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House Creates Global Warming Committee

House Democrats, intent on making climate change a marquee issue, created a special panel Thursday to study and offer recommendations on how to deal with global warming.

Mystery Around a Journalist's Death in Moscow

Ivan Safronov was found dead last Friday after a fall from the fourth floor of his Moscow apartment. Was it coincidental that the last story he was working on was potentially hugely embarrassing to Moscow?

Lift the Curtain

Bob Herbert asks: "Why in the world is anyone surprised that the Bush administration has not been taking good care of wounded and disabled American troops? Real-life human needs have never been a priority of this administration. The evidence is everywhere: from the mind-bending encounter with the apocalypse in Baghdad, to the ruined residential neighborhoods in New Orleans, to the anxious families in homes across America who are offering tearful goodbyes to loved ones heading off to yet another pointless tour in Iraq."

Department of Injustice

Paul Krugman writes: "The Gonzales Eight were fired because they wouldn’t go along with the Bush administration’s politicization of justice. But statistical evidence suggests that many other prosecutors decided to protect their jobs or further their careers by doing what the administration wanted them to do: harass Democrats while turning a blind eye to Republican malfeasance."

Iraqi Insurgent Attacks Intensifying

US Gen. David Petraeus said the troop buildups outside Baghdad will focus on Diyala province northeast of Baghdad, a growing hotbed for suspected Sunni extremists fleeing the US-Iraqi security operation in Baghdad. But Petraeus stressed that military force alone is "not sufficient" to end the violence in Iraq, and political talks must eventually include some militant groups now opposing the US-backed government.

There's Still Time to Rethink Iran

Ray McGovern writes: "More than five years have passed since President Bush labeled Iraq, Iran and North Korea the 'axis of evil.' It is imperative that we try to piece together what role US intelligence played in supporting the 'axis' idea and the misguided policies and actions that ensued."

Democrats Shift Debate to Iraq Endgame

The new Democratic proposals for Iraq may eventually be weakened or killed, but in one stroke they have transformed a many-sided debate about the conflict into a sharp-edged argument about the endgame. Now, the Democratic mainstream has made its decision and offered the public a choice: follow the president's plan to use US combat troops indefinitely or shift American soldiers to a secondary role and begin withdrawing them.

Liebesgrüße aus Damaskus

Warum sich Israel und Syrien nicht näher kommen, obwohl beide Seiten das eigentlich wollen.

Zweikampf der Reisenden

George W. Bush tourt durch Lateinamerika - und Hugo Chávez folgt ihm

Maulkorb für US-Wissenschaftler

Obgleich das Weiße Haus US-Präsident Bush als altgedienten Klimaschützer geoutet hat, werden noch immer Wissenschaftler in Behörden gehindert, über den Klimawandel zu sprechen.

Iraq: Pulled Out Or Pushed Out

by Robert Dreyfuss,

Both the Democrats and a new Iraqi parliamentary bloc are working to end the occupation, but can anyone overrule Bush?

Mobilfunkauseinandersetzung in Stuttgart

Anbei Scans der Zeitungsberichte über die Mobilfunkauseinandersetzung in
Stuttgart von dieser Woche.

Peter Hensinger

Court Backs “State Secrets” Claim in Challenge to CIA Kidnapping

Three Quick Calls to Save Our Cypress

Guantanamo Is Not a Prison

Karen J. Greenberg writes: "Several weeks ago, I took the infamous media tour of the facilities at Guantanamo.... In the course of my brief stay, thanks to my military handlers, I learned a great deal about Gitmo decorum, as the military would like us to practice it. My escorts told me how best to describe the goings-on at Guantanamo, regardless of what my own eyes and prior knowledge told me.... Those who fail to reproduce the official narrative are not welcome back. 'Tell it the wrong way and you won't be back,' one of our escorts warns me over lunch."

Cindy Sheehan: The Flash Point

"Our founders wrote the impeachment clauses into the Constitution to rein in a president who wants to reign and not serve. Comments from the founders on preventing an executive from becoming king-like were very prescient, and were written for precisely the crisis that our country is in now. If the impeachment clauses are not used on this president and vice president, then they will further be rendered meaningless, and every subsequent president should be bowed and scraped to," writes Cindy Sheehan.


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A Predator Becomes More Dangerous When Wounded

Noam Chomsky begins: "In the energy-rich Middle East, only two countries have failed to subordinate themselves to Washington's basic demands: Iran and Syria. Accordingly, both are enemies, Iran by far the more important. As was the norm during the Cold War, resorting to violence is regularly justified as a reaction to the malign influence of the main enemy, often on the flimsiest of pretexts. Unsurprisingly, as Bush sends more troops to Iraq, tales surface of Iranian interference in the internal affairs of Iraq - a country otherwise free from any foreign interference - on the tacit assumption that Washington rules the world."

Democrats Roll Out Iraq Withdrawal Plans in Both Houses

After weeks of behind-the-scenes wrangling, Senate Democrats emerged Thursday from a closed-door meeting with details of a new Iraq resolution calling for phased withdrawal of US troops beginning within three months.

GM Food Nightmare Unfolding in the Regulatory Sham

Firepower and freedom

Liberty For All
by David Goree

The brilliant thinkers that wrote our Constitution had it right… They had just fought a war to overthrow an oppressive government, and they had won it by having similar technologies to this oppressive Government and tactics more suitable to the type of war they were fighting. These geniuses wrote the Second Amendment to ensure that this balance continued for the future of this great Nation... (written 03/02; posted 03/08/07)

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Don’t let Uncle Sam become a computer hacker

Competitive Enterprise Institute
by Achim Schmillen


Do you remember every Web site you visited, every email you sent, and every word you Googled during the last two years? Probably not, but your Internet service provider might—especially if a popular proposal in Washington becomes law. In September, U.S. Attorney General Alberto Gonzales called for a law to force Internet service providers (ISPs) to store customer information for one to two years. Rep. Dianne DeGette (D-Colo.) plans to introduce such a “data retention” bill this coming spring...,05802.cfm

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Top secret: we’re wiretapping you

by Ryan Singel


It could be a scene from Kafka or Brazil. Imagine a government agency, in a bureaucratic foul-up, accidentally gives you a copy of a document marked ‘top secret.’ And it contains a log of some of your private phone calls. You read it and ponder it and wonder what it all means. Then, two months later, the FBI shows up at your door, demands the document back and orders you to forget you ever saw it. By all accounts, that’s what happened to Washington D.C. attorney Wendell Belew in August 2004...,72811-0.html?tw=wn_index_18

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

The tragic case of Jose Padilla

by Elaine Cassel


Last week, U.S. District Judge Marcia Cooke ruled that American citizen Jose Padilla, who is now facing terrorism charges in Miami, Florida, is competent to stand trial. In order to put the competence issue in context, it is necessary to review the long and unprecedented history of the U.S. government’s cases against Jose Padilla. Cases involving Padilla have been before federal courts in New York, South Carolina, and now Florida, and back and forth to the U.S. Supreme Court on three occasions...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Justice officials will be asked to testify in firings

Knoxville News Sentinel


The Senate Judiciary Committee will ask several Justice Department officials to testify about the firing of eight federal prosecutors and could issue subpoenas if they refuse, Sen. Charles Schumer said Wednesday. Schumer, D-N.Y., said the committee will discuss today whether to authorize subpoenas if necessary...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Military force alone won’t solve Iraq woes



Military force alone is ‘not sufficient’ to end the violence in Iraq and political talks must eventually include some militant groups now opposing the U.S.-backed government, the new commander of U.S. forces in Iraq said Thursday. ‘This is critical,’ U.S. Gen. David Petraeus said in his first news conference since taking over command last month. He noted that such political negotiations ‘will determine in the long run the success of this effort’...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

DoJ report critical of FBI Patriot Act abuse

Topeka Capital-Journal


A blistering Justice Department report accuses the FBI of underreporting its use of the Patriot Act to force businesses to turn over customer information in terrorism cases, according to officials familiar with its findings. The report, to be released Friday, also says the FBI failed to send follow-up subpoenas to telecommunications firms that were told to expect them, according to several government officials who spoke on condition of anonymity because the report by the Justice Department’s inspector general had not yet been released...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


Report Says FBI Violated Patriot Act Guidelines

The FBI repeatedly failed to follow the strict guidelines of the Patriot Act when its agents took advantage of a new provision allowing the FBI to obtain phone and financial records without a court order, according to a report to be made public Friday by the Justice Department's inspector general.


Justice Dept.: FBI Misused Patriot Act


The FBI improperly and, in some cases, illegally used the USA Patriot Act to secretly obtain personal information about people in the United States, a Justice Department audit concluded Friday.

McCain to NYC: give war a chance

New York Daily News


Sen. John McCain made a fund-raising foray onto Rudy Giuliani’s home turf last night, reiterating his support for sending more troops to Iraq but conceding Americans may get fed up with the war. Tickets for the Republican presidential hopeful’s ‘Exchange of Ideas’ forum at midtown’s Hudson Theatre went for $2,300 and $1,000 a pop. Supporters could also watch online and submit questions to McCain for a $100 donation. McCain said he supports President Bush’s plan to boost the U.S. troop level in Iraq. ‘This is our last shot, my friends; this is our last chance,’ he said. But he added a variety of indicators will show ‘within months’ whether that strategy is working. If it is not, he said, other options would have to be considered...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

The Last Wild Hunt: Deep-sea Fisheries Scrape Bottom Of The Sea

Informant: Mitchel Cohen

From ufpj-news

Waxman Asks Fitzgerald to Testify Before Congress

Congressman Henry Waxman, chairman of the House Oversight Committee, said Thursday he wants Special Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald to testify before his committee about his investigation into the leak of covert CIA operative Valerie Plame-Wilson's identity. Plame-Wilson, Waxman's office said, has agreed to testify before Congress on March 16.

Mietobergrenzen: Willkür ohne Gnade!

In vielen Städten und Kommunen sind zum Jahreswechsel klamm heimlich die Hartz-IV Mietobergrenzen angepasst worden, was soviel heißt: Es wurde gekürzt und das trotz steigender Mieten und Nebenkosten.

Wen verwundert es, dass beim ständigen Wehklagen über die explodierenden Kosten, die Kommunen und Städte handeln, dies aber lieber nicht an die große Glocke hängen.

Wie auch im Kreis Wesel, der nun seit dem 15. Januar die Wohnungsbezuschussung für ALG II-Bezieher auf einen Einheitssatz von 6,09 Euro pro Quadratmeter inklusive Nebenkosten festgelegt hat, ist bundesweit diese Neufestsetzung stillschweigend vollzogen worden.

Ob dies so im Sinne des Gesetzgebers ist, welcher im § 22 SGB II von einer Übernahme von angemessenen Unterkunftskosten spricht, wird mit Sicherheit so manche Sozialgerichte in Zukunft beschäftigten.

Bedenklich aber ist die Festlegung der Mietobergrenzen incl. Nebenkosten. Dabei hat man wohl außer acht gelassen, dass die Mietnebenkosten nicht unweigerlich an den m²-Zahlen der Wohnungsgrößen gebunden sind.

Mietnebenkosten oder auch Betriebskosten werden in der Regel wie folgt abgerechnet.

- "Verteilerschlüssel (Berechnung nach Wohnungsgröße oder Anzahl der Wohnungsnutzer),"

Der Verteilerschlüssel wird in den meisten Fällen nur über die Anzahl der Wohnungsnutzer abgerechnet, wodurch es, durch die willkürliche Festlegung der Mietobergrenze, schnell zu Lasten der Mieter kommen kann bzw. das neuer Wohnraum für Leistungsbezieher als unangemessen betrachtet wird und somit eine Verweigerung zur Anmietung oder Aufforderung zur Kostensenkung oder Umzug kommen kann.

Für 6,09 Euro incl. Nebenkosten für 45 m² würde sich eine Mietübernahme in Höhe von 274,05 Euro ergeben. Da durchschnittlich 80,- Euro an Nebenkosten anfallen, Tendenz steigend, entsteht so eine Kaltmiete von ca. 194,05 Euro für 45 m² oder einer Nettokaltmiete von 4,31 Euro / m². Für dieses Geld wird sich mit Sicherheit weder im Kreis Wesel - noch in anderen Kreisen, entsprechend adäquater Wohnraum zu finden sein.

Aber dies wäre sogar der rechnerisch günstigste Fall. Katastrophal wird es allerdings wenn nur ein Apartment von 35 m² angemietet wurde. Vom Kreis erhält der Mieter nun 213,15 Euro. Nach abzüglich 80,- Euro Nebenkosten (denn wir erinnern uns an den Verteilerschlüssel, der an der Anzahl der Wohnungsnutzer gemessen wird) verbleiben für den Mieter noch 133,15 Euro oder 3,80 Euro / m². Utopisch wer zu diesem Preis noch eine Unterkunft findet.

Laut Mietspiegel ist Wohnraum am Beispiel Wesel in der Kathegorie II - Normale Wohnlage:

"Die meisten Wohnungen innerhalb des Stadtgebietes liegen in normalen Wohnlagen. Solche Wohngebiete sind zumeist dicht bebaut und weisen keine außergewöhnlichen Beeinträchtigungen durch Lärm oder Geruch auf. Bei starkem Verkehrsaufkommen müssen genügend Freiräume vorhanden sein, die diesen Nachteil ausgleichen."

... für eine Grundmiete ohne Betriebskosten von Wohnungen bis 50 m² mit Heizung/Bad/WC und Isolierverglasung (wir wollen ja den Klimaschutz nicht vergessen) ab den Jahrgängen 1948 und aufwärts NICHT unter 4,26 Euro /m² zu bekommen!

Der Sozialticker rät daher allen Betroffenen gegen die Bescheide, welche sich an der neuen Mietobergrenze orientieren, Widerspruch einzulegen und durch die Sozialgerichte entscheiden zu lassen und ob diese Praxis der Regelsatzkürzung, was dieses für viele Mieter bedeutet, in letzter Instanz rechtens ist.

Kosteneinsparungen sind sicherlich sinnvoll, nur sollten sich die Städte und Kommunen diesbezüglich mehr an ihre eigenen Verwaltungskosten halten, statt Leistungsempfängern immer weiter und tiefer in die Tasche zu greifen.

Es darf nicht sein, das Obdachlosigkeit durch solche Maßnahmen gefördert wird. Auch darf es nicht sein, solche Grenzen festzulegen, ohne entsprechenden Wohnraum von Seiten der Städte und Kommunen bereitzustellen. Obdachlosenunterkünfte kosten dem deutschen Steuerzahler ein vielfaches mehr, als das was an Mietobergrenzen Leistungsempfängern zugebilligt wird - nur das wird gerne verschwiegen.

Der Sozialticker e.V.i.G.
Alte Dorfstr. 4
15926 Luckau, Deutschland
info (at)


Nie zuvor haben die Reichen der Welt ihr Vermögen so vermehrt wie im vergangenen Jahr. Das enthüllt die neue "Forbes"-Liste der Milliardäre - zusammen besitzen die Krösusse jetzt 3.500.000.000.000 Dollar...,1518,470730,00.html

Chemical Agency Ties Under Review

The National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences has begun a review of ties between a federal health center that evaluates the risks of chemicals to reproductive health and a consulting firm funded by companies that produce chemicals linked to reproductive disorders.

Iraq's Civil War Leaves Women Marginalized and at Risk

Iraq's sectarian war, which followed decades of repression and economic sanctions, has left the country's women marginalized, afraid and prey to increasingly radical ideological factions. As activists around the world mark International Women's Day, war-weary women in Iraq face worsening conditions.

"Corporate Hippies" Seek Their Bliss in a New Environmental Economy

The job market for people seeking careers focused on the environment is expanding. Students still gravitate toward nongovernmental organizations, advocacy groups and government, but a large plurality of the current generation are looking to financial firms, small businesses and even corporations for employment.

The Carbon Folly: Policymakers' Favorite Global Warming Fix Isn't Working

Emissions trading, also called carbon trading, is being expanded in the European Union and Japan. The notion that emissions trading is going to make a significant dent in global warming is deeply flawed, say experts. Current emissions-trading schemes have proved to be little more than a shell game, allowing polluters in the developed world to shift the burden of making cuts onto factories in the developing world.

Climate Legislation: Four Major Bills Battle for Congress' Support

The concern over climate change has prompted a flurry of legislative activity on Capitol Hill, with four major bills (soon to be five) vying for support and votes. But it remains unclear how far lawmakers are willing to go in restricting US industry, and whether President Bush might veto a bill.

Are US Farm Subsidies Causing Global Starvation?

There are roughly 30,000 cotton growers in America who receive billions of our US tax dollars every year through government subsidies. Critics charge this generous financial support may be ruining the livelihoods of tens of millions of cotton growers in the poorest parts of the world.

Bush Faces Clash of Agendas in Latin America

As the Bush administration prepares for a five-nation tour in South America, President Hugo Chavez of Venezuela will be leading a protest against him in Buenos Aires, Argentina, as Mr. Bush arrives across the Rio de la Plata in Montevideo, Uruguay, on Friday night.


Bush faces widespread opposition in Latin America



Experts in Latin American affairs are saying they aren’t surprised at the negative reaction President Bush is receiving as he begins a seven-day tour through the region to push for an ethanol alliance with Brazil. ‘His real challenge, however, is that there is an enormous rejection of U.S. foreign policy in the world and America,’ said Arturo Valenzuela, director of the Center for Latin American Studies at Georgetown University...

Brazilians protest upcoming Bush visit

ABC News


Police clashed Thursday with students, environmentalists and left-leaning Brazilians protesting a visit by President Bush and his push for an ethanol energy alliance with Latin America’s largest nation. Riot police fired tear gas at protesters in Sao Paulo after more than 6,000 people held a largely peaceful march, sending hundreds of demonstrators fleeing and ducking into businesses to avoid the gas...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


Clashes Mar Bush's Latin America Tour

Police fired tear gas and clubbed demonstrators in Brazil's largest city Sao Paulo on Thursday, as thousands protested a visit by President Bush aimed at winning friends in Latin America. Protesters called Bush, who arrived late on Thursday on the first leg of a five-nation regional tour, a warmonger and planet polluter.


Brazil Police Battle Bush Protesters

Police and anti-Bush protesters also clashed in Colombia, where Bush is scheduled to visit on Sunday.

From Information Clearing House


Angry Crowds Protest Bush During Latin American Tour

Some arrived clutching banners telling "Mr. Butcher" to go home. Others brought effigies of "The Warlord".

Senate Republicans Deliver Sharp Criticism of Gonzales

Senior Senate Republicans today delivered scathing criticism of Attorney General Alberto R. Gonzales for his handling of the firing of eight US attorneys, joining Democrats in chagrin that the prosecutors were dismissed without adequate explanation.

Next-up News n°204

Valerie Plame to Testify Before Congress

From Amy Sasser

Date: Mar 8, 2007 8:53 PM
Subject: Valerie Plame to Testify Before Congress

The Honorable
Patrick J. Fitzgerald
Special Counsel Office of Special Counsel Bond
Federal Building
1400 New York Avenue NV/ Ninth Floor Washington, DC 20530

Dear Mr. Fitzgerald:

"I commend you on your professional and thorough investigation into the disclosure of Valerie Plame'Wilson's identity as a covert CIA agent. It is apparent that you followed the facts where they led and served the interests ofjustice and the American people.

By necessity, your investigation had a narrow legal focus: 'Were any federal criminal statutes violated by White House officials? Your investigation, however, has raised broader questions of national significance. I am writing to invite you to meet to discuss how the Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, which is the principal oversight committee in the U.S. House of Representatives, can become informed of your views about these broader issues.

The identity of undercover CIA operatives is supposed to be one of the most closely guarded national security secrets. There are a host of adminishative requirements designed to safeguard this type of information from disclosure. Yet the trial proceedings raise questions about whether senior White House officials, including the Vice President and Senior Advisor to the President Karl Rove, complied with the requirements governing the handling of classified information. They also raise questions about whether the White House took appropriate remedial action following the leak and whether the existing requirements are sufficient to protect against future leaks. Your perspective on these matters is important.

After the verdict was announced yesterday, one juror expressed the view that former Chief of Staff to the Vice President Lewis "Scooter" Libby was only a "fall guy." This juror's views encapsulated questions that many in Congress and the public have about whether the ultimate responsibility for the outing of Ms. V/ilson rests with more senior officials in the White House. This is another area where you have a unique perspective.

I recognize that as a federal prosecutor, you are constrained by the rules of grand jury secrecy. But you undoubtedly recognize that Congress has a responsibility to examine the policy and accountability questions that your investigation has raised. As a result of your investigation, you have a singular understanding of the facts and their implications that bear directly on the issues before Congress.

I respectfully request that you meet with me and the Committee's Ranking Member, Tom Davis, to discuss the possibility of testifying before the Committee and other means by which you can inform the Committee about your views and the insights you obtained during the course of your investigation.

I look forward to the opportunity to speak with you.


Henry A. Waxman
cc: Tom Davis
Ranking Minority Member"

On 3/8/07, Alfons wrote:

Valerie Plame to Testify Before Congress
March 8, 2007 06:28 PM EST

WASHINGTON — Valerie Plame, the CIA operative exposed after her husband criticized President Bush's march to war, will testify next week before lawmakers probing how the White House dealt with her identity, the chairman of the panel said Thursday.

Also invited to testify March 16 before the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee is Patrick Fitzgerald, who this week won conviction of I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby of obstruction and perjury in the case, said Chairman Henry Waxman, D-Calif.

Waxman said Plame has accepted the invitation and Fitzgerald has not responded. In a letter to the prosecutor, Waxman proposed a meeting with ranking Republican Tom Davis of Virginia to discuss the terms of any testimony.

The hearing will be the first public forum at which Plame has agreed to answer questions. At a news conference in July announcing a lawsuit against Libby and other Bush administration officials, Plame read a short statement but did not respond to questions.


From ufpj-news

Memos Tell Officials How to Discuss Climate

Informant: ranger116


Memos Tell Government Officials Not to Discuss Climate Change

Internal memorandums circulated in the Alaskan division of the US Fish and Wildlife Service appear to require government biologists or other employees traveling in countries around the Arctic not to discuss climate change, polar bears or sea ice if they are not designated to do so.

Homeland Security revives supersnoop Computer System

Informant: ranger116


Homeland Security revives supersnoop

Homeland Security officials are testing a supersnoop computer system that sifts through personal information on U.S. citizens to detect possible terrorist attacks, prompting concerns from lawmakers who have called for investigations.

From Information Clearing House

Mike Lupica on the Libby trial and Iraq war

Informant: Mitchel Cohen

From ufpj-news

Unterschriftenaktion gegen "Handy-Unterricht"

An alle Aktiven Mobilfunkkritiker (Opfer),

Bitte unterstützen Sie die Unterschriftenaktion zahlreich. Sie ist wegen großen Interesse bis Ende März 2007 verlängert worden. Bitte leiten Sie die Aktion an Schulen und Interessierte weiter.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen
Gertraud Griebl

Liebe Mitstreiter für eine lebenswerte Zukunft,

in der Anlage senden wir einen (etwas längeren) Brief mit, der primär an das "Landesamt für Umwelt" in Augsburg geht.

Ein Herr Dr.-Ing. Eger dieses LfU hatte vor ca. zwei Wochen vor einer Schulklasse eines Augsburger Gymnasiums im Rahmen seines "Handy-Unterrichts" geäußert, dass es "keinerlei Hinweise auf eine biologisch schädigende Wirkung von Handys" gebe. Zusammen mit anderen Initiativen wollen wir diesen Satz nicht unkommentiert stehen lassen. Unser Antwortschreiben - das wir gemeinsam verfasst haben, geht an alle für die Bildung maßgeblichen Stellen

- Landesamt für Umwelt (Augsburg)
- Bundesgesundheitsministerium (Ulla Schmidt)
- Bayer. Minist. für Umwelt und Gesundheit (Werner Schnappauf)
- Bayer. Kultusministerium (Siegfried Schneider)
- Bundesbildungsministerium (Annette Schavan)
- Bundesministerium für Familie (Ursula von der Leyen)

Wir bitten nun um Folgendes:

Wer dieses Schreiben mit unterzeichnen will, möge bitte - möglichst umgehend - folgendes mitteilen:

Name, Vorname, Beruf, Wohnort

Der Beruf spielt nur deshalb eine Rolle, weil wir zeigen wollen, dass die Besorgnis über diese Fehlinformationen wirklich quer durch alle Bevölkerungsschichten geht.

Mit der Hoffnung auf möglichst viele, die mit unterzeichnen (im Rahmen der "Initiative für eine strahlungsarme Zukunft").


Liebe Grüße von

Roland Greißl (Fuchstaler Initiative) und
Anke Kern (Arbeitskreis "Mobilfunk und Gesundheit" Kempten)

Bitte alle Mitunterzeichner melden unter:
Tel. 0831/5208244

Elektrosmog im Klassenzimmer: Schulversagen durch Mobilfunk-Strahlung?

Schule & Handys, Handymasten, Funk-Lan, DECT

Strahlen sind Störsender für Lebewesen

Nachricht von Fam. Griebl aus Riedertsham


Schulprojekt Mobilfunk

Handy-Verbot an Schulen


Independent Media Source

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