Donnerstag, 24. September 2009

Cell tower protests challenge commissioners

Bandera County Courier

According to Boyd, cell towers emit low frequency electromagnetic radiation, which she described as “still dangerous” since the emissions are similar to ...

Classified McChrystal Report: 500,000 Troops Will Be Required Over Five Years in Afghanistan

Classified McChrystal Report: 500,000 Troops Will Be Required Over Five Years in Afghanistan

By Tom Andrews

Congress should immediately convene hearings to discuss alternatives to General McChrystal's proposal for such a massive escalation of the war in Afghanistan. It is time for the administration and Congress to demilitarize U.S. policy in Afghanistan and strike out in a new, sustainable, direction.

How Did We Ever Think Greed Was Good?

The Mystique of "Free-Market Guy" Obama

By Jeff Cohen

If Obama is radical about anything, it's about not rocking corporate boats. That's why he received more Wall Street funding than any candidate in history and why -- before he was a front-runner in early 2007 -- he was raising more money from the biggest Wall Street banks than even Hillary Clinton and Rudy Giuliani, presidential candidates from New York.


Why The Regressive Right Desperately Wants To Erase The Bush Presidency

By David Michael Green

If only there were national figures within the supposed opposition (that means you, Mr. Happy Face, in the White House) who were willing to label this disaster for what it was, perhaps we might have stamped out the scourge of regressivism for a generation or six by now. But, alas, that would require a modicum of political courage.


How Did We Ever Think Greed Was Good?

By Adrian Hamilton

Part of the difficulty, as the banking scandal has shown, is that, while there is reward when things are going well, there is no financial punishment when they are going badly. No one's pay is docked when his company or division loses money, let alone busts the bank. The risk is all one way.


DoJ Official Blows Cover Off PATRIOT Act

By Ryan Grim

In the debate over the PATRIOT Act, the Bush White House insisted it needed the authority to search people's homes without their permission or knowledge so that terrorists wouldn't be tipped off that they're under investigation. Now that the authority is law, how has the Department of Justice used the new power? To go after drug dealers.


Obama will bypass Congress to detain suspects indefinitely

Such a decision allows the president to unilaterally hold "combatants" without habeas corpus -- a legal term literally meaning "you shall have the body" -- which forces prosecutors to charge a suspect with a crime to justify the suspect's detention.

From Information Clearing House

Swine Flu Document Lists Sports Arena As Mass Vaccination Centre

Separate documents cite need to keep locations of mass inoculation sites secret from public

Steve Watson
Thursday, Sept 24, 2009

Two more sets of UK regional influenza pandemic contingency documents have revealed details regarding the government's plans to set up mass vaccination centres in conjunction with local authorities and other departmentalized agencies.

The Vietnamization of Afghanistan

The American Prospect
by Tim Fernholz


The Nixon administration, elected on a promise to end the Vietnam War via ‘peace with honor,’ described its strategy as ‘Vietnamization’: building the capacity of the Vietnamese armed forces so that American troops could leave. Today, we have different catchphrases but similar ideas. After requests for more troops and resources from on-the-ground commanders, Sen. Carl Levin, the influential chair of the Senate Armed Services Committee, announced his opposition to sending more American soldiers to Afghanistan but has proposed a ’surge of Afghanistan security forces.’ Which is to say, Afghanistan-ization. � The Republican Party in general has denied the lessons of Vietnam, long associated with two Democratic presidents and ended by a Republican, however disgraced...



Freedom's Phoenix
by Brock Lorber


Maybe it’s the historic town squares where good friends, neighbors, and occupying armies gather for a great time dancing to the rhythm of bombs echoing off the canyon walls, the sense of satisfaction that comes with getting potable water to a restaurant you bombed this morning and the enemy will bomb tomorrow morning, or enjoying the latest in military hardware. Maybe it’s the endless opportunities to fine tune a lifelong passion for nation building, try something you’ve always wanted to try in your own nation, or just funnel the last of the Treasury through your political friends. Or, maybe it is as simple as the song; ‘It’s a little slice of paradise with sunshine and mines galore �’ Whatever your retirement dream, you’re sure to find it here...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Who will pay Government debt?

The Free Liberal
by Fred E. Foldvary


The ‘incidence’ of taxation refers to who pays the ultimate burden of a tax. The optimal theoretical resolution is government budget surpluses that reduce the debt. But that is the least probable scenario. Total government spending in the USA has reached an astonishing sixty percent of national income. Most of the American economy’s output is now allocated by government rather than the desires of individuals. Government spending is trending ever upward, with the prospect of a much greater government provision of medical services, and the introduction of pollution levies in the form of cap-and-trade, not offset by any tax reductions. The second resolution would be higher taxes, and indeed tax escalation there will be...


Secret White House power grab in full swing

Fox News Forum
by Phil Kerpen


It’s one thing for President Obama to surround himself with the advisers he’d like to have, but it’s another to bestow on them sweeping powers to broker secret negotiations and push forward vast new regulations that could cost American families thousands of dollars. Cap-and-trade energy tax legislation appears stalled, at least for now, in the U.S. Senate. But that doesn’t mean the cap-and-trade energy tax isn’t imminent. � Driving the push for this massive power grab and circumvention of the elected branches is a key White House official who avoided Senate confirmation by being installed not as EPA director, but instead as White House Climate Czar: Carol Browner...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Obama echoes Bush on state secrets?

Administration Won't Seek New Detention System


The Obama administration has decided not to seek legislation to establish a new system of preventive detention to hold terrorism suspects and will instead rely on a 2001 congressional resolution authorizing military force against al-Qaeda and the Taliban to continue to detain people indefinitely and without charge, according to administration officials...


Obama echoes Bush on state secrets?

Mother Jones
by Nick Baumann


Is ‘the most transparent administration ever’ echoing the Bush administration’s position on a key transparency provision? On Wednesday, the Justice Department released new guidelines for how it will invoke the State Secrets privilege, a doctrine that allows the government to exclude information from legal cases when it believes its release could threaten national security. But the new rules are weak reforms to the way the doctrine was used during the Bush years, when it was invoked to shield government torture, detention, and rendition policies from outside scrutiny and frequently used to dismiss entire cases...

Obama camp still talking about transparency

Main Street Radical
by James


On Monday, January 4th, (the President’s campaign group) sent out a call for donations. These fundraising requests are nothing new, and appear regularly from the President’s camp. The interesting parts in Monday’s request are the reasons sited by organizer David Plouffe …. The donation request goes on to reference that money will be used to ‘improve transparency in Washington to elevate the voices of the American people.’ This is a curiously timed announcement, considering President Obama, along with the leaders of the House and Senate, made plans Tuesday to skip the formal conference committee for reconciling the Senate and House healthcare bills. Tuesday’s is the latest in a string of decisions to hide the healthcare debate behind closed doors and continues the process that Obama, Reid, and Pelosi have employed since the raucous townhalls of late summer...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Inspector allows Orange's appeal

11:41am Thursday 24th September 2009

By Manisha Mistry

PLANS for a mobile phone mast in Marshalswick, which was met with fierce opposition from local residents, has been given the go-ahead by a Planning Inspectorate.


At Pentagon's Request, Post Delayed Story on General's Afghanistan Report

Airstrike kills 21 Taliban "militants" in SW Afghanistan

Air raid carried out by international troops against Taliban militants on Wednesday claimed the lives of 21 "militants" in Nimroz province of southwestern Afghanistan, said the provincial governor Ghulam Dastgir Azad.


At Pentagon's Request, Post Delayed Story on General's Afghanistan Report

Woodward and Post reporter Rajiv Chandrasekaran, administration officials "did a wholesale declassification of 98 percent" of the document, Woodward said, while The Post agreed to withhold certain operational details.

From Information Clearing House

Obama Administration Shields CIA Torturers

By Tom Eley

The power of the military-intelligence apparatus has grown continually since World War II, to the point where it constitutes a virtual "state-within-a-state." - The cowering of the Obama administration and Congress before it underscores the decay of American democracy and the growing threat to the democratic rights of the American people.


Secret White House letter to G-20

By Greg Palast

I still get a thrill whenever I get my hands on a confidential memo with "The White House, Washington" on the letterhead. Even when--like the one I'm looking at now--it's about a snoozy topic: This week's G-20 summit. But the letter's content shook me awake and may keep me up the rest of the night.


US Govt May Fail In 5 To 10 Years

Interview with Marc Faber - By Bloomberg News

Click to view


'The Obama Administration Has Completely Failed'

Human rights lawyer Tina Foster talks to SPIEGEL about detainee abuses in the US military prison in Bagram, Afghanistan and her disappointment with the Obama administration.,1518,650324,00.html

From Information Clearing House

Tehran dumps dollar for euro

The move was taken because the government wishes to protect itself from the fragility of the US economy and the weak dollar.

From Information Clearing House

Italy's Fallen Soldiers

By Stephanie Westbrook

While there was definitely an outpouring of solidarity for the families of the soldiers, it was also a remarkably well orchestrated show of "patriotism" - few words were reserved for the 15 Afghan civilians who were also killed that day - aimed at keeping the focus on the fallen soldiers and off the question of the Italian military presence in Afghanistan.

Collapse or Survive: The Stark Choice Facing Our Species

Climate Change is Killing Our People

Patriot Act May Get Renamed, but With a Few Changes

Staat hat die Lauscher weit offen

2008 ist die Telefonüberwachung um 11 Prozent gestiegen.Überwachung

US-Hypothekarschuldner mit den besten Bonitäten verlassen ihre Häuser

Die Probleme der US-Hypothekenbanken sind noch gravierender als ohnehin erwartet.

Explosive Swine Flu Vaccine Information

Materielle Not bis hin zur Todesangst

Interview mit Claudia Daseking und Solveig Koitz über die rechtswidrige Hartz IV-Sanktionspraxis.

Ultimatum on phone masts

By MOHAMMED AL A'ALI, Posted on Thursday, September 24, 2009

TELECOM companies could be given by the end of the year to remove illegal phone masts on rooftops across the country or face legal action.

Bahrain's five municipal councils are also planning to cut off electricity to homes with illegal masts to force companies get the proper licence.

Councillors claim that telecom companies are visiting neighbourhoods and tempting needy families with a monthly amount of up to BD1,000 to use their rooftops for mobile masts.


The United States in Afghanistan: Eight Years Later

The 9/11 Commission Rejects Wwn Report as Based on Government Lies

Kristol, the "godfather" of the neocons leaves a legacy of perpetual war

Fed Will Destroy Dollar

What’s a Consumer Economy Need in Order to Keep Growing?

Obama's War in Afghanistan

Bill Moyers Journal: "With a leaked memo, delayed decisions and calls for more troops in Afghanistan, there's a growing public demand to know what direction President Obama has in mind for the war-torn country. Journal guest host Lynn Sherr sits down with Rory Stewart, who shares his vision for a sustainable policy that could benefit both the United States and Afghanistan, which he has called 'the graveyard of predictions.' Rory Stewart is director of the Carr Center for Human Rights Policy at Harvard University."

The Weakness of National Military Strength

Lawrence S. Wittner, Truthout: "During 2008, the nations of the world spent nearly $1.5 trillion on their military forces. That is what has been reported by the highly respected Stockholm International Peace Research Institute, which noted that the five biggest spenders were the United States ($607 billion), China ($85 billion), France ($66 billion), Britain ($65 billion) and Russia ($59 billion). Adjusted for inflation, the total represents an increase of 45 percent in military expenditures over the past decade. And so the game of national military 'defense' continues, despite clear indications of its negative consequences."

VERY Important Vaccine Question


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