Montag, 30. Januar 2006

Make global warming a priority in 2006: Email Washington!

Tomorrow, President Bush will set the nation's priorities in his
6th State of the Union address. Will he mention the most pressing environmental threat of our time -- global warming?

We need your help. As President Bush prepares his speech, take a look at our list of global warming facts and take action. Urge President Bush and Congress to make global warming a priority in 2006. Then, spread the word to help make global warming a priority in 2006.

1 = Rank of United States as hottest year on record (tied with
1998), according to NASA.

100% = Increase in intensity and duration of hurricanes and tropical storms since the 1970's, according to a 2005 MIT study.

$100 billion = Estimate of damage caused by hurricanes hitting the U.S. coast in 2005 alone, according to the National Climatic Data Center.

See the rest of our global warming facts list!

Global warming is the most serious environmental challenge we face. Time is running out. Take action, forward this list to your friends and encourage them to get involved in our historic effort to fight global warming before it's too late.

Important: EU health information

From: Eileen O'Connor
Date: Mon, 30 Jan 2006 15:08:41 -0000
Subject: Important - EU health information

Please find enclosed link to full report:

I've not had time to read the EU report in full, however it includes the Reflex project showing an image of cell damage, DNA strand breaks after 24hr continuous exposure to mobile phone radiation, similar cell damage appeared after the cell was exposed to gamma-irradiation, 0.5Gy = to 1600 chest x-rays.

The Ramp 2001 project admits that a growing number of research studies are beginning to undermine faith in mobile phones. Research suggests that low frequency RF fields may have biological effects unrelated to heating. Although many in the scientific community and industry dispute the relevance of the research, some groups argue that non-thermal effects warrant further investigation.

Eileen O'Connor

EM Radiation Research Trust

Caché: Kultur der Angst

Die Rückkehr der Repression, Überwachung und das Wiedereindringen der
Gewalt in den Alltag des Westens: Michael Hanekes "Caché".

Das Netz muss wie ein feindliches Waffensystem bekämpft werden

Nachdem das "Office of Strategic Influence" angeblich eingestellt
wurde, hat das Pentagon 2003 eine "Information Operations Roadmap"

Million Phone March Monday to STOP Alito

Over the weekend you generated a tsunami of phone calls supporting a filibuster of Alito. Today at 4:30 PM EST is the cloture vote on the Alito filibuster, and with your dedication we will generate two tsunamis.

We will win because we will hit them where they are weakest, their fear of not getting reelected. In your calls today we will arm you below with specifics about candidate registration deadlines for primary challenges so THEY know WE know where their election hopes live.

The bottom line is ANY senator who betrays the will of the people must be removed from the general election before they have a chance to lose yet another seat because of their cowardice, and be replaced with a stronger candidate who WILL fight for the people and win. Regardless of how this turns out, we will immediately and aggressively move in that direction.

Very simply, in your calls today ask for a commitment that they will either vote against cloture OR abstain (either is acceptable). If not tell them you will encourage a challenger to run in their own state and support them any way you can. Use the details below (like cutoff date for primary candidate filing) to let them know how very serious you are.

Tell them what state you are actually calling from if they ask. Please concentrate on your own senators and the ones listed below as the key ones to sway. All the toll free numbers to the Washington offices we have are 888-355-3588, 888-818-6641, 800-426-8073, 877-851-6427, 866-340-9279 and 866-340-9281. The master list of all direct dial phone and fax numbers for all senators state by state including all district offices is here:


Daniel Akaka [HI], already has two primary challengers, one of whom, Ed Case, is a former elected state representative and is polling well.

Joe Lieberman [CT], already has a primary challenge looming from Ned Lamont who has set up an exploratory site, and until 5/16 to make the decision to jump in. They last thing Joe needs is lots of more encouragement for Lamont.

Bill Nelson [FL], currently has NO primary challenger, with until 5/12 to find one.

Ben Nelson [NE], currently has NO primary challenger, but if there is a concerned citizen in Nebraska who wants to run they have until 3/1 to register as a candidate.

Jeff Bingaman [NM], currently has NO primary challenger but still two weeks remain until the deadline for filing of 2/14.

Carper [DE], currently has NO primary challenger and all the way until 7/28 to enter the primary against him.

Kohl [WI], currently has NO primary challenger. We have heard he plans on skipping the vote, which is the same thing as an abstain. The filing deadline in Wisconsin is 7/11.

Cantwell [WA], is being already challenged by a strong progressive candidate, Mark Wilson.

Byrd [WV], has no serious primary challenger we can confirm and the 1/28 deadline has just expired. Perhaps you can appeal to his professed love of the Constitution which Alito would gut.

Robert Menendez [NJ], was just appointed but has to run himself this year. If he drops the ball there are challengers waiting in the wings and until 4/10 to decide.

Lincoln Chafee [RI] is a Republican who professes to be pro-choice and not feeling very secure right now about her 2006 prospects. Perhaps he is a possibility for abstention on cloture.

Olympia Snowe [ME] is a another Republican who professes to be pro-choice who must face the electorate in 2006. She should also be encouraged to abstain on cloture.


Blanche Lambert Lincoln [AR], up for reelection in 2010
Mark Pryor [AR], up for reelection in 2008
Tom Harkin [IA], up for reelection in 2008
Evan Bayh [IN], up for reelection in 2010
Mary Landrieu [LA], up for reelection in 2008
Susan Collins [ME], up for reelection in 2008
Carl Levin [MI], up for reelection in 2008
Max Baucus [MT], up for reelection in 2008
Frank Lautenberg [NJ], up for reelection in 2008
Tim Johnson [SD], up for reelection in 2008
Patty Murray [WA], up for reelection in 2010

Just tell them that failure to support this filibuster will be a deal breaker as Alito starts to cast the votes that his reactionary supporters absolutely know he will.

If you can't get through any other way, or even if you can, also submit these two action pages too:

Let us be able to look back and say we did everything we could have done to win this victory in spite of the corrupt media pundits who are working overtime to tell us what we cannot do. We are proving them wrong day by day. At the very worst we will establish once and for all who we can never trust with the public office ever again.

Please take action NOW, so we can win all victories that are supposed to be ours, and forward this message to everyone else you know.

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Copyright 2005, Patent pending, All rights reserved

Scientists fear unusual weather behind massive seabird die-off

Informant: Teresa Binstock

Bundesamt für Strahlenschutz warnt vor DECT Schnurlostelefonen

Industrie könnte bessere Geräte bereitstellen

Ihre Meinung zum Thema...

Ein schnurloses Telefon des DECT-Standards ist oft die stärkste Quelle hochfrequenter elektromagnetischer Strahlung im privaten Haushalt. Ein vorsorglicher Verzicht auf schnurlose Telefone kann zur Minimierung der persönlichen Strahlenbelastung beitragen. "Allerdings könnte die Industrie DECT-Telefone entwickeln, die die Aspekte der Vorsorge und des Strahlenschutzes besser berücksichtigen als die derzeitigen Geräte" sagt Rüdiger Matthes, Experte des Bundesamtes für Strahlenschutz (BfS), heute in Salzgitter.

Schnurlose Festnetztelefone mit DECT-Standard haben keine bedarfsgerechte Leistungsregelung. Somit senden die Basisstation und das Handgerät während des Telefonierens immer mit der gleichen Leistung, unabhängig davon, ob der Nutzer mit dem Handgerät einen Meter oder 300 Meter von der Basisstation entfernt ist. Matthes: "Deshalb fordern wir, dass schnurlose Telefone mit bedarfsgerechter Leistungsregelung entwickelt werden, die die Leistung während des Telefonierens der Entfernung von der Basisstation anpassen".

Um den reibungslosen Betrieb mit den Handgeräten sicherzustellen, sendet die DECT-Basisstation - wenn nicht telefoniert wird - außerdem ein kontinuierliches Kontrollsignal aus. Nach Ansicht der Strahlenschützer sollten schnurlose Telefone so konzipiert sein, dass sie im Stand-By-Betrieb strahlungsfrei sind. "Erfreulicherweise gibt es jetzt neue Geräte, die genau diese Forderung erfüllen und so die Strahlenbelastung im Haushalt senken", erklärt Matthes.

Um möglichen gesundheitlichen Risiken vorzubeugen, empfehlen die Experten die Basisstation dort aufzustellen, wo sich der Nutzer nicht ständig aufhält, zum Beispiel im Flur, aber nicht direkt auf dem Schreibtisch. Zudem sollte man mit den DECT-Apparaten nur kurze Telefonate führen und wenn möglich neu entwickelte DECT-Telefone einsetzten, die strahlungsfrei sind, wenn das Handgerät in der Basisstation steckt. (as)

[ Montag, 30.01.2006, 15:33 ]

Schluss mit den "Reformen" gegen uns!

„Gegen Zwangsumzüge und Wohnraumzerstörung !“

Die Kölner Montagsdemo-Initiative ruft auf zur Demonstration am Samstag, den 18. Februar 2006, 12 Uhr. Beginn um 12 Uhr auf der Domplatte in Köln, ganz in der Nähe vom Hauptbahnhof. Eingeladen sind alle Betroffenen, aus Köln, aus NRW, aus der ganzen Republik!

Schluss mit den "Reformen" gegen uns! Gemeinsam gegen Massenentlassungen, Sozialabbau, innere Aufrüstung und Krieg!

Aufruf der Versammlung der sozialen Bewegung zur Demonstration am 25. März 2006 in Berlin und als pdf-Datei beim Erwerbslosen Forum Deutschland

Erstunterzeichner: Bundesarbeitsgemeinschaft der Erwerbslosen- und Sozialhilfeinitiativen e.V. (BAG-SHI), Erwerbslosen Forum Deutschland, Aktionsbündnis Sozialproteste, VertreterInnen der Gewerkschaftslinken, Labournet, Projekt Neue Linke, Anti-Kriegs-Bündnis Aachen, VertreterInnen verschiedener Montagsdemobündnisse, WASG-Gliederungen, Attac-Gliederungen, VertreterInnen von DIDF, Unabhängige Wählergruppe Gelsenkirchen, Rhein-Main-Bündnis gegen Sozialabbau und Billiglöhne.

Nun zählt auch die Initiative zur Vernetzung der Gewerkschaftslinken (IVG) hinzu:

DGB-Linke mischt sich ein. Zusammenschluß kritischer Gewerkschafter mobilisiert zu Demonstration gegen Sozialabbau am 25. März in Berlin und nimmt zu Metalltarifrunde Stellung

„Die Initiative zur Vernetzung der Gewerkschaftslinken (IVG) will gemeinsam mit Erwerbslosenverbänden und anderen Organisationen am 25. März zur Demonstration gegen Sozialabbau und Massenentlassungen nach Berlin mobilisieren. Das beschloß deren Arbeitsausschuß am Wochenende in Frankfurt am Main. Zudem werden die linken Gewerkschafter mit einem Info in die beginnende Tarifbewegung der IG Metall eingreifen…“ Artikel von Daniel Behruzi, Frankfurt/Main, in junge Welt vom 30.01.2006

Aus: LabourNet, 30. Januar 2006

Sicherheit als einzige Antwort auf den Terror?

Vom Verlust der Freiheit, dem Kapitalismus der Angst und der Privatisierung der Gewalt.


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