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There's No Denying Obama's Race Plays a Role in Protests

Tony Pugh, McClatchy Newspapers: "The collapse of the housing market, the government bailout of Wall Street, record job losses, long-term unemployment, trillion-dollar deficits, shrinking retirement funds, growing government intervention, foreign economic competition and America's changing demographic landscape left many Americans angry at the direction of the country, confused about the source of their problems and fearful about the future."


Welcome to the National Asylum

Alexander Cockburn, Truthout: "Was there ever a society so saturated with lunacy as ours? One expects modulated nuttiness from the better element, particularly those inhabiting the corporate and legislative spheres, but these days, insanity is pervasive, spreading through all classes and walks of life. For years, we have been treated to pinstriped fugitives from the asylum like Pete Peterson urging the nation into ruin by slashing the deficit, but on Monday, there in Washington in tens of thousands were the sans-culottes screaming for fiscal propriety as though channeling the ruinous orthodoxies of Montagu Norman or Andrew Mellon."

Ecological Overshoot: Climate, Inequity and Corruption

Geheimdienste sollen geheimer werden

Schäuble stellt die parlamentarische Kontrolle der Dienste infrage.


Weiter Kritik an deutschem Bombenbefehl

Nach Aussagen der amerikanischen Besatzung der Jagdbomber soll der befehlsgebende Oberst nicht alle Möglichkeiten zur Vermeidung ziviler Opfer genutzt haben.


Erwartbare Reaktionen auf ein Video mit Terrordrohungen

Medien und Sicherheitsbehörden handeln im Reflex auf die Drohung, dass mit Nichtabzug der deutschen Soldaten aus Afghanistan bittere Konsequenzen zu erwarten seien,äuble

Trend der Eisschmelze in der Arktis hält an

Die Eisfläche in der Arktis ist diesen Sommer zum dritten Mal in Folge extrem geschmolzen.


Trotz weltweiter Proteste hat die Delphinjagd in Japan begonnen

Fischer im japanischen Dorf Taiji haben diese Woche 100 Große Tümmler und 50 Grindwale in eine Bucht getrieben und damit die diesjährige Jagdsaison eröffnet.

Neue Studie "Atomenergie" zeigt die wahren Kosten auf

Wer zahlt diesen Preis? 2,70 €/kWh Atomstrom!

Tausende verhinderte Arbeitsplätze

300 bis 500 Millionen Euro mittelständische Investitionen in Wasserkraft in Süddeutschland blockiert.

Is the Recession Over?

We must stop the 'vulture funds' that feed on the world's poor

Would you ever march up to a destitute African who is shivering with Aids and demand he "pay back" tens of thousands of pounds he didn't borrow - with interest? I only ask because this is in effect happening, here, in British and American courts, time after time.

Sen. Bernie Sanders: Is the Recession Over?

Today we have about 17 percent of our workforce - 26 million Americans - who are either unemployed, have given up looking for work because they no longer think a job is possible, or they are working part time when they want to work full time. That's 17 percent of our population.

"Option" mortgages to explode, officials warn

The federal government and states are girding themselves for the next foreclosure crisis in the country's housing downturn: payment option adjustable rate mortgages that are beginning to reset.

From Information Clearing House


Bernie Sanders: Memo to Wall Street: The Recession Isn't Over

C.I.A. Chiefs Ask Obama to Stop Abuse Inquiry

Seven former directors of the Central Intelligence Agency asked President Obama on Friday to shut down the new Justice Department inquiry into past abuses during interrogations of terrorism suspects, arguing that it "will seriously damage" the nation's ability to protect itself.

From Information Clearing House

Nato forces rely on illegal Afghan militias

Fallen soldier thought Afghan mission 'useless': family

"That war, he thought it was a bit useless, that they were wasting their time there," he was quoted telling Le Soleil.


Nato forces rely on illegal Afghan militias, report says

Troops in Afghanistan said to use private armies for detention and interrogation.

From Information Clearing House

The Secret Government

By Christopher Hayes

In our age, secret government crimes and plots are almost a cliché. Polling shows trust in government has returned roughly to its mid-'70s nadir. The danger now isn't naïveté but cynicism--that we just come to accept that the government will commit crimes in our name under the cover of secrecy and that such activities are more or less business as usual, about which nothing can be done. But something can be done. Something must be done. And Congress should do it.


The Secret Government

By Bill Moyers

Bill Moyers, documents U.S. support of terrorist regimes and the brutality of Americas foreign policy.

Ireland has no reason to fear the consequences of a No vote on Lisbon

Fear and Loathing in Dublin


From Information Clearing House


Petition Against Lisbon Treaty Ratification


Informant: Dorothee Krien


Independent Media Source

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