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Call Today on Stopping Mukasey and Starting Impeachment

This coming Tuesday will be the biggest decision making day yet of the entire Congress, 1) the Senate Judiciary Committee will vote on Mukasey for attorney general, AND 2) Dennis Kucinich will force the House to consider H.Res 333 to impeach Cheney. And that is why Monday must be the biggest day ever for citizen activism. The entire future of our country and democracy will turn on whether you personally pick up a phone and make a toll free phone call or two on BOTH of these issues. It's a double header!

Here are three fresh, tested, toll free numbers to use for your calls: 800-828-0498, 800-614-2803 and 877-851-6437.

First We Have To Stop Mukasey

Despite the fact that Mukasey still will not rule out torture as official U.S. policy, and refuses to even admit that waterboarding (a torture technique from the Spanish inquisition) IS torture, Diane Feinstein (CA) says she is "planning" to vote for him. Despite the fact that Mukasey refuses to concede that the president must obey the laws of the land and not act as a law unto himself, Chuck Schumer (NY) is "planning" on voting for him. Well, here's what we're planning on doing.

We're planning flooding their phone lines on Monday. We are planning on telling them that this is absolutely the last straw, and unless Democrats like them find a spine and start fighting on principle they can forget about any more campaign contributions.

Without the votes of these two Democratic senators Mukasey is finished. What baseball team ever looked at the scoreboard in the 7th inning and gave up because they were two runs behind? What kind of crazy loser insanity would that be? And yet we heard a CNN fluff head gloating on the TV about how the White House bullies win again. Well we still have our power hitters coming up and those power hitters are you.

Now, Feinstein in particular, and many of the other senators, have this cute little game they play where they let their answering machines fill up, to try to discourage people from even bothering to call. So what we have done is create a special function on the page below, where you can instantly look up all their LOCAL district office numbers.

Stop Mukasey Action Page:

Go the page above if you can't get through to their Washington offices, get all the local phone numbers and fax numbers, and call them all. Let's fill up the DC machines if they try to hide in their offices. Let's fill up all the local district office machines. In fact do both. And then just to be sure, submit the email action form on the same page to send them an instant email message.

We have 39,000 participants in CA and 16,000 in NY who will receive this alert. You have the numbers to change the course of political history. You have the power, if you just pick up the telephone and make your toll free or local calls right now.

Because members of the Judiciary committee represent us all, you do not have to be one of their direct constituents to call Feinstein or Schumer, but if you are make sure you make that clear. This means even those of you who do not have Democratic senators have a right to have an impact on this. And remember, the more pressure we put on all the other senators, the more the waywards on the Judiciary Committee will feel it, including others lurking around who have not disclosed their vote plans.

On Fox News, they said that waterboarding torture was basically like swimming lessons. More like dying lessons if you ask us. The next thing they tell us is that the Iron Maiden is like acupuncture and the Rack is good for height enhancement. Are you outraged yet? Please make as many phone calls as you can an encourage everyone else you know to do the same.

Second, We Must Support H.Res. 333 To Impeach Cheney

Dennis Kucinich has stepped forward to bring the resolution to impeach Cheney as a privileged resolution. This means that the House is forced to consider it. So what are the so-called leaders of the House planning on doing? They are "planning" on trying to quash debate with an obscure parliamentary trick called a "motion to table". So what are we planning on doing?

We're planning on calling each and every member of the House of Representatives and demand that they actually represent us. We're planning on demanding that they support H.Res. 333 and give it a full and free debate and hearing, and to reject the motion to table. We're planning on telling them that unless they stand up for the people now, we will find new and different candidates for their seats, through primary challenges if necessary in the very next election.

Here again, we have created a special web page where you can lookup the local district office phone numbers of your own personal house member.

H.Res 333 Action Page:

Again, if you can't get through to your house member in Washington, use the instant lookup function on the page above to get the name of your own representative and all their local phone numbers.

Unless Cheney is impeached they will absolutely bomb Iran. Unless Cheney is impeached they will absolutely start World War 3, and very likely declare martial law and officially suspend the constitution, as just happened in Pakistan. They don't need any congressional resolution to do it. They are determined to ignore Congress entirely if necessary. There is no law they have not broken already. They are constitutional outlaws to the core. The only thing that will stop them is impeachment. And the only thing that will make impeachment happen is your voices.

Please make your calls also to support H.Res. 333 now.

If You Can, Step Up For Kucinich Too

None of what is happening now would be happening without the courageous leadership of Dennis Kucinich on this issue. Who else has the sheer guts to call for what the American people want? If you want to thank him for his stand on this issue, please consider making a donation to him as well.

Kucinich Donations:

Please take action NOW, so we can win all victories that are supposed to be ours, and forward this alert as widely as possible.


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Restore America's Honor

Protestkundgebungen in 40 Städten: Bundesweite Demonstrationen gegen Vorratsdatenspeicherung

Datenschützer haben für Dienstag zu bundesweiten Demonstrationen gegen die geplante Einführung der Vorratsdatenspeicherung aufgerufen. Wie der "Arbeitskreis Vorratsdatenspeicherung" am Montag mitteilte, sollen in über 40 deutschen Städten Protestkundgebungen stattfinden, darunter in Köln, Karlsruhe, Stuttgart, München, Dresden und Hamburg. In Berlin sind für die zentrale Kundgebung vor dem Reichstagsgebäude unter anderem Reden von Hans-Christian Ströbele (Grüne), Petra Pau (Linke) und Sabine Leutheusser-Schnarrenberger (FDP) geplant. Die Bundesregierung plant, Telekommunikationsdaten aller Bürger in Deutschland verdachtsunabhängig sechs Monate auf Vorrat zu speichern.

Cheney Pursuing Nuclear Ambitions of His Own

Jason Leopold, reporting for Truthout, writes, "While Dick Cheney has been talking tough over the years about Iran's alleged nuclear activities, the vice president has been quietly pursuing nuclear ambitions of his own."

Pakistan Coup and US Policy

Echoes of Iraq Invasion Arguments: White House Turns Up Heat On Iran

Auf dem Weg in die Tyrannei?

Patrioten gegen die Verfassung: Das politische System der USA und die Eingriffe der Regierung Bush.

Pakistan: Musharraf agiert mit Deckung

Nicht ohne das Pentagon

EU-Kommission will Risikoprofile von Flugpassagieren anlegen

Nach dem Vorschlag von EU-Kommissar Frattini sollen die PNR-Daten der Passagiere, die in die EU reisen, 13 Jahre lang gespeichert werden.

2007 Toll Nears Highest for US in Iraq

Lauren Frayer reports for The Associated Press, "With just under two months left in the year, 2007 is on course to be the deadliest year on record for American forces in Iraq, despite a recent sharp drop in US deaths."

Bernie Sanders on Frustration With Congress

The American voters' feelings of frustration at a largely ineffective Congress have beefed up in recent polls creating a tense environment on Capital Hill. The Independent senator from Vermont, Bernie Sanders, sat down with Truthout's Geoff Millard to discuss this frustration.

Fordern Sie von den Politikern eine ernsthafte Debatte des Gentechnik-Gesetzes

Bei Nacht und Nebel soll der Bundestag am kommenden Freitag gegen vier Uhr morgens zum ersten Mal über das neue Gentechnik-Gesetz beraten. Ohne ernsthafte Debatte und ohne Besucher/innen: Wenige, völlig übermüdete Abgeordnete sollen die hoch umstrittenen Regelungen behandeln. So werden die Befürchtungen von uns Bürger/innen gegenüber der Gentechnik in der Landwirtschaft nicht ernst genommen!

Fordern Sie von den Politikern eine ernsthafte Debatte des Gentechnik-Gesetzes:

Aus: Campact-News 24/07

Online-Aktion von Greenpeace gegen Gen-Mais

In den nächsten Tagen entscheidet die Europäische Kommission, ob sie zwei weitere Gen-Maissorten EU-weit zulässt. Erstmals besteht Hoffnung, dass sich die Gentechnik-Lobby nicht durchsetzt: Umweltkommissar Stavros Dimas will die Genehmigungen ablehnen. Dies wäre ein Durchbruch! Doch die Gentechnik-Befürworter/innen in der Kommission sind stark - Dimas benötigt unsere Unterstützung.

Fordern Sie die Kommissare auf, keinen weiteren Gen-Mais in der EU zuzulassen:

Aus: Campact-News 24/07

Preisabsprachen der Energiekonzerne aufgedeckt

Thought crimes

by Jeff Knaebel

Section 899D of the bill establishes a Center for the Study of Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism in the United States. This will be an institution affiliated with the Department of Homeland Security. It will study and determine how to detain thought criminals. THIS LEGISLATION ENDS THE POSSIBILITY OF A CULTURE OF REASON. It is an attempt at legislative lobotomy of conscience. It aims to eviscerate ethical sensibilities of an entire culture. Having usurped the power of war and peace, life and death, the Corporatocracy now bludgeons even the thought of speaking for conscience. This is State murder of the mind. It is just too awesomely obscene for words...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

When waterboarding was a crime

by Joan Walsh


Ever get the feeling the debate about waterboarding is surreal, that most people have to realize that it’s torture, and that it’s illegal? So does Evan Wallach, a former judge advocate general in the Nevada National Guard, who has a must-read Op-Ed in the Washington Post Sunday. Wallach recalls a time when U.S. military leaders knew waterboarding was torture — when they prosecuted and convicted Japanese soldiers for waterboarding American prisoners of war after World War II, during the International Military Tribunal for the Far East, known as the Tokyo War Crimes Trials...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Zur Entwicklung eines europäischen Überwachungs- und Sicherheitssystems

EU: Sicherheit ohne Grenzen – Teil I

„Die Anschläge vom 11. September 2001 haben weltweit zu gravierenden Menschen- und Völkerrechtsverletzungen geführt – nicht nur durch die zahlreichen Terrorakte, die wir seitdem erlebten und verurteilen, sondern in weit größerem Maße durch die Art und Weise der weltweiten Terrorbekämpfung, wie sie von Regierungen und überstaatlichen Institutionen betrieben wird. Von einer Bekämpfung der Ursachen des Terrorismus ist hingegen nur selten die Rede – der „war on terror“ lässt hierfür offenbar keinen Raum…“ Artikel von Rolf Gössner in NRhZ-Online - Neue Rheinische Zeitung, Online-Flyer vom 31. Oktober 2007

Aus: LabourNet, 5. November 2007

Zur Entwicklung eines europäischen Überwachungs- und Sicherheitssystems EU: Sicherheit ohne Grenzen – Teil II

„Die Anschläge vom 11. September 2001 haben weltweit zu gravierenden Menschen- und Völkerrechtsverletzungen geführt – nicht nur durch die zahlreichen Terrorakte, die wir seitdem erlebten und verurteilen, sondern in weit größerem Maße durch die Art und Weise der weltweiten Terrorbekämpfung, wie sie von Regierungen und überstaatlichen Institutionen betrieben wird. Von einer Bekämpfung der Ursachen des Terrorismus ist hingegen nur selten die Rede – der „war on terror“ lässt hierfür offenbar keinen Raum. – Fortsetzung des Beitrags von Rolf Gössner aus NRhZ 119..“ Artikel von Rolf Gössner in NRhZ-Online - Neue Rheinische Zeitung, Online-Flyer vom 07. November 2007

Aus: LabourNet, 8. November 2007Überwachung

Why states are resisting plan for REAL ID

Christian Science Monitor


The federal government’s efforts to create a standardized, secure driver’s license that would also serve as a national ID card have hit some significant stumbling blocks. Chief among them: Eight states have voted in the past year not to participate in the program. Nine others are on the record opposing the proposal. In total, legislation opposing the plan has been introduced in 38 states. Behind much of the state legislative opposition to the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) plan is Missouri state Rep. Jim Guest, a conservative Republican. His primary concern: REAL ID, as DHS has dubbed the initiative, would not deter terrorists. Instead, he believes, it would be an unprecedented invasion of individual privacy, creating a databank of personal information to which officials on the local, state, and federal levels would have access. ‘I love my freedom, I love my country, and we’re heading down a road here that would take away many of the things we take for granted,’ says Representative Guest. ‘If we had to start carrying a card around –- if we lost our freedom not to -– I don’t think we could ever get that back’...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Kucinich Will Impeach Cheney - Who Will Filibuster Mukasey


Kucinich says he’ll force House vote on Cheney impeachment

Raw Story


Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) announced he would move to force a vote next week on his resolution calling for the impeachment of Vice President Dick Cheney. ‘The momentum is building for impeachment,’ Kucinich said in a statement on his website. ‘Millions of citizens across the nation are demanding Congress rein in the Vice President’s abuse of power.’ Kucinich said he plans to introduce a privileged resolution, which would have priority for a House floor vote, on Nov. 6. A vote on the measure would be required within two days...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


Congressman Dennis Kucinich Schedules Nationwide Call-in Monday to Address Cheney Impeachment Measure


Impeach Cheney Now!

Congressman Dennis Kucnich, whose bill to impeach Cheney has 22 sponsors, will introduce a resolution on the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives on November 6. Another congress member will move to table (kill) the resolution. The vote will come on the 6th, 7th, or 8th. We need you to ask your representative to vote No on tabling, Yes on giving impeachment a chance.

From Information Clearing House

Arms makers winning war on terrorism

ARMS manufacturers are making record profits from the war on terrorism and unprecedented spending on weapons programs.

From Information Clearing House

Musharraf Adopts Bush-Cheney Doctrine of "Lawfare"

One of the curious aspects of General Musharraf's speech last night (by the way, it is General, not President, as he first annulled the constitution and then invoked one of its provisions to declare an Emergency, acting not as president but as Chief of Army Staff), at least to this observer, was the general's thoroughly un-self-conscious invocation of two major threats to the security and integrity of Pakistan: terrorism and "judicial activism."

Musharraf has support of US, UK

Clearly, it stands to reason that Musharraf took care to consult Washington and Britain before announcing his move. Benazir Bhutto's abrupt departure for Dubai against the advice by her party leaders also suggests that Musharraf took her into confidence.

From Information Clearing House

US Cannot Be Said To Be Said To Be Good

By Philip J Cunningham

George W. Bush may indeed be the worst president ever, and Dick Cheney the worst vice-president imaginable but that does not exonerate the American people because Americans have the constitutional right and responsibility to remove miscreants from office.

Democrats Cave In On Torture: Key senators back attorney general nominee

By Bill Van Auken

Two key Democratic members of the Senate Judiciary Committee announced Friday afternoon that they will support the Bush administration's nominee for attorney general, former federal judge Michael Mukasey, virtually assuring his confirmation as head of the US Justice Department.

Torture By Waterboarding


"On Friday's Countdown Keith Olbermann talked to Newsweek's Richard Wolfe and Former Nixon White House Counsel, John Dean, about Senators Feinstein and Schumer's inexcusable caving on President Bush's Attorney General nominee and an ABC News report that claims former acting Assistant Attorney General Daniel Levin was forced out of the DoJ when he declared waterboarding to be torture - after allowing himself to be waterboarded."

Experts: No Evidence of Iranian Nuclear Weapons Program

Jonathan S. Landay

Despite President Bush's claims that Iran is pursuing nuclear weapons that could trigger "World War III," experts in and out of government say there's no conclusive evidence that Tehran has an active nuclear-weapons program.

Déjà Vu All Over Again

By Ian Williams

The US is smearing IAEA chief Mohamed ElBaradei for not finding evidence of Iranian nuclear weapons. Sound familiar?

Lovelock: Global Warming Is Irreversible, Billions Will Die

Bush Administration Blocked Waterboarding Critic

A senior Justice Department official, charged with reworking the administration's legal position on torture in 2004 became so concerned about the controversial interrogation technique of waterboarding that he decided to experience it firsthand. After the experience, Levin told White House officials that even though he knew he wouldn't die, he found the experience terrifying and thought that it clearly simulated drowning.

Nominee’s Stand May Avoid Tangle of Torture Cases

In adamantly refusing to declare waterboarding illegal, Michael B. Mukasey, the nominee for attorney general, is steering clear of a potential legal quagmire for the Bush administration: criminal prosecution or lawsuits against Central Intelligence Agency officers who used the harsh interrogation practice and those who authorized it, legal experts said Wednesday.

Informant: NHNE

'Unwelcoming' US sees sharp fall in visitors since 9/11

The number of foreign visitors to the United States has plummeted since the September 11, 2001 attacks on New York and Washington because foreigners don't feel welcome, tourism professionals said Thursday.

Informant: NHNE

Climate wars threaten billions

A total of 46 nations and 2.7 billion people are now at high risk of being overwhelmed by armed conflict and war because of climate change. A further 56 countries face political destabilisation, affecting another 1.2 billion individuals.

Informant: NHNE


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