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Disclosures From an Insider

by Deanna Spingola

There are no coincidences! If something happens, it is because it was planned that way! People will be expected to embrace the new system – they may even long for it. There will not be any room for those who reject or dissent. Obviously, very vocal nonconformists will have to be silenced or eliminated. “When the new system takes over, people will be expected to sign allegiance to it, indicating that they don't have any reservations or holding back to the old system.” Will those who speak out......

GM crops cause 'breakdown' in Indian farming systems

Informant: binstock

Injured Soldiers in Limbo

The Army is rethinking the way it evaluates wounded and injured soldiers who are no longer fit for duty because of post-traumatic stress disorder and certain other conditions. But a board at Fort Lewis continues to move soldiers with those medical problems through the Army's disability assessment system, even though the new guidelines have yet to be published, according to attorneys who represent soldiers.

Mike Honda Threatens Pentagon With Hearings on Pat Tillman's Death

If the Pentagon does not take appropriate steps in response to a report to be released Monday that is expected to strongly criticize high-ranking military officials for their role in the handling of the friendly-fire death of former NFL star Pat Tillman, Representative Mike Honda (D-Calif.) threatened Saturday that he would call for congressional hearings on the issue.

House Votes to Protect Whistleblowers, Senate Next Hurdle

Whistleblowers who work for US national security agencies will for the first time be protected if they report waste, fraud or abuse - if the bill passed by the House of Representatives last week makes it through the Senate and gets signed by President George W. Bush.

The president's wild overreaction is revealing

When Will Fredo Get Whacked?

"President Bush wants to keep everything that happens in his White House secret, but when it comes to his own emotions, he's as transparent as a teenager on MySpace," says Frank Rich. "That's why the president's wild overreaction is revealing."

GOP Support for Attorney General Erodes

Republican support for Attorney General Alberto Gonzales eroded Sunday as two key senators sharply questioned his truthfulness and a Democrat joined the list of lawmakers who want him to resign over the firing of eight federal prosecutors. "We have to have an attorney general who is candid and truthful. And if we find out he's not been candid and truthful, that's a very compelling reason for him not to stay on," said Senator Arlen Specter, the top Republican on the Senate Judiciary Committee, which oversees the Justice Department.

Schnüffel-Attacke: New Yorker Polizei bespitzelte Pazifisten in Europa,1518,473745,00.html

New York Police Spied Broadly Before GOP Convention

For at least a year before the 2004 Republican National Convention, teams of undercover New York City police officers traveled to cities across the country, Canada and Europe to conduct covert observations of people who planned to protest at the convention, according to police records and interviews.

Bush's Private Army: Blackwater, The Shadow Army

UNSC Res. 1747 isolates Tehran as Western media paint Iran as aggressive

Informant: jensenmk

From ufpj-news

US mortgage crisis forces homeowners to take refuge in their cars

THEY are victims of the United States' growing mortgage crisis - low-paid workers whose homes have been repossessed amid rising interest rates, a stagnant property market and a lax lending regime.

From Information Clearing House

Guest workers fired after protesting 'slave' conditions

Hundreds of guest workers from India are protesting conditions in a Pascagoula, Miss., shipyard that immigrant rights activists compare to slavery.

From Information Clearing House

How Specialist Town Lost His Benefits

Jon Town has spent the last few years fighting two battles, one against his body, the other against the US Army. Both began in October 2004 in Ramadi.

Pentagon investigating vets retirement home

From Information Clearing House

US and UK fail to find smoking gun

Although British and US military and diplomats often complain of Iranian support for insurgents in Iraq, there is no "smoking gun" to prove it, a senior British officer in Basra admitted yesterday.,,2041713,00.html

From Information Clearing House

Rape fears lead women soldiers to suicide, death

U.S. female soldiers in Iraq were assaulted or raped by male soldiers in the women's latrines, and an alarming number committed suicide, Col. Janis Karpinski reportedly testified before an international human rights commission of inquiry last month.

From Information Clearing House

Reconstruction in Iraq criticised

The US reconstruction programme in Iraq has been described as chaotic and badly managed, in an official report by the US special inspector general for Iraq.

From Information Clearing House


Report Questions Usefulness of Iraq Reconstruction Projects

Poor construction, improper design, substandard materials and lack of maintenance have brought into question the usefulness of seven of eight US-funded Iraq reconstruction projects. "If these projects are typical of the quality and effectiveness of operations and maintenance performance on transitioned projects, the value of the US investment in Iraq reconstruction will be at risk," said Stuart W. Bowen Jr., the special inspector general, in his report to Congress and the Bush administration.

Deployments: The Real Numbers

There will soon be more American soldiers in Iraq than at any point in the war so far. The incoming surge of 21,500 troops is only part of that picture; in addition, the U.S. commander, Gen. David Petraeus, has asked for an additional Army aviation brigade, as well as a couple thousand military police.

From Information Clearing House

9/11 The Falling Man

Full length video

Not yet released in the U.S. Click to view

Getting Away With It: Rendition and Regime Change in Somalia

By Chris Floyd

It's clear that no nation on earth will be allowed to organize its own society as it wishes, or work out its own internal conflicts, if the American elite decides they have some financial or strategic interest in the matter.

Iranians Capture British Sailors: Flashpoint For War?

By Nathan Allonby

The capture of 15 British sailors and marines by the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps Navy, may be a flash point that could escalate into the long-anticipated war between the US and Iran.

Brits in the Gulf: Playing with Fire

By Barry Lando

Let's look at this incident as many Iranians probably view it.

The Crushing Fear That Stalks America

By Robert Fisk

America is not at war. There are no electricity cuts on Valdosta's warm green campus, with its Spanish style department blocks and its narrow, beautiful church. There is no food rationing. There are no air-raid shelters or bombs or "jihadists" stalking these God-fearing folk. It is the US military that is at war, engaged in an Iraqi conflict that is doing damage of a far more subtle kind to America's social fabric.

Support the troops by sending them to war: how can the Democratic leadership say that with a straight face?

By Kevin Zeese

Do we support the troops when we send them to die and kill? Do we support the troops when we send them into a quagmire without adequate armor?

What really is happening in Iraq

By Scott Ritter

While American strategists may speak of the rise of al-Qaida in Iraq, this is misrecognition of what is really happening.

Tony Benn Beats John Bolton To A Pulp


BBC Question Time. Click to view

Why are only the large farms, and not the small farms affected by BSE?

The Desperation of George W. Bush

Informant: Alan Dicey


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