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Plans for Villiers mast shot down by An Bord Pleanala

by Mary Earls

AN APPLICATION to erect a telecommunications mast on the roof of Villier’s Secondary School, which was turned down by Limerick City Council, has also been shot down by An Bord Pleanala.

The main reasons cited for refusing the mast were health risks and property devaluation.

Pat O’Donovan, PRO with Better Environmental and Safer Telecommunications (BEST) said that he was delighted the decision was upheld by a higher body and that "they are accepting that there’s a health risk involved”.

Stating that common sense has prevailed, he added that this "huge decision marks a change in thinking,” as regards planning for mobile phone masts.

Hutchison 3G Ireland Ltd., had applied for permission to put a 5m white flagpole on the rooftop of the school with antennae last May.

However, concerned parents, school staff, nearby residents and councillors, were outraged over the application.

Mr O’Donovan had earlier complimented the Planning Department of Limerick City Council for issuing "one of the most detailed condemnations of a mast planning application that I have come across in a long while”.

A spokesperson from the planning department at City Hall explained that the application was turned down because the proposed mast, being on a school site and near housing, would "detract from the amenities of the area” and "depreciate the value of adjacent residential properties”.

City planners also believed the development would set "an undesirable precedent for similar development in Limerick city.

Mr O’Donovan commented: "This was an outrageous proposal from day one. And to have the school’s board of management pushing for it just made it worse. It has been well documented that phone masts shouldn’t be placed near schools especially as the radiation can be very harmful for growing children. But this mast was to be placed in a densely populated urban area, so it would have affected the students as well as the wider community. 3G masts which are used for picture phones, have more powerful emissions.

"BEST has learned that there are much higher instances of cancer and people suffering from other diseases when they live near a mast. And many people living in close proximity to a mast have talked about the ‘constant headaches, fatigue, nausea and a sensation of burning in their heads’. Before phone masts would just be planted down without question. But now the planners are inspecting every single aspect of a planning application much more seriously”.

Last year, there was widespread condemnation that the Board of management at the school issued a letter that they "consented to this planning application based on research and subject to all current Health and Safety guidelines”.

And there were also reports that staff, parents and students at Villier’s School, were reluctant to complain about the proposed 3G Mast, because of alleged intimidation.

A student at Villier’s secondary school had told the Limerick Post that many parents were considering sending solicitors letters to management holding them directly responsible for any adverse health effects they may suffer from the planned installation of the 3G mast on the school’s roof. It is understood parents had also considered taking their children out of the fee-paying school.

Informant: Agnes Ingvarsdottir


Informant: David Swanson

From ufpj-news

"Cheeky" phone company masters council planning laws

12 February 2007

A MOBILE phone company has proved perseverance pays off after it was allowed to keep at least one mast on green belt land in Hornchurch despite council and resident protest.

T Mobile, dubbed "cheeky" by one local councillor, can now keep a mast on the Cardrome site in Upper Rainham Road.

The Planning Inspectorate allowed special circumstances on January 25 to extend the life of a 24-metre mast by a further three months, despite it originally being placed in 2005 by way of temporary six-month permission. On July 14 last year the council refused T-Mobile's application for a further two year planning consent.

Read the full story in this Friday's Recorder

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Soldiers, veterans, and soldiers' families issue anti-war statement supporting March 17, 2007 on the Pentagon

Bush Order Allows Guantanamo Trials to Move Ahead

President George W. Bush on Wednesday issued an executive order that will allow cases against prisoners at Guantanamo Bay to move forward and be considered by military tribunals, the White House said.

Carl Bernstein on Nixon vs. Bush

Carl Bernstein tells Frontline: "First, Nixon's relationship to the press was consistent with his relationship to many institutions and people. He saw himself as a victim. We now understand the psyche of Richard Nixon, that his was a self-destructive act and presidency. I think what we're talking about with the Bush administration is a far different matter in which disinformation, misinformation and unwillingness to tell the truth - a willingness to lie in the Oval Office, in the Office of the Secretary of Defense, in the office of the Vice President, the vice president himself - are such that I have never witnessed before on this scale."

Skepticism Over Iraq Haunts US Iran Policy

The specter of the war in Iraq - a war the Bush administration denied it was planning and supported by evidence that turned out to be false - looms large over administration policy toward Iran.

Congress Must Act on Iraq

Representatives Lynn Woolsey, Barbara Lee and Maxine Waters write: "The political battle lines are clear: On one side, we have a bipartisan Congressional majority; roughly two-thirds of the American people; the Joint Chiefs of Staff; the Iraq Study Group; and former military leaders such as Colin Powell. On the other, an unpopular, lame-duck president; too many Congressional Republicans; and the editors of The Weekly Standard - all of whom are willing to accept more American casualties in the name of a policy that is making us less secure and damages our standing in the world."

Schulprojekt Mobilfunk

Unterschriftenaktion gegen "Handy-Unterricht"

Kinder und Mobilfunk

Mobilfunk in der Schule

Schule und Mobilfunk

Elektrosmog im Klassenzimmer

Gesundheitsrisiko WLAN

WLAN in Schulen

Mit dem Laptop in den Unterricht

WLAN via Laptops

Gesundheitsgefahren durch kabellose Laptops

Handys können Krebs auslösen

Zunahme der Hirntumore bei Handy-Vieltefonierern: Risiko steigt um 39 Prozent

Lösen Handys Krebs aus, Krebs durch Handy-Strahlung?

Handy am Ohr: Hirntumor?

Langzeitstudie aus Dänemark: kein Krebsrisiko durch Handy-Strahlung?

Kein Beweis für ein erhöhtes Risiko durch Handys?

Elektrosmog als Krebsrisiko: Kein Krebsrisiko durch Handy-Strahlung?

Flucht aus Oberammergau: Pfarrer flüchtet vor Handy-Strahlung

Mobilfunk und Gesundheit

Wissenschaft zu Mobilfunk

Ärzte und Mobilfunk

Mehrere EU-Länder haben CIA-Verschleppungen akzeptiert und verschleiert

Im Abschlussbericht des EU-Parlaments gibt es keine neuen Beweise, aber Klarheit über die mangelnde Kooperation der meisten Regierungen bei der Aufklärung, die einiges vermuten lässt.

Bush again showed that he doesn't know or care about cause and effect

Bush's Blow-Up With Iran

At his press conference today, Bush again showed that he doesn't know or care about cause and effect.

The Coalition For A Democratic Workplace is an unholy alliance of employers who want to make America union-free

In The Name Of Democracy

Facts? Who Needs Facts?

by Francesca Grifo,

Bush continues his war on federal science, even as Congress investigates.

Breakdown At The Iraq Lie Factory

by Robert Dreyfuss,

Bush is discovering that boldly lying about Iran isn't enough. He needs his chorus of liars behind him ... and they're gone.

Ban Canned Hunting in South Africa

From John D.

Environmentalists Warn, Plan to Ease Wetlands Rules Is Not Enough

Responding to an outpouring of complaints, federal officials have dramatically scaled back a proposal to speed up development in wetland areas along the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

Industry CEOs Testify for Emissions Limits

California Senator Barbara Boxer enlisted the help of several Fortune 500 company executives to argue that mandatory greenhouse gas limits won't damage the US economy. Boxer, who chairs the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee, called business leaders from PG&E, DuPont and BP America to testify before Congress about their support for economy-wide emissions limits to fight global warming.

Pelosi: Iraq Resolution Is Just the Beginning

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) told her colleagues and the country yesterday that the non-binding resolution disapproving of President Bush's troop surge is only the first step in Congressional action on Iraq, and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) said he is taking steps to bring the same measure to a vote in the upper chamber. "In a few days and in fewer than 100 words, we will take our country in a new direction on Iraq," Pelosi said.

Bush Contradicts Sunday's Briefing on Iranian Weapons

At his press conference this morning in ice-covered Washington, DC, President Bush was pressed by reporters on US officials' claims at a Baghdad briefing on Sunday. These unnamed officials charged that not only were weapons from Iran killing American soldiers in Iraq, they were being used on orders from top Iranian leaders.

No 'Dam'age to our Rivers

Phone mast at heritage building gets go-ahead

A MOBILE phone company has defended plans to erect a transmitter in a heritage site.

Local councillors are furious Wigan MBC planners gave planning permission for a mast at the Marklands Building on Stanley Street, Tyldesley.

Robert Bleakley, a former Liberal Democrat councillor and planning committee member, says the application should have been declined.
"I can't understand how they can allow this in a heritage area. It doesn't seem right.

"When I was on the committee we rejected plans for a mast at this site but now it seems they've changed their standards."

But the company who drew up the plans say a specially made housing will camouflage the ugly antenna.

Stephen Short, from Pentland GT, worked on the application for O2.

"The mast in Tyldesley is one of our 'stealth' masts."

"It's on the fourth storey and it is done in such a way that, even if you knew it was there, it would be difficult to pick it out."

Wigan Council planning officer Kevin Foster explained: "The reason this one was approved is because it's only 1.5 metres tall and it's fully encased.

"They've done it before very effectively. They sent us a sample of the material they will be using to surround it and it will blend in well."

15 February 2007

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Peace, Justice and a Clean Energy Revolution

Chairman Kennedy Carries the Ball

As Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid seeks to finish up the Democrats' initial, and much ballyhooed, legislative priorities over the next few weeks, Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Chairman Edward Kennedy is plowing full-speed ahead with the broader Democratic playbook on health and education issues.

Ex-Aide Says Rice Misled US Congress on Iran

Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice misled the US Congress when she said last week that she had not seen a 2003 Iranian proposal for talks with the United States, a former senior government official said on Wednesday.

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Nach der Einschätzung von Experten sind 15 – 20 Mio. Bundesbürger elektrosensibel!

Nachricht von Gerd Zesar

Interrogations behind barbed wire

In These Times
by Mischa Gaus


Guards in Guantanamo have borrowed interrogation techniques from training meant to innoculate U.S. soldiers from torture. His psychiatrists call it ‘Groundhog Day.’ Jose Padilla — the once-renowned ‘dirty bomber’ who is now little more than a dim light in the government’s galaxy of desperadoes — has spent almost five years in solitary confinement. Whenever his lawyers attempt to discuss his case with him, he has the same response, begging them over and over again not to. When they try, his face seizes in tics and his body contorts uncontrollably. ‘Mr. Padilla may be suffering from some form of brain injury,’ writes a forensic psychiatrist who evaluated him for his lawyers. His story illuminates what has happened to many prisoners of America’s war on terror...

Thelma and Louise imperialism

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

This dog won’t wag

The American Prospect
by Michael Tomasky


Put aside completely the merits of starting a war with Iran, which is easy to do since there are none. Does the White House really believe that it can help itself politically by doing this? Do the people who have alienated this country and decimated another actually think that they can get away with this — that the natural order would assert itself, and that the people would respond in the usual rallying way if the president went on prime-time television to announce the commencement of air strikes? The two most recent polls I found on the question suggest a resounding no...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Conservatives to McCain: Abandon censorship plans

Center For Individual Freedom
by staff


In a letter sent to Senator John McCain, a coalition of nearly 20 grassroots, legal and public policy organizations today emphatically expressed their opposition to any attempts by the Arizona Senator and Presidential hopeful to further muzzle political speech. … The letter points to the irony of Senator McCain’s plans, as it notes that the very 527 organizations the Senator now seeks to silence are a direct consequence of the McCain-Feingold legislation passed by Congress in 2002...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

US hypocrisy on Iran

Future of Freedom Foundation
by Sheldon Richman


There is something surreal in all this. The U.S. government is warning Iran against meddling in Iraq. But the U.S. government is meddling in Iraq! Is there a clearer case of a pot calling a kettle black? Neither country should be meddling, but there are important differences. Iraq is next door to Iran but far from the United States...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

No king please, we’re Americans

Legal Times
by Frederick A.O. Schwarz Jr. and Aziz Huq


It has not been terrorism alone that has changed the nation, but our response to it. A telltale sign: At one time, the New York Daily News’ recent revelation that the president asserts open-ended power to read our mail would have shocked us. Today, it’s almost old hat. What once would have been dismissed as outlandish speculation is today the inevitable consequence of an executive branch that purports to stand above the checks and balances of the Constitution...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

US’s smoking gun on Iran misfires

Asia Times
by Gareth Porter


The Bush administration’s latest attempt to show that the Iranian government is providing weapons to Iraqi Shi’ites undermines its political line by in fact revealing that it has been unable to find any real evidence. This is a serious setback to the administration’s campaign to convince Congress to support its increased aggressiveness toward Tehran...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

The future of terrorism

by Charles Pena


It is worth noting that none of the 9/11 hijackers were recruited from the American Muslim community but we know that the Hamburg Cell became the field marshals of the 9/11 attacks, many of those thought to be involved in the March 2005 Madrid attacks were European Muslim immigrants, and the London July 2005 subway bombings were British-born Muslims. The lesson for American Muslims — particularly those who are newly immigrated to the United States — is to not fall into the same trap as Muslims in Europe. … And the lesson for America is to not engage in policies and actions that radicalize Muslims...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Don’t do it, Mr. President

Free Market News Network
by US Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX)


Don’t we ever learn? Have we already forgotten Iraq? The plan defies common sense. If it’s carried out, the Middle East, and possibly the world, will explode. Oil will soar to over $100 a barrel, and gasoline will be over $5 a gallon. Despite what some think, it won’t serve the interests of Israel. Besides — it’s illegal. It’s unconstitutional. And you have no moral authority to do it. We don’t need it. We don’t want it. So, Mr. President, don’t do it...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Meddling for me, but not for thee

The Power of Narrative
by Arthur Silber


I stress that no proof whatsoever has been presented that Iran is in fact directly attempting to aid those in Iraq who attack U.S. troops. But even if Iran were acting in this manner, we are in no position to complain — not morally, not legally, and not strategically. We have no right to be in Iraq at all. If we wish to avoid further ’sacrifices’ by members of the American military, then leave. Our presence only worsens this disaster each moment that we remain. Because we commit additional war crimes with every day that passes, we would leave — if we recognized even minimal moral constraints on our actions, constraints that we apply to all other nations. But we won’t leave, and Congress will not end this occupation...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

GOP opposition to Bush plan forms

Marion Chronicle Tribune


Breaking ranks, a small band of House Republicans declared their opposition to a troop buildup in Iraq on Wednesday, and President Bush appeared resigned to passage of a nonbinding measure disapproving of his decision. ‘I’m going to make it very clear to the members of Congress, starting now, that they need to fund our troops,’ the president said, looking past this week’s debate toward congressional action next month on his request for nearly $100 billion for the military...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Bush: Iran is source of deadly weapons

Rocky Mount Telegram


Challenged on the accuracy of U.S. intelligence, President Bush said Wednesday there is no doubt the Iranian government is providing armor-piercing weapons to kill American soldiers in Iraq. But he backed away from claims the top echelon of Iran’s government was responsible. Bush, at a news conference, also said he would fight any attempt by the Democratic-controlled Congress to cut off money for the war. ‘They need to fund our troops and the need to make sure we have the flexibility necessary to get the job done,’ he said...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Als Ein-Euro-Schutzmann auf dem Pausenhof

„Sie tragen blaue Uniformen, stehen am Schulhofrand und sollen das Gröbste verhindern. Berliner Arbeitslose wie Volker Anton, 49, passen als Ein-Euro-Jobber auf Grundschüler auf und werden so zu Wachmännern geschult. Den Umgang mit Kindern müssen sie aber erst lernen…“ Artikel von Khue Pham in Spiegel online vom 10. Februar 2007,1518,464981,00.html

Aus: LabourNet, 15. Februar 2007

Billigjobs: Klassenkampf bei der Telekom

„Vorstandschef René Obermann plant einen Niedriglohn-Sektor im eigenen Haus. Damit stellt er den Konzern auf den Kopf. Das ist ein unkalkulierbares Risiko: Die Zerreißprobe für die Belegschaft könnte die Krise des Unternehmens verschärfen…“ Artikel von Lutz Frühbrodt und Thomas Heuzeroth in Die Welt vom 11.02.2007

Aus: LabourNet, 15. Februar 2007

Your Right to Choose - Gewerkschaftsrechte in den USA

„Die vergangenen zwölf Jahre, in denen der Kongress von den Republikanern dominiert wurde, waren keine gute Zeit für die Gewerkschaften in den USA. Sie verloren Millionen von Mitgliedern, ihr Einfluss in den Betrieben und der Politik des Landes ist stark gesunken, und es ist eine neue Generation von Arbeitern herangewachsen, von denen viele kaum noch wissen, was eine gewerkschaft­liche Interessen­vertretung ist…“ Artikel von William Hiscott in der Jungle World vom 14.02.2007

Aus: LabourNet, 15. Februar 2007

Radiation fear at schools

This is the story in our local paper. If anyone would be so kind as to write them a quick response with some facts or anyone else that suffers from exposure that would be much appreciated.


Radiation fear at schools
15 February 2007

YOUNGSTERS at some Muswell Hill primary schools could have their health put at risk by new technology that hasn't been proven as safe, it is claimed.

Controversy continues to surround the possible dangers of using wireless internet connections in primary school classrooms - yet one school has had the technology for years and another is to make the leap in the near future.

Tetherdown primary school, in Grand Avenue, was one of the first schools to install the technology - which allows laptop computers to link to the internet wirelessly by using radio waves to beam information back and forth.

And Coldfall primary school, Coldfall Avenue, is set to follow soon.

But there is still debate over how much electromagnetic radiation a young child can safely be exposed to.

Current advice from the Health Protection Agency says increases in sensitivity "may occur in infants and children", but there is "no firm evidence" of exposure to such radiation having adverse health effects.

But a number of schools in the UK have dismantled their "wi-fi" networks after pressure from parents, and Austria's Salzburg public health department is one of many official bodies to have issued warnings about its effects, having advised all schools and nurseries not to install wi-fi at all.

Alasdair Philips, scientific and technical director of lobby group Powerwatch, said:

"It strikes us as completely irresponsible to be putting these in schools - particularly primary schools - without

the monitoring equipment to see if this is a sensible thing to do.

"It just seems so unnecessary. I can't see the great advantage of filling the whole school with radiation.

"The radiation levels are obviously weaker than from a mobile phone mast, but on the other hand you are sitting right on top of them.

"We are looking at connecting it with chronic fatigue, attention deficit disorder, headaches and more."

Sarah Purdy, whose children attend Tetherdown, argues the system hasn't been proved safe and has no educational benefits.

She said: "They just do it because it's new technology, but no-one has thought of beaming microwaves at children all day long.

"Why are we risking our children's lives when cabled computer systems are quite possible?

"The precautionary principle should prevail - we should not expose children unless this system is tested and proved safe, which it has not been to date. We have no option and our children are being irradiated."

Tetherdown has the system installed in its classrooms, but its head teacher Evelyn Pittman said: "We have had a lot of communication with parents and every aspect of the issue has been looked at, and I don't think it needs to be something that is discussed outside of that."

Plans are afoot to install wi-fi in Coldfall Wood Primary, but Carol O'Brien, head teacher at St James C of E Primary, Woodside Avenue, said her school didn't have wi-fi.

Muswell Hill Primary and Our Lady of Muswell Hill Primary schools did not respond before the Journal went to press.

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EU endorses damning report on CIA

The European parliament has approved a damning report on secret CIA flights, condemning member states which colluded in the operations.

Switzerland Approves Probe of CIA Flight

Switzerland on Wednesday followed Italy and Germany in raising the threat of criminal prosecution of CIA operatives involved in anti-terrorism operations in Europe.,,-6416237,00.html

CIA sounded-out Italy about 'renditions' in 2001

The CIA spoke with Italy's spy chief about kidnapping terrorism suspects in Italy and flying them abroad days after the Sept. 11 attacks, according to testimony being used to prosecute U.S. and Italian agents.

EU nations censured over CIA 'torture' flights

THE European Parliament has approved a report admonishing 15 European countries and Turkey for helping the CIA transport terrorism suspects held in secret or for failing to co-operate in the Parliament's investigation of the practice.

European investigator says U.S. refuses to let him question Guantanamo prisoners

The Swiss senator leading a European investigation into reports that the CIA operated secret prisons in Europe and illegally transferred terror suspects complained Friday that the United States has refused to let him question prisoners held at Guantanamo Bay.

From Information Clearing House


EU Report Says Some Colluded With CIA

The European Parliament on Wednesday approved a controversial report accusing Britain, Germany, Italy and other European nations of turning a blind eye to CIA flights transporting terrorism suspects to secret prisons in an apparent breach of EU human rights standards.

CIA Sounded Out Italy About "Renditions" in 2001

The CIA spoke with Italy's spy chief about kidnapping terrorism suspects in Italy and flying them abroad days after the September 11 attacks, according to testimony being used to prosecute US and Italian agents.


Geheime CIA-Gefängnisse: Schweizer Journalisten droht Strafe wegen unliebsamer Berichterstattung

Drei Journalisten der Schweizer Zeitung "SonntagsBlick" droht nach Angaben des Deutschen Journalisten-Verbandes wegen "Verletzung militärischer Geheimnisse" bis zu fünf Jahre Haft. Die SonntagsBlick-Autoren Sandro Brotz und Beat Jost hatten den Angaben zufolge Anfang 2006 in einem Artikel die Inhalte eines vom Schweizer Nachrichtendienst abgefangenen Faxes veröffentlicht. Aus dem Fax seien Indizien für die Existenz geheimer Gefängnisse des US-Geheimdienstes CIA in Osteuropa hervorgegangen. Anfang Februar habe das Schweizer Militärgericht Anklage gegen Brotz, Jost und den ehemaligen Chefredakteur des SonntagsBlicks Christoph Grenacher erhoben worden. Der Journalisten-Verband fordert das Gericht auf, die Anklage fallen zu lassen.

Australia: 'Gutless' Howard gags debate

Opposition Leader Kevin Rudd has accused John Howard of lacking courage as the Labor leader called for a debate on Iraq foreign policy.

Secret new US spy base to get green light

AUSTRALIA'S close military alliance with the United States is to be further entrenched with the building of a high-tech communications base in Western Australia.

From Information Clearing House

Mourning A Secret Australia

By John Pilger

John Pilger describes another 'day of mourning' for the first inhabitants of his homeland, Australia, which for many whites remains a secret country behind the neo-conservative bluster of John Howard's government.

Our brave John Howard

Australia's brave Prime Minister John Howard had the temerity to stand up in the Australian Parliament this week and call the Leader of the Opposition a coward on national television, because Kevin Rudd opposes the Iraq war and wants to bring Australian troops home.

Russian foreign minister calls for similar U.S. 'flexibility' on Iran as on NKorea

Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov on Wednesday urged the United States to foster a resolution to the standoff over Iran's nuclear program by showing the same "flexibility" that helped produce North Korea's agreement to halt its atomic programs, Russian news agencies reported.

From Information Clearing House

General clashes with Bush on Iraq

America’s top general appeared to contradict claims made by the White House and other US military commanders yesterday that Iran was arming Shia militants in Iraq.

From Information Clearing House

Bush 'to do something' on Iran weapons

U.S. President George Bush said Wednesday he is determined to do something about Iranian arms going to insurgents in Iraq.

From Information Clearing House

A Trillion Dollar Military Budget?

The president has sent Congress a proposed federal budget for fiscal year 2008 that would spend $967 billion on current military activities and past wars. That figure represents 44% of the federal funds budget and is $100 billion higher than the amount of money allocated for this year.

From Information Clearing House

House finally faces off over war

A resolution putting the House on record against Bush's expansion of troop strength was expected to be approved by week's end. It was nonbinding, but nevertheless unmistakable in its message. "No more blank checks for President Bush on Iraq,'' Pelosi declared.

From Information Clearing House

On the Mystery of Muqtada al-Sadr's Disappearance

It is possible but not likely that Muqtada would go to Iran. He and his family have endlessly made fun of the al-Hakim clerical leaders for fleeing to Iran to escape persecution by Saddam Hussein, when the al-Sadrs insisted on staying in Iraq.

From Information Clearing House

In northern Iraq, another war looms

While the world focuses on Baghdad's security, a series of bombings here may be the long-feared start of a second deadly war in Iraq — this one between Kurds and Arabs, both with claims on a territory atop one of the world's largest oil reserves.

From Information Clearing House

Abusing The Profession

By Peter Kinderman

Why hasn't there been more of an outcry from professional psychologists about the practice of torture in the 'war on terror'.

2003 Memo Says Iranian Leaders Backed Talks

By Glenn Kessler

The Swiss ambassador to Iran informed U.S. officials in 2003 that an Iranian proposal for comprehensive talks with the United States had been reviewed and approved by Iran's supreme religious leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei; then-President Mohammad Khatami; and then-Foreign Minister Kamal Kharrazi, according to a copy of the cover letter to the Iranian document.


US spurned Iranian diplomatic initiative in May 2003

Informant: jensenmk

From ufpj-news

Is war with Iran on the way?

War with Iran?

We hear from four former CIA officials.

By Ken Silverstein

Yes, I think Americans should be prepared to wake up one morning and find themselves at war with Iran.

Arabs Fear the U.S. and Israel, Not Iran

By Jim Lobe

Less than one in four Arabs believe Iran should be pressured to halt its nuclear programme, while 61 percent, including majorities in all six countries, said Tehran had the right to pursue it even if, as most believe, the programme is designed to develop nuclear weapons.

Saddam Hussein: The Trial You'll Never See

Web of Deceit

Made for European television this film was never broadcast in North America.

Video - A Barry Lando and Michel Despratx documentary

The horrifying truth is the extent to which we in the west have been complicit.


The Trial of Saddam Hussein We Never Saw

Bill Moyers: For America's Sake


The conservative movement stands intellectually and morally bankrupt while Democrats talk about a "new direction" without convincing us they know the difference between a weather vane and a compass. The right story will set our course for a generation to come.

This is War


- Warning - This video should only be viewed by mature audience

"Do it in the name of God"

Surge Toward the Truth

By Dennis Kucinich

"The American people are waiting for us to provide real leadership to show the way out of Iraq. My 12-point plan responds to that demand. This plan, - creates a peace process which will enable our troops to come home and stabilize Iraq.

Iraq's Death Toll is Far Worse Than Our Leaders Admit

By Les Roberts

The US and Britain have triggered an episode more deadly than the Rwandan genocide.

On N379P, N829MG, and other infamies of empire

Informant: jensenmk

From ufpj-news

Greenpeace Heads to Iran to Push Nuclear-Free Zone

Informant: Carol Moore in DC

From ufpj-news

Improving Voter Access: A Report on the Technology for Accessible Voting Systems

February 14, 2007
By Noel Runyan

View the document (pdf)

Improving Voter Access is a new report by technology expert Noel Runyan, published by Demos and Voter Action, that finds that state voting systems are widely noncompliant with federal ADA and HAVA access requirements for voters with disabilities.

Twenty percent of U.S. adults with disabilities -- more than 8 million eligible voters -- say they have been unable to vote in presidential or congressional elections due to barriers at or getting to the polls The Help America Vote Act (HAVA) requires that all polling places in elections for federal office anywhere in the United States have at least one voting system that shall be accessible for individuals with disabilities, including nonvisual accessibility for the blind and visually impaired, in a manner that provides the same opportunity for access and participation (including privacy and independence) as for other voters.

But most currently deployed voting systems, including direct-recording electronic (DRE) systems, do not meet current HAVA and ADA disability accommodation requirements, and they are far from compliance with the new Voluntary Voting System Guidelines.They are not accessible for significant numbers of individuals with disabilities for a variety of reasons that can and should be directly addressed.

Kathy Dopp

Next Stop: Tehran

Informant: Kev Hall

Who's Warning About The Hate Bill?

The federal "anti-hate" bill, HR 254, is stealth legislation at its most devious. Its language deceives all but the most suspicious and informed. Maybe this helps explain why evangelical watchdog organizations do little or nothing to sound the alarm, even though the hate bill has been in the House of Representatives for six weeks!...

Informant: shane_digital

Next-up News n°184

- Dossier Eglise et antennes relais / File Church and relay antennas

- L'EST REPUBLICAIN (14/02/2007) : le " micro-ondes " de Notre-Dame.

Unionizing bill advances: Cheney threatens veto

Informant: bigraccoon

Oppose Delisting of Northern Rocky Mountain Gray Wolf Population

Take Action: Restore Habeas Corpus

US consumers, like others, would prefer NOT to buy or consume genetically modified food

Consumer research consistently indicates that US consumers, like others, would prefer NOT to buy or consume genetically modified food (variously called GM, GMO, GE or biotech food by official sources and "FrankenFood" by many health advocates).

The US FDA believes that consumers would "make the wrong choice" (that is, NOT buy genetically modified foods in favor of natural ones) if they had the information necessary to make that decision. Therefore, the FDA policy is to deny consumers access to accurate information about genetically modified foods since labeling such foods accurately, they say, would be "false and misleading". The FDA maintains that genetically modified foods are safe although the US FDA does not carry out or review any safety data on genetically modified foods. The US FDA does not require safety testing, conducts no safety testing, does not examine documentation of any safety testing for these foods. Instead, it relies solely upon the assertion of the patent owner (the company that wants to market the GM food) that the product is safe for human or animal consumption and poses no threat to the environment.

If GM food has the same sensory characteristics as natural food, the FDA will grant a "Certificate of Equivalency" which has no safety assurance associated with it whatsoever. If GM food is "substantially different" from natural food, that difference will be labeled, but the fact that the difference arises from genetic modification is not labeled.

The US FDA regulates advertising/labeling claims and can removes products and devices it believes are unsafe or dangerous from the market and does so regularly. In the matter of genetically modified foods, the FDA policy is different since it takes no responsibility for food safety assurance in these products. It also pursues a policy which shifts questions of safety (and hence liability) for marketing unsafe foods to the the courts although in other areas, it makes efforts to determine safety of food, drugs and devices before they are put on the market, and thereafter, as well. This judicial determination is rendered, in my opinion, meaningless if there is no way of tracking whether GM foods have been consumed because of absent food labeling.

The US Delegate to the recent Working Group on Genetically Modified Foods (Feb. 6-7, 2007, Oslo) stated that the FDA could not compel companies to "say things on their labels that they did not want to say" because of "First Amendment Issues" despite the fact that the FDA regularly compels companies to add or remove language which the FDA feels is appropriate.

Rima E. Laibow, MD Medical Director

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