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Bremer FDP Abgeordnete Oliver Möllenstädt verhöhnt Hartz IV Betroffene


Staatsanwaltschaft ermittelt gegen den FDP-Bürgerschaftsabgeordneten Oliver Möllenstädt

Der Vorwurf: Volksverhetzung gegen Hartz IV Bezieher

Bremen. Die Bremer Staatsanwaltschaft hat nach Angaben der Fraktionsvorsitzende der Linken in der Bürgerschaft, Monique Troedel, ein Verfahren gegen den FDP Bürgerschaftsabgeordneten Dr. Oliver Möllenstädt eingeleitet. Hintergrund des Verfahrens sind die beleidigenen Äußerungen des FDP Politikers zum Thema Verhütungsmittel-Kostenerstattungen für Frauen im Hartz IV Bezug. Anfang Dezember 2009 hatte Dr. Möllenstädt öffentlich gefordert, die Gesundheitsämter sollen die Kosten für Verhütungsmittel und Sterilisation bei Hartz-IV-Bezieherinnen übernehmen. Gleichzeitig sprach sich der FDP Abgeordnete gegen eine Anhebung der ALG II Regelsätze für Frauen aus. Laut dem FDP Politiker sei eine Erhöhung des Hartz- IV Regelsatzes nicht ratsam, da ALG II Bezieherinnen das Geld eher zum nächsten "Schnapsladen" tragen, als es zur Vorsorge und selbstbestimmten Familienplanung zu verwenden. Lesen Sie weiter:

Deutsche Wirtschaftspolitik hat drohenden griechischen Staatsbankrott mit verschuldet

Nach Unctad-Chefökonom Flassbeck hat die deutsche "Nicht-Lohnerhöhungspolitik" zu einem Ungleichgewicht in der Eurozone geführt.

Irland muss drastisch sparen, um Rating-Agenturen zu befriedigen

Der Unmut im Land wächst angesichts der geplanten drastischen Kürzungen von Löhnen und Sozialleistungen durch die Regierung.

Der Zauber der Zahlen

Exakt 640.329 Arbeitsplätze sollen durch das Konjunkturprogramm Obamas gerettet oder geschaffen worden sein.

Are deaths from violence in Iraq being under-reported?

BBC Video Report: The Iraqi government is being accused of under-reporting the number of people killed after weeks of deadly violence.

Who is counting the bodies in Iraq?

Mr Maliki's political reputation was built largely on his apparent success in bringing violence levels down following the US troop surge in 2007. Now, this image of a man who could keep Baghdad safe has been tarnished.

Iraqi-American Christians blast U.S. policies in Iraq

Upset and frustrated, about 300 metro Detroiters with roots in Iraq, most of them Chaldeans, gathered Thursday night in a banquet hall in Warren where Michael Corbin, Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Near Eastern Affairs, spoke to the crowd.

Spoils of war: Iraq oil development rights contracts awarded

Shell and Petronas beat a rival bid from France's Total and China's CNPC.

From Information Clearing House

Why Do Airstrikes in Afghanistan Keep Killing Exactly 30 People?

On Monday, the anonymous blogger Security Crank noticed something interesting: all the U.S. and NATO airstrikes in Afghanistan seemingly kill exactly 30 people every time. How can that be?

From Information Clearing House

Food Stamps Go to a Record 37.2 Million, USDA Says

By Alan Bjerga

A record 37.2 million people, or about one out of every eight Americans, received food stamps in September, as the recession drove a surging jobless rate, according to a government report.

"Quit Feeding Stray Animals"

By Amanda Terkel

SC Lt. Gov. compares people getting gov't help to 'Stray Animals' who 'breed' because they don't know better.


More Families Using Food Stamps to Feed Kids

David Goldstein, McClatchy Newspapers: "The United States has more poor children now than it did a year ago. As recession-hammered families increase, more are using food stamps to feed their kids, according to a study by the Brookings Institution and First Focus, a bipartisan child advocacy group."


Once stigmatized, food stamps find acceptance



A decade ago, New York City officials were so reluctant to give out food stamps, they made people register one day and return the next just to get an application. The welfare commissioner said the program caused dependency and the poor were ‘better off’ without it. Now the city urges the needy to seek aid (in languages from Albanian to Yiddish). Neighborhood groups recruit clients at churches and grocery stores, with materials that all but proclaim a civic duty to apply — to ‘help New York farmers, grocers, and businesses’...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Telecoms and ISPs Feed the Secret State's Surveillance Machine

By Tom Burghardt

That the American people have been kept in the dark when it comes to this and other affairs of state, remain among the most closely-guarded open secrets of what has euphemistically been called the "NSA spying scandal."

US Refuses To Allow Monitoring Of WMD

By Carl Herman

WMD treaty violations and inspection refusal for biological, nuclear, chemical weapons. Iran? No, US.

Sound Familiar? US Refuses to Allow UN Inspectors to Investigate its WMDs

By Agence France-Presse

The United States said Wednesday that it remained opposed to international inspections of biological weapon sites.

US refuses to allow UN inspectors to investigate its WMDs

The United States said Wednesday that it remained opposed to international inspections of biological weapon sites, even though it stressed its commitment to a UN treaty covering such arms and invaded Iraq in part over its alleged stalling of -- UN weapons inspectors.

Anthrax War

Video Documentary

In tracing the 2001 bio-terror attacks in the U.S. to the heart of the U.S. bio-defense program, this film raises an alarm. These attacks that helped prepare a country for war have also spawned a multi-billion dollar bio-defense boom. The line between bio-offense and bio-defense is becoming extremely thin.

From Information Clearing House

Obama of Wall Street

Looternomics: Make that Obamanomics

For Feds, More Get 6-Figure Salaries


Barack promised change and sure enough, things changed for the worse

By Joe Bageant

Many who voted for Obama out of disgust for the Bush regime are now listening to the Republicans again on their car radios as they drive around looking for a suitable place to hide their vehicles from the repo man.

Turley: Obama bags Peace Prize while his lawyers are 'gutting' Nuremberg

Turley pointed out that several legal advisors to Germany's Ministry of Justice were convicted during the Nuremberg trials held after World War II for providing the legal advice that justified Nazi war crimes. Now the Obama administration, in its desire to uphold executive privilege at any cost, is willing to toss that principle aside.

President Obama 'creating torture impunity'

Director of ACLU's National Security Project Jameel Jaffer said "the Bush administration constructed a legal framework for torture and now the Obama administration is constructing a legal framework for impunity."

From Information Clearing House


The Land Mines Obama Won't Touch

Bill Moyers and Michael Winship, Truthout: "Many people are troubled that Barack Obama flew to Oslo to receive the Nobel Peace Prize so soon after escalating the war in Afghanistan. He is now more than doubling the number of troops there when George W. Bush left office."

Security Breaches: On another Path to the Total State

It Is Time To Leave Afghanistan

Omega-News Collection 12. December 2009

Mankind Using Earth's Resources at Alarming Rate

Rising CO2 Will Cause Catastrophic Sea Level Rise

Global Warming Threatens Lake Titicaca, Imperils Millions of Bolivians

Climate change the second most serious problem faced by the world today


Iraq War

Is Iran next?


Omega-News Collection

EMF-Omega-News 12. December 2009


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