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Krebs durch Öko-Kraftwerk?

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Krebs durch Öko-Kraftwerk?

Zu "Das Volkskraftwerk", taz vom 10.09.09:

Das "Volkskraftwerk" hat einen entscheidenden Haken: Nach derzeitiger Planung soll die Datenverbindung zu den Anlagen per Mobilfunk hergestellt werden. Das bedeutet eine Rechtfertigung für überhöhte Sendeleistungen der Mobilfunksender, denn schließlich müssen auch Anlagen tief im Stahlbetonkeller erreicht werden. Und wenn noch kein Mobilfunksender in der Nähe steht, muss schnell einer gebaut werden... Wirklich nachhaltige "grüne" Politik sollte stattdessen eine Datenübertragung per Telefonleitung fordern.

Jochen Diefenthaler, Memmingen

Health Care vs. Warfare: The Future Costs of the Afghanistan War

Jeff Leys, Truthout: "On Wednesday, President Obama addressed a joint session of Congress on health care. Later this year, he will decide whether to deploy additional troops to the war in Afghanistan on top of the 69,000 troops already deployed. The struggle for health care and the struggle to end warfare are inextricably linked."

UN Chief: World Is Over-Armed, Peace Is Under-Funded

Obama Facing Doubts Within His Own Party on Afghanistan

US Should Learn From Canada, Allies in Afghan Mission: Adviser

Afghanistan: What Are These People Thinking?

In Italien schießt Silvio Berlusconi auf alles, was noch nicht gleichgeschaltet wurde

"Die Information soll durch Propaganda ersetzt werden"

Ein Interview mit dem Abgeordneten und Journalistengewerkschafter Giuseppe Giulietti von "Articolo 21".

UK: David Miliband: MI6 investigated for torture

MI6 is being investigated by the police over allegations of torture for the first time. It follows a similar investigation already launched into MI5.

From Information Clearing House

How the Irish Can Save Civilization (Again)

Just say no to the Lisbon Treaty. Again.

From Information Clearing House

Attacking Iran: Preparing For 'Plan C'

While sanctions must be part of the policy palette, along with diplomacy and the prospect of negotiations, "the administration must be ready with a 'Plan C'" if negotiations and sanctions fail to deter Iran, Harris said.

From Information Clearing House

Why did you kill my son? Backlash against Afghan operation grows

The father of Sultan Munadi, the Afghan colleague of Mr Farrell who was killed in the raid, has demanded to know why ongoing negotiations, which he believes could have led to a peaceful outcome, were abandoned in favour of a military strike.


Pelosi: Afghan surge lacks support

The leader of the US House of Representatives has said that there is little support among Americans and politicians for sending more US troops to Afghanistan.

From Information Clearing House

Hamburger Hartz-IV Bezieher stellt Strafantrag gegen den FDP Parteivorsitzenden Guido Westerwelle

Heiko Kohlmeyer (gelernter Lebensmitteltechniker, 39) aus Hamburg setzt sich gegen den FDP Vorsitzenden Guido Westerwelle zur Wehr und stellt einen Strafantrag bei der Polizei wegen Beleidigung. Westerwelle hatte am Wochenende gegenüber der Saarbrücker Zeitung gesagt: "Es gibt kein Recht auf staatlich bezahlte Faulheit". Für den FDP Politiker sei es unerträglich, wenn Arbeitslose in Talk-Shows erklären würden, sie lebten von Hartz-IV und würden dennoch "schwarz arbeiten gehen". "Die werden bei uns kein Geld bekommen", so Westerwelle.

Lesen Sie weiter:

Losing Ground: Taliban Cover 97% of Afghanistan


By Virginia M. Moncrieff

New research indicates that 80% of Afghanistan now has a permanent Taliban presence and that 97% of the country has "substantial Taliban activity."

Senate Panel OKs $128 Billion For Afghanistan, Iraq Wars


With hardly any debate, a powerful Senate committee Thursday approved President Barack Obama's $128 billion request for military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan for the budget year beginning in October.

Afghanistan and the Wages of Empire

By John Nichols

The work of extracting U.S. troops from that distant land -- and from the service of Hamid Karzai's fraudulent presidency -- is, of course, about Afghanistan. But it is also about America.

Want to Fight deflation? Give a Worker a Raise

By Mike Whitney

The slight rebound in housing looks a lot different when one considers how much the Fed is meddling in the market. Fed chair Ben Bernanke has purchased $240 billion in US Treasuries to keep long-term interest rates artificially low while--at the same time--buying $740 billion in Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac mortgage-backed securities (MBS) to provide the financing for new home buyers.

"Seriousness of the Crisis Cannot be Exaggerated,

Closest Comparison is the Collapse of the Soviet Union" George Soros


Ron Paul on the Glen Beck Show September 7, 2009 discusses the changes going on with the entire US economic system.

Insurance Stocks Rise After Obama Speech

Remember President Obama's reference during his health care address to "Wall Street's relentless profit expectations"? Well, those expectations were apparently met by that same address. Insurance company stocks got a boost from the speech, which foreshadowed the death of the public option and promised to deliver millions of currently "irresponsible" customers.

Insiders sell like there's no tomorrow

Corporate officers and directors were buying stock when the market hit bottom. What does it say that they're selling now?

Poverty hits 1 in 8 Americans

About 2.5 million Americans slipped below the poverty line as recession and layoffs hammered the economy last year, driving poverty to its highest level since 1998, the U.S. Census Bureau reported Thursday.

From Information Clearing House

The US Government's Journey to Collapse

The Washington Post on 'End the Fed'

Anatomy of an Economic Ignoramus

The Great American Tree

Could Wall Street Be Any Less Popular?

Washington's Lies

Privatsphäre ist ein Bürgerrecht

Jane Burgermeister: H1N1

NATO's real goal in Afghanistan is to stay in Afghanistan

Informant: jensenmk

From ufpj-news


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