Want To See Bush And Cheney Get Impeached? Now You Can!

We have some incredible news, we're doing a PLAY!!!

On her way back from the Take Back America Conference last week Shirley Golub, who is challenging Nancy Pelosi for the Democratic primary nomination in San Francisco in June, heard from a playwright working with impeachment scholar Bruce Fein on a new impeachment passion play with a socko surprise ending that will have you on your feet clapping and cheering, and Shirley has stepped up to finance a full legit theater production of this inspirational and educational new play, and with your help we can make it happen in a couple weeks.

Impeachment Play Donations; http://www.shirley08.com/donations.php

Picture this scene in your mind.

The audience is cast as the members of the U.S. Senate hearing evidence in the impeachment trial of George Bush and Dick Cheney. With all the damning evidence presented of their many high crimes, the lies to go to war, the illegal wiretaps, the secret torture of detainees, the outing of a CIA agent, the law defying signing statements and everything else, it looks very bad for Bush and Cheney for anyone with a fair, open and patriotic mind. But Bush still remains arrogant, and at the end he taunts the audience, thinking he will still be able to skate away from the whole thing.

"And that's why I'm going to finish my term as your president . . .
(turning to Cheney not realizing his mike is still on) Look at 'em Dick. None of 'em'll stand up to us."

And there is silence in the theater. And then . . . we hear a single voice from the back of the audience, calling out in loud voice from the dark.

"I . . . I will stand up. I will for stand up conviction."

And the whole audience turns their heads to see who this person is who has stood up to protect and defend the Constitution.

And then we hear another voice from the other side of the audience, just as brave and courageous,

"I . . . I too will stand up. Now there are two of us standing together. If that's all it takes to make it happen, to just stand up in right now, will we do it? Will we stand up? Will we convict?"

And then another and another, and it turns into a standing ovation with everyone clapping and cheering, "Convict, Convict!!!"

THE END of the Bush/Cheney nightmare.

Have you got a lump in your throat? Is that amazing or what? To have an inspirational mobilizing vehicle, where people can actually visualize what it would be like to make impeachment happen now, with your help.

Impeachment Play Donations; http://www.shirley08.com/donations.php

We have already heard from many actors and directors in San Francisco where the production will be staged. In the next day or so we will make a commitment for a theater, and this is going to happen in the next couple weeks, if we have to build one from the ground up.

And we have to move fast, because time is so short. Just yesterday, after a visit from Dick Cheney to Saudi Arabia, so obviously planning for nuclear first strike on Iran, the Saudi press published articles warning people on how to prepare for the nuclear fallout, should Cheney hit Iran with nuclear bunker busters, with fallout that could kill millions of people.

The only hope we have is to get Congress to immediately commence impeachment hearings to head them off at the pass. And the only way to do that is to have such a serious challenge to Nancy Pelosi for her own seat, that she has no choice but to act.

This works. Bruce Fein, the impeachment scholar participated in deliberations in the Reagan administration where the only thing that kept them from doing something utterly crazy, was the fresh knowledge from the Nixon experience that impeachment will happen if you step that far over the Constitutional line.

And nobody could be further over that line than George Bush and Dick Cheney. Did you hear Cheney over the weekend? He was confronted with the fact that 2/3 of the American people (and that's enough to convict on impeachment in the Senate), opposed the war in Iraq. And did you hear what he said, "So?" And it's because in their arrogance they don't believe that we can get it together to force our Congress to act.

But we must. We must get this impeachment play produced, and make it the biggest theater hit that San Francisco has ever seen. And spread it all over the country. We must rally behind Shirley Golub, who has already raised $50,000 for this historic primary challenge against the Speaker of the House herself. And we must inspire more and more such primary challenges while there is still time.

And Congress will act. They will, They will. If you will speak out now and help.

Send this email to everyone else you know, to spread the word that we are about to save our country and the world.

Paid for by Shirley Golub for Congress

Please take action NOW, so we can win all victories that are supposed to be ours, and forward this alert as widely as possible.


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