Call your members of Congress now toll free at 800-828-0498, 800-459-1887 or 800-614-2803.


Don't let anyone ever tell us again our voices are not heard. Today the Senate REJECTED an attempt to strip the Iraq withdrawal time line from the current supplemental, just as you called for them to do. And in the remaining days of the week, before Congress takes a spring recess, there is one more urgent call we must make, to tell the Senate to pass an amendment being offered by new Senator James Webb to head off a NEW war with Iran without express congressional approval.

This amendment would not have been proposed if there were not a real, present and palpable danger that Bush will try to use the recess of Congress to open up a whole new barrel of war horrors. We are hearing more and more stories of preparations consistent with plans for an imminent major assault. Russian intelligence is reporting a continuation of the buildup of our forces on Iran's borders. And even as we speak the Navy is flexing their testosterone in a yet another show of "force" in the Persian gulf.

And to what end? To provoke some Gulf of Tonkin incident to be Bush's latest unjustified causa belli? The sheer clumsiness of the British wandering into DISPUTED waters and getting 15 of their people seized demonstrates how close we are to the situation blowing completely out of control. And we hear Blair warning about a "different phase", which can only mean descent into an even deeper circle of hell. One of their own former ambassadors has pointed out that the border between Iraq and Iran has NEVER been fixed on land, let alone at sea. And those are the waters our would be cowboy president is fishing for more trouble in.

The one thing we know for sure is that bombing Iran is the certain route to only one result, an even larger military confrontation we cannot win, with the added enormous peril of inflaming the situation in Iraq even more than it is now. The lunatic concept being pushed through the Pentagon by still unrepentant neocon hotshot theorists is that all we have to do is launch a bunch of cruise missiles and the Iranians will just fold up their tents. And our current president is just stupid, arrogant and desperate enough to buy it again, especially as the rest of his mid-East debacle comes crashing down around his ears and ours, and six years of despicable, deliberate lies finally start floating to the surface like a bumper crop of flotsam.

We are talking about people who are so utterly divorced from reality on the ground that they see good news in every new truck bombing. This very day on the Senate floor McCain argued that things really are getting better in Iraq, that the surge is working, and that there are neighborhoods in Baghdad outside of concrete fortifications where an American can just go for a leisurely stroll and window shop. But actual on the scene CNN British correspondent Michael Ware, who lives in mortal peril there every day to report what's really going on, says our own military commanders there find such statements laughably ludicrous.


Only by sending a very strong message to the Senate right now, and pressuring them to make a public showing of opposition to Bush's insane, and not so secret, plans can we possibly constrain him from pulling an even bigger trigger, with consequences he has not bothered to consider. We're talking about the Plan A with no Plan B crowd. When asked what they would do if their surge did not work, like all previous identical surges in past, their only response was that is had to work.

Take heart that your many phone calls ARE working. They are the only reason we are finally getting some action out of our Congress, the first awakening of real backbone from our representatives. And it's all your doing. We have to not only keep it up, but magnify our efforts to get everyone who opposes Bush's wrong headed war policies to be their own personal citizen advocate, to lobby Congress with a phone AND a follow up email message right now. Please forward this message to everyone you know. And let it be so.

Please take action NOW, so we can win all victories that are supposed to be ours, and forward this message to everyone else you know.

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