The Obama slide

Classically Liberal
by CLS


Obama’s popularity is plunging. President Obama is proving himself to be relatively incompetent. And, after eight years of George Bush, the bar for competency was set quite low. Obama is proving he can do more damage to the economy than Bush, can spend more than Bush, can create bigger deficits than Bush, can expand the Afghan war beyond Bush, ad nauseam. Add in his bungling appointments and his clear cut radical agenda regarding the economy and Obama is earning his decline in support. It isn’t that I’m opposed to a radical change in the economy. But Obama’s radicalism is to magnify all the bad things that Bush did several fold over...

Hounding Obama, part 6: Failing, and should be

from Reason to Freedom
by Peter Namtvedt


Obama’s policies are failed policies. They were tried before. They failed before. I should certainly want them to remain failed policies, and want them to fail. I want them to not even get out of the gate. I want Obama to fail. If he does not, this recession will get worse, as we find out it is more costly than we expected and that the ills of the recession are not really getting cured...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


The Great Afghan Bailout: It's Time to Change Names, Switch Analogies

Tom Engelhardt, "Let's start by stopping. It's time, as a start, to stop calling our expanding war in Central and South Asia 'the Afghan War' or 'the Afghanistan War.' If Obama's special representative to Afghanistan and Pakistan Richard Holbrooke doesn't want to, why should we? Recently, in a BBC interview, he insisted that 'the "number one problem" in stabilizing Afghanistan was Taliban sanctuaries in western Pakistan, including tribal areas along the Afghan border and cities like Quetta' in the Pakistani province of Baluchistan. And isn't he right? After all, the US seems to be in the process of trading in a limited war in a mountainous, poverty-stricken country of 27 million people for one in an advanced nation of 167 million, with a crumbling economy, rising extremism, advancing corruption, and a large military armed with nuclear weapons. Worse yet, the war in Pakistan seems to be expanding inexorably and in tandem with American war planning from the tribal borderlands ever closer to the heart of the country."


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