Jane Harman (D-CA) caught in her own eavesdropping web


Jane Harman: Angry, Partisan, Civil Liberties Extremist

Jane’s Harman Us


Major Scandal Erupts involving Rep. Jane Harman, Alberto Gonzales and AIPAC

CREW Asks OCE and DOJ's Office of Professional Responsibility to Investigate Rep. Harman Immediately

Who Will Stop the AIPAC Before it is Too Late?


Harman-AIPAC-Gonzalez is really several scandals

Harman Admits She Talked to American

Israeli-American billionaire Haim Saban may have been involved

By Juan Cole

There is an immense irony in her faux horror that she was wiretapped without her knowledge, since the allegation against her is that then Attorney General Alberto Gonzales dropped the investigation of her over the deal she seems to have made with the Israeli agent, precisely in order to retain her as an advocate of warrantless wiretapping.


Lawmaker asks for release of spy case transcripts

She urged Holder to investigate possible wiretapping of members of Congress and selective leaks of investigative material for political purposes, calling the recordings an abuse of power.


Dem Rep Harman Did Urge Times Not To Publish Wiretapping Expose!

Dem Rep Harman appears to have worked behind the scenes to dissuade publication of a blockbuster expose about Bush that could have put her own party's nominee in the White House and changed the history of the last four years.


Harman, AIPAC, NSA: What did I Know, and When Did I Know It?

"One of the leading House Democrats on intelligence matters was overheard on telephone calls intercepted by the National Security Agency agreeing to seek lenient treatment from the Bush administration for two pro-Israel lobbyists who were under investigation for espionage, current and former government officials say."


U.S. Might Not Try Pro-Israel Lobbyists

The U.S. government may abandon espionage-law charges against two former lobbyists for a pro-Israel advocacy group, officials said yesterday, as a prominent House lawmaker denied new allegations that she offered to use her influence in their behalf.


Harman's Wiretap Woes and the AIPAC Cabal

By Marcy Winograd

Who else has AIPAC colluded with on the Hill? If the tapes are out there, Harman got caught, but isn't this a much larger story than just one woman bedazzled by men with money in their pockets and nuclear warheads in their backyards.


Why Did The Harman Case Break Now?

By Philip Weiss

Harman Wiretap Highlights Suspicions

Intel Concerns of Dual Loyalty 'Rooted Deep in the System'.

Some Might Call It Treason

By Philip Giraldi

Until the transcripts of Rep. Jane Harman's telephone conversations are made public, if they ever are, her transgression can only be assessed secondhand. It appears to have consisted of talking with someone who may be an Israeli citizen regarding influencing the outcome of the ongoing trial of ex-American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) officials Steve Rosen and Keith Weissman.


CIA 'Whistleblower' Told Hastert About Suppression of Harman Wiretap

Former House Speaker J. Dennis Hastert says he learned from a CIA-connected "whistleblower" in 2006 that Bush administration officials were suppressing the existence of a wiretapped conversation between Rep. Jane Harman and a suspected Israeli agent.


From Information Clearing House


Pelosi says she was informed of Harman wiretap



House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said she was briefed ‘a few years ago’ by National Security Agency officials about their secret taping of U.S. Representative Jane Harman’s phone calls, though she said she didn’t know the contents of the conversations. At a meeting with reporters today in Washington, Pelosi also said she was prohibited from informing Harman of the government’s eavesdropping. Her comments came a day after Pelosi, a California Democrat, said she was aware a member of Congress had been wiretapped, but didn’t know it was Harman...


The shamelessness of Jane Harman

by Justin Raimondo


In a better world, a member of Congress caught on tape agreeing to obstruct justice at the request of an agent of a foreign power would have stepped down as soon as the news hit the headlines. In our shameless era, however, that isn’t likely to happen. Instead, the spies will get off...


Is Pelosi a war criminal?

Human Events
by Jed Babbin


House Speaker Nancy Pelosi — then the ranking Democrat on the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence — was briefed on CIA interrogation techniques including waterboarding when they were begun in 2002. She was among the ‘Big Eight’ present at the briefings — the Senate and House leaders and chairmen and ranking members on both intelligence committees. … what if Pelosi and the other Democrats had objected? [US Sen. Kit Bond (R-MO)] told me in a Friday interview that, ‘We know that when we object to planned activities by the CIA, they don’t do it’...


The spies who got away
by Justin Raimondo


After five years of legal maneuvering and orchestrated protests from the Lobby’s amen corner, Israel’s point men in Washington have finally succeeded in their efforts to quash the prosecution of Steve Rosen and Keith Weissman, who had been charged with committing espionage on behalf of Israel. It is a victory that not only signals the continuation of the Lobby’s dominance in Washington, in spite of growing popular revulsion against lobbyists in general, but also gives the Israelis a blank check to spy on their American patrons to their hearts’ content...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


Feds Drop Charges Against Pro-Israel Lobbyists

Matthew Barakat, The Associated Press: "Prosecutors moved Friday to dismiss all charges against two former pro-Israel lobbyists accused of disclosing U.S. defense secrets, ending a four-year legal battle that promised to put former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and other Bush administration insiders on the witness stand."




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