Passive smoking will be illegal from 2007, but passive Microwave Radiation will be compulsory

MOA stands for “Mobile Operators Association” (I am still thinking of a new interpitation, of “MOA”, contributions very welcome.

But se for your self, here is a link to MOA:

What is says to us is: ”I am So powerful and have bought your Governments full support, so don’t Mess with us, as your Government likes the money they get “short term” for spending on all their expensive “abortive schemes” that only cost and add nothing to your society and if you as much as think about messing with us “We Will Crush You!”

But Sylvia is wrong.

The MOA know All about the harm they are doing to us, but they don’t want it publicized as they have a profitable business, and if they did admit the harm it would diminish profit, and they would probably be out of business altogether.

Government realizes this, so has to make up its mind on what is most important, citizen’s wellbeing, or cash flow while they are in office.

So, no we (citizens) are no contest, to quick, easy money, we are mortals anyway, and keep breeding, and as long as they (government) don’t acknowledge that we get harmed, we don’t. “It´s All In Your Mind” sort of thing!

Ever heard that one before?

I bet you have, like the rest of us.

But think, they also said this about smoking (sorry I do smoke, and have done for very many years, it was quite a healthy vice when I was a teenager, but I am over 60 now and things have changed. Today it is the worst thing you can do to your self and your surroundings.

So console yourself, whether you are a smoker or a non-smoker.

Passive smoking will be illegal from 2007, but passive Microwave Radiation will be Compulsory!!

Let me know, when you have looked at the MOA web-site, that actually lists all the things they do to: US OUT THERE, WHERE WE LIVE

If you cant find it I will show you where to look.

Best regards.



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