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Pax Christi warnt vor Angriffskrieg gegen den Iran

"Patriot" & Flugzeugträger

Die christliche Friedensorganisation Pax Christi warnt vor der Vorbereitung eines Angriffskrieges gegen den Iran. Im Januar 2007 hätten sich die Hinweise verdichtet, dass die US-Regierung sehr konkrete kriegerische Angriffe auf den Iran plane. Die Neokonservativen um Präsident George W. Bush versuchten "offenbar dessen restliche Amtszeit zu nutzen, den Konflikt um das iranische Atomprogramm weiter zu eskalieren und den wachsenden iranischen Einfluss im Nahen Osten zu brechen", vermutet Pax Christi. Diese "Machtpolitik der USA" komme den Interessen der israelischen Regierung entgegen, die ihrerseits den Iran und Syrien als Bedrohung betrachte und gegen sie rüste.

US-Offizier wegen Einsatzverweigerung vor Gericht,,OID6379652_REF1,00.html

The Green-Zoning of America

Paul Krugman writes: "One of the best of the many recent books about the Iraq debacle is Rajiv Chandrasekaran's 'Imperial Life in the Emerald City.' The book tells a tale of hopes squandered in the name of politicization and privatization: key jobs in Baghdad's Green Zone were assigned on the basis of loyalty rather than know-how, while key functions were outsourced to private contractors. Two recent reports in the New York Times serve as a reminder that the Bush administration has brought the same corruption of governance to the home front. Call it the Green-Zoning of America."

How a Bill Becomes a Signing Statement

David Swanson writes: "This president believes that laws passed by Congress can be overturned by the president. Only after the Supreme Court has ruled on each point of law is the president obliged to obey and properly execute them. So, why have a Congress at all?"

Exclusive Interview With Ehren Watada

Army First Lt. Ehren Watada was called an exemplary soldier. But then he decided to face court-martial rather than join a war he says is illegal.

Asking The Wrong Questions About Iran

Like WMDs, Iran's purported military nuclear ambitions are a distraction from the real questions.

Legalizing An Underclass

by David Bacon,

Powerful politicians, industry groups and think tanks want a supply of disposable, unempowered immigrant workers.

Rebuild New Orleans, Rebuild America

by Toni McElroy and Kevin Whelan, Bush gave up on New Orleans, so Congress must give orders to rebuild our damaged cities.

Next-up News n°176

Will Health-Care Timidity Trip Up Hillary Clinton?

Jeff Cohen writes: "It's conventional wisdom that if Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign falters with Democratic activists in places like Iowa and New Hampshire, it will be over the issue of the Iraq War. And her vacillations on the war. Yet the dividing-line issue in the upcoming primaries may turn out to be not Iraq, but health care. And just as on Iraq, the Democratic base is in no mood for timidity, halfway measures and vague rhetoric."

Troops Return to Painful Wait for Needed Help

"The California Nurses Association reported that in the first quarter of 2006, the US Department of Veterans Affairs 'treated 20,638 Iraq veterans for post-traumatic stress disorder, and they have a backlog of 400,000 cases.' A returning soldier has to wait an average of 165 days for a VA decision on initial disability benefits, and an appeal can take up to three years. This is unacceptable and reprehensible," write Andrew J. Weaver and Ray McGovern.

Bush's Defense Request Nears Historic Highs

The Bush administration is expected to ask for a defense budget of $481 billion - near historic highs. It will also ask for additional funding for Iraq and Afghanistan, taking the cost of those conflicts this year to close to $165 billion, and will present estimates for next year's costs that will push war spending above the total cost of Vietnam. But if the military's top officers have their way, today's proposal may be only a precursor to a future of even larger defense budgets.

A Battle Over "Powerful Evidence" at Libby Trial

Jason Leopold reports: "As Special Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald gets ready to wrap up the government's perjury and obstruction of justice case against former vice presidential staffer I. Lewis 'Scooter' Libby, he is fighting to introduce two 'powerful' pieces of evidence he says will help convince the jury that Libby deliberately lied to federal investigators about how and when he discovered the identity of covert CIA operative Valerie Plame Wilson and whether he leaked the information to reporters."



A message from Linda

Make Belgrade Zoo animal friendly

Please sign this petition!

A message from Linda

Wahlmaschinen: Florida rudert zurück

„Der US-amerikanische Bundesstaat Florida will die papierlosen elektronischen Wahlmaschinen abschaffen, berichtet die New York Times. Florida war Vorreiter auf dem Gebiet der Wahlmaschinen, hatte jedoch mehrfach Ungereimtheiten und Abstimmungspannen verzeichnen müssen. Mehr als die Hälfte der Wähler Floridas stimmen auf papierlosen Wahlmaschinen ab, die den Lochkarten-Maschinen der umstrittenen Präsidentschaftswahl 2000 gefolgt waren…“ Meldung auf Heise-Online vom 03.02.2007

Cottbus verabschiedet sich von Wahlcomputern

„Die Stadt Cottbus beabsichtigt, auf den geplanten Kauf von 74 bislang gemieteten Wahlcomputern zu verzichten. Wie die Berliner Zeitung in ihrer heutigen Ausgabe berichtet, wollen die Stadtverordneten am kommenden Mittwoch einen entsprechenden Beschluss vom September 2006 revidieren…“ Meldung bei heise online vom 29.01.2007 mit Hintergründen und Links

Aus: LabourNet, 5. Februar 2007

WiMAX setzt zum großen Sprung an

Ask Congress to require election outcome verification

Please sign this letter asking Congress to require routine actions to verify election outcome integrity, and pointing out that 2% audits won't do that, and that citizen oversight is needed.

Here is the letter which was just completed this a.m.

To sign it, just send your name, full address, any credentials or affiliations to me kathy.dopp

People may add themselves as signees or suggest minor changes to the letter through Wednesday if they want me to hand deliver it in DC during my upcoming trip to the East Coast, although we'll probably continue to add signees after that for people who want to send the letter themselves to their Senators and Representative.

It would be great to get signees from every state, so please forward this to your friends and lists and ask them to sign it also. I'll be updating the letter with new signees, and may sort the signees by state.

Thank you. It is important to get real measures that will assure us of accurate election outcomes because we all know that having paper ballots that are never manually counted leaves our elections wide open to vote fraud or outcome-altering machine errors.

Kathy Dopp
National Election Data Archive
Dedicated to Accurately Counting Elections

"Enlighten the people generally, and tyranny and oppressions of body and mind will vanish like evil spirits at the dawn of day," wrote Thomas Jefferson in 1816

Recht auf informationelle Selbstbestimmung gewahrt

#Die Linkspartei.PDS: Pressemitteilungen

05. Februar 2007

Zum Beschluss des Bundesgerichtshofes zu heimlichen PC-online-Durchsuchungen privater Computer durch Ermittlungsbehörden erklärt die stellvertretende Vorsitzende der Linkspartei.PDS Katina Schubert:

Der BGH hat in seinem Urteil den verdeckten Ermittlungswünschen der Sicherheitsbehörden im Privatbereich eine Absage erteilt. Das ist gut und schützt das Grundrecht auf informationelle Selbstbestimmung, das das Bundesverfassungsgericht mit seinem Volkszählungsurteil festgeschrieben hat. Wir wenden uns gleichzeitig gegen eine Änderung der Strafprozessordnung, um die heimlichen online-Durchsuchungen privater Computer durch Sicherheitsbehörden doch zu ermöglichen. Die Privatsphäre muss geschützt bleiben, Ermittlungen können nach der geltenden Rechtslage erfolgen.


Verdeckte Online-Durchsuchung unzulässig

„Die heimliche Durchsuchung der im Computer eines Beschuldigten gespeicherten Dateien mit Hilfe eines Programms, das ohne Wissen des Betroffenen aufgespielt wurde (verdeckte Online-Durchsuchung), ist nach der Strafprozessordnung unzulässig. Es fehlt an der für einen solchen Eingriff erforderlichen Ermächtigungsgrundlage. Das hat der 3. Strafsenat des Bundesgerichtshofs auf die Beschwerde des Generalbundesanwalts gegen einen Beschluss entschieden, mit dem der Ermittlungsrichter des Bundesgerichtshofs den Antrag auf eine verdeckte Online-Durchsuchung abgelehnt hatte…“ Mitteilung der Pressestelle des Bundesgerichtshofs Nr. 17/2007 vom 5.2.07

Heimliche Online-Durchsuchungen sind unzulässig

Meldung bei heise online vom 05.02.2007 mit Hintergründen und Links

“Widerstand gegen die Onlinedurchsuchung ist wichtiger denn je”

„Die Mülheimer Autorin und Bürgerrechtlerin Twister (Bettina Winsemann) hat das Urteil des Bundesgerichtshofes zur Onlinedurchsuchung begrüßt. Am heutigen Tage hatte der BGH, der bereits zuvor die Onlinedurchsuchung als “ohne entsprechende Rechtsgrundlage unzulässig” beurteilt hatte, dieses Urteil erneut bekräftigt nachdem Generalbundesstaatsanwältin Monika Harms Beschwerde gegen das Urteil eingelegt hatte. „Es ist wichtig, dass der BGH der bisherigen Praxis der Onlinedurchsuchung einen Riegel vorschiebt.“ Dennoch sei das Urteil kein Grund zum Jubeln. “Der BGH hat lediglich die fehlende Rechtsgrundlage moniert.” so Twister. “Für die Politik war dies kein Grund, sich einmal mit der Beurteilung der Maßnahme zu befassen. Stattdessen hat man z.B. in Nordrhein-Westfalen als Konsequenz ein entsprechendes Gesetz geschaffen.”…“ Pressemitteilung vom 05. Februar 2007

Aus: LabourNet, 5. Februar 2007

Africa: US Oil's New Target


America has set its sights on Africa, which, according to a White House national energy policy document, is predicted to be - together with Latin America - "one of the fastest growing sources of oil and gas" for the future American market. But in the global hunt for oil, America has to compete with an increasingly successful and aggressive major competitor - China.

Full Spectrum Dominance

It is not often that the empire is put in the position of one its victims, in fear of the military and technical prowess of another country, forced to talk of peace and cooperation, just as Iraq and others, hoping to put off an American attack, were forced to do over the years; just as Iran now.

Iraq and Iran: Bush Ignoring The Intelligence

Keith Olbermann


US ex-generals reject Iran strike

Three former high-ranking American military officers have warned against any military attack on Iran.

From Information Clearing House

US military chiefs eye confrontation with Iran

America's military chiefs are at loggerheads with the country's diplomats and spies over tactics for confronting Iranian agents in Iraq over their role in lethal attacks on US forces.

From Information Clearing House

AIPAC “Money People” and the Iran Attack

Consider Hillary Clinton’s recent speech, delivered to the AIPAC gathered.

From Information Clearing House

Hillary's big lie grows

She needs to end the victim act and stop blaming Bush for her vote on Iraq

From Information Clearing House

Iraqis on the Run

"One of the World's Great Man-Made Disasters is Taking Place"

Warner to help block his own resolution on Iraq

Sen. John W. Warner will join his fellow Republicans in voting Monday to block the resolution he wrote rebuking President Bush's Iraq war policy.

From Information Clearing House

Doubts Run Deep on Reforms Crucial to Bush's Iraq Strategy

The success of the Bush administration's new Iraq strategy depends on a series of rapid and dramatic political and economic reforms that even the plan's authors have little confidence will work.

War by other means: how the poor finance the rich


John Pilger and David Munro examine the policy of First World banks agreeing loans with Third World countries, who are then unable to meet the cripling interest charges.

Quarantine U.S.A.

By Mike Whitney

When was the last time Bush-Cheney devoted millions of dollars to anything that served the public interest? That is an oddity in itself.

Grannies Do Heavy Lifting

by Cindy Sheehan

Beginning on Monday, February 5th, the Occupation Project is beginning sit-ins in every House Rep and Senator's offices across this nation to demand an end to the war in Iraq by voting "nay" to giving any more money to BushCo for their murderous war.


Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

W and Hillary: Two Sides of the Same Coin

By Soraya Sepahpour-Ulrich

Speaking at the Democratic National Convention’s winter meeting, Presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton declared that once she becomes president, she would end the war in Iraq and restore the basic promise of America. Mrs. Clinton, who voted for the illegal invasion of sovereign Iraq, knows she must end the Iraq war in order to launch another – a war on sovereign Iran.

Fight Against Iran too Familiar

By Eric Margolis

With disturbing deja vu, the U.S. Congress and media are swallowing the administration's torrent of unproven allegations against Iran precisely the way they lapped up its grotesque lies about Iraq.

Ein enges Verhältnis: Politik und Tabakindustrie

Unabhängig von der Diskussion auf europäischer Ebene, könnte es einen neuen Anlauf für ein bundesweites Rauchverbot geben. Der SPD-Abgeordnete Lothar Binding wirft dem Innenministerium und den eigenen Fraktionsgenossen vor, sich stark von der Tabaklobby beeinflussen zu lassen. Die verfassungsrechtlichen Bedenken gegen ein bundesweites Rauchverbot würden stark auf Argumenten eines eng mit der Tabakindustrie verbundenen Rechtsprofessors aufbauen. Mehr:

Anti-war Movement Launches Campaign Of Civil Disobedience To End Iraq War Funding

February 5th - Occupations and civil disobedience at the offices of Senators across the country today will launch the Occupation Project, an eight week long campaign of civil disobedience to end funding for the Iraq war. President Bush is expected to submit a request to Congress today;

As Voices prepares for the launch of the campaign, both in Chicago as well as nationally, we want to share a glimpse of the momentum that continues to build locally, regionally and nationally, as well as provide information on how to get involved.

Campaigns now stretch from Portland, Maine to Portland, Oregon and from Fairbanks, Alaska to Huntsville, Alabama. Campaigns are active throughout the Midwest, including: Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, Iowa, Minnesota and Missouri. Campaigns cover the western coast from Alaska to Washington to Oregon to California. Campaigns stretch from the east coast to the west coast: North Carolina, Tennessee, Alabama, Oklahoma, Texas, Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, and California are all actively organizing campaigns.

STAY TUNED! We will be updating our website throughout the afternoon and evening and provide you with more specific information as today's launch of the campaign unfolds;

National organizations CODEPINK, Veterans For Peace, and the Declaration of Peace, have joined with Voices for Creative Nonviolence in actively organizing this campaign...making it a Movement of Civil Disobedience to End Iraq War Funding.

Find out more information and how to participate below. Please contact us with any other questions which you may have.

Scott Blackburn
Voices for Creative Nonviolence

GET INVOLVED! THE OCCUPATION PROJECT PAGE: includes full project description, resources, sample letters, updates, supplemental voting records, local campaign descriptions and more.




LOCAL OCCUPATION PROJECT CAMPAIGNS: Find out what local campaigns doing? We will update this list as we receive more descriptions

Voices for Creative Nonviolence
1249 W Argyle Street #2, Chicago, IL 60640
Phone: (773) 878-3815
E-mail: info

"Big Brother" is hearing you

Hüllenlose Überwachung

US-ANGRIFF AUF IRAN: Exgeneräle warnen

Bis heute keine Schäden, in keinem einzigen Fall?

Fellow Americans in Colorado Need Your Help Now

by Devvy Kidd

Right now our fellow Americans in Southeastern Colorado face losing their homes, their land and their way of life. The U.S. Army is seeking to take over THE ENTIRE SOUTHEASTERN CORNER OF COLORADO to expand their training facility called Pinon Canyon Maneuver Site (PCMS). We are already talking about the Army controlling a monstrous amount of land owned by the Department of Defense: over 25 million acres; the Army has more than fifteen million of those twenty five and they simply do NOT need more......

The Project for the New American Disaster

The state and climate change: on the ridiculous and monstrous idea of government control of the climate

Enforced orthodoxies against Iran: on promoters of the next aggression

The Real Purpose of US Mid-East Policies

Watada: Feb 5th Court Martial, Events & Action, Local & Global

War in Iraq Propelling A Massive Migration

Informant: NHNE

Exposing ExxonMobil

Informant: NHNE

Handynutzung bedeutet kein erhöhtes Risiko für Hirntumore?

Handynutzung bedeutet kein erhöhtes Risiko für Hirntumore?

Handy und Hirntumore, ein Zusammenhang?

Handystrahlung löst keine Gliom-Hirntumore aus?

Handystrahlung ist keine Ursache für Hirntumore?

Handy-Strahlung und Hirn-Tumore

Handys können Krebs auslösen

Zunahme der Hirntumore bei Handy-Vieltefonierern: Risiko steigt um 39 Prozent

Lösen Handys Krebs aus, Krebs durch Handy-Strahlung?

Handy am Ohr: Hirntumor?

Langzeitstudie aus Dänemark: kein Krebsrisiko durch Handy-Strahlung?

Kein Beweis für ein erhöhtes Risiko durch Handys?

Elektrosmog als Krebsrisiko: Kein Krebsrisiko durch Handy-Strahlung?

Flucht aus Oberammergau: Pfarrer flüchtet vor Handy-Strahlung

Iran could be ‘Bush’s biggest blunder of all’

Informant: jensenmk

From ufpj-news

Climate change wake up call

Dear friends,

We've seen it all around us: droughts, hurricanes, weird weather and wild storms. Then last week, a major new report by over 2000 climate scientists ended all debate: climate change is real- we've caused it- and its impact will be catastrophic unless urgent action is taken.

Our leaders can stop this, but they've been too slow to act. This week, we're launching a global TV ad campaign on 3 continents to wake world leaders up to the disaster we're facing. Click below to watch our TV ad on our new website and sign the petition calling for urgent action now.

Experts agree: we are fast approaching the point of no return. If the world's temperature rises by even 2 degrees Celsius the consequences for life on earth will be devastating.

This problem can be solved. We need a new international agreement that commits countries to major emission cuts, and drives a global shift to renewable energy. This will require bold political action -- and not just by one or two countries.

Climate change is a global problem that requires global action. It is time for people around the world to send a global wake up call to our leaders - before it is too late. Click here to send them a message:

The leaders of the world's most polluting countries will be meeting in Germany this June. The priorities for this summit are being decided right now.

Public awareness of the climate threat around the world is reaching fever pitch. Now the argument is over - it's time to focus our energy on building a global movement to make our leaders act. Watch our TV ad and add your voice to the wake up call:

It's not too late to protect our planet - but the moment is now. Please sign the petition, post it on your blog or favourite listserve, forward this email to your friends and family - and tell everyone you know.

Alone, we can't stop this disaster. But if we act together today, 2007 could become the year we took the first step to save the world.

With hope,

Ricken, David, Iain, Andrea, Jeremy, Rachel, Tom, Hannah, Paul, Lee-Sean, Galit, Graziela, Nicole and the whole team (formerly the team)

PS - In an online poll last year, nearly a thousand of you helped choose a great new name for our global campaigning effort - Avaaz means "voice" or "song" in many Asian languages. The new site is now up in 10 languages so check it out!


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