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Big Oil Jumps for Licenses in Iraq

Foreign oil executives are flocking to Iraq as it prepares to open some of its untapped oil assets to Western oil companies.

From Information Clearing House

Iran's Fuel for Conflict

By Gareth Porter

The Obama administration seems to have adopted a position that makes it impossible to achieve an agreement acceptable to Tehran and move towards a global settlement with the US. If this is the case, the US may have started down the long, dark corridor to confrontation.

Which Side Are You On?

By Carl Herman

Official and authoritative US policy for the use of nuclear weapons has first-strike plans to strike targets "intending to use WMD" against a US ally.

War, More War Or Morer War

By Ted Rall

What a joke! When you ask a bunch of generals and the secretary of defense for advice about a war, the results are pre-determined: more bang bang, more soldiers, more planes, more bombs, more coffins. The amazing part is how far we've traveled down the path towards all war, all the time.

Klimagerechtigkeit statt globalem C02-Rassismus

"Zumutung der reichen Länder". Der "dänische Entwurf" sorgt auf dem Klimagipfel in Kopenhagen für einen Eklat

„Der Vorschlag der Industrieländer, bekannt als "dänischer Entwurf", empört: Die Entwicklungsländer der Gruppe 77 und China sowie NGOs und Klimaaktivisten sind erbost über den Vorschlag. Sie werfen den Verfassern vor, das Klima für ökonomische Interessen bewusst aufs Spiel zu setzen…“ Artikel von Susannne Götze in telepolis vom 09.12.2009

Siehe dazu auch: „Klimagerechtigkeit statt globalem C02-Rassismus. Climate Justice Action: Der „Dänische Text“ muss weg!“

„Das internationale Netzwerk Climate Justice Action kritisiert scharf den heute bekannt gewordenen Entwurf eines Kopenhagen-Abkommens, den so genannten „Dänischen Text“. Der Text wurde von einer kleinen Gruppe von Diplomaten aus Dänemark, Großbritannien, den USA und einigen wenigen anderen Ländern entworfen…“ Pressemitteilung vom 8. Dezember 2009 des Climate Justice Action (deutschsprachiges Team)

Jalta, Potsdam, Kopenhagen

Bei der Klimakonferenz geht es nur vordergründig um den CO2-Ausstoß. Verhandelt wird, wer im 21. Jahrhundert wirtschaftlich, sozial und kulturell das Sagen hat. Artikel von Bernhard Pötter in der taz vom 09.12.2009

Das verteidigen, was zu wertvoll für den Markt ist. Klimaprotest kommt langsam in die Gänge.

„Gut zehn Metrostationen vom offiziellen Gipfel im Bella-Center entfernt, tagt seit Montag die Klimabewegung. Während man bei der offiziellen Konferenz lange für eine Akkreditierung anstehen muss, ist das Klimaforum offen für Jedermann. "Wir machen einen Gipfel für alle Menschen und über die wirklichen Probleme", erklärt Nnimmo Bassey, Umweltschützer von Friends of the Earth aus Nigeria auf der Eröffnungszeremonie am Montagabend. Und er gibt das Motto des Klimaprotests an: Widerstand, Mobilisierung und Transformation…“ Bericht von Susanne Goetze in telepolis vom 09.12.2009

Europäische Amtshilfe gegen Lümmel. Deutsche Polizeien und Geheimdienste helfen bei der Handhabung der angekündigten Proteste in Kopenhagen

„Im Vorfeld der Klimakonferenz COP15 in Kopenhagen hat die dänische Polizei umfangreiche Vorbereitungen zur Handhabung der erwarteten Proteste getroffen. Die eingeleiteten Maßnahmen entsprechen in dem Vorgehen, wie es unter europäischen Polizeien seit dem G8-Gipfel in Genua/ Italien 2001 üblich geworden ist und in einem Handbuch standardisiert wurde…“ Artikel von Matthias Monroy und Hanne Jobst in telepolis vom 08.12.2009

Kopenhagen: Nächtlicher Überfall. Offenbar zur Einschüchterung umstellt Polizei mitten in der Nacht Unterkunft von Klimaschützern Artikel von Wolfgang Pomrehn in telepilis vom 09.12.2009

Für aktuelle Berichterstattung erinnern wir an das ständig aktualisierte Dossier bei indymedia: Cop15 Klimakonferenz: Systemwandel statt Klimawandel

Aus: LabourNet, 10. Dezember 2009

Bertelsmanns Schröpf- und Aderlasstherapie

„Mit ca. 1200 Filialen und Kultstätten rund um und weit über den Mittelmeerraum hinaus, galten die Anhänger des griechischen Heilgottes Asklepios bereits im 5. Jh. v. Chr. als erfolgreichster Heilkult der Antike. Selbst Hippokrates, dessen Eid die Mediziner noch heute schwören, rühmte sich seinerzeit ein „Sohn des Asklepios“ zu sein. Mit rüden Methoden versucht stattdessen der Hamburger Klinikkonzern „Asklepios“ (1) nicht nur die Gründung eines neuen Betriebsrates zu vereiteln…“ Artikel von Joachim Weiss auf vom 8. Dezember 2009

Aus: LabourNet, 10. Dezember 2009

Batch of H1N1 Vaccine Pulled Due to Severe Allergic Reactions

GlaxoSmithKline’s Canadian swine flu vaccine shown to cause serious unexpected side effects.

Palin’s anti-science showdown

by Andrew Leonard


Carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere are at their highest point in 15 million years. According to the World Meteorological Organization, the current decade is the warmest on record, and the current year is the fifth warmest ever — observations that are supported by data collected by multiple climate research centers. Evidence of global warming comes from many reinforcing points — melting polar ice, rising sea levels, changes in plant and animal ecology across the globe. Palin’s assertion that we can’t ’say with assurance that man’s activities cause weather changes’ is far more highly politicized than anything that comes out of the Climate Research Unit. It is fundamentally anti-science...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

US government policy: If it ain’t broke, fix it until it is

Liberty For All
by Donna Mancini


Governments run up the cost of essential goods and services, by making them so called ‘rights’ or entitlements. When something is ‘free,’ people overuse it. When it is paid for by other people aka third parties or insurance, the people using the goods and services don’t care what they are charged because they aren’t paying for it, which ultimately raises prices for all. Service providers are guaranteed payment by the government or insurance company, and not wanting to or having to deal with delinquent accounts like others in the so called ‘free market’ — (we cannot in reality say we have a free market in America because almost everything is regulated by bureaucrats) — providers hesitate or refuse to give care to those who do not have the insurance or government coverage...

Crime must have a consequence

Last Free Voice
by Donald Meinshausen


One of the reasons that crime is punished and the criminal so dramatically humiliated is so that others who might consider such acts are warned by the consequences of criminality. This is accepted as the basis of any society that holds to a theory of justice. For if it becomes relatively easy for a person to do crime and enjoy the fruits then what happens to the general mores of society? How do we uphold the standards of non-coercion, honesty, thrift and work? How do we instill a sense of guilt to the perpetrator? If we don’t then soon it will be regarded as foolish to work honestly. The country then can become a war of all vs. all where more and more assets are based on stealing and protection against rather than being engaged in productive behavior. A poor, frightened society ripe for tyranny emerges after such times. This goes in spades when we are considering the greatest theft in the history of civilization. The current international regime of Bush/Obama has orchestrated bailouts, nationalizations and inflationary debt that have run into trillions of dollars...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Congress less trusted than ever

Frum Forum


Cracking jokes about Congressional thievery is something of a national past-time. But the results of the newest Gallup poll will likely startle even the cynical news dorks that have read enough of these polls to know that the American people don’t think highly of their government. For the first time since Gallup began conducting its annual ‘Honesty and Ethics of Professions’ poll, a majority (55%) of Americans responded that they believe the honesty and ethical standards of ‘members of Congress’ are ‘low’ or ‘very low.’ The American people don’t think senators are particularly upstanding citizens either: 49% said Senators have ‘low or very low’ ethical standards...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

US foreclosures to reach 3.9 million in second record year



Foreclosure filings in the U.S. will reach a record for the second consecutive year with 3.9 million notices sent to homeowners in default, RealtyTrac Inc. said. This year’s filings will surpass 2008’s total of 3.2 million as record unemployment and price erosion batter the housing market, the Irvine, California-based company said...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Bernanke schwächt den Dollar

Der Chef der US-Notenbank warnt vor "Gegenwinden" und vor einem weiterhin schwachen Arbeitsmarkt.

Finanzmarktregulierung: Ein verlorenes Jahr

Ein Jahr nach dem Höhepunkt der Finanzkrise besteht wenig Hoffnung, dass die derzeit angedachten Regulierungen die grundsätzlichen Probleme lindern könnten.

Auf Kriegskurs? Iran, der Atomstreit und der Widerstand

Flucht nach vorne, ohne Rücksicht auf Verluste

Climate Cover-Up: The Crusade to Deny Global Warming

Rinaldo Brutoco and Madeleine Austin, Truthout: "Why have hopes faded for a binding agreement at the UN climate conference in Copenhagen that began this week? Why aren't the people of the world demanding that their national leaders act to avert the greatest environmental crisis the world has ever known?"


Copenhagen: Only the Numbers Count and They Add up to Hell on Earth

By Bill McKibben

Climate Interactive's software speaks numbers, not spin - which is where the true understanding of the Copenhagen summit lies.

Chaos and Confusion: The Return of the Military Commissions

Andy Worthington, Truthout: "For anyone who has studied Guantanamo's military commissions closely over the last eight years, it was obvious that their revival last week, in a supposedly new and improved form, was bound to be a disaster."

Big Brother Programs to Read Our Minds and Emotions

Half-baked Homeland Security is spending millions to develop sensors capable of detecting a person's level of 'malintent' as a counterterrorism tool.

From Information Clearing House

Mullen: 'US is losing the war in Afghanistan'

Afghan government says NATO raid killed six civilians

NATO officials on Tuesday disputed a report by the Afghan government that a NATO raid in eastern Afghanistan earlier in the day had killed six civilians,

General: Attack may have killed Afghan civilians

The No. 2 commanding general in Afghanistan acknowledged Wednesday that a NATO-led attack the day before in eastern Afghanistan possibly resulted in civilian deaths.

Mullen: 'US is losing the war in Afghanistan'

US Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Adm. Mike Mullen painted a disturbing picture on Tuesday, bluntly telling US troops at Ft. Campbell, Ky. - including some bound for Afghanistan - that "we are not winning, which means we are losing and as we are losing, the message traffic out there to insurgency recruits keeps getting better and better and more keep coming."

Gates claims victory near in Afghanistan

Despite record-high violence and an increasing number of casualties, US Defense Secretary Robert Gates says the war in Afghanistan is moving in the right direction and towards success.

Afghanistan 'unable to pay for troops for 15 years'

Afghanistan's President Hamid Karzai has warned that it will take 15 years before the country is able to pay for the cost of its own security forces.

Afghans protest civilian killings by US forces

Hundreds of Afghans have taken to the streets of the capital Kabul to protest a recent NATO airstrike which killed a number of civilians in the war-ravaged country.

Afghan demonstrators call for trial of "war criminals"

The protesters also called on the government to identify and sack all those officials involved in human right violation and war crimes over the past three decades.

Canadian General Now Acknowledges Risk to Afghan Detainees

Canada's top soldier, said Wednesday that the country's military had been aware that prisoners it handed over to Afghan authorities risked being abused.

Marines captain from 45 Commando admits Afghan assault

A Royal Marines officer has pleaded guilty to assaulting an Afghan national while serving in the country, according to a court martial spokesman.

From Information Clearing House


Negotiate to end war

The Free Liberal
by Fred E. Foldvary


The U.S. government should negotiate a ceasefire and end to the war in Afghanistan. If such negotiations have occurred, they have not been publicized. It would take political courage to openly talk to the Taliban, but militarily there is little to lose by just talking. International negotiations got a bad reputation when the United Kingdom capitulated to the demands of Nazi Germany just prior to World War II. But negotiation does not imply surrender, nor does it condone what the enemy is doing. Negotiation means finding a compromise that provides each side with its minimum desires...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Normalising the Crime of the Century

By John Pilger

The purpose of the Chilcot inquiry is to normalise an epic crime by providing enough of a theatre of guilt to satisfy the media so that the only issue that matters, that of prosecution, is never raised. When he appears in January, Blair will play this part to odious perfection, dutifully absorbing the hisses and boos. All "inquiries" into state crimes are neutered in this way.

Spy Chief: We Knew Iraq Dismantled Weapons

The UK knew Iraq had dismantled its long-range missile before the war, an intelligence chief has told an official inquiry into the invasion.

Sir John Sawers tells Chilcot inquiry US ignored warnings

Tony Blair's senior diplomat in Baghdad was ignored when he urged the Americans not to sack 25,000 Baathist officials, the Iraq inquiry was told today.

John Prescott expresses doubt over British support for Iraq invasion

We all know George Bush is c..., former deputy prime minister tells New Statesman.

Untouchable: Blair to give Iraq War evidence in secret

Former PM was happy to discuss invasion with Fern Britton on TV show - but the Chilcot inquiry will hear his crucial testimony behind closed doors.

Blair to give Iraq evidence 'very much in public': Video

Former Prime Minister Tony Blair will give evidence to the Iraq War inquiry in public.

Macdonald blasts 'sycophant' Blair

One of Tony Blair's most senior civil servants has launched a savage attack on the former Prime Minister over the Iraq war.

Tony Blair's attitude to Iraq war 'a disgrace'

The ex-director of public prosecutions has accused Tony Blair of "sycophancy" towards President Bush. Sir Ken MacDonald called the 2003 Iraq war a "foreign policy disgrace of epic proportions".

Chilcot's lessons on Iraq

The preparations for the aftermath of the invasion were criminally inadequate, which led to appalling acts of abuse.

Blair Private Pact with Bush on Iraq

By Richard Norton-Taylor

Chilcot inquiry reveals former UK Prime Minister 'pledged UK to war in secret notes'.

Hans Blix warned Tony Blair Iraq might not have WMD

The United Nations' former chief weapons inspector in Iraq told the official inquiry into the war that he had cautioned Tony Blair the month before the 2003 invasion about the possibility that no weapons of mass destruction (WMD) would be found.

Gordon Brown To Face Inquiry Before Election

In a brief statement at the start of the hearing on Friday, inquiry chairman Sir John Chilcot confirmed Mr Brown had taken up an offer to give evidence within the next two months and it is expected he will appear in late February or early March.

From Information Clearing House


UK: Illegal, inevitable — Chilcot inquiry casts new doubts on Iraq war

Guardian [UK]


The government’s justification for launching the Iraq war was dramatically undermined today when two separate inquiries cast new light on the build-up to the invasion. Delivering the first independent assessment of the legality of the conflict, an official Dutch inquiry concluded that ‘the military action had no sound mandate in international law.’ It delivered its findings as details of Tony Blair’s support for the conflict emerged in testimony by Alastair Campbell to the Chilcot inquiry in London. … Campbell revealed that the former prime minister had assured President Bush in a series of private letters during 2002 that Britain would support a US-led war against Iraq...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

US military's confidence in Afghanistan is unjustified

Obama to Receive Prize Based on Promise He Has Failed to Keep

Friends of The Earth

Greenpeace Statement on President Obama's Nobel Peace Prize

Congressman Dennis Kucinich Circulating Privileged Resolutions to End Wars in Afghanistan and Pakistan


Obama Wins the Nobel Peace Prize. Is This a Joke?

By Mehdi Hasan

The cult of Obama has elevated him to a godlike, saint-like, superhuman position in the global political landscape. He is a celebrity, he is an icon, he is a political phenomenon.

Obama is a Disaster


Robert Fisk makes a few observations about Obama, Imperialism, Afghanistan and the Middle East.

Kucinich plans to force vote on US withdrawal from Afghanistan

For congressman Dennis Kucinich (D-OH), Afghan President Hamid Karzai's announcement Tuesday that his country would need the US's military support for another 10 or 15 years seems to have been the last straw.

Afghans angry at Obama's Nobel win


From Kabul, Steve Chao reports.

Obama awarded Nobel because he's a Democrat, liberal and black

He will be awarded the prize even though he is personally responsible for scores of targeted killings and much slaughter of civilians in aerial bombardments. He will be awarded the prize even though he has just decided to escalate one of the two ineffectual wars he is conducting.

From Information Clearing House


On George W. Obama war and imperialism.

The Fallacy of Public Goods


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