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CIA's Secret UK Bank Trawl May Be Illegal

A covert program under which confidential information about British banking transactions is passed to the CIA with the full knowledge of the government may breach both British and European law, the Guardian has learned.

Conservative Pundits Renounce the President

These have been tough days politically for President Bush, what with his popularity numbers mired in the 30s and Republican candidates distancing themselves as elections near. He can no longer even rely as much on once-friendly voices in the conservative media to stand by his side, as some columnists and television commentators lose faith in his leadership and lose heart on the war in Iraq.

7 Facts You Might Not Know About the Iraq War

Michael Schwartz considers some of the just-under-the-radar-screen realities of the situation in Iraq and provides a guide to understanding what is likely to be a flood of new Iraqi developments - "a few enduring, but seldom commented upon, patterns central to the dynamics of the Iraq war, as well as to the fate of the American occupation and Iraqi society."

Media: From Versailles to Washington

Paul Cochon's review of "Media Control" cites mainstream reporters' testimony about how the Bush administration has been allowed to mislead the American public.

Damage and Doubts Linger After Katrina

Nearly one year after Hurricane Katrina punched into the Gulf Coast, much damage remains, both in the shattered homes that litter parts of New Orleans and in the battered reputation of government institutions. Many Americans are not persuaded by federal assurances that the government is ready for the next big storm.

TV News Vultures Circling Again JonBenet's Corpse

"Let's face it," writes Jeff Cohen, "The Murdochs and Disneys and Time Warners and GEs that own our media system much prefer a nation of mindless consumers and spectators over a nation of informed, active citizens. They like the fact that avid TV viewers know all the intimate details about the JonBenet or OJ murder cases - and almost nothing about how big corporations lobby against middle-class interests in Washington."

Republican Senator Hagel: "GOP Has Lost Its Way"

"Republicans have lost their way when it comes to many core GOP principles and may be in jeopardy heading into the fall elections," says Senator Chuck Hagel (R-Neb). Hagel said that the GOP today is a very different party than when he first voted Republican.

Hokum on Homeland Security

"Ever since British intelligence did such a masterly job in rounding up terrorists intent on blowing up airliners, the Bush administration has relentlessly tried to divert attention from the disintegration in Iraq and focus instead on its supposed prowess in protecting our country against terrorist attacks. That ploy ought not to wash. While the administration has been pouring its energies and money into Iraq, it has fallen far behind on steps needed to protect the homeland," says the New York Times.

Leuren Moret Describes Vicious Attacks on Whistleblowers

Informant: Jonathan Markowitz

Sicherheitsgewinn steht in keinem Verhältnis zur Einschränkung der Freiheitsrechte

#Die Linkspartei.PDS: Pressemitteilungen

21. August 2006

Gegenwärtig überschlagen sich die Meldungen über Vorschläge für eine Erhöhung der öffentlichen Sicherheit. Von einer Ausweitung der Videoüberwachung über eine Anti-Terrordatei bis zu bewaffneten Zugbegleitern ist da die Rede. Dazu erklärt die stellvertretende Parteivorsitzende Katina Schubert:

Ich warne alle Beteiligten vor unüberlegtem Aktionismus. Der Sicherheitsgewinn einer flächendeckenden Videoüberwachung im öffentlichen Raum steht in keinem Verhältnis zur Einschränkung der Freiheitsrechte. Jeder wird so zu einem Überwachungsobjekt, ohne dass er weiß, welche Daten über ihn gesammelt werden. Das wäre ein Schritt in den Überwachungsstaat. Ein ungeheurer Datenmüll entsteht, und niemand kann mit Gewissheit sagen, was damit geschieht. Bereits jetzt nutzen die Deutsche Bahn AG und andere Firmen ihr Hausrecht zur Videoüberwachung. Hier dürfen die Daten nicht länger gespeichert werden als erforderlich. Es gilt auch hier das Recht auf informationelle Selbstbestimmung. Die so genannte Anti-Terrordatei darf das Trennungsgebot von Polizei und Geheimdienst nicht aufweichen. Wer dafür ist, muss bedenken, dass immer auch Unbeteiligte betroffen sind und ebenfalls ein kaum zu bewältigender Datenwust entsteht. Vorschläge für "bewaffnete Zugbegleiter" in allen Waggons taugen mehr für einen Western als für die Realität. Sie wären ohnehin nicht in der Lage, Reisende vor einem terroristischen Anschlag zu schützen. Besser wäre es, die von der Bahn in der Vergangenheit leider stark reduzierten Zugbegleiter wieder einzusetzen, die allein durch ihre Anwesenheit Gewalttaten erschweren. Völlig unrealistisch sind Vorschläge wie Gepäckabgabestellen oder flächendeckende Gepäckkontrollen. Ein Regionalzug oder auch ein ICE sind Alltagsverkehrsmittel und mit einem Flugzeug nicht zu vergleichen.

Hire & Fire: Glos will Kündigungsschutz weiter lockern


Wirtschaftsminister Michael Glos fordert in einem Beitrag für die "Süddeutsche Zeitung", den Kündigungsschutz stärker zu lockern, als im Koalitionsvertrag vereinbart. Beim Kündigungsschutz dürften Spielräume, die geschaffen worden seien, nicht wieder zunichte gemacht werden, forderte Glos. Es bestehe die Gefahr, das sinnvolle Chancen zur Flexibilisierung des Arbeitsmarktes vergeudet würden, wenn man sich unreflektiert auf den Koalitionsvertrag fixiere. Union und SPD hatten darin vereinbart, dass Firmen die Probezeit bei Neueinstellungen von 6 auf 24 Monate verlängern dürfen. Im Gegenzug wurde die Möglichkeit beschränkt, Arbeitsverträge auf bis zu 24 Monate zu befristen, ohne dies sachlich zu begründen. Glos forderte jetzt, die Regelungen für befristete Einstellungen auszudehnen.

Die ganze Nachricht im Internet:

Who Decides On Wiretapping?

The City That Care Forgot

By Sheerly Avni, Truthdig

Tonight's Spike Lee documentary on Katrina writes an essential new chapter in America's civil rights story.

Treating Deficit Addiction

by Craig Jennings and Adam Hughes,

We can fix the nation's fiscally irresponsible ways if Congress starts living in the real world.

Politicians' Middle-Class Delusions

by Jonathan Schwarz,

Joe Lieberman and most other members of Congress have skewed ideas of what it means to be middle class.

Freie Bürger im Netz der Fahnder

Terrorists succeed in changing our way of life

San Francisco Chronicle
by Peter Eichstaedt


As I stood amid the chaos and misting rain on the upper deck of a parking lot at London's Heathrow airport last Saturday, one thought kept running through my mind: The terrorists had already won. Heavily armed and smartly dressed British police threaded their way through thousands of desperate passengers hovered over mounds of luggage and clutching clear plastic bags containing their 'essential' travel documents...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

For the neocons judgment day is coming

Human Events
by Pat Buchanan


"The Democrats are determined to make the election of 2006 a referendum on Bush and the war in Iraq. And, as of now, that is how history will likely record it. But beneath the surface of the national election, a different plebiscite is being held, within the conservative movement, on the ideology George Bush imposed on Ronald Reagan's party. ... Wherever 'conservatives' stand -- whether Old Right or neocon, supply-sider or deficit hawk, America First or global democrat, Big Government or small government -- the returns of Bush's policies are largely in and the outcome unlikely to change. And this is why Bush and the GOP are in trouble, and neoconservatism is in the dock...

Scare them back

by John Dickerson


Of course Republicans are trying to scare voters into voting for them. Why shouldn't they? As a policy matter, asking which party will keep us from being killed by jihadists in a plane or at a shopping mall seems a pretty fundamental question in any national election. As a political tactic, how could the GOP resist? Scaring voters has worked in past elections .... The Democrats should embrace fear-mongering more passionately. They should embrace the tradition of the 'missile gap' -- the idea that the United States dangerously trailed the Soviet Union in missile firepower -- that in the late 1950s helped young Sen. John Kennedy attack then-President Dwight Eisenhower. This would be good politics, and it would stir a good and currently muffled policy debate...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

The constitution within

Foundation for Economic Education
by Sheldon Richman


In recent columns I've argued that a free society depends ultimately on people having a proper sense of just conduct. This means more than the words they recite or put on paper. Most crucial is how they act and expect others to act. For this reason it is futile to put undue emphasis on written constitutions as the key to liberty. The real constitution is within -- each of us. If the freedom philosophy is not inscribed in the actions of people, no constitution will help...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Once-public weapons data now secret

Houston Chronicle


The Bush administration has begun designating as secret information the government long provided even to its enemy, the former Soviet Union: the numbers of weapons in the U.S. nuclear arsenal during the Cold War. The Pentagon and the Department of Energy have treated as national security secrets the historical totals of Minuteman, Titan II and other missiles, blacking out the information on previously public documents, according to a new report by the National Security Archive...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Church phone mast faces more hurdles

BY Howard Williamson

MOBILE phone operators 02 have won planning permission to build a mast inside a church tower.

But public opposition might still stop it going up.

So many residents at Barwick-in-Elmet objected to the plan that the Rector of All Saints, the Rev Brunel James, felt impelled to call a public meeting.
Observers said opinion was divided over the mast and the Parochial Church Council will now take this into account when it makes a decision at the end of this month.

If it wants to proceed with the mast - which would perhaps give the church another £12,000 income a year - it will have to apply to the Diocese of Ripon and Leeds.

Diocesan spokesman the Rev John Carter said: "The Diocese advisory committee would then consult the community and if it felt there was concern it could refer the matter to the Chancellor of the Diocese (who is a court judge) to make a decision.

"There are no aesthetic objections to this mast as it would be contained within the church tower, but some parents are concerned about the health implications.

"There were others at the public meeting who said everyone used mobile phones and they should stop being 'nimbys'. Opinion was divided 50/50.


"Barwick has a very historic church which costs a lot to run and the rental income would be useful."

Harewood councillor Ann Castle, who represents Barwick on Leeds City Council, commented: "A plan for the mast was submitted earlier this summer and the usual notices were put up around the village. It attracted only two objections.

"I felt this level of opposition did not warrant the application going before a plans panel and the plan was duly approved by officers.

"A local resident who is concerned about mobile phone masts for health reasons then started a campaign to get the decision overturned.

"A number of people spoke from the floor at the public meeting. A few took the line that no one who uses a mobile phone has a right to complain about a mast but most people seemed to be worried about the health implications."

21 August 2006

All rights reserved © 2006 Johnston Press Digital Publishing.

Fordern und Fördern in der Debatte

Fordern und Fördern heißt die Parole. Aber wenn wir mal annehmen, es soll gefördert werden, wie funktioniert das denn ? Welche Leute beraten denn in den ArGes? Kann man als Arbeitsloser überhaupt darauf vertrauen, verläßlich beraten und unterstützt zu werden? Was kann man von guten Beratern erwarten und wer sollte es machen, unabhängige Berater oder behördliche Berater? Zwei unterschiedliche Blickwinkel wurden dazu auf zwei verschiedenen Fachtagungen vertreten:

Wo vollzieht sich Fördern und Fordern? Der Blick auf die MitarbeiterInnen

Vortrag von Rainer Göckler, Fachhochschule des Bundes für öffentliche Verwaltung, Mannheim, in der Dokumentation zur Fachtagung "Netzwerk SGB II" am 3./4. Mai in Leipzig: Erfahrungen aus der lokalen Umsetzung des SGB II – Strukturen, Leistungsprozesse, Handlungsbedarfe (pdf), Seite 39-50.,66,1

Beratung und persönliche Unterstützung beim Fallmanagement unter neuen rechtlichen Rahmenbedingungen

Vortrag von Helga Spindler in der Dokumentation der Fachtagung „Vom Fordern und Fördern“. Elemente zur Koordination und Beratung im Fallmanagement des Diakonischen Werks der Ev.-luth. Landeskirche Braunschweig eV. vom 5. Oktober 2005 (pdf), Seite 8-19

Aus: LabourNet, 21. August 2006

Bundestags-Gutachten bezweifelt Rechtmäßigkeit einer Protokollierung von Telefon, Handy und Internet (Vorratsdatenspeicherung)

Bundestags-Gutachten bezweifelt Rechtmäßigkeit einer Protokollierung von Telefon, Handy und Internet (Vorratsdatenspeicherung)

„Zu den Regierungsplänen einer sechsmonatigen Protokollierung der Benutzung von Telefon, Handy, Email und Internet (Vorratsdatenspeicherung) hat der Wissenschaftliche Dienst des Bundestages ein Rechtsgutachten vorgelegt, in dem Bedenken an der Rechtmäßigkeit der Maßnahme geäußert werden…“ Pressemitteilung des Arbeitskreises Vorratsdatenspeicherung vom 17.08.2006

Siehe dazu auch:

Neue Zweifel an der Rechtmäßigkeit der TK-Vorratsdatenspeicherung

Artikel von Stefan Krempl in Heise news vom 16.08.2006

Der Große Bruder und die Matrix. Zur Ausdehnung der Kontrolle nach Innen

Artikel von Odin Kröger in telepolis vom 20.08.2006

Aus: LabourNet, 21. August 2006

Medien: die große Terrorshow für Krieg und Staatssicherheit

Terrorkampagne zu fadenscheinig?

Eine andere Gesellschaft ist nötig: zum Konzept einer Sozialpolitik als soziale Infrastruktur

Indictment Still Sealed, Fitzgerald Still Busy

An indictment first reported by Truthout said to be connected to Special Counsel Patrick Fitzgerald's Plame investigation remains sealed, and Fitzgerald continues to work on the leak case.

Lethal Injection: Still Lethal

Fighting the death penalty by calling lethal injection "cruel" misses the crucial objection.,0,1386635.story?coll=la-opinion-leftrail


August 21, 2006

IT LOOKED LIKE AN INGENIOUS WAY around the familiar and so far unavailing argument that the death penalty is unconstitutional. Instead of focusing on the what of capital punishment — state- sanctioned killing — lawyers for death row inmates would take aim at the how of most executions — death by lethal injection.

Sure enough, courts began to entertain the argument that lethal injection could amount to cruel and unusual punishment, either because insufficient painkillers were administered or because the physiology of some prisoners made pain-free injection impossible. Even the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that a prisoner could use a federal civil rights law to challenge the lethal injection methods by which Florida proposed to put him to death.

Death penalty opponents were energized by this seeming end run around capital punishment. In February, after California postponed the execution of Michael Morales in response to a federal judge's ruling, Century City lawyer Stephen Rhode told The Times that states were "hitting the wall in the futile search for a humane death penalty."

But that wall may be crumbling. Earlier this month, a federal judge in Oklahoma refused to stay the execution of a convicted murderer after the state announced that it would double the dose of a sedative used to block pain when fatal chemicals are injected. Other states are likely to follow suit if the alternative is a moratorium on executions. Beyond that practical reality, challenges to lethal injection are a sideshow in the debate about whether capital punishment as it exists today violates the 8th Amendment's ban on "cruel and unusual punishments."

The phrase "as it exists today" is necessary because that is the benchmark properly used by the Supreme Court in 1972 when it struck down state death penalty laws then on the books. In one of the leading opinions in that case, Justice Potter Stewart wrote that the legal systems of the time permitted the death penalty to be "wantonly and freakishly imposed." Stewart noted that "these death sentences are cruel and unusual in the same way that being struck by lightning is cruel and unusual."

Although the court later upheld revised death penalty statutes, Stewart's insight remains apt. The death penalty in 2006 is still cruel and unusual punishment in part because only a fraction of convicted murderers are put to death — some because they live in a particular state, others because they had a bad lawyer — and even then execution comes years or decades after conviction. (Most of the death penalty cases decided by the Supreme Court in its recent term involved murders committed in the 1980s.)

In the real world, capital punishment is cruel and unusual whether death is delivered by an electric current, a hangman's noose or a chemical cocktail. That is the argument that death penalty opponents need to be making.

Informant: Alice Kim

Rachel's News #868

The dire consquences of the civil war in Iraq

Informant: jensenmk

From ufpj-news

One Million Pixels against Bush

Find attached draft of One Million Pixel idea:

This idea was brain stormed by many people in our network. Now its your turn to provide comments and feed back so that we can proceed with solid support and launch this campaign 15th March 2007.



From boycott Bush network

Passive smoking will be illegal from 2007, but passive Microwave Radiation will be compulsory

MOA stands for “Mobile Operators Association” (I am still thinking of a new interpitation, of “MOA”, contributions very welcome.

But se for your self, here is a link to MOA:

What is says to us is: ”I am So powerful and have bought your Governments full support, so don’t Mess with us, as your Government likes the money they get “short term” for spending on all their expensive “abortive schemes” that only cost and add nothing to your society and if you as much as think about messing with us “We Will Crush You!”

But Sylvia is wrong.

The MOA know All about the harm they are doing to us, but they don’t want it publicized as they have a profitable business, and if they did admit the harm it would diminish profit, and they would probably be out of business altogether.

Government realizes this, so has to make up its mind on what is most important, citizen’s wellbeing, or cash flow while they are in office.

So, no we (citizens) are no contest, to quick, easy money, we are mortals anyway, and keep breeding, and as long as they (government) don’t acknowledge that we get harmed, we don’t. “It´s All In Your Mind” sort of thing!

Ever heard that one before?

I bet you have, like the rest of us.

But think, they also said this about smoking (sorry I do smoke, and have done for very many years, it was quite a healthy vice when I was a teenager, but I am over 60 now and things have changed. Today it is the worst thing you can do to your self and your surroundings.

So console yourself, whether you are a smoker or a non-smoker.

Passive smoking will be illegal from 2007, but passive Microwave Radiation will be Compulsory!!

Let me know, when you have looked at the MOA web-site, that actually lists all the things they do to: US OUT THERE, WHERE WE LIVE

If you cant find it I will show you where to look.

Best regards.


Mental Health, Education & Social Control

Part 33

by Dennis Cuddy, PH.D

According to SEATTLE TIMES medical reporter Warren King in " State to check on residents' health" (July 20, 2006), the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has heavily financed surveys (NOT using volunteers) in Washington State, Kansas and Arkansas that ask detailed personal health questions about diet, medication, other risks for disease, and a blood sample will be taken (from which DNA can be obtained?). Specifically regarding mental health....

Mental Health, Education & Social Control, Part 34

by Dennis Cuddy, Ph.D

There was also almost $27 million for suicide prevention including mental health screenings under TeenScreen, a program which I have previously mentioned has serious problems. TeenScreen was developed by Columbia University and is promoted by the National Alliance for the Mentally Ill (NAMI). One of TeenScreen's main problems is that it has an 84% false identification rate. So why is it pushed so vigorously by NAMI? It's because of the tremendous amount of money given NAMI by Big Pharma, with Eli Lilly contributing $2.87 million......

Mental Health, Education and Social Control, Part 35

by Dennis Cuddy, Ph.D

Unless the American people wake up and resist the power elite's control over their lives and goal of a World Socialist Government, it may soon be too late to reverse the course of events. Pray for God's help and guidance, and then take action, for THE HOLY BIBLE admonishes us to be "doers" and not just "hearers" of God's Holy Word......

The National ID is Not Mandatory

by Devvy Kidd

One of the top ten issues right now is the insidious National ID. Many believe this latest Nazi-style tool is to fight the endless, vague "war on terrorism." It is no such thing. It is yet another attempt by the Congress and Bush to control we the people against our will, this time by denying you certain privileges if you refuse to comply.....

Financial Reckoning Night

The State-Medical Complex

DEA Snake Oil

Private Property and Peace Versus the State


Independent Media Source

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