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Mittwoch, 27. Februar 2008

Foreclosures up 57 percent in the past year

The number of homes facing foreclosure jumped 57 percent in January compared to a year ago, with lenders increasingly forced to take possession of homes they couldn't unload at auctions, a mortgage research firm said Monday.

One in 10 Home Loans Under Water

One-tenth of U.S. homeowners hold mortgages that are larger than the worth of their homes, Moody's said Friday.

From Information Clearing House

Donnerstag, 6. September 2007

Scientists Find Organic Agriculture Can Feed the World & More

ISIS Press Release 06/09/07

Comprehensive study gives the lie to claims that organic agriculture cannot feed the world because it gives low yields and there is insufficient organic fertilizer.

Dr. Mae-Wan Ho

Scientists refute common misconceptions about organic agriculture

Two usual objections are levelled against the proposal that organic agriculture can feed the world. Organic agriculture, opponents claim, gives low yields, and there isn’t enough organic fertilizer to boost yields substantially.

A team of scientists led by Catherine Badgley at the University of Michgan Ann Arbor in the United States has now refuted those common misconceptions about organic agriculture. Organic agriculture gives yields roughly comparable to conventional agriculture in developed countries and much higher yields in developing countries; and more than enough nitrogen can be fixed in the soil by using green manure alone [1].

The research team compared yields of organic and conventional agriculture (including low-intensive food production) in 293 examples, and estimated the average yield ratio (organic versus non-organic) of different food categories for the developed and the developing world. With the average yield ratios, they modelled the global food supply that could be grown organically in the current agricultural land base. The results indicate that organic methods could produce enough food to sustain the current human population, and potentially an even larger population, without increasing the agricultural land base.

Read the rest of this article here

or read other articles on sustainable and organic agriculture here

This article can be found on the I-SIS website at

Freitag, 8. Juni 2007

Auf dem Weg zum Cyborg

Amerikanischen Forschern ist es gelungen, lebende Zellen derart mit Silizium-Nanodrähten zu verschmelzen, dass die Zellen in ihrem Wachstum nicht gestört werden.

Dienstag, 13. Februar 2007

Sicherer Schutz vor Elektro-Strahlung?

Handys können Krebs auslösen

Zunahme der Hirntumore bei Handy-Vieltefonierern: Risiko steigt um 39 Prozent

Lösen Handys Krebs aus, Krebs durch Handy-Strahlung?

Handy am Ohr: Hirntumor?

Langzeitstudie aus Dänemark: kein Krebsrisiko durch Handy-Strahlung?

Kein Beweis für ein erhöhtes Risiko durch Handys?

Elektrosmog als Krebsrisiko: Kein Krebsrisiko durch Handy-Strahlung?

Flucht aus Oberammergau: Pfarrer flüchtet vor Handy-Strahlung

Mobilfunk und Gesundheit

Wissenschaft zu Mobilfunk

Mittwoch, 18. Oktober 2006

Little Gitmos everywhere

Strike the Root
by Retta Fontana


Today there are no kids playing kickball in the street. Kickball is as outdated now as the game of 'kick the can' that my parents' generation played. This is only natural; times change. But the passing of pick-up games, though unnoticed, is lamentable. They've been wiped out by a silent killer, progress, and no one at the CDC is looking for a cure. Neither parents nor children today know what kids are missing. Now everything is based upon the use of force for achieving social goals. This is what turns innovative, dynamic people who invented the light bulb, the assembly line, the airplane and the home computer into sheeple, who 'baaah' obediently when out-of-control tyrants in Washington take away their rights to privacy, freedom of speech, and to a trial by jury in a court of law with the stroke of a pen...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Samstag, 5. August 2006 specific non-thermal effect..microwave rad..06.....

Dear Marjorie: Here is finally a meaningful study that combines research re "amyloid" even tho there appears to be a reluctance to "call a spade a spade."

Evidence for a specific microwave radiation effect on the green fluorescent protein

As you know, you were very supportive when I reported the connection between low level EMF/EMR exposures (powerlines and/or wiring errors and improper grounding -- prior electric meter exposure) and findings of Reactive Renal Amyloidosis (necropsy) in my guinea pig, Kelley (Project Z, Z-1). You came up with the information re subterranean life (I have the reference in stacks.....) that included explanation of "heat shock protein effects." You accurately concluded at that time that "environmental stress protein" might be the proper term.

I have no idea when other scientists began to also use the term "esp" in addition to, or in place of "hsp," but we know now there are several instances (also in my files). Drs. Goodman and Kwee have conducted studies re EMF/EMR and heat shock proteins but I do not recall right now the details re heat vs. no heat, etc.

It is sad and ironic that such an important study comes out of Israel at a time of such turmoil and even sadder that our friend, Iris Atzmon, does not appear to be the person who sent the Israeli abstract to Klaus.

I will obtain the full study as soon as it is available.

I am very thankful also for the support of numerous other "EMF friends" -- their encouragement and interaction that helped me stay on track and/or to get back on track in my search for answers and explanations re non-thermal effects over these many years!!! I have included several persons as copy recipients but know there are many more who also deserve a lot of thanks.......... Together, "we will" sort all of this out and continue to demand proper tests and answers that will help save children and adults from "EMR-induced, preventable health problems and needless suffering and death!!!

Best wishes to all!!! Joanne

Joanne C. Mueller Guinea Pigs R Us
731 - 123rd Avenue N.W. Minneapolis, Minnesota 55448-2127 USA Phone: 763-755-6114 Email: (8-5-06)

Be loyal to your country always, and to the government only when it deserves it. -Mark Twain

"No ray of sunshine is ever lost, but the green which it awakens into existence needs time to sprout, and it is not always granted for the sower to see the harvest. All work that is worth anything is done in faith." - Albert Schweitzer

Freitag, 17. Februar 2006

EPA Board Says Teflon Chemical a Likely Carcinogen

A group of scientific advisers to the Environmental Protection Agency voted unanimously Wednesday to approve a recommendation that a chemical used in the manufacture of Teflon and other nonstick and stain-resistant products should be considered a likely carcinogen.

Donnerstag, 2. Februar 2006

Responses to State of the Union Address

The Institute for Public Accuracy has a PDF critique of the State of the Union for public distribution at: . Please spread the word about this to activists.

Institute for Public Accuracy
915 National Press Building, Washington, D.C. 20045
(202) 347-0020 * *

Wednesday, February 1, 2006

Responses to State of the Union Address

Interviews Available

CELESTE ZAPPALA, (215) 520-7040, (215) 686-8416, cell: (215) 570-5484,, A member of Gold Star Families Speak Out, Zappala's eldest son, Sgt. Sherwood Baker, was the first Pennsylvania National Guardsman to die in combat since World War II. He was killed in action in Baghdad on April
26, 2004, while searching for weapons of mass destruction. She said today: "Yesterday George Bush spoke with unsubstantiated optimism about the war in Iraq; yesterday another U.S. soldier was killed, bringing the total to 2,243. If all of the families of all of those soldiers had been sitting in the chamber, could Bush's self-serving comments about sacrifice have been heard above the cries of grief and anguish?"

KATHY KELLY, (773) 878-3815,, Co-founder of Voices for Creative Nonviolence, Kelly said today: "President Bush states that 'The only way to control our destiny is by our leadership -- so the United States of America will continue to lead.' This president led the U.S. into an immoral, illegal war against Iraq based on lies and deception. The president worries that 'a sudden withdrawal of our forces from Iraq would abandon our Iraqi allies to death and prison.' He does not mention that U.S. forces are imprisoning. 16,000 Iraqis, many of them held without charges. The British medical journal The Lancet reported in October 2004 that the U.S. invasion and occupation have cost the lives of 100,000 Iraqis."

TALAT HAMDANI, (212) 598-0970, (917) 579-5416,, Hamdani is the mother of Mohammad Salman Hamdani, who was a New York City police cadet killed in the World Trade Center attack on 9/11. She is available to discuss Bush's continuing references to 9/11.

RUSSELL MOKHIBER, cell: (202) 468-8868,, Editor of Corporate Crime Reporter, Mokhiber said today: "President Bush said that 'violent crime rates have fallen to their lowest levels since the 1970s.' This is true only if you look at violent street crime and ignore the violent corporate crime that results in pollution, worker and consumer deaths. The rate of violent corporate crime is by all indications on the increase. But we don't know for sure, for while President Bush's FBI tracks street crime district by district, the FBI does not track corporate crime and violence."

QUENTIN YOUNG, (312) 782-6006, (773) 324-5920,, Young is coordinator of Physicians for a National Health Program. He said today: "The speech was monumentally cynical from beginning to end. He didn't say much on healthcare, and what he did say was useless. The medical savings accounts he talks about have no way of improving coverage and access to healthcare; or lowering costs. "Bush claimed: 'Our government has a responsibility to help provide healthcare for the poor and the elderly, and we are meeting that responsibility.' That's an absolute lie. Under his watch, there are ongoing brutal slashes in Medicaid." Added Young, "You also had a cynical invocation of helping AIDS victims in Africa; but Bush has backed off from prior commitments on that after garnishing applause for those promises like he did last night."

TYSON SLOCUM, (202) 454-5191, cell: (202) 256-3152,, Acting director of Public Citizen's Energy Program, Slocum said today: "Bush didn't talk about scaling back demand at all; we need to greatly expand our public transportation systems. He talked about hydrogen, but he used the same rhetoric in 2003. The plans for hydrogen fuel actually involve it coming from coal fire power plants. This means using a high pollution process to create 'clean' energy. "Bush made no mention of the comprehensive energy bill he recently signed. That makes sense; the lobbyists went wild with it, the oil companies got $5 billion, $8 billion for coal, $12 billion for nuclear and only $3 billion for renewables. Oil companies are posting record profits. "We should tax the oil companies to pay to develop renewables and programs like giving people a financial incentive to weatherize their homes so we conserve more fuel."

MARY OLSON, via Linda Gunter, (202) 328-0002,, Olson is with the Nuclear Information and Resource Service. She said today: "The administration has been desperate to find a nuclear waste solution in order to resuscitate the moribund and unpopular nuclear power industry. ... Its latest scheme is reprocessing of irradiated commercial fuel, one of the dirtiest and most proliferation-vulnerable processes in the nuclear fuel chain."

PRATAP CHATTERJEE, (510) 271-8080, cell: (510) 759-8970,, Bush stated yesterday: "We are continuing reconstruction efforts, and helping the Iraqi government to fight corruption and build a modern economy, so all Iraqis can experience the benefits of freedom." Chatterjee is executive director for CorpWatch. He said today: "Bush's claim that the United States plans to continue reconstruction in Iraq is a cleverly worded lie. The government has no plans to ask for new money in the February budget. The contractors are already shutting down their work even though some of the original $18.4 billion allocated for reconstruction over two years ago has not been spent and half of the money spent so far has either been spent on insurance and private security or worst of all diverted to other schemes such as the building of a new United States embassy." Chatterjee, who wrote the book "Iraq Inc.: A Profitable Occupation," added: "Much of the money taken from Iraq's coffers has been used to swell American corporate coffers or even stolen by corrupt American officials. Meanwhile the people of Iraq have less electricity, less water and more sewage than before the 2003 invasion."

AS'AD ABUKHALIL, (209) 667-3536, (209) 575-0210,, AbuKhalil is author of the book "The Battle for Saudi Arabia: Royalty, Fundamentalism, and Global Power," professor in the Department of Politics at California State University, Stanislaus, and visiting professor at the University of California, Berkeley. Bush stated yesterday: "We accept the call of history to deliver the oppressed and move this world toward peace. ... And we do not forget the other half -- in places like Syria and Burma, Zimbabwe, North Korea, and Iran." AbuKhalil responded: "Bush left out from that list ... oppressive countries that are aligned with the U.S. (Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, UAE, Oman, Jordan, Libya, Algeria, Guatemala, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Bahrain, etc.)."

STEPHEN ZUNES, (415) 422-6981, (831) 234-9468,, Bush said: "Let me speak directly to the citizens of Iran: America respects you. ... And our Nation hopes one day to be the closest of friends with a free and democratic Iran." Professor of politics at the University of San Francisco, Zunes said today: "If this is really the case, why did the United States overthrow Iran's last democratic government, that of Prime Minister Mohammed Mossadegh? If the United States really respects the rights of the Iranian people to choose their own future, why did successive U.S. administrations support the tyrannical regime of Shah Reza Pahlavi, installed by the United States following Mossadegh's ouster, whose dreaded CIA-trained SAVAK secret police tortured and murdered thousands of dissidents, thereby spawning the Islamist revolution that has since come to power?"

JACQUELINE CABASSO, (510) 839-5877, cell: (510) 306-0119,,, Executive director of the California-based Western States Legal Foundation, Cabasso has written many articles assessing nuclear policy. She said today: "While the United States accuses Iran of seeking nuclear weapons and President Bush declares that a nuclear-armed Iran would pose 'a grave threat to the security of the world' (the same language he used prior to attacking Iraq), the U.S. is retooling its own nuclear weapons research, design, and production infrastructure to maintain thousands of nuclear weapons for many decades to come, while enabling the production of new nuclear weapons for 'post-Cold War' missions envisioned by U.S. war planners. Following the 9/11 attacks, the Bush administration openly declared the potential first use of nuclear weapons -- even against those countries that don’t have them. The 2002 Nuclear Posture Review revealed U.S. plans for first use of nuclear weapons in response to non-nuclear attacks or threats involving biological or chemical weapons or 'surprising military developments' and targeted countries including Iraq, Iran, North Korea, China, Russia, Syria, and Libya. "The Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty (NPT) ... codified a pledge by the U.S., Britain, Soviet Union, France and China to negotiate 'in good faith' the end of the nuclear arms race and the elimination of their nuclear arsenals. States that agreed to forswear nuclear weapons were guaranteed 'the inalienable right' to develop nuclear energy for peaceful purposes, 'without discrimination.' ... The U.S. and the other nuclear weapon states have failed to live up to their disarmament obligations, establishing a de facto international system of 'nuclear apartheid,' in which they claim the exclusive right to determine who may possess (and threaten to use) nuclear weapons. They also have been responsible for spreading 'peaceful' nuclear technology around the globe, ensuring the possibility of nuclear proliferation. "Now the Bush administration wants to add a second tier to its nuclear double standard by denying uranium enrichment technology -- usable for both nuclear power and weapons -- to countries that don't already have it. Iran will be the test case. But just beyond Iran's border, the U.S. continues to turn a blind eye towards Israel's sizable undeclared nuclear arsenal."

For more information, contact at the Institute for Public Accuracy: Sam Husseini, (202) 347-0020, (202) 421-6858; or David Zupan, (541) 484-9167


From ufpj-news

Freitag, 27. Januar 2006

Half breast cancers tied to environment

Personally, based upon the premise that radiation breaks genes, I'm delighted that the article mentions mammograms as a risk factor.


* * *

The report, "State of the Evidence," can be found at

* * * *

STUDY: Half breast cancers tied to environment

Analysis of 350 studies finds half of cases are unrelated to genetic risk or lifestyle choices

By Douglas Fischer, STAFF WRITER

As many as half of all new breast cancers may be foisted upon woman by pollutants in the environment, triggered by such items as bisphenol-A lining tin cans or radiation from early mammograms, according to a review of recent science by two breast cancer groups.

Their report, "State of the Evidence," released Tuesday, buttresses what many researchers increasingly suspect: that repeated low doses — particularly in early childhood — to chemicals normally considered harmless can have a profound effect.

It also suggests that, for half of the 211,240 woman diagnosed with breast cancer in 2005, lifestyle choices and genetics played no role.

"You just can't blame it on lifestyle factors, like when you have children, or if you have children," said Nancy Evans, health science consultant for the Breast Cancer Fund and the report's principle author.

"Half the cases are not explained by genetics or the so-called `known risk factors.' There's something else going on."

The report, by the San Francisco-based groups Breast Cancer Fund and Breast Cancer Action, analyzed the findings of more than 350 experimental, epidemiologic and ecological studies assessing breast cancer.

Breast cancer rates have climbed steadily in the United States and other industrialized countries since the 1940s. In the U.S., for instance, one in seven women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in her lifetime, almost triple the rate in the 1960s.

Researchers believe less than one in 10 cases occur in women born with a genetic predisposition for the disease. Instead, the report says, recent science makes very clear the cancer arises from a multitude of factors, from slight genetic mutations to altered hormone production to even radiation.

For instance, the report cited a study from Tufts University that found that exposing pregnant mice to extremely low levels of bisphenol-A altered the development of the mammary gland in their offspring at puberty.

And that alteration makes the gland more susceptible to breast cancer, Evans said.

Bisphenol-A, originally developed as a synthetic hormone in the 1930s, today is used as an additive to make plastic shatterproof and to extend the shelf-life of canned goods. Nearly 6 billion pounds are produced annually.

Industry has long maintained there is no evidence repeated low doses of compounds such as bisphenol-A can have such deleterious effects. A legislative effort to ban some of these chemicals from children's toys failed last week after industry scientists argued there was no cause for concern.

"A lot of work has been done on those issues," said Lorenz Romberg, a former U.S. Environmental Protection Agency scientist who now works as a consultant and testified before the Legislature on behalf of the chemical industry last month. "When you look at this body of evidence in total, we didn't find any evidence that there is a marked, repeatable-across-laboratories effect that has any clear scientific standing."

But the report, Evans said, makes clear there is no one culprit for rising breast cancer rates. What happens, for instance, when bisphenol-A or any several estrogen-like synthetic compounds on the market gets combined with the harm from a few low-dose X-rays?

No one knows, but new research from the National Academy of Sciences suggests there is no safe radiation dose: The lowest possible dose still increases cancer risk. Yet the American Cancer Society still recommends women over age 40 have a mammogram, despite evidence such procedures are not effective until women are 50 years old.

"We have to have a replacement for mammography. It's so aggressively promoted, especially for young women," Evans said.

But does the chance of early detection outweigh the risks?

"I'm not saying they should or shouldn't," Evans said. "They need to be aware of the risk. An additional 10 years of radiation is not insignificant."

The report, "State of the Evidence," can be found at

Contact Douglas Fischer at


State of the evidence for breast cancer


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