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Call For New 9/11 Investigation Reaches Crescendo

911 An Inside Job Says Air Traffic Controller

Sheriff Hutton Mast to be switched on next week

You may be aware that the villagers of Sheriff Hutton near York have been battling for two and a half years to prevent Orange from switching on a mast they put up just metres from where children live. We are victims of the old 56 day loop hole and our council let us down badly. We've chased away contractors on 3 occasions, raised £60,000 to pay Orange's expenses to move it and someone even went as far as to fill the mast with concrete.

We have fought a hard battle but Orange just won't back down. The police called the villagers to a meeting to tell us they will be replacing the damaged mast and commissioning a new one next week. They even sent a Chief Inspector to our houses this morning to see if we are going to cause any trouble on Monday morning when the workers turn up. If we do, there will be a police presence and we will be arrested.

As a village we feel bullied and angry. Many of us are selling our houses and parents are going to pull their children out of the school. The impact on the village is dreadful.

Even though we've come to the end of the road with our campaign, I just want to wish any other campaigners good luck and keep fighting.

Catherine Botting


Villagers to keep up mast protest as contractors move in

By Gerran Grimshaw

ANGRY villagers have vowed to continue their long-running protest against a controversial Ryedale mobile phone mast when its operator eventually comes to turn it on this week.

Orange put up the 15-metre mast in Sheriff Hutton in October 2005, but an ongoing campaign by residents has meant the device is still not operational.


Forty-Two Democrats Vow a Drawdown in Iraq if They Win Seats

Paul Kane, reporting for The Washington Post, writes, "More than three dozen Democratic congressional candidates banded together yesterday to promise that, if elected, they will push for legislation calling for an immediate drawdown of troops in Iraq that would leave only a security force in place to guard the US Embassy in Baghdad."

4,004+ U.S. Deaths - 435 Town Halls,000

UN Must Recognize Water as a Basic Human Right

Conservation Groups Support Mining Ban to Protect Grand Canyon Watershed

Amnesty International Student Activists Launch National Week of Action to Close Guantanamo

Lord, Protect My Child!,000

Bush and McCain's Shared Foreign Policy Approach

Governments Ever More Draconian, Group Says

Tapes' Destruction Hovers Over Detainee Cases

A Day in a Guantanamo Detainee's Life

Die NATO im Kampf um die Welt

Vor dem Gipfeltreffen der Allianz in Bukarest fordert ein Strategiepapier eine radikale Umorientierung - und atomare Erstschläge.äge

American West Heating Nearly Twice as Fast as Rest of World, New Analysis Shows

Informant: Teresa Binstock

Verschlüsselung von RFID-Chips geknackt

Das Nest des internationalen Terrorismus? ACLU calls out US over 'absurd bloating' of terror watch list

Die demokratische amerikanische Vereinigung ACLU hat in einem Statement darauf hingewiesen, dass - glaubt mensch ausnahmsweise offiziellen Stellen - die USA das Zentrum des internationalen Terrorismus sind: Über 900.000 Menschen stehen dort wegen Terrorismusverdacht auf Überwachungslisten, haben beispielsweise Flugverbot. "Gäbe es eine Million Terroristen in diesem Land, müssten unsere Städte in Schutt und Asche liegen" sagte ein Sprecher der Organisation. Homeland Security - das ist auch ein Programm zur generellen Einschränkung von Freiheiten und zahlreiche AktivistInnen des Landes wurden schon bezichtigt. Aber es reichen auch schon dinge wie Namensgleichheit oder (konkret oft genug: arabische) Herkunft, um in die Liste "aufgenommen" zu werden. Der Beitrag "ACLU calls out US over 'absurd bloating' of terror watch list" von Nick Juliano vom 28. Februar 2008 beim Worldviewblog:

Aus: LabourNet, 28. März 2008

Potential criminals?

National Center for Policy Analysis
by staff


A debate is needed on how far Britain should go in identifying potential offenders, given that some experts believe it is possible to identify future offending traits in children as young as five, says, says Gary Pugh, director of forensic sciences at Scotland Yard and the new DNA spokesman for the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO). Pugh’s call for the government to consider options such as placing primary school children who have not been arrested on the database is supported by elements of criminological theory.”

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Mark Lerner is going to stop the Real ID, now

Liberty For All
by Melinda Pillsbury-Foster


Mark Lerner is on the road nearly every moment he can find the money. His time is spent in appointments with legislators, sitting down with them to discuss the Real ID. When Mark starts talking they are polite, but not particularly interested. They think they know what the Real ID is about. But when Mark is finished they are worried and asking questions. Mark is the whistle-blower who brought the fraud by biometrics companies to the attention of the Securities and Exchange Commission only to be ignored for nearly two years before he went public...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Shame on them, and shame on us

McClatchy Newspapers
by Joseph Galloway


This week, the Iraq war claimed its 4,000th American killed in action, but that sad and tragic milestone came as the war seems to have slipped off the evening news, off the front pages and from the minds of the American people. I suppose this benign neglect of so important and damaging an event is combat fatigue on the part of the public. No doubt the White House is happy to see Iraq shoved to a back burner, just as all three presidential candidates are relieved to talk about something else, anything else, but their half-baked ideas about the war. Shame on them, and shame on us, for such callous indifference to the service, sacrifice and suffering of the families of the dead, wounded and injured troops who’ve given so much for so little in return....

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp,000

With every increased measure of oppression, the pressure for change grows exponentially in reaction

Come the revolution

Unknown News
by Herb Ruhs


Modern technology has armed the forces of oppression to degrees that surpass understanding. But be reassured. With every increased measure of oppression, the pressure for change grows exponentially in reaction. Have faith that the rear guard actions of the system will eventually cause it to crumble in a sudden and spectacular way...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Seattle battles the homeless

In These Times
by Silja J.A. Talvi


Underneath the I-5 highway in south Seattle, Isaac Palmer had found a spot to sleep. Hidden away from public view, Palmer likely thought he had found a bit of safety in a city where many homeless people die, often as a result of hypothermia, illness, drug overdose or violent attack. But while tucked in his sleeping bag on June 3, 2007, Palmer, 66, was crushed to death by a brush-clearing machine rolling through the weeds that had been his cover. At the time, Palmer’s death didn’t provoke public outrage. Instead, it was chalked up to an unfortunate consequence of being at the wrong place at the wrong time. The Washington Department of Transportation says it posted a flyer 48 hours in advance, warning homeless people in the area of a clean-up operation...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

End the war: Try again

The Nation
by Christopher Hayes


On the late afternoon of the fifth anniversary of the invasion of Iraq, a grim, surreal procession made its way up DC’s Capitol Hill. Down Independence Avenue alongside the House office buildings marched a single file of protesters, each clad in a black T-shirt, wearing a haunting white mask and holding a sign with the name of a civilian killed in Iraq. As they trudged up the Hill, a drummer rapped out a spare and mournful beat. Aside from several police escorts on bicycles, few were there to bear witness. Congress was in recess, the usual passel of commuters away or shuttered indoors, the streets empty under a misting gray sky. Like the real-life funerals for the Iraqi dead they represented, this re-creation, too, would pass with hardly a notice...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Honestly, candidates, stop the truth-parsing

Boston Globe
by Joan Vennochi

Hillary Clinton remembers sniper fire during a 1996 visit to war-torn Bosnia. Barack Obama can’t remember exactly what he heard at church over the past 20 years. After the past eight years, it’s no joke. The truth matters. In 2000, George W. Bush campaigned for the presidency as the candidate who would bring honesty back to the White House. Now, many statements he made in the run-up to the invasion of Iraq and afterward are considered blatant lies. Today, the president’s credibility on subjects foreign and domestic is in tatters...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Pentagon: Inventory ordered of all US nukes



Defense Secretary Robert Gates has formally ordered the Air Force, Navy and Defense Logistics Agency to conduct an inventory of all U.S. nuclear weapons and nuclear weapon-related materials to make sure all items are accounted for, according to a Pentagon memo released Thursday. The order comes in the wake of the discovery last week that four nuclear warhead fuses were accidentally shipped to Taiwan in 2006...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

School security officer tasers 11-year-old girl

Fox News


A Florida elementary school student was tasered Thursday after punching a school security officer during an alleged fight. The alleged incident began when teachers at the Moss Elemenary School in Orange County confronted an 11-year-old girl for allegedly attempting to push another student into ongoing traffic outside the campus, reported. Authorities say the young female ignored the teacher and walked inside the homeroom where she was again approached by teachers over her behavior. The student responded by thowing a desk and chair and attempting to spit on the instructor, according to Donna Hudepohl, a school resource officer called to remove the troubled girl from the classroom, was allegedly pushed and punched in the face during a struggle to restrain her. Hudepohl responded by tasering the girl...,2933,342471,00.html

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Rachel's News #952

U.S. and Iran: Basra Team-Up?

The U.S. now finds itself on the same "team" with the Iranian government.

Iraq implodes as Shia fights Shia

Mr Sadr's followers believe the government is trying to eliminate them before elections in southern Iraq later this year, which they are expected to win.

US Bombs Basra

U.S. forces intervened in the battle in the southern city of Basra by dropping two bombs on militia positions overnight.

U.S. Troops Engage In Sadr City Offensive

The clashes Thursday indicate U.S. forces were drawn more deeply into a broad offensive Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki undertook in the southern city of Basra earlier against rouge militias, The Washington Post reported Friday.

From his office in clouded cuckoo land: Bush: Iraq is returning to normal

President Bush, saying that "normalcy is returning back to Iraq," argued Thursday that last year's U.S. troop "surge" has improved Iraq's security to the point where political and economic progress are blossoming as well.

Baghdad Trembles as Basra Bleeds

Against the dull thud-boom of rocket hits and ascending plumes of black smoke, Baghdad's fortified Green Zone rumbled with running soldiers and intermittent cries of "duck and take cover!",8599,1726055,00.html?xid=rss-world

Mortars Strike U.S. Embassy in Baghdad

ABC News video.

From Information Clearing House


Fighting Spreads Across Iraq

The Washington Post's Sholnn Freeman reports: "American aircraft struck militia targets in Basra on Friday, the first time that airpower has been called in to aid a faltering ground offensive there against armed groups that operate outside government control."


Basra Assault Exposes Fraud of "National Reconciliation" in Iraq

The Lessons of Basra

UK Gov''t admits breaching human rights

The British Government will admit breaching the human rights of Iraqi Baha Mousa who died while in British custody in Basra, Britains Defence Secretary Des Browne said Thursday.

From Information Clearing House

The Audacity of Hypocrisy

By Joe Mowrey

Obama represents the same old wine in a brand new bottle.

Bailout For The MBAs: A Working-Class Perspective on the Current Market Crisis

By Alex Mohammed Krishnan

It seems there is no practical alternative to another multi-billion dollar bailout for the MBAs, who have shown little remorse in sentencing others to a lifetime of poverty so the "market" can prevail- but no shame in holding their hats out to the taxpayer when their own rash bets go sour.

Sami Al-Arian's Long Ordeal

Operation Cassandra

By William S. Lind

Admiral Fallon's (forced?) resignation was the last warning we are likely to get of an attack on Iran. It does not mean an attack is certain, but the U.S. could not attack Iran so long as he was the CENTCOM commander. That obstacle is now gone.

Frontline: Too Timid, Too Little, Too Late

By Ray McGovern

Someone not already aware of how our media has become a tool of the Bush administration might have been shocked at how Frontline could have missed one of President George W. Bush's most telling "signing statements."

Truth In War Is Always Subversive

By John Pilger

A tribute to Philip Jones Griffiths, who understood war & peace, & people.

How Two Leading Journalists Played the Public to Help Bush Sell His War

Fast and Loose With the Facts

By Spencer Ackerman

"The danger," said President George W. Bush on Sept. 25, 2002, "is that Al Qaeda becomes an extension of Saddam's madness and his hatred and his capacity to extend weapons of mass destruction around the world." He proceeded to build on a lie that finally died last week -- but only after nearly 4,000 U.S. troops and perhaps hundreds of thousands of Iraqis did as well. "The war on terror," Bush said, "you can't distinguish between Al Qaeda and Saddam when you talk about the war on terror.",000

Dead Remembered, Living Ignored

Occupations Are Not Won. They Are Ended

Video By John Perry

What's happening in Iraq is NOT a war. It's an illegal occupation following the illegal invasion of a country that posed no threat to the United States. Occupations are not won. They are ended. Which is why the Bush administration is calling it a war.

Want To See Bush And Cheney Get Impeached? Now You Can!

We have some incredible news, we're doing a PLAY!!!

On her way back from the Take Back America Conference last week Shirley Golub, who is challenging Nancy Pelosi for the Democratic primary nomination in San Francisco in June, heard from a playwright working with impeachment scholar Bruce Fein on a new impeachment passion play with a socko surprise ending that will have you on your feet clapping and cheering, and Shirley has stepped up to finance a full legit theater production of this inspirational and educational new play, and with your help we can make it happen in a couple weeks.

Impeachment Play Donations;

Picture this scene in your mind.

The audience is cast as the members of the U.S. Senate hearing evidence in the impeachment trial of George Bush and Dick Cheney. With all the damning evidence presented of their many high crimes, the lies to go to war, the illegal wiretaps, the secret torture of detainees, the outing of a CIA agent, the law defying signing statements and everything else, it looks very bad for Bush and Cheney for anyone with a fair, open and patriotic mind. But Bush still remains arrogant, and at the end he taunts the audience, thinking he will still be able to skate away from the whole thing.

"And that's why I'm going to finish my term as your president . . .
(turning to Cheney not realizing his mike is still on) Look at 'em Dick. None of 'em'll stand up to us."

And there is silence in the theater. And then . . . we hear a single voice from the back of the audience, calling out in loud voice from the dark.

"I . . . I will stand up. I will for stand up conviction."

And the whole audience turns their heads to see who this person is who has stood up to protect and defend the Constitution.

And then we hear another voice from the other side of the audience, just as brave and courageous,

"I . . . I too will stand up. Now there are two of us standing together. If that's all it takes to make it happen, to just stand up in right now, will we do it? Will we stand up? Will we convict?"

And then another and another, and it turns into a standing ovation with everyone clapping and cheering, "Convict, Convict!!!"

THE END of the Bush/Cheney nightmare.

Have you got a lump in your throat? Is that amazing or what? To have an inspirational mobilizing vehicle, where people can actually visualize what it would be like to make impeachment happen now, with your help.

Impeachment Play Donations;

We have already heard from many actors and directors in San Francisco where the production will be staged. In the next day or so we will make a commitment for a theater, and this is going to happen in the next couple weeks, if we have to build one from the ground up.

And we have to move fast, because time is so short. Just yesterday, after a visit from Dick Cheney to Saudi Arabia, so obviously planning for nuclear first strike on Iran, the Saudi press published articles warning people on how to prepare for the nuclear fallout, should Cheney hit Iran with nuclear bunker busters, with fallout that could kill millions of people.

The only hope we have is to get Congress to immediately commence impeachment hearings to head them off at the pass. And the only way to do that is to have such a serious challenge to Nancy Pelosi for her own seat, that she has no choice but to act.

This works. Bruce Fein, the impeachment scholar participated in deliberations in the Reagan administration where the only thing that kept them from doing something utterly crazy, was the fresh knowledge from the Nixon experience that impeachment will happen if you step that far over the Constitutional line.

And nobody could be further over that line than George Bush and Dick Cheney. Did you hear Cheney over the weekend? He was confronted with the fact that 2/3 of the American people (and that's enough to convict on impeachment in the Senate), opposed the war in Iraq. And did you hear what he said, "So?" And it's because in their arrogance they don't believe that we can get it together to force our Congress to act.

But we must. We must get this impeachment play produced, and make it the biggest theater hit that San Francisco has ever seen. And spread it all over the country. We must rally behind Shirley Golub, who has already raised $50,000 for this historic primary challenge against the Speaker of the House herself. And we must inspire more and more such primary challenges while there is still time.

And Congress will act. They will, They will. If you will speak out now and help.

Send this email to everyone else you know, to spread the word that we are about to save our country and the world.

Paid for by Shirley Golub for Congress

Please take action NOW, so we can win all victories that are supposed to be ours, and forward this alert as widely as possible.


Powered by The People's Email Network Copyright 2008, Patent pending, All rights reserved

For Carbon Emissions, a Goal of Less Than Zero

Matthew L. Wald for The New York Times reports, "If the world is going to sharply reduce the amount of carbon dioxide pumped into the atmosphere by midcentury, then many businesses will have to go carbon neutral, bringing their net emissions of the greenhouse gas to zero. But some could go even further by removing more CO2 than they produce. Instead of carbon neutral, how about carbon negative?"

Welt ohne Wasser? Wasserversorgung bei zunehmender Trinkwasserknappheit in der Welt

Die ödp München lädt ein:

"Welt ohne Wasser? Wasserversorgung bei zunehmender Trinkwasserknappheit in der Welt "

Referent: Christian Hierneis, 1. Vorsitzender der Kreisgruppe München und Mitglied im Landesvorstand des Bund Naturschutz in Bayern e.V.

Donnerstag, 10. April 2008, 19.30 Uhr i- Einlass 19:00 Uhr – Der Eintritt ist frei Brienner Str. 46 / EG – Vortragssaal der Gregor-Louisoder-Umweltstiftung U 1 und Tram 20/21 Stiglmaierplatz (3 min zu Fuß) - U 2 Königsplatz (5 min zu Fuß)

Süßwasser und vor allem Trinkwasser scheint auf den ersten Blick im Überfluss vorhanden. Dies ist jedoch bereits heute auch in Europa nicht mehr überall der Fall. Die Zukunftsperspektiven sehen düster aus. Viele Experten sprechen davon, dass es zukünftig Kriege um Wasser geben kann. Fast 1 Milliarde Menschen haben heute keinen Zugang zu sauberem Trinkwasser. Zudem wird Wasser immer mehr zur Handelsware, was die Probleme noch weiter verschärft.

Der Vortrag beschreibt die Wassersituation in München, Bayern, Deutschland und weltweit, erläutert den tatsächlichen und virtuellen Wasserverbrauch und geht auf die Ursachen des Wassermangels wie Übernutzung und Klimawandel ein. An ausgewählten bereits heute bestehenden (und bei uns meist unbekannten) Wasser-Krisen- regionen weltweit werden die politischen und sozialen Folgen der Übernutzung dargestellt. Ein weiterer Schwerpunkt zeigt die Ursachen, Gefahren und Auswirkungen der Liberalisierung und Privatisierung der Trinkwasserversorgung auf. Dabei muss man nicht ins Ausland blicken, auch in Deutschland wird und wurde bereits privatisiert. Eine Gefahr, die latent auch für München vorhanden ist.

Der Vortrag vermittelt einen Überblick über die derzeitige Situation und die Probleme, mit denen wir beim Wasser in Zukunft zu rechnen haben und möchte für ein Thema sensibilisieren, dass uns alle angeht. Ohne Wasser kein Leben.

Mehr Informationen unter:

Herbert Brunner Pressebeauftragter, (V.i.S.P.)
Ökologisch-Demokratische Partei (ödp)
Stadtverband München
Brienner Str. 46/V, 80333 München
Fon 089/452 474 15 × Fax 089/550 699 86 E-Mail

Bush’s War

Informant: Lew Rockwell

Fighting Terror With Terror

IRAQ: Get an idea of what is happening

How Public Servants Can Help End the Iraq War

Rebuilding the American Economy, Bush-Style

Tom Engelhardt, "Unsurprisingly, the Bush administration has proved serially incapable of building anything, even - in the long run - their own machine. And, from the Enron moment to the Bear Stearns one, whenever it looked like the Titanic might have hit an iceberg, it was a lock that those passengers assigned to the limited places in the lifeboats wouldn't be from steerage (or be weighed down with subprime mortgages)."


Giving the Fed new powers ignores history

Cato Institute
by Steven Horwitz


Like the child who murders his parents and then asks for pity because he’s an orphan, the Federal Reserve has a long history of asking for more regulatory powers to clean up messes for which its action or inaction is the primary cause. The recently proposed changes to its mandate that would give it broader regulatory powers over institutions other than traditional banks, along with its unilateral decision to provide the equivalent of discount window services to Bear Stearns and other similar firms, simply continue that pattern. The housing market mess that doomed Bear Stearns was another in a long line of financial crises that were the fault of government followed by the regulators saying ‘if only we had these new powers, we could prevent this from happening again.’ History suggests, however, that it is the regulatory powers themselves that are the primary problem and that less regulated financial markets are in fact more stable than the overly regulated status quo...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Cooles Handy? Von wegen! Abschalten und weglassen sind angesagt


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