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- 24 04 2009 Ste-Foy-lès-Lyon Associations locales: "Action sensibilisation école"

-Sciences et Avenir Mai 2009 "Spécial ONDES : Ce qu'il faut vraiment savoir"

Two Weeks to Save the Endangered Species Act

The Weaponized Flu Pandemic (WPF) Appears to Have Begun

Secession, the Fed, and Tomorrow

The Emperor's New Tools

Nullification Revisited


Secession: The ultimate states’ right

Hawaii Reporter
by Ron Paul


Last week the governor of Texas ignited a media firestorm for his remarks involving the idea of secession. He did not call for Texas to secede from the United States. He merely pointed out that the federal government was treading heavily on the sovereignty of the states and that this can not continue indefinitely without a breaking point. The reaction to Governor Perry’s statements has been nothing short of hysterical. He has been called treasonous for making this obvious point and opening up a discussion. I am not calling for secession either, however there is nothing wrong with a healthy and open discussion of this issue...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Der freie Fall der Weltwirtschaft gewinnt an Dynamik

"Kein Boden in Sicht"

Der freie Fall der Weltwirtschaft gewinnt an Dynamik - wie lange wird er andauern? Helfen Konjunkturprogramme bei der Überwindung der Krise?

CIA first proposed waterboarding in May 2002

The document released Wednesday by the Senate Intelligence Committee provides the most detailed timeline yet for how the CIA's harsh interrogation program was conceived and approved.

Document: Cheney, Rice signed off on interrogation techniques

A newly declassified narrative of the Bush administration's advice to the CIA on harsh interrogations shows that the small group of Justice Department lawyers who wrote memos authorizing harsh interrogation techniques were operating not on their own but with direction from top administration officials, including then-Vice President Dick Cheney and National Security Adviser Condoleezza Rice.

US senators urge no prosecutions for 'torture' memo writers

"In the interest of national security, it is the future, rather than the past, on which we believe America?s gaze must be fixed," said Republicans John McCain and Lindsey Graham, as well as Joseph Lieberman.

Netherlands Wants US 'Hague Invasion Act' Scrapped

The Netherlands wants the US to abolish the act that legitimises the use of force to free Americans if they should fall into the hands of the International Criminal Court (ICC) in The Hague.

From Information Clearing House


Reagan's DOJ Prosecuted Waterboarding Case

Jason Leopold, Truthout: "George W. Bush's Justice Department said subjecting a person to the near drowning of waterboarding was not a crime and didn't even cause pain, but Ronald Reagan's Justice Department thought otherwise, prosecuting a Texas sheriff and three deputies for using the practice to get confessions."

CIA Reportedly Declined to Closely Evaluate Harsh Interrogations

Greg Miller, The Los Angeles Times: "The CIA used an arsenal of severe interrogation techniques on imprisoned Al Qaeda suspects for nearly seven years without seeking a rigorous assessment of whether the methods were effective or necessary, according to current and former US officials familiar with the matter. The failure to conduct a comprehensive examination occurred despite calls to do so as early as 2003."

Tony Blair Calls on World to Wage War on Militant Islam

Force must be an option - Blair

Tony Blair has said the case for using military force to topple oppressive regimes is as strong as it ever was - despite events in Iraq and Afghanistan

Tony Blair Calls on World to Wage War on Militant Islam

Mr Blair was speaking almost ten years to the day since he gave an address in Chicago at the height of the Kosovo crisis when he set out what he described as a "doctrine of international community" that sought to justify intervention, including military intervention, not only when a nation's interests are directly engaged but also where there exists a humanitarian crisis or gross oppression of a civilian population.

From Information Clearing House

IMF predicts world recession will deepen

The International Monetary Fund has slashed growth forecasts for every major country and urged governments to take forceful action to ensure the world economy's recovery from a severe recession.

From Information Clearing House

The Bush administration used torture to generate a false justification for the Iraq war

The tortured Iraq-al-Qaida connection

The Bush administration used torture, not to defuse ticking time bombs, but to generate a false justification for the Iraq war.

The Consequences of Torture

With this week's myriad revelations on torture, the prospective targets of prosecution and impeachment have suddenly grown from the so-called Bush 6 to potentially dozens of officials, lawyers, and interrogators who brought us waterboarding, sleep deprivation, stress positions, and "walling," Here's a look at the odds each group involved, from President Bush himself to mid-level lawyers, face of court proceedings.

Obama legal team wants to limit defendants' rights

Supreme Court case is stark example of the White House seeking to limit rights.

Canada 'must press US over Khadr'

A Canadian federal court has ordered the government to press the US for the return of a young Canadian being held at the prison camp in Guantanamo Bay in Cuba.

From Information Clearing House

Widespread civilian deaths in Afghanistan at the hands of unaccountable units led by the CIA or other foreign intelligence agencies

Hillary Clinton admits US role in prevailing situation of Pakistan

The US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton Friday said that the US was also partly responsible for the present conditions in Pakistan as it virtually abandoned country after the Soviets left Afghanistan.

From Information Clearing House

Why Does America Have a Drug War?

By Jacob G. Hornberger

Given that most people agree that the drug war has failed to achieve its supposed purpose after decades of warfare, an important question arises: Why is the drug war still being waged, especially when we consider all the collateral damage that this federal program has produced? Hasn't the time arrived for Americans to demand an immediate end to the war on drugs?

On Torture, the Pressure Builds

By Ray McGovern

Until now, Bush has managed to escape blame for his outrageous inactivity before 9/11 because his subordinates - first and foremost, Tenet - have covered up for him. Faustian bargain? Call it mutual blackmail, if you prefer the vernacular.

The Cancerous Rot at the Center of the Empire

By Jacob G. Hornberger

My question is: Why limit torture to suspected terrorists? Why not expand it to suspected murderers, drug dealers, robbers, and kidnappers? After all, can't those types of people commit just as heinous an act as terrorists?

Firms Infused With Rescue Cash Find Money to Fund Lobbying

Dan Eggen, The Washington Post: "Top recipients of federal bailout money spent more than $10 million on political lobbying in the first three months of this year, including aggressive efforts aimed at blocking executive pay limits and tougher financial regulations, according to newly filed disclosure records."


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