BBC "Click": a marketing exercise for the mobile phone industry

I have today lodged a complaint with the BBC regarding today's airing of the "Click" feature. It was trailered as continuing information regarding a new website for family research. When the programme actually went out, this information took up only a few seconds of the slot - most of the air time devoted to a new mobile phone about to be launched and the WIFI services and free texting it will allow.

I have complained that this section of BBC News is now nothing more than a marketing exercise for the mobile phone industry and even when the down-side of the technology is featured it is riddled with inaccuracies and "balanced" views, although these balanced views are never evident when "pushing" the technology.


PS - I also noticed that, during the initial coverage of the terrorism threat at Heathrow - a table showing all types of drinks bottles were shown with a mobile phone in the foreground. All later coverage had removed the phone. And has anyone noticed that phones are rarely mentioned in the "electronic devices" which cannot be taken in hand luggage. We have heard that key fobs, electronic cameras, laptops, etc. must be put into the hold, but nothing about mobiles (although I know they are also prohibited). And, despite the fact that the people arrested in the US had been purchasing a huge amount of phones (reported in our local newspaper yesterday) nothing has been said on the national news.


Phones on planes

I do not think phones are being allowed on planes Sylvia and I wonder how this terrrorist alert will affect plans for masts on planes so the poor business men can use their phones on the planes.

Personally I think business people are so stressed nowadays and under such pressure from companies to perform that it would do them the world of good not to have laptops and phones on planes.

As the government is so keen to promote the mobile industry I wonder how they will get around this problem of terroists and phones on planes particularly as some airlines were due to have masts from next year.

The airports themselves are only interested in retail, not airlines, passengers etc. They are only interested in making money in retail so I am sure corperate pressure will win again. People can buy in the departure lounge airside and collect it when they come home although I don t know what is currently happening as I gave up working at stansted a few weeks ago.


sue g


My son and his girlfriend went back to Copenhagen Friday from B.ham airport, after a weeks holiday with us.

All the info we got before going to B.ham told about mobiles as no one forbidden in the plane cabins.

All they were allowed to take with them was: ticket, passport, necessary medicine and keys without a fob, in a clear plastic bags.

This was also made clear in Fridays B.Ham Post and Daily Mail.

There were still a lot of people in the airport having to repack their cases to put electronic gadgets into them.

A lot of people were sitting on the floor putting away mobiles, laptops ipods etc.

But the instructions were quite clear, and everything got checked.




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