawsuits Call Air Pollution Standards Deadly, Arbitrary

As the government rolls out new pollution standards this week, critics are charging federal regulators with ignoring science and arbitrarily allowing toxins into the air.

Could the climate crisis be what gets us collectively around the world?

Crisis and Opportunity

"Change; fear of change; acceptance of an unjust status quo; being caught up, even knowingly, in consumerism; TV and computer screen-watching; unwillingness to step out of personal ruts; being weighed down with work and family responsibilities - aren't these the problems that face those of us who are trying to motivate a critical mass of people to join with us to work for a world based upon justice and peace, peace with one another and with the earth?" asks Ted Glick. "Could the climate crisis be what gets us - 'us' collectively, around the world - to join together in the numbers necessary in the common cause of preserving a future worth living in for our children and grandchildren?"

A Historic Hoax: Iraq War Intelligence Failures

How could the evidence used to make the case for war with Iraq have been so wrong? In this rebroadcast of a stunning February 2006 NOW on PBS report, an administration insider who helped craft Secretary of State Colin Powell's landmark argument for war, which was presented to the United Nations, claims he unwittingly "participated in a hoax." NOW reports on the serious doubts that existed about the key evidence being used by the American government at the very time Powell's speech was being planned and delivered.

Pentagon Wants $99.7 Billion More for Wars

The Pentagon wants the White House to seek another $99.7 billion to fund the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, according to information provided to The Associated Press.

March on Washington On Jan. 27 and March 17: WE MUST FORCE CONGRESS TO CUT OFF WAR FUNDING

Troops Out Now Coalition

The Decisive Battle this Spring - The Challenge for the Antiwar Movement March on Washington On Jan. 27 and March 17 (the 4th Anniversary of the War)


And we can if we move from symbolic protest to mass resistance

* Not One More Dollar for War and Occupation!
* Bring ALL the Troops Home Now!

Forcing Congress to vote to cut off further war funding is the defining issue for the antiwar movement this spring and it is a struggle that we can win if we are bold enough to take it seriously.

The Troops Out Now Coalition calls on everyone to join the antiwar march on January 27...and come back on March 17...and come ready to STAY in DC!


An Appeal for Unity in the Antiwar Movement

Our chance of winning are greater if the antiwar coalitions unite! A crucial factor in our ability as a movement to rise to this challenge is the willingness for all antiwar forces nationwide--especially the national coalitions--to renew a commitment to work for unity with each other. We appeal to all antiwar forces to take the high road and work together this Spring. The time has come for us to coordinate our efforts, and avoid competing dates and plans. If we work and plan together--our chances of success will be greater.

More than at any time since the start of war, the antiwar movement is in a position to force congress to vote no on war funding. The people are on our side, the momentum is on our side, the whole world is on our side; the only question is whether we have the conviction and the courage to take our struggle against the war from the level of symbolic protest to real mass resistance.

Some time between now and early February, Bush is going to ask Congress to approve between $130 to $200 billion more dollars to finance the war to add to the close to a half a trillion dollars in war funding Congress has approved in a series of votes over the past three and a half years.

Sometime between February and May 2007, Congress will vote nay or yea to this request. This vote will be the most important war vote in Congress since a majority of both Republican and Democratic Party members of Congress voted to authorize the war in How You Can Help:

Endorse the call for unity for March 17


Become an Organizing Center

Donate Oct. 2002.

Clearly, Congress has the authority to cut off spending for the war in Iraq and Afghanistan, and effectively make it impossible for the criminal carnage to continue. What makes the next war funding vote different from all the previous ones is that on Nov. 7, people voted to end the war.

As a result of the massive antiwar vote, Democratic Party politicians will take control of both houses of Congress on January 4. When that happens, the authority to either carry out the mandate of the elections to end the war and occupation of Iraq by completely cutting off all war funding or to betray the people by approving more funds to continue it, will shift to the leadership of the Democratic party.

The top Democratic Party leaders in Congress have already indicated that they are preparing to betray the antiwar mandate. Some members of Congress say they will support resolutions introduced in Congress that call for a phased redeployment of troops from Iraq or a time table for withdrawing most troops. But such resolutions are little more than symbolic, half- measures that won’t end the war. However, the real fight is the war funding vote and we must force Congress to vote NO.

In the past, members of Congress who claimed to be opposed to the war have justified their votes for war funding by claiming they had to keep up the funding to “support the troops”. It’s time for us to reject all excuses and rationalizations for voting for war funding. A vote for war funding is a VOTE FOR WAR. Moreover, voting to approve more funds for war will only ensure that more U.S. troops and many more Iraqis will be killed and maimed.


We will be in Washington on January 27 and we will come back on March 17. And when we come back in March, this time we must be prepared to stay there in the thousands to force Congress to vote NO on more war funding. If Congress tries to rush a vote on war funding before March 17, this time we must be prepared to come to Washington in mass to make sure that the war funding is voted down.


We are asking people to bring their medical, rent, heating and utility bills; student loan bills; credit card bills, and food bills that they can’t afford to pay as well as shut-off notices, mortgage foreclosures, eviction notices to the march on Washington. It must be made clear to Congress that feeding more money to the war while more and more people cannot pay for their basic living expenses is a crime. The cost of the war is not the only reason why we oppose the war. We oppose the war because it is an imperialist war for colonial conquest and plunder. Yet the cost of the war is important because it’s paid for by money stolen from providing social needs. The money that has paid for death and destruction in Iraq could have gone towards reconstruction in New Orleans and the Gulf Coast after Hurricane Katrina.

In his famous speech declaring his opposition to the Vietnam war almost 40 years ago, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. said, “It is disgraceful that a Congress that can vote upwards of $35 billion a year for a senseless immoral war in Vietnam cannot vote a weak $2 billion dollars to carry on our all too feeble efforts to bind up the wound of our nation’s 35 million poor. This is nothing short of a Congress engaging in political guerilla warfare against the defenseless poor of our nation…”


As we march to end the war abroad, we must also demand an end to the war at home. We must demand an end to the raids on immigrant workers like the recent massive military raid carried out by thousands of Homeland Security/Immigration and Custom Enforcement police on mostly Latin@ workers at six Swift and Co. meat processing plants. We must demand an end to the racist police brutality and terror that recently killed 23 year-old unarmed Sean Bell in New York City and 93 year-old Kathryn Johnston in Atlanta, both of them African American.

* Immediate, Unconditional, & Complete Withdrawal from Iraq--Out Now!
* End Colonial Occupation & Imperialist Aggression from Africa to Asia, from Iraq to Palestine, to Afghanistan, to Haiti, to the Philippines, to Puerto Rico
* No New Wars Against Iran, Syria, North Korea
* Hands Off Cuba, Venezuela, Bolivia, & Lebanon
* Solidarity with Immigrant Workers and Katrina Survivors
* Stop the War at Home -- Stop Racist Police Terror -- Stop ICE raids
* Military Recruiters Out of Our Schools and Communities -- No Draft -- Education, Not War

How You Can Help:

1. Endorse the call for unity for March 17 -
2. Volunteer -
3. Become an Organizing Center -
4. Donate -

Expanding Markets and Dying Oceans

CIA Official Reveals Bush, Cheney, Rice Were Personally Told Iraq Had No WMD in Fall 2002

President Bush, Vice President Cheney, then-National Security Adviser Condoleezza Rice and others were told by CIA Director George Tenet that Iraq’s foreign minister — who agreed to act as a spy for the United States — had reported that Iraq had no active weapons of mass destruction program.

Washington pushes ahead with plans for Iraq “regime change”

Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki and his Shiite fundamentalist Da’awa Party are being presented with an ultimatum: abandon the Sadrists or go down with them.

From Information Clearing House

Nuclear Games

The $2 Trillion Dollar War

By Charles M. Young

A leading economist says the true cost of Iraq is far higher than President Bush claims -- and America will pay the price for decades to come.


Iraq war could cost US over $2 trillion, says Nobel prize-winning economist

The real cost to the US of the Iraq war is likely to be between $1 trillion and $2 trillion (£1.1 trillion), up to 10 times more than previously thought, according to a report written by a Nobel prize-winning economist and a Harvard budget expert.,2763,1681119,00.html

From Information Clearing House

Sell-Out Democrats Have Walked into a Bush Trap on Iraq

By Dave Lindorff

They took what they thought was the easy road, condemning not the criminal policies themselves, but only the administration's handling of the wars. This led some to call not for an end to the wars, but for more troops.

Diakonie: Immer mehr Armut, Anhebung von ALG II

Düsseldorf: 66.000 Menschen leben in Düsseldorf mit dem Existenzminimum
Mehr als 66.000 Menschen in Düsseldorf, mehr als jeder neunte, müssen mit dem Existenzminimum auskommen. Sichtbar wird diese Armut jeden Donnerstag an der Bergerkirche. Seit einem Jahr geben hier Diakonie und Düsseldorfer Tafel Lebensmittel an Bedürftige aus. Und fast jedes Mal sind es mehr. Rund 200 Menschen kommen regelmäßig – Familien, Schwerbehinderte, andere Menschen, die Unterstützung brauchen.

Lesen Sie hier weiter:

Henrico Frank: Deutschlands frechster Arbeitsloser?


Einseifen und Einseifen lassen. Oder: Die Ästhetik des Job-Widerstands sieht anders aus.

„«Wenn Sie sich waschen und rasieren, finden Sie auch einen Job.». Natürlich war das eine zynische Bemerkung von Beck, eine Stammtischparole, wie sie Millionen teilen oder sogar glauben. Allerdings müssen sich Millionen von „Beschäftigten“, also Menschen mit Job, tagtäglich weitaus größere Demütigungen gefallen lassen, um diesen ja „um Alles in der Welt“ zu behalten. Körperpflege gehört dabei noch zu den geringsten Zumutungen der Lohnarbeitsgesellschaft. Um welche Sch...-Jobs hier „auf Teufel komm raus“ gebuhlt und geworben werden muß, das ist u.E. der Skandal…“ Kommentar von Mag Wompel und Ralf Pandorf vom 21.12.2006

Der Text beinhaltet zwei Cartoons von Michael Kinder
( – wir danken!

Aus: LabourNet, 21. Dezember 2006


Der Punk und der Politiker

Ab dem 1.1.2007 werden die Sanktionsmöglichkeiten für Arbeitslose verschärft, die Personal Service Agenturen haben sich als kontraproduktiv erwiesen, aber die Augen richten sich auf Henrico Frank. Ein Lehrstück in Sachen Meinungsbildung.

Help Stop Big Oil from destroying America’s Arctic Seas

Long U.S. Work Hours Are Bad for the Environment

Study Shows

The War Is Already Lost

If Cheney 's Talking, He Should Talk to Congress

Government Abuses Hurricane Victims

Military Role in U.S. Embassies Creates Strains

Report Says

Bush 'Brainwashed' Blair on Iraq Pullout - Iraq VP

US Considers Naval Build-up as Warning to Iran

"Das sind nur Steuergeschenke? Unfug!"

Debate over troop levels intensifies; Abizaid resigns

Informant: jensenmk

From ufpj-news


Top US Mideast commander to retire in early 2007

Abizaid has opposed calls for sending more troops to Iraq as part of a temporary spike to combat growing communal violence.

From Information Clearing House


Where's the Accountability for the Dead and Wounded?

Where's the Accountability for the Dead and Wounded? Who pays for the liberty you demand?

"VFP" Veterans For Peace


Informant: rafeswhiterose


Who pays for the liberty you demand?


And prove to me, America, that you care
And prove to me, America, you’re aware
Who’s dying for your freedom in this land
Who pays the cost for the liberties you demand.


Body of local soldier killed in Iraq returns home for final salute

Informant: ranger116


Abu Ghraib - The Bottom Line


The video is shocking. It’s particularly scary because it is real, and particularly sad because all of our tax dollars are making this happen. Several minutes of every day you work goes to support this. Had enough?


Bush warns of new sacrifices in Iraq


Where's the Accountability for the Dead and Wounded?

By Sean Penn

Children grow up in our country -- many by the way, under conditions of extreme poverty -- and are told from a very early age "You will be accountable!" "With freedom, comes responsibility!" And so the lecture goes...Democratic and Republican alike. Lie-cheat-steal, and there will be consequences! Theft will be punished. Actions that cause the deaths of others will be severely punished. The message, from leaders in Washington, news media, mom, dad, and church is clear. Criminals MUST be held accountable.


A Few Thoughts on Ending The Iraqi Occupation

This battle is no longer about defending our freedom, it is about winning it back.



By Nick Mottern, Director, Consumers for Peace

December 20, 2006

“U.S. War Crimes in Iraq and Mechanisms for Accountability” is being advertised for the month of December in the classified sections of the weekly newspapers Army, Navy, Marine and Air Force Times, published by Military Times. The newspapers are distributed to all U.S. military bases around the world and are read by an estimated 1 million military people, according to a Military Times advertising representative.

“We felt that the people who are ordered to fight in Iraq, and those who support U.S. presence Iraq, ought to know of the opportunity to learn about the many ways in which the United States has violated and continues to violate international law there,” said Nick Mottern, Director of, publisher of the war crimes report.

The report, published in October, 2006, has been endorsed, with entries in its forward, by historian Howard Zinn; journalist Dahr Jamail; former Army officer and peace worker Ann Wright; Neil MacKay, Scottish journalist and the Sunday Herald's multi-award winning Home Affairs and Investigations Editor; ;and Kathy Kelly, co-coordinator of Voices for Creative Non-Violence.

Ten international websites have published the report. A direct download link:


Consumers for Peace
Association of Humanitarian Lawyers
Traprock Peace Center
Voices for Creative Nonviolence
Information Clearing House
Socialist Worker newspaper
The Brussells Tribunal (for International Anti-Occupation Network)
Stop the War Coalition (UK)

Charles Jenks
Chair of Advisory Board Traprock Peace Center
103 Keets Road Deerfield, MA 01342

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The $2 Trillion Dollar War


A message from Cal

Prayer for Peace
We are one global family
All colors, All races
One world united.
We call for peace
and the healing of our planet Earth
Peace for all nations.
Peace for our communities.
And peace within ourselves.
Let us connect heart to heart
all across the world.
Through our diversity we recognize Unity.
Through our compassion we recognize Peace.
Our Love is the power to transform our world
Let us send it out

A battered group of neocons delivered the president his latest war plan, letting him reject the grave warnings of the Iraq Study Group and deny that we're losing the war

Informant: Lew Rockwell

Scharfe Kritik an Kauf durch "Heuschrecke"

Multitasking Craziness: Weihnacht ohne Handy!


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