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Weak dollar costs U.S. economy its No. 1 spot

The U.S. economy lost the title of "world's biggest" to the euro zone this week as the value of the dollar slumped in currency markets.

U.S. faces severe recession: NBER's Feldstein

The United States is in a recession that could be "substantially more severe" than recent ones, National Bureau of Economic Research President Martin Feldstein said on Friday.

Bear Stearns gets emergency funds

US bank Bear Stearns has got emergency funding, in a move that raises fears that one of Wall Street's biggest names is on the verge of collapsing.

Stocks tumble on Bear Stearns rescue news

News that Bear Stearns Cos. was set to receive a financial rescue sent U.S. stocks into a freefall in early Friday trade, plunging the three major indexes more than 2% down before the market stabilized and moved off its lows.

Fears mount over US economy

The US economy has been hit by a new series of setbacks, with a slump in consumer spending, another drop in the dollar and oil prices hitting a new record increasing fears of recession.

Recession Time

How bad will this downturn get? No one can know because we've never experienced such a headlong slide in the housing market.

Tent city highlights US homes crisis

The meltdown in the US mortgage market has led to record foreclosures and forced thousands from their homes. In few places is it worse than southern California, where the BBC's Rajesh Mirchandani reports on an extreme consequence of the downturn, but one that some observers fear could grow.

SWAT teams disperse crowd of hundreds awaiting housing applications

Judith Aigen, executive director of the housing authority, said the crowd surged forward when told applications only remained for the disabled. She said mothers with children and people in wheelchairs were nearly crushed.

Price Of Bread Goes Up

Prices for bread and pasta have jumped after flour costs doubled in less than a week. Cynthia Bowers reports on how manufacturers and consumers are feeling the real consequences of inflation.

Could we really run out of food?

Biofuel production, poor harvests and emerging nations' growing appetites are emptying the world's pantry, sending prices soaring. It's a good time to invest in agricultural stocks.

From Information Clearing House

Iraq War Could Help GOP, McCain Win In November

Two recent Pew Research Center polls show that Americans are more upbeat in their assessment of the Iraq War than at any time in the last couple of years and less focused on American casualties there. Responses to a number of the surveys' questions suggest problems ahead for the Democrats, no matter which candidate the party nominates.

From Information Clearing House

New Evidence in Siegelman Case Points to Republican Cabal

Sam Stein, reporting in The Huffington Post, writes, "A new review of evidence suggests that an aligned group of Republican interests were pressing for - and seeking to profit financially from - the trial of former Alabama Governor Don Siegelman on charges of bribery."

Interrogators Don't Need to Torture, It Doesn't Work

Robert Weiner and John Larmett, writing in The Cleveland Plain Dealer, say: "Congress should pass new legislation and insist on 'no torture' as universal US policy. This should be a central presidential campaign issue."

Pentagon Accused of Doctoring Guantanamo Tribunal Evidence

Carol J. Williams, reporting for The Los Angeles Times, writes, "The Navy defense lawyer for a Canadian prisoner accused of killing a US soldier in Afghanistan six years ago accused the Pentagon on Thursday of doctoring evidence to make his client appear guilty."

Democrats Reject Telecom Immunity Ahead of Vote

Truthout reporters Christopher Kuttruff and Simona Perry report: "On Thursday night, the House held the first closed session meeting in 25 years in order to debate retroactive immunity for telecommunications companies who assisted the Bush administration in its warrantless surveillance program. The session, requested by House minority whip Roy Blunt (R-Missouri), pushed back an upcoming vote (H.R. 3773) on updating the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) to today."

House Passes FISA Bill Without Immunity

Thomas Ferraro reports for Reuters that the Democratic-led US House of Representatives has passed a bill that permits lawsuits against telecommunications companies. Bush has vowed to veto the bill if it reaches his desk because it does not give immunity to companies that may have helped the government unlawfully spy on American phone calls and e-mails.

Die Armut ist rasant gestiegen

Paritätischer Wohlfahrtsverband kritisiert "Agenda 2010"

Der Paritätische Wohlfahrtsverband hat die "Agenda 2010" heftig kritisiert. Die Gesetze hätten Deutschland sozial tief gespalten, sagte Hauptgeschäftsführer Ulrich Schneider am 14. März im Deutschlandradio Kultur. Die Mittelschicht breche weg und gleichzeitig vergrößere sich die Kluft zwischen Arm und Reich erheblich. Die Armut sei rasant gestiegen. "Die Hartz-Gesetze haben den Weg nach unten freigemacht", so Schneider. In Deutschland gebe es nun die "working poor", eine Schicht, die arbeite, aber trotzdem nicht über die Runden komme.

Harrsche Kritik an Hessen-CDU

"Partei des Schwarzgeldes und der ausländerfeindlichen Wahlkämpfe"

Der grüne Spitzenpolitiker Jürgen Trittin sieht für die Grünen offenbar keine langfristige Existenz- und Machtperspektive bei einer Zusammenarbeit mit der CDU und der FDP. So schloss er ein Jamaika-Bündnis in Hessen kategorisch aus. "Die hessische CDU ist die Partei des Schwarzgeldes und der ausländerfeindlichen Wahlkämpfe. Es geht ganz einfach inhaltlich nicht", sagte Trittin der Tageszeitung "Die Welt". Zugleich sagte Trittin Hessens Ministerpräsident Roland Koch (CDU) den parlamentarischen Kampf an. Die geschäftsführende Regierung in Hessen werde unter massivem Druck stehen. "Für Herrn Koch wird es keine schöne Situation sein, Gesetze umsetzen zu müssen, die konträr zum allem stehen, was er für richtig hält", sagte Trittin. Eine rot-grüne Minderheitsregierung in Hessen hält der Grünen-Politiker weiter für möglich. "Es nutzt nichts, die Linken auszugrenzen. Man muss sich mit ihnen auseinandersetzen". Die nächste Chance für eine Linksregierung gebe es im Saarland.

Next-up news N°508

Five Years Later Oil Contracts: Success of War?

Former Detainee Reveals Details of Secret CIA Program

Counter-Recruitment Is Not Counter-Military: A Letter From a Colonel

British Teachers Told to Rewrite History of Iraq War

US Veterans Urge Soldiers to Speak Out Against Iraq War

Alaska Senators Make Another Push For Oil Drilling in ANWR

President Weakens Espionage Oversight

Leading Economist: Dollar Faces Outright Collapse



From APFN daily update

Katrina Contractor Has Reaped Millions

The Associated Press reports: "Two and a half years after Hurricane Katrina, tens of thousands of homeowners are still waiting for their government rebuilding checks, and many complain they can't even get their calls returned. But the company that holds the contract to distribute the aid is doing quite well. ICF International of Fairfax, Va., has posted strong profits, gone public, landed additional multimillion-dollar government contracts -- and recently secured a potentially big raise from the state of Louisiana."

Ozone Rules Weakened at Bush's Behest

Juliet Eilperin, of The Washington Post, reports, "The Environmental Protection Agency weakened one part of its new limits on smog-forming ozone after an unusual last-minute intervention by President Bush, according to documents released by the EPA."

EPA Closure of Libraries Faulted for Curbing Access to Key Data

Christopher Lee reports for The Washington Post, "A plan by the Environmental Protection Agency to close several of its 26 research libraries did not fully account for the impact on government staffers and the public, who rely on the libraries for hard-to-find environmental data, congressional investigators reported yesterday."

Thoughts of an Ex-Marine Officer Turned Peace Activist

Camillo "Mac" Bica writes for Truthout: "It is apparent that the burden of this war is not being shared fairly by all Americans. Only a fraction of our citizenry is directly affected, while the vast majority go about their consumption-driven lives as usual, oblivious to the sacrifices of our soldiers, sailors and Marines and to the death and destruction being prosecuted in their names. It is not support, therefore, nor is it patriotic, to remain silent when our troops are placed in harm's way unnecessarily, to kill and be killed subject to the whims and ineptitudes of our political leaders."

If Democrats Remain Silent on Iraq Now, They Will Pay a Price in November


The Huffington Post —Although Election Day is still eight months away, this is a crucial moment in the 2008 campaign. Republicans are slowly winning the war over the war. And Democrats are doing very little to stop them.

Auch Lehrer sind auf Hartz IV angewiesen: Staat zahlt Billiglöhne


Länder schicken Aushilfslehrer in den Sommerferien zum Jobcenter

Im staatlichen Schulwesen kehrt einem Pressebericht zufolge das Phänomen "Saisonarbeit" zurück. Jahr für Jahr würden in fünf Bundesländern während der Sommerferien mehr als 5000 Lehrer in die Arbeitslosigkeit geschickt. Das gehe aus einem internen Papier der Bundesagentur für Arbeit (BA) hervor, schreibt die "Hannoversche Allgemeine Zeitung". Damit entlasteten die Länder ihren Etat auf Kosten der Arbeitslosenversicherung sowie des Bundes um 17 Millionen Euro jährlich, heißt es in dem Papier weiter. Im Sommer 2007 seien davon rund 5400 jüngere Lehrer betroffen gewesen. Besonders auffällig sei das Phänomen in Hessen, Nordrhein-Westfalen und Baden-Württemberg. Aber auch Niedersachsen und Rheinland-Pfalz werden genannt.

FBI Abuses Patriot Act Powers, Bush Vetos Torture Bill

FIVE Years in IRAQ: Ron Kovics calls us to action

Wikipedia-Gründer unter Korruptions-Verdacht

US accused of altering Gitmo evidence

Yahoo! News


A U.S. military commander altered a report on a firefight in Afghanistan to cast blame for the death of a Delta Force commando on a Canadian youth who was captured after the shooting stopped, a defense attorney said Thursday. The attorney, Navy Lt. Cmdr. William Kuebler, made the allegation at a pretrial hearing as he argued for access to the officer, identified only as ‘Col. W,’ as well as details about interrogations that he said might help clear his client of war-crimes charges...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

The World According to Monsanto

The Monstrous Monsanto Universe

Le Monde's Dominique Dhombres reviews a new documentary, "Le Monde selon Monsanto" ["The World According to Monsanto"] that first aired on French television on Tuesday night: "The charge sheet is horrifying, inexorable and convincing."


The World According to Monsanto

Video Documentary

A documentary that Americans won't ever see.

Monsanto's Harvest of Fear

Monsanto already dominates America's food chain with its genetically modified seeds. Now it has targeted milk production. Just as frightening as the corporation's tactics-ruthless legal battles against small farmers-is its decades-long history of toxic contamination.

From Information Clearing House


"The World According to Monsanto"

Banned In America - French Documentary Film Pulled from YouTube and Google

Informant: Dorothee Krien

Rachel's News #950

Gas, oil rise to records as dollar falls

Gas and oil prices jumped again to new highs Thursday as the dollar weakened, although crude's advance was limited by fresh evidence of a U.S. economic slowdown.

The Fed's in a desperate race with spectre of collapse

The Fed, with its latest $200bn offer of cheap cash, has provided yet more state aid for errant hedge funds and another Washington-backed bail-out for Wall Street bankers.

Feb. foreclosures up 60 percent over year before

Nevada, California, Florida have highest rates of those losing their homes

From Information Clearing House


Dollar's Clout Sinks Worldwide

Alan Clendenning reports for The Associated Press: "Hit by a free fall with no end in sight, the once mighty US dollar is no longer just crashing on currency markets and making life more expensive for American tourists and business people abroad; its clout is evaporating worldwide as foreign businesses and individuals turn to other currencies."

Right now, feds might be looking into your finances

Each year, federal agents peek at the financial transactions of millions of Americans - without their knowledge.

From Information Clearing House

Iraq, Afghanistan veterans to reveal war atrocities

As the war in Iraq approaches its fifth anniversary, veterans of that conflict and the war in Afghanistan will give first-hand accounts, supported by photographs and video evidence, of the true nature of the wars, including attacks the vets say killed innocent civilians.

From Information Clearing House

Public, media losing sight of Iraq

Only 28 percent know that nearly 4,000 U.S. troops have been killed.

60 Percent Of Americans Think Iraq War Was Mistake, Want Timetable

The survey finds the 40% of Americans who want to stay the course in Iraq are relatively united -- confident the invasion was justified and the consequences of withdrawing too soon disastrous.

From Information Clearing House

US soldiers kill young girl in Iraq

The girl appeared to be "around 10 years old," said Maj. Brad Leighton, a military spokesman.

From Information Clearing House

McCain's Spiritual Guide: Destroy Islam

By David Corn

Televangelist Rod Parsley, a key McCain ally in Ohio, has called for eradicating the "false religion." Will the GOP presidential candidate renounce him?

More Bellicose Than Bush?

By Paul Waldman

Given how often we are told that McCain has "credibility" and "experience" on matters of foreign policy and national security, it's worth asking what effect all that alleged experience has had on him.

Republicans and "Free Market" Zealots Bring Death To America

By Paul Craig Roberts

The same Fed announcement that boosted the stock market on March 11 sent the dollar reeling and the price of oil up. The Fed's announcement that it and other central banks are going to deal with the derivative crisis by monetizing $200 billion of the troubled instruments signaled more dollar inflation.

Watching the Dollar Die

By Paul Craig Roberts

I've been watching the dollar die all my life. I sometimes think I will outlast it. When I was a young man, gold was $35 an ounce. Today one ounce gold bullion coins, such as the Canadian Maple Leaf, cost more than $1,000.

China Hits US On Human Rights, Says Iraq War a Disaster

By Guy Newey

China on Thursday accused the United States of human rights hypocrisy, as it branded the US invasion of Iraq the "greatest humanitarian disaster" of the modern world.

Russia Accuses U.S. of Double Standards on Rights

Russia said the U.S. State Department's "latest opus'' on human rights reflects the double standards of a country that uses the issue as a foreign policy tool while failing to examine its own actions.

Romania: the law that bans euthanasia and yet euthanizes the strays

Please sign this petition and pass along.


From: Fleur Hollander
Date: 3/13/2008 1:31:36 PM To:

The gathering brainstorm

A Vicious Circle Ending In A Systemic Financial Meltdown

By Mike Whitney

America is going broke and the rest of the world knows it. Bernanke is just speeding the country along the ever-steepening downward trajectory.

US, Get Ready To Negotiate To Withdraw From Iraq

Informant: Lew Rockwell

Budget Crimes

MTV Warns Viewers of Looming Police State


Informant: sasha karlik

Mexican Horse Slaughter

I'm getting a lot of mail about the horse slaughter in Mexico. I've had this on my site since September 2007.


There are photos and a movie and a link to sign the petition.



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