Swine Flu Virus Created from Pig Vaccine?

ISIS Report 16/09/09

The swine flu virus had three parents from two continents and appeared suddenly without warning, evading all routine flu surveillance and quarantine; sequence data suggest it may have been created from a faulty vaccine given to pigs in North America Prof. Adrian Gibbs and Dr. Jean Downie


Several papers reporting phylogenetic analyses of the gene sequences of the new pandemic swine-origin H1N1 virus (S- OIV) have been published. All show that S-OIV inherited its genes from parents that came from two well-known groups of swine flus. Flu viruses have 8 different genes and in mixed infections sometimes shuffle those genes to form ‘reassortants’ with new combinations of the 8 genes chosen from those of the parents. Several reports have shown that six of the genes of S-OIV came from a ‘triple-reassortant’ influenza virus (or viruses). These viruses have been common in North American pigs for more than a decade, and have never been found in Europe. The other two genes (NA and MP) came from Eurasian ‘avian-like’ viruses common in Europe for longer, but never found in North America. Both groups of viruses have however been found recently in pigs in SE Asia.

The analyses reveal an unusual feature of the S-OIV genes, which is that none of the genes have been found recently in swine influenzas collected during routine flu surveillance. The NA gene had not been sampled (identified in samples) for
17 years before it reappeared in S-OIV, and the others, including the MP gene, for around 11 years. Thus the NA and MP genes were most likely acquired by S-OIV from Eurasian ‘avian-like’ viruses on separate occasions, and therefore S- OIV probably had at least three parents.

We have done further specific analyses to find out which isolates contain the genes that are closest to those of S- OIV. We find that all are viruses of pigs. The NA gene of S-OIV is closest to that of European ‘avian-like’ H1N1 influenza viruses sampled in 1991/1993, its MP gene closest to that of H3N2 Asian ‘avian-like’ viruses sampled in 1999, and its other six genes are closest to those of North American H1N2 ‘triple-reassortant’ viruses sampled in
1999/2000. Note that the dates those isolates were collected agree with the calculated ‘time-line’ leading to S-OIV; NA 17 years ago, all the others 11 years.

In summary, S-OIV is a reassortant with at least three parents. The parents were sampled over a decade ago, all found in pigs, and in three very distant parts of the world; North America, Europe and SE Asia!!!

The Questions

Where were S-OIV’s genes between the time that they were last sampled and 2008 when they all reappeared in S-OIV? In which virus or viruses, which host, and when and how did they get together? It is important for us to try to answer these questions as it might help us avoid similar pandemics in future.

The Theories

There are two theories regarding the origin of S-OIV, as described below.

Read the rest of this report here //www.i-sis.org.uk/swineFluVirusFromPigVaccine.php

Or read other articles about swine flu here //www.i-sis.org.uk/influenza.php




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