Fury over plan for second mobile phone mast in York street

By Richard Harris

Amanda Hodgson and Terry Smith stand by the existing mobile phone in Melrosegate

HEALTH fears have been raised over plans for a second telephone mast in a York street.

Mobile phone company 3 has applied to erect the 12.5m high mast in Melrosegate, Heworth, near St Aelred's RC Church.

The first mast, which belongs to T Mobile, was installed in November 2005 and one resident has said that another mast in the street would be "beyond a joke".

Amanda Hodgson, who lives on the corner of Fifth Avenue and Melrosegate, objected about the first mast but to no avail.

She said: "Even though we said we didn't want it they still put it up. Now they have said they want a second one on the corner by the church. It's directly opposite our house and we're concerned about it. Firstly it's right outside where all the kids are and it's even closer to the children in the houses."

Mrs Hodgson admitted there was no evidence that phone masts are dangerous to people's health, but said that situation may well have changed in ten years, by which time the damage would have been done.

Omega: phone masts are dangerous to people's health. See under:

In addition to the health fears she says the mast would be "aesthetically disgusting" and, although she has no plans to sell her home, would affect house prices in the street.

Mrs Hodgson is being supported by local hairdresser Terry Smith, who is a council candidate for the Conservatives at the next election.

He said: "I would like to see evidence that they are safe and I feel that local residents are right to express their concerns about this mast."

A spokesman for 3 said: "In reply to concerns voiced by residents, the proposal is for a slimline pole type antenna base station with a small transmission dish that will blend with the existing street furniture. Health concerns can be addressed by a recent World Health Organisation fact sheetconcluding that there is no convincing scientific evidence that the weak RF signals from base stationscause adverse health effects."

Omega this is not true. See under:

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