George W. Bush Must Be Impeached

Demand that Articles of Impeachment be introduced!

(excerpt) March 17, 2007 has come and gone. Despite two days of cold torrential rain followed by snow and cutting arctic winds, tens of thousands of people passionately committed to right the grievous wrongs of the Bush Administration, marched on the Pentagon to demand the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq and the impeachment of President Bush and other U.S. officials chiefly responsible for U.S. crimes of the past six years. Five days later, the House of Representatives by the narrow margin of 218 to 212 voted to compel withdrawal of U.S. combat forces from Iraq by September 2008.

The bill itself is terribly inadequate and has no chance of becoming law over George Bush's veto. But before the mid-term elections in 2006 and for several months thereafter, the House did not have the will to seek, or pass even so weak a bill. Hundreds of demonstrations, large and small, all over the country calling for impeachment, nearly 900,000 Votes To Impeach at, and the sheer undeniable pity of Congress's failure to assert its constitutional powers have taken us this far.

The passion of the marchers on the Pentagon representing hundreds of united organizations and tens of thousands of individuals was palpable and contributed significantly to the turning point we have reached. Action now can hold the Congressional votes calling for withdrawal and add many more in support of a much earlier and complete withdraw, and for impeachment.

We must press on with renewed energy, commitment, unity and focus to Bring Our Troops Home Now, to proceed to impeachment and to bring about a desperately needed social agenda that is good for children everywhere.

We have seen that the Congress can be moved. Chance, which, as Herman Melville said in Moby Dick, has with necessity and free will "the last featuring blow at events," is with us. The Bush Administration is reeling from its own wrongdoing. The horror its war of aggression has wreaked on the people of Iraq must trouble the sleep of every sentient American. The Surge is only adding to the death and destruction. The tide is turning in Afghanistan because human nature resists foreign occupation. Pakistan is rebelling because human nature resists foreign-supported military dictatorship. Cuba, Iraq, Iran, Korea, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and many others nations are resisting because nations, like people, were not born to be forced.

The Bush Administration's assault on human dignity at Abu Ghraib, Guantanamo, demeaning the Geneva Conventions and Habeas Corpus; invading the privacy of any American it chooses; corrupting the rule of law in the Department of Justice, in politicizing prosecutions; the four key resignations including a Presidential appointee in the Department of Justice within a month (with potentially more to come); and the criminal convictions of high civil officers, Scooter Libby, Chief of Staff to the Vice President, Steven Griles, Deputy Secretary of the Department of the Interior -- these reveal a need for affirmative action for peace and processing impeachment.

We must try now to achieve a fundamental shift toward peace, justice and freedom including the end of poverty, which can be done despite the policies of the Bush Administration, which have enriched the rich while spreading poverty.

Our focus must be on Congress, and the priorities of withdrawal from Iraq and impeachment now.

Everyone should write his or her own Representative, Senators and Congressional leadership. Tell them the vote for partial withdrawal, in a year and a half prolongs crime, spreads suffering and creates more enemies for the U.S. everywhere.

Urge votes for complete withdrawal, reparation and impeachment now by clicking on this link.

Identify House members and Senators in your state who may vote for withdrawal or impeachment and organize constituents to persuade them to do so.

In addition to individual action, everyone should consider the feasibility of organizing or joining groups within their own neighborhood, town, city, county and state and reach out to others and enlist as many as possible to demand troop withdrawal and impeachment.

Woodrow Wilson once observed that the highest and best form of efficiency is the spontaneous cooperation of a free people.

Having watched Iranians organize and take to the streets without violence to force the flight of a seemingly all powerful Shah in the late 1970's and the heroic people of the Philippines drive Marcos from power in 1986 with their voices, bodies and votes, I believe the power to prevail is in the people. The questions is one of will, commitment and perseverance.

In the coming weeks we will be engaged in a full mobilization using a variety of ways to build this movement. The impeachment movement will carry out a massive letter writing to Congress, newspaper ads, local and regional demonstrations, city council resolutions, and people's impeachment hearings. With your continued support we can make this happen.

Ramsey Clark
March 27, 2007

The legal basis for impeachment


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