US government policy: If it ain’t broke, fix it until it is

Liberty For All
by Donna Mancini


Governments run up the cost of essential goods and services, by making them so called ‘rights’ or entitlements. When something is ‘free,’ people overuse it. When it is paid for by other people aka third parties or insurance, the people using the goods and services don’t care what they are charged because they aren’t paying for it, which ultimately raises prices for all. Service providers are guaranteed payment by the government or insurance company, and not wanting to or having to deal with delinquent accounts like others in the so called ‘free market’ — (we cannot in reality say we have a free market in America because almost everything is regulated by bureaucrats) — providers hesitate or refuse to give care to those who do not have the insurance or government coverage...

Crime must have a consequence

Last Free Voice
by Donald Meinshausen


One of the reasons that crime is punished and the criminal so dramatically humiliated is so that others who might consider such acts are warned by the consequences of criminality. This is accepted as the basis of any society that holds to a theory of justice. For if it becomes relatively easy for a person to do crime and enjoy the fruits then what happens to the general mores of society? How do we uphold the standards of non-coercion, honesty, thrift and work? How do we instill a sense of guilt to the perpetrator? If we don’t then soon it will be regarded as foolish to work honestly. The country then can become a war of all vs. all where more and more assets are based on stealing and protection against rather than being engaged in productive behavior. A poor, frightened society ripe for tyranny emerges after such times. This goes in spades when we are considering the greatest theft in the history of civilization. The current international regime of Bush/Obama has orchestrated bailouts, nationalizations and inflationary debt that have run into trillions of dollars...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


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