Our young people today are having to cope with the highest level of pulsed microwave radiation than any generation before them

Date: Mon, 19 Mar 2007 03:27:14 EDT
to: breakfasttv@bbc.co.uk
CC: chichesterj@parliament.uk

We are hearing today of yet another stabbing involving a teenager, which has sadly resulted in the loss of another young life. The BBC are asking for comments on what we can do to address this rapidly growing problem; experts will be wheeled in to approach the problem from every angle.

It is only a couple of weeks since we were told that many of the young people served with ASBO's are suffering from mental illness and have no comprehension of what is expected of them. Then just a couple of weeks before that we were told that British children are the "unhappiest" in Europe. We can see that borne out by the statistics on the number of young people dependant on antidepressant drugs and - alarmingly, the number of suicides in this age group.

I believe that we are ignoring one major factor in all of these "investigations". Our young people today are having to cope with the highest level of pulsed microwave radiation than any generation before them. They are possily being bombarded 24/7 from a growing plethora of wireless devices - many specifically for the use of children (as in the wireless networking in schools). They will be sitting all day in a level of emissions which would be unlawful in many other countries (many schools have mobile phone masts within the school grounds - or within metres of the perimeter). Many homes now have DECT or mobile phones, instead of a landline - and, of course, we are still witnessing the targetting of young people by the Mobile Phone Operators - despite official DOH advice (in their leaflet "Mobile Phones & Health) that children under 16 should only use these devices for emergency purposes.

My MP, Sir Patrick Cormack, obtained a supply of these leaflets for us when we wanted to distribute them in our village and had trouble accessing them - but they are now seven years old and a replacement is long overdue. There is much independent scientific evidence to warrant action. Expert Government advice has indicated that "we do not know what effect this relatively new technology will have on the developing brains and immune systems of our young people". Despite this, nothing is being done to highlight this risk - neither by the HPA nor any of the childrens' charities who are dedicated to protecting the welfare of this vulnerable group.

It is imperative that a precautionary priniciple is adopted when uncertain technology is introduced - otherwise we are doomed to continue to repeat the mistakes we have made in the past with tobacce, asbestos, thalidomide, BSE (to name but a few).

The BBC, like most other media sources, have firmly hitched their wagon to the wireless star - the preferred option of contact now appears to be text. We are being encouraged to watch the news on our mobile phones, and many of the reports from around the world are brought to our screens via mobile phone. However, I would hope that this "marriage" will not prevent a serious investigation into the growing likelihood of serious health risks of the widespread use of mobile technology.

Cllr Sylvia Wright


Paediatricians warn against mobile phones


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