Hazards of RF MW radiation and EMF in populated areas

Friday, February 23, 2007 4:42 PM
Subject: Thank You.

Chairman Leslie Daigle, Media & Communications Committee

Thank you for allowing Chris Sullivan a generous amount of time to speak against citywide Wi Fi at the February 12th Media & Communications Committee Meeting. While listening to the general discussion it became apparent to me that the issue of biological harm from non-ionizing RF MW radiation is not well understood by this Committee. For example, members are unaware that Safety Guidelines issued by the FCC over a decade ago do not reflect current scientific opinion regarding the minimum exposure level at which harm to living beings begins.

I know that you are an advocate of Women's Issues, including health, and have dedicated an impressive amount of time in successfully promoting an awareness of these issues. I now plead with you to learn more about women's health as it relates to man-made, non-ionizing RF MW radiation in our environment. Accurate information on this cannot be obtained from scientists affiliated with/funded by the Telecom Industry. They have an obvious conflict of interest.

I handed a letter to your Committee on February 12th recommending a consultant who has worked in the City of Irvine and many other California cities on reducing the hazards of RF MW radiation and EMF in populated areas. I do not know this consultant (Cindy Sage) personally but have read thoroughly researched, well documented, unbiased papers she's presented to international conferences over the years. I believe her expertise will help the City of Newport Beach make informed decisions about whether (and where) to locate RF MW emitting installations (including cell phone towers) within its boundaries. This will help my health, the health of all women and children who reside in Newport Beach. Not to mention the health of men of our species, pets and wildlife. I trust that you are listening, that you care and will become involved in this potentially grave matter.

With your background of twelve years in the Telecom Industry and your personal goal of helping women, I think you are the right person at the right time to make a difference in the future well-being of every resident, tourist, worker in Newport Beach. And if all our City Council Members join you in becoming more knowledgeable about the medical aspects of this issue, the Council can make enlightened decisions that won't compromise health for commerce. This will put Newport Beach on the map with other forward-looking cities that genuinely value quality of life.

A final note: I believe it is safe to say that the now scientifically established link between disease and exposure to RF MW radiation will insure that the wave of the future in communications will not be microwave.


Suzanne Bonnet
524 De Anza Drive, CDM CA 92625

Informant: Martin Weatherall



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