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An interesting Quote in an Alzheimer's Disease Forum

This article may date back to last year, but Alzheimer's Groups don't often acknowledge a link to EMFs, so I draw your attention to it, since it is a personal case, with an e-mail address.



(see specifically Joanne C. Mueller's note):-

Hi: Certainly we caregivers and Alzheimers' sufferers need to remain hopeful. In order to spare those of you who have already read my other rather lengthy posts, I am going to skip most of my history -- reasons why I have been researching EMF/EMR (electromagnetic fields/electromagnetic radiation) for over a decade.

You will notice that "DRUGS" are the main theme in most if not all articles re new scientific discoveries.

Scientists don't dare do the studies that show "cause" due to toxic, EMF pollution. They lose their funding and/or don't receive funds in the first place.

Dr. George Carlo's "docu-drama," The Boiling Frog Syndrome" will be released to theatres some time in 2007 (health problems due to cell phone useage). Dr. Carlo worked for the cell phone industry and was even threatened for sharing the truth. He stopped speaking out but is once again trying to educate the public.

I am saddened to note that even the Alzheimers site does not include precautionary info re chronic, prolonged exposures of EMF/EMR!

Studies many years ago linked Alzheimers with women working in the sewing industry. Any electrical device puts out a magnetic field and in the case of a sewing machine, levels can be 4.0 milligauss or more in the typical location for one's head while sewing.

PREVENTION is vitally important and one way to help do that is to make sure electrical items are kept at least 4 ft. away from the head of one's bed. I don't know what one does about extensive sewing machine use.

There have been Workers' Comp cases re health problems and on-the-job electrical exposure. This is not something that is mysterious and unknown as researchers, government and industry would like you to believe.

The 2002 EMF California Report links brain cancer, Leukemia, Lou Gehrig's Disease and miscarriage to levels as low as 4.0 milligauss.

The 1999 EMF RAPID Conclusions name low level EMF's as Class 2B carcinogens.

The National Library of Congress website identifies EMF's as "toxic...."

"AGEING" (of the cells) is what happens when a person sleeps every night exposed to even low levels of EMF/EMR.

I have previously mentioned my grandsons' rare immune (an "ageing of their cells" -- they were infant/toddler ages) that predisposed them to Leukemia, etc. and that they "got well" after we moved their beds away from walls opposite electric meters.

AMYLOID was identified in one of my guinea pigs who had been exposed to
(inside) bedroom wall in our house opposite where the electric meter is mounted (outside). The University Vet who did the necropsy identified the particular amyloid as "reactive."

Obviously drugs are still necessary to try and reverse the ravages of Alzheimers (continuing to rise at alarming rates) BUT, it is more than possible any such medications once released to the public, might only be effective a short time and/or actually worsen a victim's situation IF persons aren't warned about sleeping close to electrical items, the need to check for improper wiring and correction of grounding problems, etc.

Don't give up on prayer, hope or positive thinking but do what you can to help your loved one regardless of their stage and also to help yourself prevent every health problem all the way from poor sleep to cancer!!! Joanne

Joanne C. Mueller, Guinea Pigs R Us, 731 - 123rd Ave. N.W., Minneapolis, MN 55448 USA...Phone: 763-755-6114 ..Email: jcmpelican@aol.com

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