Where's the Accountability for the Dead and Wounded? Who pays for the liberty you demand?

"VFP" Veterans For Peace


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Who pays for the liberty you demand?


And prove to me, America, that you care
And prove to me, America, you’re aware
Who’s dying for your freedom in this land
Who pays the cost for the liberties you demand.



Body of local soldier killed in Iraq returns home for final salute

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Abu Ghraib - The Bottom Line


The video is shocking. It’s particularly scary because it is real, and particularly sad because all of our tax dollars are making this happen. Several minutes of every day you work goes to support this. Had enough?



Bush warns of new sacrifices in Iraq


Where's the Accountability for the Dead and Wounded?

By Sean Penn

Children grow up in our country -- many by the way, under conditions of extreme poverty -- and are told from a very early age "You will be accountable!" "With freedom, comes responsibility!" And so the lecture goes...Democratic and Republican alike. Lie-cheat-steal, and there will be consequences! Theft will be punished. Actions that cause the deaths of others will be severely punished. The message, from leaders in Washington, news media, mom, dad, and church is clear. Criminals MUST be held accountable.



A Few Thoughts on Ending The Iraqi Occupation

This battle is no longer about defending our freedom, it is about winning it back.



By Nick Mottern, Director, Consumers for Peace
nickmottern @earthlink.net

December 20, 2006

“U.S. War Crimes in Iraq and Mechanisms for Accountability” is being advertised for the month of December in the classified sections of the weekly newspapers Army, Navy, Marine and Air Force Times, published by Military Times. The newspapers are distributed to all U.S. military bases around the world and are read by an estimated 1 million military people, according to a Military Times advertising representative.

“We felt that the people who are ordered to fight in Iraq, and those who support U.S. presence Iraq, ought to know of the opportunity to learn about the many ways in which the United States has violated and continues to violate international law there,” said Nick Mottern, Director of ConsumersforPeace.org, publisher of the war crimes report.

The report, published in October, 2006, has been endorsed, with entries in its forward, by historian Howard Zinn; journalist Dahr Jamail; former Army officer and peace worker Ann Wright; Neil MacKay, Scottish journalist and the Sunday Herald's multi-award winning Home Affairs and Investigations Editor; ;and Kathy Kelly, co-coordinator of Voices for Creative Non-Violence.

Ten international websites have published the report. A direct download link: //www.consumersforpeace.org/pdf/war_crimes_iraq_101006.pdf


Consumers for Peace //www.consumersforpeace.org
Association of Humanitarian Lawyers //www.humanlaw.org
Traprock Peace Center //www.traprockpeace.org
Voices for Creative Nonviolence //www.vcnv.org
Uruknet.info //www.uruknet.info
Information Clearing House //www.informationclearinghouse.info AfterDowningStreet.org //www.afterdowningstreet.org
Socialist Worker newspaper //www.socialistworker.org
The Brussells Tribunal (for International Anti-Occupation Network) //www.brusselstribunal.org/
Stop the War Coalition (UK) //www.stopthewar.co.uk

Charles Jenks
Chair of Advisory Board Traprock Peace Center
103 Keets Road Deerfield, MA 01342

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The $2 Trillion Dollar War


A message from Cal

Prayer for Peace
We are one global family
All colors, All races
One world united.
We call for peace
and the healing of our planet Earth
Peace for all nations.
Peace for our communities.
And peace within ourselves.
Let us connect heart to heart
all across the world.
Through our diversity we recognize Unity.
Through our compassion we recognize Peace.
Our Love is the power to transform our world
Let us send it out


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