MEP Liz Lynne calls for action on mobile phone masts

Coventry Telegraph - Coventry, England, UK

Now Warwickshire Lib Dem MEP Liz Lynne has called on the European Commission to do more to “dramatically reduce” the amount of mobile phone mast radiation ...

To what research are they referring ? Certainly not Dr. Neil Cherry's, re the reduction of Melatonin in association with microwave emissions from transmitters. Proved by epidemiological tests in Schwarzenburg, Switzerland near a transmitter which had made peope ill for years! Nor the microwave expert Barrie Trower -see his Report on Tetra for the Police Federation and his 'Scrutiny' articles written for councillors' information. There is so much information proving the effects it would take me all day to write it here! Not to mention the evidence being ignored by the HPA; MTHR and the government - the symptoms suffered and which bear a direct relationship to the absence and strength of the emissions!

This 'rapid growth' has caused physical symptoms, not perceptions that 'maybe microwaves damage our health'! Not everyone suffers the same symptoms, because we have differing physiological strengths and weaknesses. e.g. Those with thicker skulls are less likely to suffer headaches.

It doesn't matter how many times we tell them, they won't listen until they absolutely have to! As France is asking for the precautionary measures (Sir William asked for them year ago!) and banning Wi-Fi until it is proved to be safe - and germany has told people not to use mobile phones but to use land-lines 0 and not to have anything to do with Wi-Fi - here's hoping the 'writing is on the wall' now!


From Mast Sanity/Mast Network


Residents protest about 'health risk' mast

Royston Crow - Royston, England, UK

Cllr Smith said: "A number of international scientific studies show that people living within 500 metres of mobile phone masts can develop life-disrupting ...


French Bill in the pipeline on wireless communication


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