Freitag, 25. August 2006

Bush Administration Opposes Integration Plans

Administration lawyers filed briefs this week in pending cases from Seattle and Louisville, Kentucky, on the side of white parents who are challenging "racial balancing" programs as unconstitutional.

Torture, Inc.: America's Brutal Prisons

Informant: Julien Ball

Söder will "Hartz IV"-Empfängern Urlaub streichen


CSU-Generalsekretär Markus Söder fordert weitere Verschärfungen der Arbeitsmarktreform "Hartz IV", um auf diese Weise den Druck auf Langzeitarbeitslose zur Arbeitsaufnahme zu erhöhen. Dazu sollte auch die Streichung von Urlaub gehören, sagte Söder am Freitag dem Nachrichtensender N24. "Es gibt für die 'Hartz IV'-Empfänger einen Urlaubsanspruch. Das geht nicht", meint der Politiker.

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"Freilassung abgelehnt": Kurnaz-Anwalt erhebt schwere Vorwürfe gegen deutsche Regierung und USA


Nach viereinhalb Jahren im US-Gefangenenlager Guantánamo auf Kuba hat die US-Regierung den aus Bremen stammenden Türken Murat Kurnaz freigelassen. Der 24-Jährige traf am Donnerstagabend auf dem US-Luftwaffenstützpunkt Ramstein in Rheinland-Pfalz ein. Den Flug musste er offenbar gefesselt und mit verbundenen Augen überstehen. Sein Rechtsanwalt Bernhard Docke erklärte, Kurnaz werde sich in ärztliche Behandlung begeben und sich zunächst nicht an die Öffentlichkeit wenden. Docke erhob schwere Vorwürfe gegen die USA und die frühere Bundesregierung. Er wies der deutschen Seite eine "Mitverantwortung" für die viereinhalbjährige Haft von Kurnaz in Guantánamo zu. Die damalige rot-grüne Regierung habe sich im Fall Kurnaz zumindest "vornehm zurückgehalten", sagte Docke in Bremen. So habe sie 2002 wohl auch "die Chance auf eine Freilassung vertan". Laut Amnesty International soll die Bundsregierung vor vier Jahren eine Freilassung von Kurnaz abgelehnt haben. Auch die derzeitige Bundesregierung lehnt es offenbar ab, weitere Gefangene aus Guantánamo in Deutschland aufzunehmen. Den USA warf Docke die Folterung seines Mandanten vor.

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"Tödliche Pestizidvergiftungen": Bayer wird die Vermarktung "gefährlicher Pestizide" vorgeworfen


Die deutsche Coordination gegen BAYER-Gefahren, das indische Centre for Sustainable Agriculture und die asiatische Sektion des Pestizid Aktions-Netzwerk fordern einen sofortigen Verkaufs-Stopp "aller hochgefährlichen Agrochemikalien" in Indien, um die Landarbeiter und Bauern des Landes künftig vor akuten und "oftmals tödlichen" Pestizidvergiftungen zu bewahren. Nach Darstellung von Kavitha Kuruganti vom Centre for Sustainable Agriculture vermarkten multinationale Konzerne wie Bayer, DuPont und Syngenta in Indien "hochgefährliche Pestizide, die in Europa und den USA schon lange vom Markt genommen wurden". Das sei ein "typisches Beispiel doppelter Standards". Das CSA hat eigenen Angaben zufolge "Dutzende Fälle von Pestizidvergiftungen gesammelt, viele mit tödlichem Ausgang". Das von Bayer produzierte Agrogift Hinosan mit dem Wirkstoff Edifenfos beispielsweise sei für viele der dokumentierten Vergiftungen verantwortlich, so Kuruganti.

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Russia Spins Global Energy Spider's Web

W. Joseph Stroupe writes: "The vast bulk of the world's oil, gas and strategic minerals resources either is coming under or is already under the control of authoritarian, or less-than-democratic, or leftist, or otherwise radical regimes either with a decidedly anti-Western political stance and ideology or pointedly decreased sensitivities to strategic US interests. Contrary to the assumptions of conventional wisdom, the US hasn't any longer the global leverage to shape unfolding developments in its favor."

Wiretapping in America: The Moment of Decision Is Near

Bill Simpich writes: "Two district court rulings in the last month focus on whether the National Security Agency will be free to eavesdrop on Americans as a matter of domestic policy ... The odds are good that both of these cases will be heard by the United States Supreme Court before George Bush completes his term of office, if they are not mooted by the passage of the National Security Surveillance Act this autumn ... The outcome of these NSA cases and this autumn's Congressional vote will affect the entire future of this country."

Iraq Vet Says He Has 'New' Agent Orange

Informant: Davey Garland

Must we have this mast in the town

Aug 25 2006

By Clare Hickie,

The Chronicle

A PROTEST against plans to build a giant mobile phone mast in a town centre has been lodged by councillors.

Telephone company O2 are applying to put a 50ft (15 metre) mast on a pavement at the bottom of Pen-y-Maes road, Holywell.

The proposals, sparked outrage among residents and councillors when the mobile phone company consulted them in April.

Despite public opposition O2 have filed an official planning application with Flintshire County Council and say emissions from the mast will be safe.

As the plans were submitted during the summer recess Holywell mayor Karin Davies and town clerk Astley Jones have sent a letter protesting on the town council's behalf.

It states: 'The council wish to make the strongest possible objection to this application as the proposed location is totally unacceptable.'

The Pen-y-Maes site is surrounded by houses, close to town centre shops and the community hospital, next to a car park and part of the town's conservation area.

Concerns are also raised in the letter over fears for pupils in nearby primary and secondary schools.

An O2 spokeswoman said after receiving concerns from Holywell council they visited the site to explain why it is best in terms of signal coverage and to minimise any environmental impact.

'We would like to reassure Holywell residents these are low power radio transmitters and the World Health Organisation stated it is unlikely there will be any health issues regarding mobile phone masts,' she said.

Omega this is not true. See under:

'The emissions will be hundreds of times lower than from a mobile phone. The mast is a considerable investment to ensure our customers have good ongoing service in the area.'

A Flintshire county council spokesman confirmed the plans are being considered.

'The formal consultation period closed on August 18,' he said.

'It has not yet been decided whether the application will go before the planning committee.'

© owned by or licensed to Trinity Mirror Plc 2006

Baffled drivers 'fobbed off' by car key puzzle

Baffled Cubbington motorists have been experiencing strange goings-on with their cars over the past week and everyone is at a loss as to what or who is causing the problems. Since Saturday morning neighbours in Broadway have been unable to lock their cars using their electronic key fobs when they have been parked within 20 yards of their homes.

Diagnostic tests at garages, discussions with manufacturers, call - outs by the RAC and searches for large aerials and CB radios in the village have all drawn a blank.

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The affected cars are different makes and models and owned by people living five homes apart. Both families have not had any problems with their cars before the weekend's events.

Car owner Stuart Davis said: "We first thought it was the batteries running low on the key fob. Then we called the RAC and then we thought we would take it into Toyota. They examined the car and couldn't find anything wrong with it.

"We have parked it in various places in the village and there was no problem. So we moved it along our road a metre at a time and we moved in to one of the parking areas in Broadway and it locked there. But as soon as we parked any closer to the house it wouldn't lock.

"We are totally baffled by it. I asked people at work for their opinions and they said the only thing that could do that would be radio waves because they would work on the same frequency as a key fob.

"It has been suggested it could be a mobile phone mast - the only one we have is at the bottom of the village."

Mr Davis' wife Tracy is also at a loss to what is causing the problems, but suggests a mobile mast owned by Three close to Cross Lane could have some affect.

She added: "I work for an IT department and my first thought was it could be because of a cordless network. But I have spoken to my colleagues and they said it couldn't be because the frequency is too low. A colleague of mine had similar problems at an old house and that was from a mobile phone mast.

"Residents have put a petition together twice against another mast outside the Rugby Tavern and I have signed both of them. It is the only thing around here of a similar frequency that could have affected it. We have asked our neighbours whether they had CB radios which they haven't and we have been looking for large aerials but it is all happening in the space of five houses and our neighbours have experienced the same problems.

A spokesman speaking on behalf of Three explained that no changes had been made to its Cross Lane mast during the last week.

He said: "In terms of the mast we have on New Manor Farm, just past Cross Lane, it operates on radio frequencies and there have been no upgrades or updates - so we can rule out the mast.

"There can be things that affect it such as radio equipment or taxi firm radios - it could be a whole host of things."

A spokesman for the RAC explained that the breakdown service had come across incidents like this across the country.

He said: "When there is a particularly strong frequency it could mask the transmission, so it couldn't work.

"All car key fobs should be robust enough to withstand any legal external frequencies, as part of certain regulations.

"Sometimes it could be a pirate radio station that can affect them.

"When our patrols do come across situations like this they are asked to report it so we can include it on a map of the country, so we can see what is going on."

25 August 2006

All rights reserved © 2006 Johnston Press Digital Publishing.

Tortured And Innocent

Why did most news stories about Murat Kurnaz, the released Gitmo prisoner, fail to mention he was cleared of charges?

'Fixing' Iran Intelligence

by John Prados,

The new House report on Iran intelligence fits a pattern of Bush administration manipulation.

Real Threats To Black Wealth

by Darius Ross,

It's not the estate tax that African Americans have to worry about.

New Orleans' Housing Fiasco

by Anya Kamenetz,

Residents displaced by Katrina demand to know why they can't return to decent public housing.

Why the Case of Lieutenant Watada Matters

Informant: Martin Greenhut

Ein Viertel der Deutschen hat kein Handy

War Profiteer Blackwater Faces Wrongful Death Trial

In a major blow to one of the most infamous war profiteers operating in Iraq, Afghanistan and New Orleans, a federal appeals court has ruled that a wrongful death lawsuit filed against the mercenary firm Blackwater USA can proceed in North Carolina's state courts. The suit was brought by the families of the four Blackwater contractors ambushed and killed in Falluja, Iraq on March 31, 2004. Blackwater had tried to have the same case dismissed or moved to federal court.

The judge has spine

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

The neocons ride again

by Justin Raimondo


Forget 'empiricism,' say the neocons -- let's go with what we 'know' about the Iranian 'regime.' They're the Bad Guys, part of the Axis of Evil, and therefore we don't have to stick too closely to the facts to justify bringing about regime change. We don't need 'evidence' -- what the heck is that, anyway? -- all we need to do is cherry-pick 'raw' intelligence and cook it up into a kind of polemical goulash, which we can then sell to the politicians and the American public. These people, who should be in jail for lying us into invading Iraq, are instead being empowered to repeat their crime. Will they get away with it, again?

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

We Could Be In A Military Confrontation With Iran Much Sooner Than People Expect

2 articles below. Of course, there remains the "October Surprise" attack possibility.

Carol Moore in DC

From ufpj-news
VIDEO AT THIS LINK ALSO Kristol: ‘We Could Be In A Military Confrontation With Iran Much Sooner Than People Expect’

This morning on Fox News, Weekly Standard editor Bill Kristol continued to beat the war drums for a military strike against Iran. Watch it:

Kristol is attempting to hype the Iranian situation as a crisis. As Retired Army Lt. Gen. Robert G. Gard said recently, “To call the Iranian situation a ‘crisis’ connotes you have to do something right now, like bomb them.”

The truth is there is very little good intelligence on Iran’s capabilities. Here’s what the experts are saying:

Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman Pat Roberts warned that “we have not made the progress on our oversight of Iran intelligence, which is critical.”

Roberts’ Intel Committee staff director Bill Duhnke said, “There is no organized commit?tee staff effort to look at Iran right now.”

“I continue to believe that our sources are stale and our case is thin,” said Rep. Jane Harman (D-CA), the ranking member on the House Intelligence Committee

“U.S. intelligence on the ground is quite poor, especially as it relates to understanding how decisions are made and who controls the power centers in Iran,” said CSIS expert Jon Wolfsthal.

Faulty intelligence hasn’t stopped Kristol in the past. Why would he start now?

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Full transcript:

KRISTOL: I think we could be in a military confrontation with Iran much sooner than people expect. I don’t think this is an issue that’s going to wait two and a half years until President Bush leaves the presidency. I think he will decide at some point next year — in 2007 — he’ll have to make some very tough decisions about what the U.S. and the world can tolerate in terms of this regime – this apocalyptic, messianic regime — which has made clear that it would use — would feel free to use weapons if it had them, that has very deep ties with terrorist groups, what we could accept in terms of their nuclear program.

QUESTION: What does that mean, what we can accept, does that mean going over and doing something about whatever they’ve got?

KRISTOL: It could mean that. I hope we’re doing things covertly to try to slow down their nuclear progress and I hope we can do much more perhaps and get some allies to do more, but I don’t think a military strike against Iran is at all out of the question. If you saw the president’s press conference yesterday, he said he hoped diplomacy would work, but I was struck by his words. I hope diplomacy would work, it would be helpful if the world spoke with a united voice against Iran, but he’s said over and over, you cannot allow this regime to have nuclear weapons and I think we may come to a real serious choice next year.

Israel may 'go it alone' against Iran

Herb Keinon, THE JERUSALEM POST Aug. 24, 2006

Israel is carefully watching the world's reaction to Iran's continued refusal to suspend uranium enrichment, with some high-level officials arguing it is now clear that when it comes to stopping Iran, Israel "may have to go it alone," The Jerusalem Post has learned.

One senior source said on Tuesday that Iran "flipped the world the bird" by not responding positively to the Western incentive plan to stop uranium enrichment. He expressed frustration that the Russians and Chinese were already saying that Iran's offer of a "new formula" and willingness to enter "serious negotiations" was an opening to keep on talking.

"The Iranians know the world will do nothing," he said. "This is similar to the world's attempts to appease Hitler in the 1930s - they are trying to feed the beast."

He said there was a need to understand that "when push comes to shove," Israel would have to be prepared to "slow down" the Iranian nuclear threat by itself.

Having said this, he did not rule out the possibility of US military action, but said that if this were to take place, it would probably not occur until the spring or summer of 2008, a few months before President George W. Bush leaves the international stage. The US presidential elections, which Bush cannot contest because of term limits, are in November 2008.

Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni, in a meeting in Paris with French Foreign Minister Phillippe Douste-Blazy Wednesday, said Iran "poses a global threat" and needed to be dealt with by the whole international community.

"The first thing they need to do is stop the enrichment of uranium," Livni said. "Everyday that passes brings the Iranians closer to building a nuclear bomb. The world can't afford a nuclear Iran." She said the Iranian reply to the Western incentives was just an attempt to "gain time."

Government officials said Israel's role at this time is to warn the world of the dangers of an Iranian nuclear potential. Some government officials are sending the message to their counterparts abroad that the firm implementation of UN Security Council Resolution 1701 on Lebanon will send a strong message to Iran - which is testing the world's resolve - that it is serious about implementing Security Council resolutions.

Meanwhile, the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI) reported Wednesday that the Iranian news service Al-Borz, which it said is known to have access to sources in the Iranian government, predicted that President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad would announce what the news service called Iran's "nuclear birth" on the first anniversary of his government later this month.

In addition, an article Tuesday on the Teheran Times Web site, considered to be affiliated with the Foreign Ministry, implied that Iran's nuclear technology had already reached the point of no return. "If the West is seeking to impede Iran's nuclear industry, it should realize that Iran has passed this stage," the report read.

Diplomats from Europe, the US, Russia and China were poring over details of Iran's counterproposal to the Western nuclear incentives package Wednesday. Initial comments from Russia and China made clear Washington is likely to face difficulty getting at least those nations to agree to any tough sanctions against Iran.

In Paris, however, Douste-Blazy made clear that his government was sticking by the UN demand for Iran to halt enrichment by the end of this month as a precondition to further talks. Israeli officials said France has consistently advocated a firm position with Iran regarding the nuclear issue.

"I want to point out again that France is available to negotiate, and to recall that, as we have always said... a return to the negotiating table is linked to the suspension of uranium enrichment," Douste-Blazy said.

However, Russia's Foreign Ministry said it would continue to seek a political, negotiated solution to the dispute with Iran. China appealed for dialogue, urging "constructive measures" by Iran but also urging other parties to "remain calm and patient, show flexibility, stick to the orientation of peaceful resolution and create favorable conditions for resuming talks as soon as possible."

In London, a British Foreign Office spokesman predicted "some hard discussions" when the Security Council takes up the Iran issue in the coming weeks.

Iran said Tuesday it was ready for "serious negotiations" on its nuclear program and cast the counterproposal as a new formula to resolve the crisis with the West. But a semiofficial news agency said the government was unwilling to abandon uranium enrichment.

The world powers, the five permanent UN Security Council members plus Germany, have given Iran until August 31 to accept the incentives package.


Mobile phones are bad for kids

The relentless proliferation of microwave wireless technology in Brighton really worries me.

The latest of thousands of independant scientific papers showing widespread health damage from this technology - a study of "the worst type of brain tumors" by research team Hardell et al - is analysed by Lloyd Morgan, a director of the US central brain tumour registry (see ).

Omega see also "On the Hardell studies of phones and the comparison between their research and the Interphone studies" under:

The study examined 905 cases of such brain tumors in subjects aged 20 to 80, and diagnosed between 1997 and 2003, with 2162 controls.

The teams' previous 12 studies found increased risks from wireless (Mobile, Analog and DECT) phones.

He continues: "The survival statistics for these tumors are very grim (e.g., one year survival is 29%) and the devastating effects, even if there is survival, can be heartbreaking including loss of physical, emotional and mental abilities".

The study found the risk increased by an average of 25% below 1000 hours of phone use, to 130, 270 and 490% for 2 - 3000 hours for DECT, Cell and Analog phones respectively, and by 20% (all types) for 1 - 5 years use, to 80% (DECT), 140% (Analog) and 180% (Mobile) after 10 years.

Morgan states: "The most troubling aspect of the Hardell et al. study is that of the early latency times it is demonstrating with regards to cellphone exposure."

"It is well known that the time from exposure to a carcinogen to the diagnosis of a tumor takes decades (25 to 40 years), yet we are seeing an increased risk of brain cancer for as short as 1 to 5 years... Could the implication be then, that what we are seeing is actually the tail of a 25 to year latency time distribution?"

I am reminded of the words of Dr Leif Salford, head of a major study into cell phone use in Sweden in the late 1990s, who said "Brain damage from intensive cell phone use is a probability rather than a possibility".

With researchers worldwide warning particularly against cell phone use by under 16s, I see a very grim future for todays' children.

(My letter)

and Alisdairs:

Following recent reports in your paper about mobile phones and base stations, readers may like to be reminded of current UK Government and Department of Health advice regarding children and mobile phones. This was first stated in 2000 and reconfirmed in 2005 with an updated leaflet. It reads:

"... the widespread use of mobile phones by children (under the age of16) should be discouraged for non-essential calls. In the light of this recommendation the UK Chief Medical Officers (CMOs) strongly advise that where children and young people do use mobile phones, they should be encouraged to use mobile phones for essential purposes only and keep all calls short - talking for long periods prolongs exposure and should be discouraged. The UK CMOs recommend that if parents want to avoid their children being subject to any possible risk that might be identified in the future, the way to do so is to exercise their choice not to let their children use mobile phones."

So the Government have legally protected the State and passed the reponsibility for young people under 16 having and using a mobile phone on to their parents.

If the children later develop serious neurological problems or brain cancer, it will have been the parents' who allowed and helped it to happen, against official advice.

All parents and grandparents should be made aware of this.



Prekarisierung und wachsende Armut

Die Schweizer Caritas hat einen Sozialbericht veröffentlicht, nach dem im Jahre 2004 die Anzahl Menschen, die von sozialer Unterstützung leben müssen, auf über 1,2 Millionen angewachsen ist. Unter anderem Ergebnis eines Prekarisierungsprozesses vor allem in verschiedenen Dienstleistungsbereichen, der zur deutlichen Reduzierung der dort ausbezahlten Lohnsumme führte - wie auch immer "working poor" auf schwyzerdütsch ausgesprochen werden mag, der moderne Kapitalismus ist auch in der Schweiz angekommen. Eine (französische) Zusammenfassung des Caritas-Berichts "La Suisse et ses travailleurs pauvres : même causes même effets !" von Alessandro Pelizzari vom 18. August 2006 beim Alternativportal HNS:

Aus: LabourNet, 25. August 2006

Biotech Firm: Government Hid Rice Contamination From Public

The recently revealed spread of genetically modified rice has critics alarmed on two levels: the problem itself and the fact that authorities suppressed the news.

Congressional Corruption

Congressional corruption - will there be a voter backlash this fall?

CBS, NBC Clean Up Bush's 'Happy' Talk

Informant: Mitchel Cohen

From ufpj-news

US to lease 8 million acres in Alaska for oil and gas drilling

Critics says plan harms reserve's wildlife habitat

By Tom Doggett, Reuters | August 24, 2006

WASHINGTON -- Despite strong opposition from environmental groups, the Bush administration yesterday said it would offer energy companies next month the opportunity to search for crude oil and natural gas on 8 million acres in Alaska's western Arctic region.

The acres to be leased will be on 696 tracts in the northeast and northwest areas of the National Petroleum Reserve. Environmentalists are especially concerned because 373,000 acres north of the reserve's wetland-rich Teshekpuk Lake will be offered for lease for the first time.

About 183,200 acres relinquished since a 2002 lease sale will also be offered again to energy companies.

The Interior Department's Bureau of Land Management, which will conduct the lease sale Sept. 27, said the reserve's energy supplies are needed and steps will be taken to limit the impact of drilling at biologically sensitive areas near Teshekpuk Lake.

The reserve is estimated to hold between 5.9 billion and 13.2 billion barrels of recoverable oil and 39 trillion to 83 trillion cubic feet of natural gas.

"This is a significant amount of oil that will help decrease our dependence on imported oil," said Acting Alaska Director Julia Dougan of the Bureau of Land Management.

The United States consumes close to 21 million barrels of oil a day and must import 60 percent of that amount.

However, drilling opponents argue the new oil is not worth the risk of harming the habitat for the reserve's wildlife, some of which native Inupiat residents depend on for food.

"The Teshekpuk Lake area is biologically rich nursery grounds for birds from many continents and mammals which sustain our Inupiat families and communities, and must be protected from leasing activities," said Rosemary Ahtuangaruak, former mayor of the Inupiat village of Nuiqsut, the community closest to Teshekpuk Lake.

The Bureau of Land Management said some of the reserve's sensitive areas, home to geese, waterfowl, and caribou, will be monitored and studied for three more years before exploration activities could be authorized beyond the winter months when animals migrate.

Environmental groups also questioned whether new areas in Alaska should be opened to drilling so soon after BP Plc shut down part of the Prudhoe Bay oil field due to pipeline corrosion.

"It doesn't make sense that [the Bureau of Land Management] is moving ahead with a drilling plan for Teshekpuk Lake at the same time that we, as a nation, are still trying to figure out the extent of the safety problems involved in North Slope oil and gas infrastructure," said Natalie Brandon, Policy Director for Alaska Wilderness League.

The 23-million-acre National Petroleum Reserve, about the size of Indiana, was created in 1923 to provide energy supplies for the U S military.

It is in the northwest corner of Alaska, near the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge , which the Bush administration has sought to open to drilling but so far has been unable to convince Congress to do so.

© Copyright 2006 The New York Times Company

Informant: binstock

Hillary Still Hiding on War; Time Warner Provides Cover

Finally, Fired up over Global Warming

Marines Call-up Reflects Deepening Strains on US Military

Why Air Con is Ruining Our Environment

'Significant gaps' in American Intelligence on Iran

This "conservative" President has committed the United States to a trilateral, hemispheric governing entity called The North American Union

Pastor Chuck Baldwin

Furthermore, this "conservative" President has committed the United States to a trilateral, hemispheric governing entity called The North American Union that virtually erases the borders between the U.S., Mexico, and Canada. In addition, his plans for a NAFTA super-highway are already well underway..... by

Cemetery phone mast anger

24 August 2006 | 21:18

OWNERS of a Suffolk cemetery have today defended proposals to allow a mobile telephone mast at the site.

Felixstowe Town Council have offered land at the town's Langley Avenue cemetery for a mast after a site at Grange Farm Avenue and Garden Field was rejected following protests by residents about health hazards.

Now a different set of residents have been angered as those living in the Langley Road area say they do not want the 15-metre high mast either.

But the town council said it is a suitable site because it is “some distance” from homes, and network provider O2 said the mast is needed to meet customer demand in the area.

The first planning application prompted a 54-signature petition because it was in the middle of a housing estate and large numbers of children pass by on their way to and from four schools.

Town clerk Susan Robinson said: “There were real concerns about siting this mast near to houses and so we have offered a site on the new cemetery extension in Langley Avenue, which is some distance from any homes.

“The town council will get a small income from the mast and this will be used to improve the facilities at the cemetery.”

Husband and wife Andy and Tracey Laflin, of Mill Lane, are among the newly concerned neighbours.

Mr Laflin said: “It's not just the visual side we disagree to. Obviously the last thing I want to see is a big 15metre mast stuck up near my house but we are also concerned about the health side of things and the inappropriateness of having a mobile phone mast in a cemetery of all places.

“I went to the cemetery and spoke to a few people who were attending graves and they were horrified. It's just not suitable.

“We think the residents deserve to be listened to on this one.”

James Stevenson, O2 spokesman, said: “We always try our best to ensure they fit in with the surrounding scene so they don't look too out of place or stand out too much.

“On the health side, we have got a lot of evidence from different scientific organisations from over the years and not one has found any health effects from phone antennas. We don't think there's a problem there.”

Omega this is not true. See under:

Suffolk Coastal District Council said it hopes a planning decision will be made by September 22.

Do you think the cemetery is an appropriate place for the new mast? Do you think you know of a more appropriate site? Write to Your Letters, Evening Star, 30 Lower Brook Street, Ipswich, IP4 1AN, or e-mail

Copyright © 2006 Archant Regional. All rights reserved.

Stereotyping Defended

The Great National Shrug: Americans are ignoring politicized and possibly phony "terror alerts"

Informant: Lew Rockwell

The Mainstream Media: A Free Press or Fascist Media?

How Bush Rules,,1856820,00.html

Informant: Lew Rockwell

Behavior Detection Squads

The Conservative World Champs

Appeasement and War on Iran

Watada’s sacrifice could bring a nation to its senses

Informant: jensenmk

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