Millions of Bees Die: Are Electromagnetic Signals To Blame?


Honey bees vanish leaving keepers in peril - New York Times

This is interesting but scary. Could it be that pulsed microwave radiation is disorientating the bee navigation system as with other insects, birds and animal life?

The comments are very interesting, too, and one mentions the cell towers and HAARP:

Honeybees Vanish, Leaving Keepers in Peril

Dr Golberg sent me a very interesting article about bird navigation and pulsed microwave a while ago:

EMF frequencies or microwave frequencies are overriding normal control mechanisms in the body and shutting off energy production

The combination of many things is endangering our planet and all living things and the root cause is the greed of a minority.

Dances Alone


Are honeybees being killed by electro magnetic radiation?

Will this cause a famine and endanger all of us?

Please read the New York Times article that is linked.


This is a potentially devastating phenomenon for agriculture (food) and biodiversity, and whilst presented as new, goes back some years, and is in many other countries.

It was featured in the UK's Independent and BBC radio today:

It's interesting that the interpretation of the bees left in the hive being so diseased is immuno-suppression.

Now this is interesting: if Nitric Oxide Synthase [ ] is affected by EMF in mammals, maybe it is in insects too? Because this is one of the really big trails: NO plays so many vital roles, and affects many regulatory systems, including the immune system. Then I turned up this:

Impairment of olfactory discrimination by blockade of GABA and nitric oxide activity in the honey bee antennal lobes.

Behav Neurosci. 2000 Jun;114(3):514-25

* Hosler JS,
* Buxton KL,
* Smith BH.

Department of Entomology, The Ohio State University, Columbus 43210-1220, USA.

Honey bees readily associate an odor with sucrose reinforcement, and the response generalizes to other odors as a function of structural similarity to the conditioned odor. Recent studies have shown that a portion of odor memory is consolidated in the antennal lobes (AL), where first-order synaptic processing of sensory information takes place. The AL and/or the sensory afferents that project into them show staining patterns for the enzyme nitric oxide synthase, which catalyzes the release of the gaseous transmitter nitric oxide (NO). The results show that pharmacological blockade of NO release impairs olfactory discrimination only when release is blocked before conditioning. Blockade of GABAergic transmission disrupts discrimination of similar but not dissimilar odorants, and does so when the block occurs before condition or before testing. These results show that GABA and NO regulate the specificity of associative olfactory memory in the AL.

I must dig deeper later!


Informant: Martin Weatherall


Mysterious, Massive Die off of Bees in the U.S.

Albert Einstein made the statement "If the bee disappeared off the surface of the globe, then man would only have four years left to live." He was speaking in regard to the symbiotic relationship of all life on the planet. All part of a huge interconnected ecosystem, each element playing a role dependant on many other elements all working in concert creating the symphony of life. Should any part of the global body suffer, so does the whole body.

Many people would be surprised to know that 90% of the feral (wild) bee population in the United States has died out. Recent studies in the United Kingdom and the Netherlands have shown that bee diversity is down 80 percent in the sites researched, and that "bee species are declining or have become extinct in Britain."

Honey Bee Crisis extends from US to Britain and Netherlands


New York Times: Honeybees Vanish

The question that begs to be asked is "Is there a connection between the rise in electrosmog and the weakening of the bee's immune system - and can this also be related to the 80 or more human immune system disorders that have increased exponentially with the increase in background electromagnetic radiation levels?"

The fact of the matter is that it was not common for people to have herpes simplex - or other herpes-family related illnesses - back in the 70s. However, a number of herpes family viruses are now being found to proliferate in people with conditions like autism, CFS, and Alzheimer's - and members of the herpes-family viruses have infected carp in Japan, lobster off the coast of Florida, and sardines off the coast of Australia.

Depending on one's level of thinking, one can conclude that it is either the virus or rather a weakening of the immune system that is the cause of these problems.

Research has actually shown that exposure to certain electromagnetic fields (EMF) - besides weakening our immune systems - will stimulate the genome of the Epstein-barr virus, a virus in the herpes family that triggers what is called "mono" in the US and "glandular fever" in other parts of the world (the UK, Australia, and NZ).

Can we also assume that these EMFs are stimulating the genome of the other viruses in the herpes family (e.g CMV, HH6V, and so on)? It is a logical assumption - for anyone with half a brain - to assume so, I would think. Of course, further research needs to be done - and not the research funded by the cell phone industry - which almost always with lots of fanfare tells us how safe this technology is. Unfortunately, the people doing this kind of research often have their fundings cut - as was the case with twice nominated for the Nobel Prize, Robert O. Becker due to pressure from the DoD because he was trying to warn us about the dangers of this technology way back in the 1970s.

Paul Raymond Doyon
MAT (TESOL), MA Advanced Japanese Studies, BA Psychology

"All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing"


The Emerging Global Pattern of Insect Pollinator Decline

The Honey Bee Crisis of 2007
Escalating Honey Bee Decline Baffles Scientists


Species under threat: Honey, who shrunk the bee population?

Honey Bee Crisis extends from US to Britain and Netherlands

DECT and bee decline

Millions of Bees Die: Are Electromagnetic Signals To Blame?


From: jcmpelican

Dear Joanne,

About honeybees, EMF just kill them !
Proof on that joined study (sorry in German) with those f... DECT phone.
Take care !

Bienen-Pilotstudie: Verhaltensänderung unter elektromagnetischer Exposition

Philippe Hug
CP 17
1454 L'Auberson


How Shall we Cope With the Increasing Amounts of Airborne Radiation?


Honey, Who Shrunk the Bee Population?

Our bees are vanishing

Effects of EMFs on Birds, Bees, Bat-Rays, Butterflies & Buzzards

Biggest Study of GMO Finds Impact on Birds, Bees

Finally, folks paying attention to disappearance of US bees


Loss of bees a genuine threat

Informant: binstock


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