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Treasury Presses Ahead With Plan for Toxic Assets

David Cho, The Washington Post: "The Treasury Department will unveil the next step in its financial rescue efforts tomorrow, announcing that it intends to create a government body, called the Public Investment Corp., to finance the purchase of as much as $1 trillion in soured loans and toxic assets from ailing banks, according to sources."

Protests in Washington, California Call for War's End

Nafeesa Syeed, The Associated Press: "Before war protesters ended their demonstration Saturday afternoon, several placed cardboard coffins in front of the offices of northern Virginia defense contractors such as KBR Inc. and Lockheed Martin Corp. as riot police stood by."

Wall Street's Economic Crimes Against Humanity

Shoshana Zuboff, Business Week: "The financiers at AIG were awarded millions in bonuses because their contracts were based on the transactions they completed, not the consequences of those transactions. A 32-year-old mortgage broker told me: 'I figured my job was to get the transaction done... Whatever came after the transaction - that was on him, not me.' A long list of business executives have reaped sumptuous rewards even though they fractured the world's economy, destroyed trillions of dollars in value, and disfigured millions of lives."

UMTS-Auktion reloaded

Von: Lutz Poessneck

Dienstag, 17. März 2009, 15:54 Uhr

Nach einem Zeitungsbericht plant die Bundesnetzagentur in diesem Jahr die größte Frequenz-Auktion in der Geschichte der Bundesrepublik. Demnach sollen UMTS- Frequenzen und ehemalige Rundfunk-Frequenzen versteigert werden.

siehe die Meldung unter folgendem Link:,39039018,41001831,00/umts_auktion+reloaded.htm

Wie schon oft bemerkt, handelt die Bundesregierung völlig widersprüchlich:

* um der Bevölkerung vorzugaukeln, dass die Bundesregierung das Vorsorgeprinzip ernst nimmt, wird empfohlen, die persönliche Strahlenbelastung zu minimieren und deshalb auf Funkverbindungen zu verzichten, um potenziellen Gesundheitsgefahren zu begegnen

* gleichzeitig genehmigt die Bundesregierung neue Funktechnologien/Frequenzen (siehe „intelligente Stromzähler, die für alle Neubauten ab 2010 Pflicht werden sollen, Versteigerung neuer Frequenzen s.u.) und damit zusätzliche Hochfrequenzbelastungen für die Bevölkerung

Wir sollten dieses schizophrene Verhalten unserer Regierung nicht tolerieren sondern auf allen Ebenen Öffentlichkeit schaffen und dagegen vorgehen (Europa- und Bundestagswahl stehen an!).

Hans Schmidt

Irakische Gewerkschafter kritisieren US-amerikanischen Griff nach den Ölfeldern

Gegen die Privatisierung der Ölindustrie.

Die NATO, trojanisches Pferd der Amerikaner?

Frankreich hatte 1966 unter General de Gaulle die Kommandostrukturen der Allianz verlassen. Präsident Sarkozy hat nun beschlossen, wieder Vollmitglied zu werden.

Tödliche Hilfe bei Ölpest

Bei einer Ölpest töten die Reinigungsmittel mehr Fische als das Öl selbst.,Toedliche+Hilfe+bei+Oelpest+,6,a12416.html

Die Tagesshow: Wie man in 15 Minuten die Welt unbegreiflich macht

Wenn sich das Land um 20 Uhr vor den Fernseher setzt, dann zelebriert die Mediengesellschaft ihre Kommunion. Niemand schaut die Tagesschau, um die Welt zu begreifen.,Die+Tagesshow-+Wie+man+in+15+Minuten+die+Welt+unbegreiflich+macht+,34,a12262.html

World Faces 'Perfect Storm' of Problems by 2030, Chief Scientist to Warn

By Ian Sample, science correspondent

A "perfect storm" of food shortages, scarce water and insufficient energy resources threaten to unleash public unrest, cross-border conflicts and mass migration as people flee from the worst-affected regions, the UK government's chief scientist will warn tomorrow.

Didn't We All See This Coming?

By Timothy V. Gatto

This isn't the first time that capitalism has failed. Every time it fails we use a form of temporary socialism to shore up the economy. When things start to return to normal, we give everything back to the capitalists. Why is that?

If We Bail Out the Banks, Why Shouldn't We Own Them?

Sliding Down in Anger

By Saul Landau

"It's worse than you can imagine," a Member of Congress confided to me, referring to the downward spiral of the economy. "We just gave all those hundreds of billions to the bankers so they would lend it and they didn't lend it and they still want more. The bankers don't know what they're doing and Tim Geithner [Treasury Secretary] doesn't know what he's doing. We all know this is the worst economic slump of our lifetime."

Launching Lifeboats Before the Ship Sinks

By Paul Craig Roberts

The New York Times reported that "the dollar plunged about 3 percent against other major currencies" in response to the Fed's announcement.

U.N. Panel Ways World Should Ditch Dollar

By Jeremy Gaunt, European Investment Correspondent

A U.N. panel will next week recommend that the world ditch the dollar as its reserve currency in favor of a shared basket of currencies, a member of the panel said on Wednesday, adding to pressure on the dollar.

Captured By The Debt Spider

By Ellen Brown

If governments everywhere are in debt, who are they in debt to? The answer is that they are in debt to private banks. The "cruel hoax" is that governments are in debt for money created on a computer screen, money they could have created themselves.

The Big Takeover


The global economic crisis isn't about money - it's about power. How Wall Street insiders are using the bailout to stage a revolution.

Myth America

By Cindy Sheehan

Since this country was founded, it has been governed, or controlled by the Robber Class. Some people call our "Lords," the Ruling Class, the Oligarchy, the Kleptocracy, or Plutocracy. Some call our system Cronyism, a Democratic Tyranny, Soft-core Fascist State, or if you are a member of the Robber Class or Blinded Robbed Class, you call it a Democracy, or Republic.

A Forgotten Humanitarian Disaster

By Lieven De Cauter

The truth is that we want to forget this humanitarian disaster, because the West is responsible. Of course, in the first and last instance the administrations of Bush and Blair, but also the Netherlands, Denmark, Hungary, Poland and Italy were part of the coalition and hence accessory while Antwerp was a vital transit port for the invasion. Therefore also Europe bears a heavy responsibility.


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