It is up to the Democratic leadership in the House to decide whether or not to call for a re-vote in Florida

After reading this article by Joel Bleifuss, you may want to contact your U.S. House Representative's office and ask your representative to stand up for the voters of District 13 in Florida by demanding another election before seating its representative.

Kathy Dopp

December 19, 2006

Voting Problems? In Florida? No Way!

By Joel Bleifuss

If it weren't for Katherine Harris, where would George W. Bush be now?

Following the 2000 election a popular bumper sticker in Florida read, "If you think we can't vote, wait 'til you see us drive." But nobody's laughing now.

Unless the Democratic-controlled House votes to hold a new election, Republican Vern Buchanan will represent Florida's 13th congressional district in the 110th Congress. Buchanan "won" election by beating Democrat Christine Jennings by 369 votes out of 237, 861 cast.

The election was held on direct-recording electronic (DRE) voting machines that don't leave a paper trail. Strangely, according to the machine count, 18,382 voters in Democratic Sarasota County did not bother to cast a ballot in the congressional race (that's 15 percent of those who voted in the county on November 7). That is unlikely, since it was a hotly contested battle for the seat vacated by former Secretary of State Katherine Harris, who ran for Senate and was soundly defeated. (Yes, Al, there is a God.)

All evidence points to voting machine malfunction. If those 18,382 votes had gone to Jennings by the same percentage with which she carried Sarasota County, 53 percent, she would have won the election by 600 votes.

The machines in question are iVotronic DRE touch-screens manufactured by Election Systems & Software (ES&S). According to a Sarasota Herald-Tribune survey of election workers, one in three reported that they had received complaints from voters who said their votes did not register. And more than 100 voters have told Jennings' campaign that, after voting on the iVotronic touch screen machines, their votes for Jennings did not show up on the summary displayed at the end of the voting process.

A recount was conducted, but little changed, which is only natural. One can't really recount votes cast on DRE voting machines—one can only re-run the vote-counting program that caused the problem in the first place. Nevertheless, Gov. Jeb Bush, a champion of electronic voting, certified the recount and promised that the Sarasota machines would be audited—by Alec Yasinsac, a Florida State University professor who during the 2000 election imbroglio held vigil on the steps of the Florida Supreme Court wearing a "Bush Won" button.

It is up to the Democratic leadership in the House to decide whether or not to call for a re-vote. has organized a national petition drive aimed at Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Short and sweet, the petition reads, "In the wake of Florida's electronic voting machine meltdown, Congress should call for a re-vote and repair our nation's elections."

Florida Republicans, skilled in the art of stealing elections, have geared up for battle. Miami Rep. Mario Diaz-Balart told the St. Petersburg Times, "If that happens … forget about any possibility of pretending to be civil. That would be an affront to democracy."


MoveOn Calls for New Election in Florida Voting Machine Meltdown


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Congress Asked to Intervene in Florida Race

Democrat Christine Jennings, who narrowly lost to a Republican in the race to replace Representative Katherine Harris asked Congress on Wednesday for an investigation. She is seeking to obtain the programming code for the touch-screen voting machines to determine whether a bug or malicious programming could have lost votes.


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