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Action Iran: Congress Can Stop the Slide to War


Informant: David Culp

Monsanto wollte Veröffentlichung verhindern: zugelassener Gen-Mais führte im Tierversuch zu Leber- und Nierenschäden

Eine Studie unabhängiger französischer Wissenschaftler belegt nach Darstellung von Greenpeace "das potentielle Gesundheitsrisiko von gentechnisch verändertem Mais". Der seit Januar 2006 für den Import in die Europäische Union als Lebens- und Futtermittel zugelassene Gen-Mais MON863 des Herstellers Monsanto produziert den Angaben zufolge ein Insektengift gegen Schädlinge. Im MON863-Fütterungsversuch mit Ratten "wiesen die Tiere Vergiftungssymptome und Schädigungen von Leber und Nieren auf". Die vollständige Auswertung des Fütterungsversuches der "Expertengruppe" CRIIGEN (Committee for Independent Research and Genetic Engineering) soll in den nächsten Tagen online im US-Wissenschaftsmagazin Archives of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology publiziert werden. "Erstmals wird damit ein Gesundheitsrisiko für eine bereits zugelassene Gen-Pflanze nachgewiesen", so Greenpeace.





KBR's $400 Million Iraq Question

There's a $400 million question facing the Pentagon's largest contractor, KBR, the former Halliburton subsidiary responsible for more than 50,000 personnel in Iraq and billions in government contracts: Will the mammoth corporation be forced to repay the government nearly half a billion dollars because it hired private security forces in Iraq, including Blackwater USA, when the Army itself was supposed to be providing it with protection? An interactive map details the global reach of Halliburton at the beginning of the invasion of Iraq.



Reid to Attack on Iraq, Democrats Try to Split GOP

With the GOP maintaining a unified front against Democratic efforts to end the Iraq war, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and other party leaders are abandoning efforts to craft a bipartisan deal on the issue, and will instead look to directly tie Republicans to the unpopular conflict, senior leadership aides said Friday.



Firings Had Genesis in White House

The White House suggested two years ago that the Justice Department fire all 93 US attorneys, a proposal that eventually resulted in the dismissals of eight prosecutors last year, according to emails and internal documents that the administration will provide to Congress today.



The U.S. has been a lousy trustee for American Indian assets, and refuses to pay up for harms done

Steal Their Land, Steal Their Money

by Robert J. Miller, TomPaine.com

Billionaires exult in ever-increasing piles of loot, but the rest of us just aren't feeling it

'The Richest Year Ever'

by Tula Connell, TomPaine.com

The firing of eight U.S. attorneys is only the beginning of Bush's dangerous politicizations of justice

The Quality Of Justice

by Aziz Huq, TomPaine.com


Omega Newsletters Archiv 3.01.2002-31.08.2003


Hartz IV Empfänger fliehen nach Mannheim

Verdi: Umzug nach Mannheim als Rettung? ALG-II-Bezieher fliehen aus Gemeinden der Umlandkreise. CDU Landräte setzten "Arbeitsteilung" zwischen der Agentur für Arbeit und der Kommunen durch. Dadurch entstehen u.a. solche Fälle, wie diese.

Am kommenden Donnerstag, dem 15. März 2007 um 09.00 Uhr findet vor dem Sozialgericht in Mannheim ein Verfahren statt, das nach Einschätzung der Vereinten Dienstleistungsgewerkschaft ver.di symptomatisch für die Behandlung Langzeitarbeitsloser im Rhein-Neckar-Kreis ist. Eine Klägerin aus einer Gemeinde des Rhein-Neckar Kreises führt u.a. Beschwerde darüber, dass ihre Wohngeldanträge vom Sozialamt des Landratsamtes in einem Fall über 46 Wochen und in einem anderen Fall über 27 Wochen bearbeitet worden waren. Das stürzte die Frau nicht nur in den finanziellen Ruin und führte obendrein natürlich auch dazu, dass sie ihre Wohnung verlor und weitere Kosten auf sie zukamen. Hier die ganze Meldung: http://www.gegen-hartz.de/nachrichtenueberhartziv/mannheim0344e198f209cde01.php

Der Fall geschildert von der Betroffenen: http://www.gegen-hartz.de/nachrichtenueberhartziv/0344e198f00b81606.php

Sebastian Müller,
gegen-hartz.de @gmx.de

Guest Workers Fired After Protesting Slavelike Conditions

David Bacon writes: "Hundreds of guest workers from India are protesting conditions in a Pascagoula, Mississippi shipyard that immigrant-rights activists compare to slavery. Many gathered in a church on March 11 in this Gulf Coast port after their employer, Signal International, threatened to send some of the workers home. Signal is a large corporation that repairs and services oil-drilling platforms around the world."


Treasury Casts a Wide Net Under Patriot Act

Under a little-noticed provision in the USA Patriot Act, the Treasury Department has ordered severe restrictions against foreign banks or countries for reasons beyond the stated purpose of the law and without producing evidence.


Congress Demands Rove Testimony on Attorney Firings

Congressional committees are now demanding the testimony of Karl Rove in the investigation into reasons behind the firings of eight US attorneys. Senator Charles Schumer, who has helped lead the Senate Judiciary Committee's examination of the dismissals of the federal prosecutors, cited new reports connecting Rove to those who wanted to oust at least one of the US attorneys.



Become a Citizen Co-Sponsor of the Sanders/Boxer Global Warming Bill!


Mast delays anger

By jonathan moyes

THE council has now admitted it was late in responding to a request to erect a mobile phone mast.

O2 wanted to put up the 15 metre mast in Markhouse Road, Walthamstow, and the council had 56 days to approve or reject the application. It decided to reject it. But at a public meeting it emerged that it was four days late in notifying O2, despite previously denying any delay. A council officer admitted the council had made a mistake when he was speaking at a Walthamstow and Lea Bridge Community Council meeting.

He said: "The application was sent back and received four days after the deadline and by that time it was late.

"This means O2 is allowed to put up the mast. We are trying to talk to O2 to see if there is a possibility of its being removed or replaced." A resident claimed he had been disturbed by work at 4am by n workmen.Cllr Keith Rayner said: "Is anybody else thinking this is a noise nuisance case? I will meet with councillors again and we will set up what legal proceedings we will need and will work to resolve this within three or four weeks."

Cllr Afzal Akram said the issue needed to be discussed by the council's cabinet. Residents are pressing for an injunction because they fear the mast will be working by the end of the month, claimed mobile phone mast campaigner, Trevor Calver, of Larkshall Road, Highams Park.

An O2 spokesman said there were no plans to remove the mast.

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New plans for phone mast spark protest


Phone mast plan

By Jo Lafferty

A MOBILE phone mast could be built on top of a Redditch office block if plans are given permission.

Orange has applied to Redditch Council to put four pole mounted antenna and two 0.6m dishes on the roof of Grosvenor House, Prospect Hill.

Several businesses are based in the building and some people who work inside are worried the mast could put their health at risk.

Craig Lippett, an artist at the Redditch Advertiser, which is based on the fifth floor, said: "I wouldn't want to work with a mobile phone mast above my head."

Gill Cook, the paper's advertising manager, said: "If there's a health risk, I'm not happy. In the scheme of things I'd prefer not to have it here."

Nick Jones, managing director of Grosvenor Health on the third floor, disagreed.

He said the plan was a good idea and there was absolutely no evidence of masts damaging health.

"We've been using them for 20 years and there's no evidence," he added.

An Orange spokesman said the Grosvenor House site was a replacement for a site at NEW College destroyed in a fire where the agreement was not renewed after re-building.

"Our first priority is to make sure existing customers maintain the coverage they get at the moment," she added.

"Our mobile phone base stations operate within international guidelines and guidance from central Government. We feel mobile phone base stations are safe and won't be a risk to any member of the general public."

Omega read "Base Stations, operating within strict national and international Guidelines, do not present a Health Risk?" under: http://omega.twoday.net/stories/771911/

She said a World Health Organisation fact sheet of May 2006 expressly states there is no known risk from any emmisions from mobile phone base stations.

Omega this is not true. See under:
http://www.buergerwelle.de/science.html and
"Competing interests, conflicts of interest: Who's funding WHO?"under: http://omega.twoday.net/stories/3347390/

The closing date for the public to respond to the plans is March 27.

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An American Identity Crisis in a Losing War

"The Iraq syndrome is headed our way," writes Ira Chernus. "A clear and growing majority of Americans now tell pollsters that that the 2003 invasion of Iraq was a mistake, that it's a bad idea to 'surge' more troops into Baghdad, that we need a definite timeline for removing all our troops. The nation seems to be remembering a lesson of the Vietnam War: We can't get security by sending military power abroad. Every time we try to control another country by force of arms, we only end up more troubled and less secure. But the Iraq syndrome is a two-edged sword, and there is no telling which way it will cut in the end. Remember the 'Vietnam syndrome,' which made its appearance soon after the actual war ended in defeat. It did restrain our appetite for military interventions overseas - but only briefly. By the late 1970s, it had already begun to boomerang. Conservatives denounced the syndrome as evidence of a paralyzing, Vietnam-induced surrender to national weakness. Their cries of alarm stimulated broad public support for an endless military build-up and, of course, yet more imperial interventions. The very idea of such a 'syndrome' implied that what the Vietnam War had devastated was not so much the Vietnamese or their ruined land as the traumatized American psyche. As a concept, it served to mask, if not obliterate, many of the realities of the actual war."


Politics created the Shi'a-Sunni split, not theology

"Religion, sometimes, is a continuation of politics by other means. Growing Shi'a-Sunni tensions in the Middle East provide further proof this is so," writes Jon B. Alterman in a new report. "Politics, not theology, was at the root of the Shi'a-Sunni split to start with. The Prophet Muhammad was both a religious and political leader, and he left no clear heir. Shi'a argued that leadership should be reserved to members of the Prophet Muhammad's family. Sunnis argued that it should be the most capable among the leadership, regardless of parentage. Doctrinal differences have emerged since having to do with things - such as the assessment of charitable responsibilities, inheritance laws, the position of one's hands during prayer, and other practical issues - but those differences came after the schism. Politics created the Shi'a-Sunni split, not theology."


Security Conference Produces Statements, Draws Mortars, Brings Little Hope

The security conference held last Saturday in Baghdad produced statements, drew mortar fire, and brought little hope of security. The conference attended by representatives from 13 countries including Syria, Iran and the United States was held inside the heavily fortified "green zone" in central Baghdad. Representatives from Iraq's six neighboring countries (Iran, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Kuwait and Syria) and delegates from the five permanent UN Security Council countries (the United States, Russia, China, Britain and France) were present along with several Arab representatives. Iraqi President Jalal Talibani was reported to have observed the conference on video from his bed at the al-Hussein Medical City in Amman, Jordan. International media were invited to show that the meeting was intent on bringing security to Iraq. That plan backfired after mortar shells landed within 50 meters of the conference center, shattering glass panes in the building.


Iraqi returnees find it difficult to resume their old lives

Ali Tofiq, 29, didn't want to leave Iraq for Syria, but he felt he had no other option. He hoped to start a new life with his family - but things did not go according to plan. A former army officer, Tofiq lost his job when the army was dissolved in 2003 and became a taxi driver. In March last year, he sold his car and all his family furniture to scrape together the money to take his wife and four children to Syria. However, nine months after emigrating, he was still without a job. He had run out of money and felt he had no choice but to return home to Iraq. Since he cannot afford to rent a house of his own, Tofiq and his family live with his parents in al-Ilam in eastern Baghdad. Their only source of income is Tofiq's meager pension of 55 US dollars a month. Over the past year, hundreds of thousands of Iraqi families have fled to escape the sectarian violence that has engulfed the country. According to the United Nations refugee agency UNHCR, around 1.8 million Iraqis have left the country since 2003 and around 1.6 million have been internally displaced. The majority have settled in Syria and Jordan.


Kurds Fear a New War

The fragile quiet in this no-man's-land is broken by a young fighter shooting into the air at a regular morning ceremony to "commemorate martyrs". The firing is more than ceremonial. A new threat of war is looming in this mountain range in the north of Iraq, cutting into Turkey and Iran. All three countries have large Kurdish populations, and the governments of all three are worried about a Kurdish uprising for a separate homeland. Only in Iraq do Kurds have an autonomous region of their own. Over the past few months Turkey and Iran have been threatening to sweep positions held by the Kurdistan Workers' Party of Turkey (PKK) off these mountains. They accuse the PKK of launching cross-border operations from Iraq's soil into Turkey and Iran. The PKK announced unilateral ceasefire Oct. 1 last year, symbolically on world peace day, but it was rejected by the Turkish government.


End of Cowboy Diplomacy, Part II?

It was just nine months ago when Newsweek spoke for the conventional wisdom at that moment when it pronounced "The End of Cowboy Diplomacy". The phrase signaled the apparent victory -- at last -- of the State Department-led "realist" wing over hawks led by Vice President Dick Cheney and then-Pentagon chief Donald Rumsfeld in gaining control over the foreign policy of President George W. Bush. One month later, however, war broke out between Lebanon's Hezbollah and Israel, and the hawks, particularly neo-conservatives around Cheney and Rumsfeld, enjoyed a strong resurgence. Bush not only spurned the pleas of Washington's European and Arab allies to press the Jewish state for a ceasefire, but his top Middle East aide, Elliott Abrams, reportedly encouraged it to expand the war into Syria, much to the horror of both his State Department colleagues and his Israeli interlocutors.


Say what you will, but be mindful that speech is free

by Saritha Prabhu


What does the Muslim world think of the West, chiefly America, and its global war on terror? This was the topic of a lecture I attended recently at Austin Peay State University. Firstly, the Muslim world, said the speaker, Professor Awadh Binhazim, isn’t a monolith, nor is it mostly about those bygone images of ‘camel jockeys in the desert.’ It is today, he said, a diverse world spanning several continents, with many parts that are modern and economically thriving, as in Malaysia, United Arab Emirates, Oman and Kuwait. In his travels abroad, and in meeting with Muslims from different countries and backgrounds, Binhazim, a Muslim and Kenyan immigrant, discerned some common attitudes. Muslims do want more freedom in their societies, just not something imposed by force by an outside power...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Deadly when wounded

The American Prospect
by Robert Kuttner


One bumper sticker proposes: Impeach Cheney First. Vice President Dick Cheney has now suffered back-to-back humiliations, with the conviction of his former chief of staff, I. Lewis Libby, and the wresting of key foreign policy decisions by Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice. But if anything, he is even more dangerous wounded. The Bush administration keeps handing the opposition party loaded guns, the latest being the clumsy, politically motivated firings of eight U.S. attorneys, a rare oasis of professionalism. These prosecutors are appointed by the president, but, unlike ordinary presidential appointees, they are not normally removed except for cause. In every case, the purpose seems to have been either to punish a prosecutor who did not capitulate to political pressure or to open up a slot for up-and-coming politicians. All this will now be laid bare in congressional investigations...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


Patriot Act unbound

by Marjorie Cohn


Last year, Republican Senator Arlen Specter slipped a clause into the reauthorized USA Patriot Act that allows Attorney General Alberto Gonzales to appoint U.S. Attorneys without Senate confirmation. Gonzales took advantage of that crafty little provision to fire eight U.S. Attorneys who weren’t goose-stepping to the Bush agenda and replace them with Bush loyalists. Denying any impropriety, Gonzales dismissed the significance of the mass ouster (seven federal prosecutors were asked to resign on the same day last December), calling it an ‘overblown personnel matter.’ The Attorney General swore to the Senate Judiciary Committee in January that he ‘would never, ever make a change in a United States attorney for political reasons.’ But the evidence belies Gonzales’ protestations...



The civility is in the mail

The Free Liberal
by Paul Jacob


Democrats in Congress campaigned effectively against Republican corruption, including the dictatorial way the GOP ran the House, shutting down debate and shutting out Democratic alternatives. Last year, before the election, then Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi argued for ‘open, full and fair debate consisting of a full amendment process that grants the minority the right to offer its alternatives, including a substitute.’ After the election, now Speaker Pelosi reiterated her commitment, saying, ‘The principle of civility and respect for minority participation in the House is something we promised the American people.’ But the Washington Post reports that Republicans have been permitted to propose amendments on only one of the first nine major pieces of legislation that Democrats have brought to the floor thus far...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


The never-ending energy conspiracy


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

China returns fire on US human rights abuses

Independent Institute
by Ivan Eland


In its newly released annual report on the status of human rights around the world, the U.S. State Department disparages a long list of nations about their violations of individual freedoms. The report notes that countries in which power is concentrated in the hands of unaccountable rulers, whether totalitarian or authoritarian, continue to be the world’s most systematic human rights violators. These countries include North Korea, Iran, Burma, Zimbabwe, Cuba, China, Belarus, and Eritrea. … The authoritarian government in China gleefully responded to the U.S. censure of its policies with return fire on the Bush administration’s abysmal record on civil liberties. Things are getting bad when an autocracy chastises a republic for its human rights abuses and the criticism has merit...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


Reiches Land, arme Kinder: Ein Hartz für Kinder

Kinder brauchen Teddybären und Schulsachen!

0 Cent im Monat für die Schule, 76 Cent für Spielzeug oder 40 Cent für den Kauf eines Fahrrads: Bundesweiter Arbeitskreis von Erwerbsloseninitiativen und -gruppen fordert dringend zusätzliche Leistungen für Kinder in „Hartz IV” und will diese Leistungen vor Ort durchsetzen. Aufruf zur Gemeinsamen Kampagne "Reiches Land, arme Kinder und Schulkosten und Hartz IV" (pdf) http://www.labournet.de/diskussion/arbeit/realpolitik/hilfe/armekinder.pdf

Ein Hartz für Kinder

Flugblatt des Rhein-Main-Bündnisses (pdf) http://www.labournet.de/diskussion/arbeit/realpolitik/hilfe/schulkind_rmb.pdf

Ein Hartz für Kinder. Zur Senkung der Regelsätze für Schulkinder mit Einführung von Hartz IV

Vortragstext von Rainer Roth vom Februar 2007 (pdf) http://www.labournet.de/diskussion/arbeit/realpolitik/hilfe/schulkind.pdf

Aus: LabourNet, 13. März 2007


ALG II und Kinder/Jugendliche

Ein guter Schulstart für ALLE Kinder!

In Rottenburg und in Tübingen hat die Kreisarmutskonferenz Tü zusammen mit dem Tübinger Bündnis gegen Sozialabbau, dem Tübinger Arbeitslosen-Treff (T-A-T) und der Linken eine Initiative gestartet, um allen Erstklässlern aus ALG-II-Familien eine Grundausstattung zum ersten Schultag des Schuljahres 2007 zu ermöglichen. Siehe das Flugblatt zur Aktion (pdf) http://www.labournet.de/diskussion/arbeit/realpolitik/hilfe/schulstart.pdf

„Reiches Land – arme Kinder“ - Aktion gegen die gewöhnliche Kinderarmut in Bochum

Der DGB, das Institut für Kirche und Gesellschaft, das Sozialforum, mehrere Arbeitloseninitiativen und die Unabhängige Sozialberatung haben am 30.7.07 in einer Aktion in der Bochumer Innenstand auf die massenhafte Kinderarmut in unserer Gesellschaft aufmerksam gemacht. Siehe dazu den Bericht bei bo-alternativ mit weiteren Infos http://www.bo-alternativ.de/2007/07/30/aktion-gegen-die-gewoehnliche-kinderarmut/

Aus: LabourNet, 31. Juli 2007


Mit leerem Magen und ohne Schulsachen lernt sich's schlecht !

Schulpflichtige Kinder von Alg-II-Beziehenden haben laut SGB II keinen Anspruch auf einmalige Beihilfen für Schulbedarf (Schulmaterial, Lehrmittel). Aus diesem Grunde wird die SOGA ab sofort Musteranträge für Eltern und Alleinerziehende in ihrer Beratung bereitstellen, diese Anträge wurden von Tacheles noch einmal überarbeitet, sind also auf dem neuesten Stand. Unsere Beratung findet aus diesem Grunde, ab sofort auch wieder Donnerstags von 15 bis 18 Uhr statt. http://www.soga-nms.net/40368.html

Den Antrag auf Bewilligung einer nicht rückzahlbaren Beihilfe für Schulmaterial finden Sie hier http://www.alg-2.info/hilfe/widersprueche/antrag-schulkosten

Oldenburg Modellprojekt gegen wachsende Kinderarmut in den Kommunen ?

Die Arbeitslosenselbsthilfe Oldenburg (ALSO) begrüßt den mutigen Schritt der Stadt Oldenburg.

Schulkosten: Kommualer in Oldenburg eingerichtet, so lautet der Titel der jetzt in der Fachzeitschrift "Info-also" 03/2007 zum Arbeitlosen- und Sozialrecht. Wir hatten bereits in unserer Ausgabe 06/30.Woche darüber berichtet.

Auf einer Sitzung am 19. März 2007 hat der Oldenburger Stadtrat beschlossen 200.000 Euro in einen kommunalen Fonds für Schulmaterialien einzustellen.... Damit folgte der Stadtrat einer Initiative der Arbeitslosenselbshilfe Óldenburg (ALSO), die seit zwei Jahren auf die unhaltbare Lage von Kinder aufmerksam macht, deren Eltern Arbeitslosengeld II beziehen... ...in den Regelsatzen von 207 und 276 Euro sind die Kosten für Schule und Bildung nicht vorgesehen. Die Leihgebühren für Schulbücher werden zwar von der Kommune erstattet, aber je nach Ereignis, z.B. Einschulung oder Klassenwechsel müssen die Eltern für ein Kind oft mehr als 100 Euro zusätzlich ausgeben....

Die Eltern geraten in Not, weil sie das Geld dafür nicht haben, aber die Alg-II-Behörden lehnen Anträge auf Beihilfe in der Regel ab, dass alle Kosten mit dem Regelsatz abgedeckt seien.

Der Oldenburger Stadtrat hat nun den Vorschlag der ALSO aufgegriffen, für Kinder von Alg-II-Bezieherinnen diese Schulkosten aus einem kommunalen Fonds zu bezahlen, und will darüberhinaus auch für Kinder geringverdienender Eltern zur Verfügung stehen. Die ALSO begrüßt diesen mutigen und richtigen Schritt gegen Armut und gesellschaftliche Ausgrenzung. Er könnte und sollte Bundesweit ein Zeichen setzen und viele weitere Kommunen ermutigen, in ihrem Rahmen etwas für gerechtere Gesellschaft zu unternehmen.

Weiter Informationen hierzu als Acrobat-Reader-Datei hier zu finden ... (223 KB) http://www.also-zentrum.de/material/schulmaterialfonds2007.pdf

Dieses wäre sicherlich auch für Neumünster ein machbares Modell, und stößt hoffentlich auch bei den Fraktionen im Stadtrat der Stadt Neumünster nicht auf taube Ohren.

Der erste Schultag ist für Kinder aufregend und für Eltern teuer. Hartz-IV-Empfänger müssen Einschulungskosten selbst zahlen, doch es gibt Ausnahmen.

Berlin (ddp.djn). Der erste Schultag ist für Kinder aufregend und für Eltern teuer. Die Ausgaben für Stifte, Schulranzen, Bücher, Hefte und nicht zuletzt die Schultüte summieren sich leicht auf einen dreistelligen Eurobetrag. Noch mehr Geld wird für einen kindgerechten Schularbeitsplatz fällig. Hartz-IV-Empfänger sind zwar in vielen Bundesländern von der Eigenbeteiligung beim Kauf von Schulbüchern befreit, die übrigen Ausgaben müssen sie jedoch grundsätzlich aus dem Regelsatz bestreiten. So stellt eine Entscheidung des Sozialgerichts Berlin unmissverständlich klar, dass es für «Aufwendungen anlässlich einer Einschulung» keinen Zuschlag zum Arbeitslosengeld II (ALG II) gibt (Entscheidung vom 19. Juli 2006, AZ: S 106 AS 6175/06 ER).

In der amtlichen Bedarfsaufstellung, die der Berechnung des Regelsatzes für ALG-II-Empfänger zu Grunde liegt, sind allerdings gar keine Kosten für die Schulbildung berücksichtigt. Hartz-IV-Initiativen weisen seit langem auf diesen Widerspruch hin und raten Betroffenen, bei den zuständigen Behörden trotz der geltenden Rechtslage einen Antrag auf «Beihilfe für Schulbedarf» zu stellen - ein Musterformular mit ausführlicher Antragsbegründung steht auch online zur Verfügung ( http://www.erwerbslosenforum.de/an.htm ). Einige Städte und Kommunen haben auf das Problem reagiert.

In Göttingen beispielsweise gibt es für Kinder, die in diesem Sommer eingeschult werden, eine einmalige Beihilfe zum ALG II von maximal 80 Euro. Die Summe wird nicht ausgezahlt, sondern als Gutschein ausgegeben. Eltern, die Schulmaterial bereits besorgt haben, bekommen die Ausgaben gegen Vorlage der Kaufbelege erstattet.

Der Landkreis Dahme-Spreewald in Brandenburg gewährt einen Zuschlag von pauschal 80 Euro je Schulanfänger aus bedürftigen Haushalten. Um die Beihilfe zu bekommen, genügt ein formloser Antrag mit Einschulungsnachweis. In Oldenburg gibt es immerhin 50 Euro für den Einschulungsbedarf.

Gibt es keine kommunale Sonderregelung und lehnt die zuständige Behörde den Antrag auf eine Einschulungsbeihilfe (erwartungsgemäß) ab, kommt eventuell ein Antrag auf ein Darlehen in Betracht. Zwar schloss das Sozialgericht Berlin in der zitierten Entscheidung auch eine rückzahlbare Beihilfe aus, da es sich bei Schultüte und Ranzen nicht um «unabweisbaren Bedarf zur Sicherung des Lebensunterhaltes» gemäß Paragraf 23, Absatz 1 SGB II handele.

Die Richter am Sozialgericht in Schleswig urteilten jedoch anders. Die Sozialbehörde müsse ein Darlehen gewähren, sofern keine ausreichenden Ersparnisse vorhanden seien (Beschluss vom 14. August 2006, AZ: S 3 AS 663/06 ER). Jedenfalls sei einem Erstklässler nicht zuzumuten, Schultüte und Ranzen seiner elf Jahre älteren Schwester zu tragen, wie die Behörde vorgeschlagen hatte. http://www.gegen-armut-2007.de/03c19899300832b01/03c19899710be5e01.html

Aus: SOGA-NEWSLETTER Nr. 8 - 32. Woche 2007


Kinder haben Anspruch auf Extra-Leistungen für die Schule. Widerspruch und gerichtliches Verfahren

In den Regelleistungen der Kinder sind keine Lernmittel und Schulmaterialen enthalten. Deswegen hat Tacheles einen Musterantrag veröffentlicht. Um diese Kampagne zu vertiefen, werden jetzt Muster für das Widerspruchs- und Klageverfahren veröffentlicht. Material von Erwin Denzler M.A,, Dozent für Arbeits- und Sozialrecht, bei Tacheles http://www.tacheles-sozialhilfe.de/aktuelles/2008/Schulkosten2.aspx

Aus: LabourNet, 14. August 2008


Deutsches Lohndumping

Lohnpolitik: Nachbarn hoffen auf Ende der deutschen Diät

„Nicht nur die Gewerkschaften fordern die Trendwende bei den Tarifen. Auch im europäischen Ausland wächst der Ärger über die beharrliche Lohnzurückhaltung der Deutschen…“ Artikel von Markus Sievers in Frankfurter Rundschau vom 13.3.07 http://www.fr-online.de/in_und_ausland/wirtschaft/aktuell/?em_cnt=1093164

Flucht aus dem Armenhaus

„Der Ansturm der deutschen Arbeitskräfte in die Schweiz hat vor allem einen Grund: Deutschland hat sich innerhalb weniger Jahre mutwillig zum Billiglohnland und zum Armenhaus gemacht. Selbst im «Boomjahr» 2006 gingen die Löhne weiter zurück…“ Artikel von Werner Vontobel im schweizerischen SonntagsBlick online vom 25.02.2007 http://www.blick.ch/sonntagsblick/wirtschaft/artikel56773

Aus: LabourNet, 13. März 2007

Neoliberale Wirtschaftsideologie: "Ein modernes Arbeitsrecht für die Herausforderungen des 21.Jahrhunderts"

Keine Unterordnung von Arbeits- und Tarifrecht unter die neoliberale Wirtschaftsideologie!

„Ihrer neoliberalen Zielsetzung verpflichtet, nimmt sich die EU-Kommission nun auch dem Arbeits- und Tarifrecht an. Unter dem aufschlussreichen Titel „Ein modernes Arbeitsrecht für die Herausforderungen des 21.Jahrhunderts“ legt die Kommission nun ein Grünbuch vor und fordert ausdrücklich zu einer öffentlichen Konsultation auf. Danach kann jeder auf postalischem oder auch elektronischem Weg seine Meinung zum Thema kundtun. Bis Juni 2007 soll dann ein erster Entwurf für ein „modernes Arbeitsrecht“ vorliegen. Solange sollte allerdings niemand warten. Es ist vielmehr ratsam, bereits jetzt jede Möglichkeit zu nutzen, Ablehnung gegen eine umfassende neoliberale Ausrichtung des Arbeits- und Tarifrechtes zu äußern. In einem weiteren Beitrag will ich deshalb im Sinne eines Beispiels auf die konkreten Fragen der EU-Kommission zu einem zeitgemäßen Arbeits- und Tarifrecht – allerdings mit einem ganz anderen Verständnis von modernem Arbeits- und Tarifrecht - eingehen…“ Artikel von Armin Kammrad vom 11.03.2007 http://www.labournet.de/diskussion/eu/sopo/arecht_ak.html

Siehe dazu auch:

Grünbuch: Ein moderneres Arbeitsrecht für die Herausforderungen des 21. Jahrhunderts

Dt. Fassung vom 22.11.2006 (pdf) http://ec.europa.eu/employment_social/labour_law/docs/2006/green_paper_de.pdf

Konsultation zum Grünbuch: "Ein moderneres Arbeitsrecht für die Herausforderungen des 21. Jahrhunderts". Der Konsultationsprozess beginnt am 22. November 2006 und endet am 31. März 2007 http://ec.europa.eu/yourvoice/ipm/forms/dispatch?form=labourlaw&lang=de

Bertelsmann Stiftung, Forum Arbeitsvertragsrecht http://arbvg.de/index.html Dort gilt: „Den Entwurfstext für ein Arbeitsvertragsgesetz finden Sie ausschließlich im geschlossenen Forumsbereich. Bitte registrieren Sie sich, um in das Forum zu gelangen. Im Forum können Sie zudem den Entwurf kommentieren und eigene Änderungsvorschläge machen.“ http://arbvg.de/downloads.html

Whistleblower-Netzwerk entwirft Stellungnahme zum EU-Grünbuch Arbeitsrecht

Whistleblower-Netzwerk e.V. beabsichtigt eine Stellungnahme zum jüngst veröffentlichten Grünbuch der EU-Kommission zum Arbeitsrecht, abzugeben, um so eine Initiative für einen besseren Schutz von Whistleblowern in Deutschland und Europa anzuregen. Siehe den vollständigen Entwurf (pdf) http://www.whistleblower-netzwerk.de/EU_Gruenbuch.pdf

Neokoloniale Logik

»Offene« Märkte, kaputte Binnenwirtschaft: EU-Entwicklungsminister beraten über »Partnerschaft« mit Organisation von Staaten Afrikas, der Karibik und des pazifischen Raumes (AKP). Artikel von Gerhard Klas in Junge Welt vom 13.3.07 http://www.jungewelt.de/2007/03-13/006.php

Aus: LabourNet, 13. März 2007



CAMPAIGNERS against a mobile phone mast have lost their battle against it being sited next to a medical centre.

Planning Inspector Peter Marshall granted Hutchison 3G permission to put a 12 metre high mobile mast, on a public footway in Dittons Road, Stone Cross.

This is despite a petition signed by hundreds of villagers — and the decision goes against the wishes of councillors who voted against it.

David Picton, who organised the petition signed by more than 700 people, said, ''I'm deeply disappointed by this decision.

''The people of Stone Cross have shown their feelings against this mast by signing this petition, yet have no say.

''Our elected representatives, the voice of the people, said 'no' to the mast and their decision is over turned.

''There are no proven health risks against masts but there is also no proof they are safe.

''To place this mast so close to both a medical centre and a number of education establishments for young people defies belief.

''We put a good case against the mast yet we are now forced to put up with it.

''With yet another application having been submitted to the district council for a mast on Lion Hill, it could end up there are three of them within 100 yards of one another.''

A spokeswoman for Westham Parish Council said, ''The parish council strongly opposed the mast and is therefore extremely disappointed to hear the appeal was successful.

''It would however like to take this opportunity to thank Wealden for all its help and support.''

Concerns by anti-mast campaigners centred on the mast's position next to Stone Cross Medical Centre and its proximity to the village's memorial hall, where a pre-school meets, and Stone Cross Primary School.

Mr Marshall, who heard the appeal last week, stated in his decision notice, ''I conclude on the main issue that concerns a risk to public health and interference with electrical government at the surgery are not grounds on which the appeal should be dismissed.

''Added weight is given to my view that the appeal should be allowed by the need for the proposed development and the details of the appellant's site search.

''There would be no conflict with those policies of the development plan.''

The decision as to whether Hutchison 3G will be awarded costs is yet to be made by Mr Marshall.

13 March 2007

All rights reserved © 2007 Johnston Press Digital Publishing.


Planners say no to disguised mast

Published on 12/03/2007

SOUTH Lakeland planners have refused proposals for a 15ft mobile phone mast disguised as a 15-metre high flagpole in Grange.

Proposals for the phone mast with integrated antennas were lodged by T Mobile at South Lakeland District Council.

The mobile phone giant hoped to erect the mast on land next to the boundary of St Paul’s Church, on Main Street.

However, a report from planning officers said the structure would have an adverse impact on the sitting of the listed building and within the conservation area in Grange.

SLDC planning officer for Grange, Fiona Clark, said members of the committee have turned down the application.

View this story and the latest newspaper in full digital reproduction, just like the printed copy at http://www.nwemail.co.uk/digitalcopy


Democrats call for resignation of Gonzales

U.S. Attorney General Alberto Gonzales should resign following disclosures of mass firings of federal prosecutors and a report the FBI improperly obtained information on private citizens, top Democratic senators said Sunday.


From Information Clearing House


Foreclosures May Hit 1.5 Million in U.S. Housing Bust

Hold on to your assets. The deepest housing decline in 16 years is about to get worse.

US mortgage lender loses credit, sparking fallout fears

A major player in the high-risk segment of the US mortgage market said Monday its credit was being cut off, prompting renewed concerns about fallout into the overall financial system.


From Information Clearing House


Climate Report Warns of Drought, Disease

The harmful effects of global warming on daily life are already showing up, and within a couple of decades hundreds of millions of people won't have enough water, top scientists will say next month at a meeting in Belgium.


From Information Clearing House

The Drugging of our Children

Video documentary

Many school systems actually work with government agencies to force parents to drug their children, threatening those who refuse with the prospect of having their children taken from the home unless they cooperate.


From Information Clearing House


A network of the US secret prisons in Africa

According Le Monde newspaper that the US started a regional network of US secret prisons in East-Africa violating international law.


From Information Clearing House


Decoding Bush: 'Iran, you're next? - New Iran military strike warning

US dismisses Iranian leader's UN overture, presses on with sanctions

The United States dismissed on Monday a bid by Iran's hardline president to defend Tehran's nuclear program at the United Nations, instead pressing ahead with efforts to impose more sanctions on the Islamic Republic.


Decoding Bush: 'Iran, you're next?

A noted neocon and unabashed war hawk, Richard Perle told a journalist that a short message could be delivered to other hostile regimes in the Middle East, 'You're next.'


Sam Gardiner: Game of Strategic Chicken: What’s behind the surge on Iran?

We are repeatedly told the Administration has no plans for a strike on Iran. The forces, the message and the justification are being put in place. These moves point to an attack, but it is more like a game of strategic chicken.


New Iran military strike warning

Israeli support for military action against Iran's nuclear ambitions is dangerously misguided, a new report argues today.


Missing Iranian official was kidnapped: relatives

The relatives of an Iranian ex-deputy defense minister who went missing in Turkey accused Iran's arch enemies the United states and Israel of kidnapping him, state radio reported on Monday.


From Information Clearing House


Salim Lone: The last thing we need

The new US command for Africa will militarise the continent and inflame a string of regional conflicts.


From Information Clearing House


'Support the Troops': Just a slogan?

Please, Mr. President: Tell us one more time how much your administration supports our troops!


War Veterans Mentally damaged

A quarter of the Afghanistan and Iraq war veterans treated with US government-funded health care have been diagnosed with a mental disorder.


From Information Clearing House

Foreign Office helped set up Iraqi oil deals

The British Government intervened to help UK and US energy giants in their attempts to secure lucrative contracts to exploit Iraq's ruined oilfields.


From Information Clearing House


Cheney says Congress' anti-war efforts undermine troops in Iraq

Lashing out at lawmakers who profess to back the troops but oppose Bush's plans in Iraq, Cheney said proof of their commitment would come as they consider legislation to provide nearly $100 billion for the rest of this yearÕs costs of the wars.


From Information Clearing House


Killing the Constitution

By Irene Rheinwald

Impeachment is not enough. Our society is in need of a political and economic overhaul. We need to align civic duty with genuine compassion, the desire to make a better world. - Our entire society needs to shift from a materialistic, elitist theocracy living by outdated norms of colonialism to a truly progressive one, where the dignity of all, regardless of nationality, is honoured.



The Future Has Caught Up With Us

By Paul Craig Roberts

For the past five years, the Bush Regime has held people in secret prisons without warrants, charges, or access to an attorney. Most detainees have been tortured and abused. Bush’s real world victims suffer from more disorientation and hopelessness than Kafka’s character, Josef K.



Total Withdrawal? Who are you kidding?

By Barry Lando

Though U.S. legislators voted against appropriating funds for permanent bases in Iraq, the White House and Pentagon have ignored that prohibition by portraying the huge construction projects to be for temporary facilities tied to the on-going conflict.


US Strategy Undermined Iraq's Women

The United States' four-year-old occupation of Iraq has considerably worsened the lives of the country's women, charges a new report from an international human rights group. The New York-based group MADRE says Iraqi women are enduring unprecedented levels of assault, abductions, public beatings, death threats, sexual assaults, honor killings, domestic abuse, torture in detention, beheadings, shootings, and public hangings.



Challenging the Workplace Dictatorship

Barbara Ehrenreich writes: "With the Employee Free Choice Act heading toward a Senate vote, conservative columnist George F. Will has suddenly developed a tender concern for workers' rights. The act 'strips all workers of privacy,' he fumed in the Washington Post last week, and will repeal 'a right - to secret ballots - long considered fundamental to a democratic culture.... ' As Will sees it, the unions are backing the act out of sheer desperation: Since they can't seem to win a fair fight for workers' allegiance, they want government to take away the workers' rights and help herd them into union membership. OK, now let's leave Will-land and enter an actual American workplace."



Forests Shouldn't Be Fuel Source

Behind closed doors, the biomass energy and timber industries have been lobbying Oregon Governor Ted Kulongoski, legislators such as Senator Vicki Walker, and Oregon members of Congress. The lobbyists' aim is to assure policymakers that all of Oregon's public forests (nearly 17 million acres) need to be thinned or logged to reduce the frequency and severity of forest fires, while at the same time promoting the fringe benefit of extracting forest biomass as a green and renewable energy source.


New Climate Report: More Bad News

The harmful effects of global warming on daily life are already showing up, and within a couple of decades hundreds of millions of people won't have enough water. At the same time, tens of millions of others will be flooded out of their homes each year as the Earth reels from rising temperatures and sea levels, according to portions of a draft of an international scientific report.


Let's Call the Coal Thing Off

Is King Coal about to be deposed? Climate scientists, key members of Congress, environmentalists, and the progressive wing of the business world are plotting a coup d'etat. Regime change isn't likely to come soon, but this resistance movement could significantly alter the way the pollution-spewing sovereign wields its power.


Activists Announce Protests at Pentagon and on Campuses

On Saturday, March 17, anti-war activists from around the country will gather near the Vietnam Memorial and march to the Pentagon. This event comes 40 years after the historic march on the Pentagon which many observers saw as a turning point in the movement against the Vietnam War. Student organizers are also planning events on campuses around the country between March 15 and 20.



Erschreckend, was auf dem Handy zu sehen ist



Handy-Verbot an Schulen

Support American families by supporting wage protections

Tell Bush to support Davis-Bacon wage protections and not to stand in the way of this long overdue bill.


National Security Archives: Agencies Violate Law on Online Information


IRS Owes Americans $20 Billion from Illegal War Tax


It's Expensive to Ignore Global Warming


60 Years of Faulty Logic



A New Network Forms to Close US Overseas Military Bases


Military Action Against Iran Would Backfire on Israel, Report Warns


Dozens Arrested in Tacoma, WA: Protest Speaks Through Arrests



Showdown at Port Tacoma: Confronting the war machine

by Ron Jacobs


On March 5th, 2007, several people were attacked and at least three arrested by police in Tacoma, WA. at a series of protests against shipments of military supplies at the city’s port. The reasons for the attacks and arrests were not clear to onlookers, who told the press that the protesters were doing nothing but holding signs. In an exchange I had with Jeff Berryhill of Olympia, WA. (who was arrested along with Wally Cudderford and Caitlin Esworthy) I was told that all he was doing when he was shot with a rubber bullet by the police was “holding a sign that read “Courage to Resist. org.’” (Courage to Resist is an organization supporting military resisters.) The next thing he knew he was hit in the thigh by a police-fired projectile. ..


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


Tacoma port militarization resistance, Mar. 12, 2007

UFPPC supports port militarization resistance

Informant: jensenmk

From ufpj-news

The Army is Ordering Injured Troops to Go to Iraq


Waffen, die nicht töten



Hate Crime Legislation Will Target Your Freedom of Speech

by Tom DeWeese

HR. 254 would require every state to pass and enforce "anti-hate" laws, making it a federal crime to express bias against specifically federally protected groups. Some hate laws have been interpreted to mean documents like the Bible are hate literature and preaching from it is hate speech. Nowhere was this more clearly shown than in England under a similar law, where two men who called Islam "wicked" were indicted, and now face seven years in prison. The British law blatantly says "truth" cannot be used as a defense......



Mitchel Cohen's call for Peoples' Impeachment Tribunals

A few weeks ago, the World Can't Wait held a very important impeachment gathering in New York City. A video of my own speech there can be found at:


Around 6 minutes and 50 seconds in, Debra Sweet introduces me, and I speak for around 8 minutes here, laying out my proposal for Peoples' Impeachment Tribunals all over the country and the creation of a National Impeachment Resource Center.

That entire weekend's impeachment summit can be seen and heard at http://www.activistnation.net .


Mitchel Cohen

From ufpj-news



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