'Wi-fi' fear parents should stop moaning and take kids away

Muswell Hill Journal

1st March 2007

THE article "Radiation fear at schools" (Muswell Hill Journal, February 15) on radiation fears for schools in Muswell Hill is the latest piece of scaremongering from people who should know better. There is no firm evidence that exposure to "wi-fi" networks brings any adverse health effects to children. The educational advantages that this technology brings far outweigh any theoretical risks that might be associated with it. This topic has been repeatedly raised with governors of Tetherdown, the local education authority and the DfES and much valuable management time has been wasted rehearsing the same arguments with the same people every time. Isn't it time that the outstanding headteacher and the governors of Tetherdown were left to get on with running the school rather than having their time repeatedly wasted on this? If parents are so worried about "wi-fi" networks then they should remove their children from the school rather than carry on dredging this up again and again. - Joanna Maude and Robert Richards, Collingwood Avenue, N10.

Anyone who lives in Muswell Hill, close to one of the largest sources of electromagnetic radiation in the UK, the Ally Pally transmitter, should have no fears about their children's school having the far lower-powered wi-fi transmitters. - Thomas Paternoster, Palace Gates Road, N22.

I am seriously concerned about the story "Radiation fear at schools"
(Muswell Hill Journal, February 15). The story simply gives people a soapbox from where they can spout opinion and speculation with not a shred of fact to back up their claims. I think such reporting is irresponsible and scaremongering. Wi-fi networks have a valuable part to play in modern educational establishments. Safety standards for this sort of equipment are set nationally, and we follow Government guidance. Of course if any evidence was produced which indicated that there were safety concerns, then we would look at such evidence and seek expert advice. - Councillor Liz Santry, Members' Room, Civic Centre, High Road, N22.

Previous week's letters below:

WiFi dismay

21 February 2007

I read with dismay the article regarding WiFi in schools (Muswell Hill Journal, February 15). It is untrue that there is no evidence of adverse health effects. In fact there are dozens of peer reviewed research papers confirming a link. A letter sent by one of the leading scientists in this field can be found, along with several other documents, at www.w-a-r-t.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk May I respectfully suggest that you take a look at them and judge for yourself without the constant stream of lies from this Government and the phone industry in general. - Name and address supplied. In response to your article on the dangers of WiFi in schools, I became electro-sensitive after WiFi transmitters were installed at the school where I teach. I should be sorry if others, especially children, were affected in this way. I am always saddened when I notice people suffering from headaches, nosebleeds, nausea, joint and nervous pains and some types of asthma, all of which can be the effects of radiation, without realising the cause. - Michael Bevington, by e-mail.


Pupils not at any risk says hi-tech school

21 February 2007

TETHERDOWN Primary School has refuted claims that pupils could be exposed to dangerous radiation from wireless internet technology. Parents and lobby groups warned last week that the technology should not be used around young children until it had been proved harmless, as it emerged some schools had been using it for years. But Tetherdown hit back at the claims saying it had considered all health concerns and had written to parents explaining its use of the wireless network. Beth Shand, chairwoman of governors, said: "Since their introduction at Tetherdown some five years ago, the wireless laptop computers have become an increasingly invaluable tool for teaching across the curriculum in a more effective and powerful way. "The governors are in no doubt that the flexibility offered by wireless technology has educational benefits for the children and staff which would not be achieved through a more constrained, hardwired setup. "We have considered the health concerns about wireless networks at considerable length and have been guided at all times by the advice of the local authority and by central government guidelines, including those contained in the Stewart Report. Ultimate responsibility for health and safety in community schools rests with the local authority.



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