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Peggy, I had signed all of them except for the one about the poor Orca. That's cruel beyond contempt. Poor spirit. It's amazing that she hasn't killed anyone by now. She's in a prison worse than Alcatraz. I will now forward this to my friends on care2


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Ways to help today.
Please take these actions and forward.

Catman P.

Lolita is an Orca Whale surviving at the Miami Seaquarium. She lives in the smallest and oldest tank built for killer whales and she has been there for nearly 40 years, the past 25 years she has been alone. Her previous mate killed himself 25 years ago, by thrashing his head against the wall of their tiny tank. Lolita is a 20 foot long Orca whale living in an 18 foot deep tank, imagine living inside a bathtub all your life. She has no protection from the hot Miami sun, and other than two performances a day, no exercise. Lolita often spends time in between shows expressing signs of boredom and depression. This petition aims to bring Lolita to a better, more suitable home.



A message from Lil


this is such a sad story I'm forwarding it to all of my network. I'm sending out the letter they have prewritten as well.

Poor beautiful Orca. Her life is not what it should be.


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Hello my friends...This link will bring you to Lolitas unfinished story...She is an amazing captive orca..currently being held at Miami Fla's.."Seaquarium"....Lolita continues to defy all odds for she survives,not thrives.. in a tank which clearly violates gov.standards..We are up against a true monster here.. something bigger..and more destructive than anything our world has seen...and it feeds on money,money and more money!!!!..Please take a moment to read up on the horrific crimes..Seaquarium has committed....These crimes against, not only Lolita..but hundreds and hundreds of other marine lives..must be stopped..Lets do all we can to close the gates of this rundown,outdated,hazzardous..facility..for good! Only then, will it be wise for the parks owner to send her back home..where her family pod is waiting...The link above will provide you with ALL you need to know and do,on behalf of Lolita...Thanks to you all..for caring about a very special girl..who misses her kind more than we could know...Lets.."Rattle the Cage"... Love and Light...Stacey Messer


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