Samstag, 26. September 2009

UK Government Changes Mental Health Act For Swine Flu

US Commanders Hold Secret Meeting on Afghan war

Taking a Stand on Public Option

Unions Criticize Obama's School Proposals as 'Bush III'

Taking a Stand on Public Option

ACLU: Indefinite Detention Should End With The Closure Of Guantánamo

National Lawyers Guild: NLG Observes Improper Use of Force by Law Enforcement at the G-20

Where Did H1N1 Come From?

Where Did H1N1 Come From?


Flu Vaccine Exposed


A clear summary on what researchers know about the seasonal flu vaccine that you need to know.


The Constitution: To Liberate Us From Big Government

If Your Lips Are Moving You Lie

Before We Eulogize the Dollar

More Government Won't Help

The Constitution: To Liberate Us From Big Government

Was Irving Kristol a CIA Plot?

The Kindergarten Theory of Government

Schäubles "Horrorkatalog"

Kurz vor der Wahl zeigt ein Papier aus dem Innenministerium, wie man hier den Sicherheits- und Überwachungsstaat munter weiter ausbauen will.äubleÜberwachung

The EU Security-Industrial Complex

Ben Hayes about his book "NeoConOpticon"


Der sicherheitsindustrielle Komplex der EU

Ben Hayes von Statewatch über die Schaffung neuer "Bedrohungen", um neue Befugnisse und Mittel der Sicherheitsagenturen einzuführen.

Anti-U.S. Wave Imperiling Efforts in Pakistan

12 militants killed in fresh US drone attack in Pakistan

This was the fourth US drone attack this month in North Waziristan, where militants linked to Taliban and Al Qaida are said to be hiding.


Anti-U.S. Wave Imperiling Efforts in Pakistan, Officials Say

A new wave of anti-American sentiment in Pakistan has slowed the arrival of hundreds of U.S. civilian CIA and military officials charged with implementing assistance programs, undermined cooperation in the fight against al-Qaeda and the Taliban, and put American lives at risk, according to officials from both countries.

From Information Clearing House

Afghan Presidential Election Is a False Hope for Change

By Haroun Mir

Almost eight years after military defeat of the Taliban in 2001, Afghanistan is back to square one. - The same powerbrokers, who should have been sidelined from political process after president Karzai's election in 2004, still manipulate Afghan politics. Meanwhile, a majority of senior officials from Afghan Diaspora, who were once considered a hope for the country, have lost their credibility by enriching themselves at the detriment of the very poor people.

The Ultimate Sign Of Our Lethargy

America's Teacher

Naomi Klein interviews Michael Moore

You can't avoid the anger boiling over at some point when you have one in eight mortgages in delinquency or foreclosure, where there's a foreclosure filing once every 7.5 seconds and the unemployment rate keeps growing. That will have its own tipping point.


The Ultimate Sign Of Our Lethargy

By Bill Maher

Millions thrown out of their homes, tossed out of work, lost their life savings, retirements postponed - and they just take it. 30% interest on credit cards? It's a good thing the Supreme Court legalized sodomy a few years ago.


Obama to continue "preventive detention"

President Obama will continue to detain Terrorism suspects without charges under the current system (the one used by Bush/Cheney as well).

From Information Clearing House


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