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RFID: Etiketten mit Nebenwirkungen

Umweltbundesamt: RFID-Tags gefährden Recycling - Online-IT-Magazin

Die wachsende Verbreitung von RFID-Funkchips könnte in einigen Jahren zu Problemen beim Recycling führen. Zu diesem Ergebnis kommt eine Studie im Auftrag ...


Etiketten mit Nebenwirkungen

RFID ist eine Technologie, die als Nachfolger der Barcodes gilt. Die kleinen Chips sind nicht nur datenschutztechnisch bedenklich, sie behindern auch das ...

National Guard Prepare For Crowd Control Duties

Maximum Alert: U.S. Troops Now Occupying America

Military readies checkpoints for swine flu pandemic after citizens are acclimated to accept presence of uniformed soldiers undertaking law enforcement duties

Paul Joseph Watson
Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Under the pretext of “helping” local communities short of police in difficult economic times, as well as preparations for a potential swine flu pandemic, U.S. troops are now occupying America as the country sinks into a state of de facto martial law.


Pittsburgh National Guard Prepare For Crowd Control Duties

Troops train with Army and Air Force for G20 Summit as part of martial law acclimation

Paul Joseph Watson
Wednesday, September 23, 2009

As military-run internal checkpoints rapidly multiply across the United States and the country sinks into a state of de facto martial law, it has been announced that no less than 2,500 National Guard troops will work with Army and Air Force personnel to undertake “crowd control” duties during the upcoming G20 Summit in Pittsburgh.

Why the Dow Is Hitting 10,000 Even When Consumers Can't Buy and Business Cries "Socialism"

Robert Reich, Robert Reich's Blog: "So how can the Dow be flirting with 10,000 when consumers, who make up 70 percent of the economy, have had to cut way back on buying because they have no money? Jobs continue to disappear. One out of six Americans is either unemployed or underemployed. Homes can no longer function as piggy banks because they're worth almost a third less than they were two years ago. And for the first time in more than a decade, Americans are now having to pay down their debts and start to save."

The Day of the Triffid in Transgene Contamination

ISIS Report 23/09/09

Transgenic flax grown for several years in Canada has nevertheless contaminated probably the country’s entire flax seed stock; that’s why flax should never be used to produce transgenic industrial and pharmaceutical chemicals Prof. Joe Cummins

Transgene contamination of flax seed

Flax seed is used widely in the food industry, including bread, and as source of omega 3 fatty acids. On 10 September 2009, the European Union (EU) Rapid Alert System for Food and Feed (RASFF) reported finding an unapproved genetically modified (GM) flax/linseed variety in cereal and bakery products in Germany. The GM flax variety, FP967 (CDC Triffid), is not authorized for food or feed in the EU; it has tolerance to soil residues of sulfonylurea-based herbicides, and was developed by the Crop Development Centre at the University of Saskatchewan in Canada. Canada supplies approximately 70 percent of the total flax/linseed in the EU annually. Because GM flax FP967 is not authorized in the European Union, there is zero tolerance for the variety. That means any raw material or flax/linseed derivative analyzed to be positive for FP967 is illegal and not marketable in the EU. The test for the genetic modification of Triffid flax was developed by Genetic ID Laboratories in USA and Europe [1].

The ‘Triffid’ is a highly venomous fictional plant species, the titular antagonist from John Wyndham's 1951 novel The Day of the Triffids. The University of Saskatchewan appears to have used that great novel as a model for its GM creation.

Triffid yanked off seed market in 2001

The discovery of Triffid gene contamination in Canadian flax exports is surprising because Triffid flax seed has not been openly produced in Canada since 2001. Triffid was deregulated over a decade ago in Canada for environmental release for feed in 1996 and for food in 1998. USA authorized the release of Triffid for food and feed in 1998, and for commercial growth in the environment in 1999 [2]. Triffid has been grown in the open fields in both Canada and US. But by early 2001, under pressure from Canadian flax growers anxious to protect their markets, Triffid was deregistered and removed from the market in Canada. By then, around 200 000 bushels of Triffid flax seed had been grown on farms across the prairies [3].

Read the rest of this report here

Or read other articles about GM agriculture here

After the CIA torture report

by Kareen Shora


With the release of the CIA report detailing torture methods in secret prisons, we are at a critical juncture with an opportunity to regain our nation’s credibility in the world. The acts described in the report are morally reprehensible and a direct affront to our American values and international human rights...


Sold to the United States for cash

In These Times
by Leonard C. Goodman


In May, President Barack Obama began floating the idea that his administration might seek the power to ‘preventatively detain’ terrorism suspects who ‘are deemed a threat to national security but cannot be tried.’ The rationale is: These folks are bad. We can’t tell you how we know this because of national security concerns. So trust us. This is in effect what the Bush administration told us for more than five years, and it is nonsense. I am an attorney representing one of the 230 remaining Guantanamo detainees who are subject to this preventative detention. Shawali Khan has been imprisoned at the Guantanamo Bay Detention Center for more than six years without charges. � When the Americans invaded in October 2001, Khan was living in Kandahar City, selling kerosene and gasoline. On Nov. 13, 2002, he was riding his motorcycle from his home to the market when he was arrested by four Afghan men who work for the corrupt warlord Gul Agha Shirzai, who governed Kandahar province. A short while later, Khan was transferred to the Americans...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

The growing debt bomb

Cato Institute
by Richard W. Rahn


Even if the politicians break their pledges not to increase taxes, they still cannot solve the deficit problem as long as they refuse to cut back on the growth in Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid — because any new tax revenue will be quickly absorbed by the growth in spending. The best that any tax increase could do is delay the explosion of the debt bomb by, perhaps, a couple of years while further weakening the economy and job growth. Now suppose you are not an individual bondholder but the Chinese government official responsible for the Chinese economy, and you know your government holds about $1 trillion in U.S. government securities. You have watched Congress and the administration become less and less fiscally responsible — more spending, more taxes, and more debt. Then suddenly the administration puts punitive tariffs on your tire manufacturers while at the same time refuses to approve the trade treaties with Colombia, Panama and South Korea that have been negotiated...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Ablehnung hochfrequenzfreier Gebiete

Von: Büro Lemke <>
An: Jochen Diefenthaler
Betreff: Re: Re: Ablehnung hochfrequenzfreier Gebiete
Datum: 22.09.2009 16:16:11

Sehr geehrter Herr Diefenthaler, lieber Jochen,

in dem Antragstellertreffen zum Kapitel "Umwelt" des Bundestagswahlprogramms habe ich mich gegen die Aufnahme des zitierten Satzes ausgesprochen, da ich die Formulierung in der Tat für unverständlich halte -- und zwar für die Wählerinnen und Wähler gleichermaßen wie für die Presse. Die Formulierung, die Grünen würden dadurch in der Presse möglicherweise "durch den Kakao gezogen", habe ich nicht verwendet, denn dazu bestünde auch überhaupt kein Anlass. Wir Grüne haben eine klare Position zum Zurückdrängen der Belastung durch Mobilfunkstrahlung, die ich auch jederzeit offensiv vor der Presse vertrete. Erst im Mai hat unsere Bundestagsfraktion einen 15-seitigen Beschluss zum Thema Mobilfunkstrahlung verabschiedet, in dem ganz klar der Schutz von elektrosensiblen Personen gefordert wird und auf die entsprechenden Positionen des Europäischen Parlaments Bezug genommen wird.

Die Argumente gegen die Aufnahme des Satzes in unser Wahlprogramm haben also überhaupt nichts damit zu tun, dass ich in irgendeiner Weise Angst vor der Presse hätte. Ich lasse mir auch weder den Status als Bügerrechtlerin aberkennen, noch vorwerfen, ich würde das Lebensrecht von Menschen mit Füßen treten. Diese Form der Auseinandersetzung und Wortwahl finde ich gerade als ehemalige DDR-Bürgerin sehr befremdlich.

Beste Grüße,
Steffi Lemke

Anmerkung von Jochen Diefenthaler: Ich bleibe bei meiner Darstellung, wie ich sie in dem Schreiben an Frau Lemke beschrieben habe. Insbesondere an das Stichwort "durch den Kakao ziehen" und an die zweimalige Verwendung dieses Ausdrucks durch Frau Lemke kann ich mich genau erinnern.

-------- Original-Nachricht --------

Datum: Wed, 09 Sep 2009 09:55:09 +0200
Von: Jochen Diefenthaler
Betreff: Ablehnung hochfrequenzfreier Gebiete

An Frau Steffi Lemke
Politische Bundesgeschäftsführerin von Bündnis 90/Die Grünen

Sehr geehrte Frau Lemke,

ich beziehe mich auf das Antragstellertreffen zum Kapitel "Umwelt" auf der Bundesdelegiertenkonferenz von Bündnis 90/Die Grünen zum Bundestagswahlprogramm am 08. Mai 2009.

Der Kreisverband Memmingen hatte beantragt, in das Wahlprogramm den Satz "Wir wollen die Möglichkeit schaffen, hochfrequenzfreie Gebiete als Lebensraum für elektrosensitive Personen auszuweisen" aufzunehmen. In Ihrem Beschlussvorschlag war dieser Satz nicht mehr enthalten.

Ich fragte Sie, ob Sie diesen Satz nicht übernommen hatten, weil er Ihnen zu lang erschien.

Sie antworteten, Sie hätten den Satz zum Einen nicht übernommen, weil viele LeserInnen des Wahlprogramms nicht wüssten, was "elektrosensitive Personen" seien, zum Anderen aber auch, weil Sie fürchteten, die Grünen würden für diesen Satz von der Presse "durch den Kakao gezogen".

Ich erwiderte, ich könne akzeptieren, dass Sie der Meinung sind, die LeserInnen wüssten nicht, was "elektrosensitive Personen" seien, ich hielte es aber für völlig inakzeptabel, dass Sie aus Angst vor der Presse sich nicht trauten, diesen Satz zu übernehmen.

Sie wiederholten sich anschließend nochmal und betonten ganz ausdrücklich, Sie lehnten den Satz besonders aus Angst, die Grünen könnten dafür von der Presse "durch den Kakao gezogen" werden, ab.

Sehr geehrte Frau Lemke, ich finde diese Aussage von Ihnen äußerst erschreckend. Sie sind bereit, das Lebensrecht einer wachsenden Zahl von Menschen mit Füßen zu treten, weil Sie Angst vor der Presse haben. Oder war dieses Argument nur vorgeschoben; hatte in Wirklichkeit vielleicht die Mobilfunklobby Druck bei Ihnen gemacht?

Die oben genannte Forderung nach hochfrequenzfreien Gebieten wurde bereits vom BUND in seinem Positionspapier "Für zukunftsfähige Funktechnologien" erhoben, ebenso vom Europäischen Parlament.

Vor kurzem beanspruchten Sie in einer Fernsehsendung das Etikett "ehemalige Bürgerrechtlerin" für sich. Aufgrund meiner geschilderten Erfahrungen habe ich die Befürchtung, in diesem Begriff liege die Betonung auf "ehemalige".

Diese eMail leite ich in Blindkopie an viele mobilfunkinteressierte Personen weiter. Sie brauchen mir auf diese eMail nicht zu antworten; wenn Sie es wünschen, bin ich jedoch gerne bereit, eine evtl. Antwort von Ihnen an denselben Verteiler weiterzuleiten.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen
Jochen Diefenthaleräisches+Parlament

Afghanistan: the West has defeated itself

McChrystal’s conundrum

by Justin Raimondo


McChrystal himself fails to grasp the essential fact about the country he is invading and occupying, which is that Afghans — like people everywhere — hate invaders and invariably resist occupation. Just ask the Russians or the British. The reason for the insurgency isn’t because the Afghan government is any more corrupt than governments in that region of the world generally tend to be: it’s because President Karzai is an American puppet who was installed because we invaded the country and continue to occupy it. Without U.S. military support, the Karzai regime wouldn’t last but a month or two, at most — and the same is true of any regime we support, no matter who is at the head of it. The general, of course, cannot acknowledge this, since it would sink the whole COIN doctrine he and his co-thinkers at the Center for a New American Security (CNAS) are pushing...


The Pentagon is bankrupting us

Future of Freedom Foundation
by Jacob G. Hornberger


Why can’t the American people recognize that that’s precisely what is happening in the United States today? The U.S. military — euphemistically called the ‘defense’ establishment — or as President Eisenhower described it, the ‘military-industrial complex’ — is a monumental burden that is bankrupting our country, especially in combination with the ever-increasing burden of the domestic welfare state. First, it takes tax dollars to support soldiers. That’s a burden — a drain — on the private sector...


Afghanistan: the West has defeated itself

by Mick Hume


The top secret (ie, leaked and published) assessment of the Afghan War sent to President Barack Obama by General Stanley McChrystal, top US and NATO commander in Afghanistan, apparently runs to 64 pages. Yet to judge from the published excerpts its underlying message can be summed up rather more succinctly: ‘We’ve lost’...


A war too rough

The American Spectator
by George H. Wittman


It is well understood from the experience of the last several years that the creation of a cohesive national Afghan military force has little chance of coming to fruition in any reasonable time frame. It is not revealing classified information to state that the initial efforts to establish an Afghan Army have been hindered by the traditional rivalries among the various Afghan tribal and clan groups. This all-encompassing socio-cultural clash is augmented by the overwhelming illiteracy of the eligible manpower. What is driving American policy in Afghanistan is the inability to conceive of a way to avoid appearing to quit the field with the war still at hand. The plan of creating an Afghan Army to take over from the U.S. and NATO is simply a device to allow the West to get out of a place it long ago had decided was a losing proposition strategically even if it was relatively successful tactically. As the situation stands, it would take many more years to weld together such a unified Afghan fighting force — and even that appears problematical...


No more troops to Afghanistan

Boston Globe
by H.D.S. Greenway


On an autumn night in 1415, in their anxiety-filled camp on the ‘vasty fields of France,’ the English waited for the dawn that would bring them to battle at Agincourt ‘upon St. Crispin’s day.’ The king’s generals feared they could not win without more troops. Shakespeare has the earl of Westmoreland say: O that we now had here/ But one ten thousand of those men in England/ That do no work today! But Henry V answers: No my fair cousin � God’s will I pray thee, wish not one man more. The king, in the most memorable call to war in all literature, says he does not want his ‘happy few,’ his ‘band of brothers,’ to have to share the glory, but the truth was he hadn’t more troops to spare. Henry’s admonishment to the earl was recalled some five-and-a-half centuries after Agincourt when another general, William Westmoreland, wanted to throw more soldiers into Vietnam. He, too, was turned down. With General Stanley A. McChrystal’s report calling for additional troops now public, President Obama will soon have his King Henry moment; whether or not to send more troops into the ever-worsening war in Afghanistan. Much depends on his definition of the mission...


One Afghan, one vote

The Weekly Standard
by Richard Williamson


Will the Obama administration give Afghanistan a pass on credible allegations of material fraud in its recent election? We don’t know yet. But it shouldn’t. In Afghanistan’s recent Presidential election there have been credible allegations of voter registration cards for sale, stuffed ballot boxes and other irregularities. The European Union has said up to one-third of the ballots may be tainted. America should not demand that we find a Thomas Jefferson amongst the chaos in Afghanistan. We’re still looking for another Jefferson in America. But the human right of self-determination and the rule of law are abandoned at our own peril...


Lost in Afghanistan?

Mother Jones
by David Corn


The United States has been prosecuting the war in Afghanistan for nearly eight years — and still doesn’t know what it’s doing. That’s the basic message of the assessment submitted to the Pentagon and the White House by Gen. Stanley McChrystal, the top US and NATO commander in Afghanistan. � That is some admission. US forces have been engaged in Afghanistan for longer than the length of US involvement in World War I and II, and they are still essentially clueless. And the insurgents, he adds, ‘out perform’ Kabul and the ISAF at information operations...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Massive Relief For Homeowners And Trouble For Banks

By Ellen Brown

A landmark ruling in a recent Kansas Supreme Court case may have given millions of distressed homeowners the legal wedge they need to avoid foreclosure.


Big Dem Donor Indicted

Federal prosecutors have accused a major Democratic fundraiser with ties to Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton of orchestrating a Ponzi scheme that involved swindling several major banks out of hundreds of millions of dollars, and using some of the proceeds to fund political candidates and PACs.


Obama: We Need To Bail Out Newspapers

Obama yesterday expressed concern at the sorry state of the news industry and said that he will look at a news paper bailout, because otherwise, blogs will take over the world, and that would be a threat to democracy, The Hill reports.


Federal Reserve rejects request for public review

The Federal Reserve Bank will not submit to a voluntary public study of its internal structure and methods of governance, as it was requested to do so by Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner.


10 Big Companies That Are Veering Toward Bankruptcy

A new report by Audit Integrity identifies some high-profile names "that have the highest probability of declaring bankruptcy among publicly traded firms."


California Joblessness Reaches 70-Year High

California's unemployment rate in August hit its highest point in nearly 70 years, starkly underscoring how the nation's incipient economic recovery continues to elude millions of Americans looking for work.

From Information Clearing House

Afghans question what democracy has done for them

Mubaruz Khan didn't bother to vote when Afghans went to the polls in the country's second-ever democratic election last month. He was too busy eking out a living selling cigarettes and soda for $3 a day, and didn't think voting would make a difference in his life.

From Information Clearing House

West Using Its Military Might To Control World Energy Resources

Informant: Alice Slater

Totalüberwachung der realen und virtuellen Räume

Die EU setzt auf Rundumüberwachung, die Wissenschaftler sind dabei.Überwachung

Stetiges Umschalten auf den "Kampfmodus"

Die Bundeswehr in Afghanistan stellt sich auf neue Forderungen ein.

Aushungern und Fordern

Interview mit Claudia Daseking und Solveig Koitz über die rechtswidrige Hartz IV-Sanktionspraxis.

Künftige Bundesregierung ohne Legitimation?

Verfassungswidrige Überhangmandate machen es möglich. CDU und FDP können wahrscheinlich bereits mit 44% Stimmanteil die Regierung stellen.

Why I Still Oppose Genetically Modified Crops

Weapons of Mass Democracy

Global Harvest Initiative Seeks Not to Feed People, But to Bolster Big Ag Profits

Is the US the Most Militaristic State on Earth?

Black Sea Wars

US Business Group Warns of Swine Flu Absenteeism

Sibel Edmonds names, describes extensive spy network

Informant: jensenmk

From ufpj-news

New bid to curb illegal masts

Sep 23, 2009

(Gulf Daily News - McClatchy-Tribune Information Services via COMTEX) -- THE war against illegal phone masts is spreading across Bahrain after the Central Municipal Council agreed to set up a committee to outline new regulations.

In its first meeting since the two-month summer break, councillors agreed to the decision after being bombarded with calls from worried residents.



New bid to curb illegal masts

Gulf Daily News - Manama,Bahrain

They also voted unanimously to start an awareness campaign to educate
residents about mobile phone masts in an attempt to ease public confusion....

Former CIA Inspector General Confirms BBC Torture Report

By Hilary Andersson

This is politically explosive, because the Bush administration has always claimed that it used harsh interrogation techniques such as waterboarding only after government lawyers had determined they did not amount to torture.


Prisoner Abuse Continues at Bagram Prison in Afghanistan

The facility makes Guantanamo look like a "nice hotel," in the words of one military prosecutor.,1518,650242,00.html


CIA Interrogations Likely Damaged Detainees' Brains

The methods could even have caused the suspects to create - and believe - false memories, contends the paper, which scrutinizes the techniques used by the CIA under the Bush administration through the lens of neurobiology. It suggests the methods are actually counterproductive, no matter how much suspects might eventually say.

From Information Clearing House

Report on Afghanistan Gives Obama Tough Choices

Report on Afghanistan Gives Obama Tough Choices

Waiting for a Goal in Afghanistan

Throwing Darts for a Mission in Afghanistan

Row erupts over controversial mobile phone masts ban

Please go to the Formby Times website to vote NO to the survey online in favour of lifting the ban for Sefton Council to place masts on council land and buildings, the survey may not be available for much longer, please vote NO ASAP. The survey is available on the front page of the Formby Times, download here:

Also see news article below. Should Sefton Council end its ban on mobile phone masts being sited on council land?

A ROW has erupted over plans to lift a controversial ban on mobile phone masts being put up on council property.

A moratorium currently exists which prohibits the council from erecting mobile phone masts on its land and buildings.

The moratorium was rushed through in 2000 in response to people’s fears about the effect of the masts.

But critics have been pushing for months for the ban to be lifted, saying the rules lead to masts being put up in places less acceptable to the community. Read more:

Views from Eileen O’Connor

The council land ban for phone masts needs to remain in place

I strongly advise Sefton council to keep the moratorium ban for phone masts on council land or buildings in place.

The phone industry are un-elected officials who forcefully and undemocratically ignore the wishes and concerns of local communities. The Industry do not have a good track record with regards to working sympathetically with local communities and have repeatedly take no account of placing masts next to residential homes, schools, hospitals or buildings where people work. The phone industry continually appeal for unsuitable locations and will use council land such as the highway and council buildings with the easiest access and suitability for their network coverage. They will take no account of health concerns.

Birmingham City Council lifted the ban to allow phone masts on their land and buildings in 2005 and implemented 19 recommendations containing tighter regulation. However, very little evidence exists to show that the majority of the recommendations have been carried out. Birmingham City Council had to relocate a mast from tower block of flats to another block in order to demolish the tower. This was a long drawn out battle and the council had little or no authority over their own property which resulted in an empty tower with a phone mast on the roof and encouraged crime and vandalism in the area.

I would recommend the Lib Dem Cllr Tony Robertson and Sefton Council ensure that the mobile phone companies indemnify Sefton council from any future court actions that may result from the current situation whereby mobile phone masts are located on buildings and government-controlled land. Many court decisions have been taken recently in France against the industry and compensation has been paid out in some cases. Judges have ordered the removal of masts due to health considerations. I realise the Council can earn £1000’s per year from renting land to phone mast companies, but is the short term financial gain worth the risk?

The public deserve protection and look towards people in authority especially our elected official’s to protect public health. However, history has shown that time and time again nothing is done until compelled to take action by the courts. The problem is real and the science is here, its time to take action to protect public health. Go to the Radiation Research Trust website to view peer reviewed and published scientific research, legal information and political action.

Here are a few questions:

Should Sefton Council be allowed to expose the public 24/7 to phone masts radiation?

Who gave the Government or council permission to expose the public to untested and unregulated pulsed microwave radiation?

Are the councillors willing to take responsibility for health?

Will the phone industry indemnify Sefton council to ensure that the council is not at any liability to future claims for loss of health which may result after long term exposure to mobile phone masts?

The next council meeting is at Southport Town Hall on 22nd October at 6.30pm, I would recommend that residents attend this important meeting. The public should ask each and every councillor to sign a statement of accountability and take personal responsibility for taking this very serious decision.

Short term financial gain today could turn out to be false economy for tomorrow!

Eileen O'Connor
Director Radiation Research Trust & E-magazine

On the coming Fed hyperinflation


Big Oil’s Stain in the Amazon

Informant: sasha karlik


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