Tell the EPA: Dump This Polluted Pumping Rule!

Clean water is one of our most important resources. The Clean Water Act was written to ensure that all of the nation’s lakes, rivers, coastal waters, streams, and wetlands are safe for people to drink, swim and fish in, and to provide clean, healthy habitats for fish and wildlife.

All of this depends on keeping the water free of pollution. But now the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) – the federal agency charged with keeping the water clean – is proposing a rule that would do just the opposite!

The new EPA rule threatens the health and safety of all of the nation’s lakes, rivers, coastal waters, streams, and wetlands. Click here to urge the EPA to withdraw its proposal for this harmful rule before the August 7th deadline.

The proposed rule would threaten our health and the health of fish and other wildlife by exempting projects that pump polluted water into cleaner water sources from the Clean Water Act. For example, under this new rule, polluted run-off could be pumped from a canal system into a drinking water source without a permit or any restrictions. This kind of activity is currently prohibited by the Clean Water Act. Instead of preventing pollution, the EPA's new plan would spread it from one body of water to another.

The EPA is only accepting public comments on this dangerous proposal until August 7, so click here to share your two cents on this today!

Toxic chemicals, harmful algae, sewage and bacteria, fish-killing sediment, invasive species – all of these pollutants could be legally pumped from dirty water into clean water under this proposed rule without any federal permit or restrictions.

Under the Clean Water Act, the EPA is charged with making our waters cleaner, NOT dirtier. Pumping polluted water into clean water without a permit is dangerous and unacceptable and must remain illegal under the Clean Water Act—click here to submit your comments to the EPA now.

Watering down (no pun intended) the laws that protect our environment is an insidious practice and is a direct route to a public health and environmental disaster.

Once you’ve contacted the EPA, please click here to tell at least three friends, family members or co-workers about this urgent issue and encourage them to join you in submitting their comments before the EPA stops accepting public input on August 7th.

Thank you for your help on this issue.


Julie Waterman
Campaign Director,


Independent Media Source

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