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- The Economic Times (Inde): "Le Rajasthan interdit l'installation de nouvelles stations de bases d'antennes relais"

Less Than Citizens: Occupation Wars and Rights

Nick Mottern, Truthout: "How is the United States using its 'all volunteer' military, and is this not violating basic civil and human rights of US military personnel and their families? Moreover, it is important to examine how apparent violations of the constitutional rights of US military and their families are a direct result of US violation of rights of the peoples of Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan."

UN fördert fördert Landraub und Vernichtung der Regenwälder

GSK Swine Flu Vaccine Disaster Intensifies

Showdown für Hypo Alpe Adria

Die marode Bank, die vor 2 Jahren unter dubiosen Umständen von der Bayerischen Landesbank überteuert gekauft wurde, benötigt bis zu 1,8 Milliarden Euro, bei einer Pleite könnte Österreichs Finanzsystem kollabieren.

Österreichische Pleitebank kostet Bayern 4 Milliarden Euro

Die bayerische Opposition fordert personelle Konsequenzen.

Scientists Warn Doing Nothing Will Likely Lock in Worst Consequences of Climate Change

Tipping Elements in the Earth System: How Stable is the Contemporary Environment?

A Special Feature of the “Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences” presents the latest scientific insights on so-called tipping elements in the planetary environment.

Sea Level Rise could reach 1.9 Metres this century

A new scientific study warns that sea level could rise much faster than previously expected. By the year 2100, global sea level could rise between 75 and 190 centimetres, according to a paper published today in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America.

Running dry? Climate change in drylands and how to cope with it.

Global Climate Risk Index 2010 - reflecting most severely affected countries over almost two decades Weather-related loss events and their impacts on countries in 2008 and in a long-term comparison.


Two-Degree Temperature Rise Could Flood Wide Areas of Planet, Study Says

Maude Barlow on the World Water Crisis

Six Reasons Why Earth Won't Cope for Long

Scientists Warn Doing Nothing Will Likely Lock in Worst Consequences of Climate Change

Forscher stellen Stabilität der Umwelt in Frage

Kippelemente im Erdklimasystem unter der Lupe.

Globaler Klima Risiko Index 2010 spiegelt die verletzlichsten Länder in fast zwei Jahrzehnten wider

Wetterbedingte Schadensereignisse und ihre Auswirkungen auf die Staaten der Welt in 2008 und im langjährigen Vergleich.

Obamas Lob des Krieges

Der Frieden setzt den Krieg voraus. Das ist die Botschaft, die US-Präsident Barack Obama der Weltöffentlichkeit bei der Entgegennahme des Friedensnobelpreises am Donnerstag in Oslo mitzuteilen hatte. Zugleich leugnete er jegliche Verantwortung Washingtons für den Krieg in Afghanistan. Diesen hätten die Vereinigten Staaten sich nicht ausgesucht, behauptete er. Kommentar von Uli Schwemin in der Tageszeitung "Junge Welt".

Blistering Indictment Leveled Against Obama Over His Handling of Bush-Era War Crimes

Jason Leopold, Truthout: "Obama has substituted words for action on issues surrounding torture since his first days in office nearly one year ago. That’s the point the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) made shortly after Obama’s acceptance Nobel Peace Prize acceptance speech. Officials from the civil rights organization issued a withering indictment of the Obama administration’s handling of clear-cut cases of Bush-era war crimes."

The America Where They Do Prosecute Torture

Sam Ferguson, Truthout: "Last week, 15 men entered a courthouse facing, amongst other crimes, 181 counts of torture. Their story, tragically, is familiar: in a fight against terrorism, the men allegedly kidnapped and held detainees in unknown black sites. They subjected the prisoners to brutal forms of interrogation, such as waterboarding, sensory deprivation and simulated executions. They denied the detainees all legal recourse, and they defended their secret practices as essential to combating an elusive enemy who refused to play by the rules."


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