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Der Venter-Code: Wenn Forscher Gott spielen

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Der Venter-Code: Wenn Forscher Gott spielen

Was Gott kann, kann der Mensch noch besser, scheinen manche Genforscher zu denken. Hybris ist bei Biochemikern wie Craig Venter verbreitet. Er hat nun erstmals ein künstlich erzeugtes Genom in eine Bakterie gesetzt und damit primitives Leben geschafft, ein fortpflanzungsfähiges Bakterium. Das Entstehen von Leben scheint entzaubert. Der Mann, der das Genom entschlüsselte, hat sich den nächsten Traum erfüllt. Er hat Leben geschaffen, synthetisches Leben. Und Creg sah, dass es gut war. Zumindest für seine Karriere. Ob er Gott spielt? "Quatsch", sagt Venter. Den gibt es doch gar nicht. Dafür 3,6 Milliarden Jahre Evolution. Höchste Zeit, die Sache selbst in die Hand zu nehmen und alles besser zu machen. "Creatura non potest creare", warnte einst Augustinus: "Das Geschöpf kann nicht schöpfen". Künstler aber träumen seit Jahrhunderten davon, Gott zu spielen - oder sogar zu übertreffen. So sah schon Leonardo da Vinci sein Werk: eine Schöpfung für die Ewigkeit und der göttlichen Schönheit überlegen.

Automatenfiguren, Wachsgestalten, Androiden: Künstliche Fantasiewesen sind immer etwas unheimlich. Lebende Maschinen - ein Widerspruch in sich. Was Künstler nur erdachten, scheint die Wissenschaft jetzt zu vollenden: schöpferische Allmacht ganz ohne Romantik und jenseits von Ethik und Moral. Gene sind Software, Zellen sind Hardware, Leben ist Information. Das ist das Glaubensbekenntnis des Craig Venter. Was der Mensch kann, das darf er auch. Es geht nicht um Zucht, sondern um Design. Optimiertes Leben: Warum eigentlich nicht?

Gesprächsgast in der Kulturzeit am 02.06.2010: war Giovanni Maio, Medizinethiker

Law and order: AIG

Our Future Blog
by Richard (RJ) Eskow


President Obama’s Department of Justice announced last week that there would be no indictments in the collapse of AIG, an event which led to a worldwide economic collapse and cost the American taxpayer trillions. As someone who once worked for AIG I was shocked, but apparently that’s how this mystery ends: Hundreds of millions of victims, smoking guns in every room, and not a perp to be found anywhere. … Here’s another possible reason there won’t be a prosecution: Our economy was shattered by a syndicate, a ring, a cabal at the top of the financial pyramid. To move against any one of them … would trigger a chain reaction of rats turning on one another, summoning each other to testify, and spilling each other’s dirty secrets in an attempt to save themselves...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Why is a Yemeni student in Guantanamo, cleared on three occasions, still imprisoned?

Future of Freedom Foundation
by Andy Worthington


On the evening of March 28, 2002, Mohammed Hassen, an 18-year-old Yemeni student at Salafia University in Faisalabad, Pakistan, made a decision that was to change his life forever. He had been visiting fellow students in another house connected with the university, had stayed for dinner, and had decided to stay the night rather than traveling back to his own accommodation. Within hours, however, Hassen, along with 15 other people living in the house, was seized in a raid by Pakistani police, transferred to U.S. custody, and sent to Guantanamo, where he remains to this day...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Obama to America: I am not accountable

Hawaii Reporter
by Christopher Adamo


What seemed at first to be a major gaffe by Attorney General Eric Holder has since manifested itself as yet another flagrant pronouncement from the executive branch that it no longer considers itself answerable to the American people on any issue. Rather, it operates from a belief in its absolute moral and philosophical superiority, and asserts virtually unchecked power as a result...

The euphemisms of war

Classically Liberal
by CLS


I grabbed a copy of the local newspaper to read while having lunch. It was just the community rag, nothing special. I opened it to find photograph after photograph of young men who had died in the undeclared wars of George W. Bush. Their young faces broke my heart, most were barely men, perhaps just boys when they enlisted. Today their lives are gone, snuffed out, for a blundering boob of a president who wanted, God know’s what, by rushing into a war based on faulty evidence. I keep seeing the bumper stickers, and hearing the slogans, that are the euphemisms of war. ‘We defend America.’ ‘He died for his country.’ ‘They are fighting for us.’ ‘They are protecting America.’ How much easier it is to endow this senselessness with a mantle of higher goals and laudable values...

Obama plays the credit card

The American Spectator
by Jay D. Homnick

The late President Harry S. Truman was famous for keeping a small plaque on his desk reading ‘The Buck Stops Here.’ … Ronald Reagan, self-consciously playing off Truman, put a conspicuous plaque on his desk as well. It said: ‘There is no limit to what you can accomplish if you don’t care who gets the credit.’ Judging by Barack Obama’s press conference remarks about the Louisiana oil spill, he has fashioned the obverse slogan: ‘There is no limit to the credit you can get if you don’t care who did the accomplishing’...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


Government Impotence and Corporate Rule

Jim Hightower, Truthout: "Many news reports about the Gulf oil catastrophe refer to it as a 'spill.' Wrong. A spill is a minor 'oops' - one accidentally spills milks, for example, and from childhood, we're taught the old aphorism: 'Don't cry over spilt milk.' What's in the Gulf isn't milk and it wasn't spilt. The explosion of BP's Deepwater Horizon well was the inevitable result of deliberate decisions made by avaricious corporate executives, laissez faire politicians and obsequious regulators."

Six Things to Do About the BP Gulf Disaster

Sarah van Gelder, YES! Magazine: "Instead of sitting helplessly on the sidelines, here are six things every American can do. BP has failed repeatedly to stop the gushing oil disaster in the Gulf. It's trying again - using a technique that risks making matters worse - and saying that there may be no repair until August, when it finishes drilling relief wells."

Safety Violations and Fines Did Not Deter BP and Massey Disasters

Josh Frank, Truthout: "When natural resource industry giants get hit with worker safety and environmental violations, they open their checkbook, pay a fine and go on operating as per usual. At least that's the lesson learned from the recent Massey Energy deadly mine explosion and British Petroleum's (BP) massive oil spill. Both companies have paid millions in fines in recent years, yet, have gone on with their business as usual."

Australia: Government takes legal action to stop Japan whaling

Agence France-Presse


Australia has launched legal action at the International Court of Justice to stop Japan’s hunting of whales, Japanese officials said Tuesday, calling the move ‘extremely regrettable.’ Australia’s action in The Hague follows months of tension between Canberra and Tokyo, which kills the ocean giants under a loophole in a 1986 international moratorium that allows lethal ’scientific research.’ The legal action comes just ahead of the June 21-25 annual meeting of the International Whaling Commission in Morocco, which will discuss a compromise proposal to end years of divisions among its pro- and anti-whaling members...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

BP Gulf Disaster Is a Crime, Not an Accident

Scott West, Truthout: "The Obama administration is beginning to do some damage control relative to what we have been saying and asking lately. Why was a criminal investigation not launched early in the BP crisis and why has one not been launched to date? As I suspected, we are seeing some articles appearing and some pundits grandstanding with the notion that stopping the flow is first and foremost, so, a criminal investigation can either take a back seat or even be counterproductive to the top priority of stopping the flow. Of course, stopping the flow is priority number one. But the idea that a criminal investigation can or should wait is ludicrous."


Gulf Oil Spill Threatens Louisiana Native Americans' Way of Life

Joseph Goodman, The Miami Herald: "There is an ages-old expression among the people of southern Louisiana's Indian bayous. 'Pas tout la,' they say with smiles. 'Not all there,' it means. As in, 'not right in the head.'"


Why Obama Should Take Over BP's Operations in the Gulf of Mexico

Robert Reich, Robert Reich's Blog: "It's time for the federal government to put BP under temporary receivership, which gives the government authority to take over BP's operations in the Gulf of Mexico until the gusher is stopped. This is the only way the public know what's going on, be confident enough resources are being put to stopping the gusher, ensure BP's strategy is correct, know the government has enough clout to force BP to use a different one if necessary, and be sure the President is ultimately in charge."


Steamboats and oil rigs

Independent Institute
by Willliam Shughart


Finger-pointing predictably is now the order of the day. Who is to blame: BP, its contractor or federal regulators? There should have been a plan in place to respond to the disaster in the Gulf, or so says the conventional wisdom. But new technologies foster new hazards, all of which fallible human beings cannot reasonably be expected to anticipate. That failure certainly is true of governmental regulatory agencies. No bureaucrat has incentive to prepare for or to respond quickly to disasters of any kind, as Hurricane Katrina amply proved. The pro forma policy recommendation on the part of statists is to fire the head of agency responsible for lax oversight and then to impose more stringent regulations on the firm and industry to which liability opportunistically can be shifted. Ignorant hope apparently springs eternal...

BP and the bankers

Huffington Post
by Robert Kuttner


Question of the Day: What do the oil catastrophe and the Wall Street collapse have in common? Three big things, I’d say. In both cases, a powerful, politically protected industry invented something that could not easily be repaired when it broke. … Secondly, in both cases the proverbial ounce of prevention was not applied. … But the worst common element is this: both crises are teachable moments that our president could be using to transform public opinion. Yet despite these gifts from the progressive gods, President Obama seems congenitally unable to rise to the occasion...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Bundespräsident: Neuwahlen so spät wie möglich

Eilig wird ein Kandidat oder eine Kandidation gesucht, ob Deutschland auch Handelswege militärisch schützen soll, ist trotz Rücktritt weiter umstritten, die FDP sagt Ja.öhler

Europa spart sich zu Tode

Leiten die Sparprogramme der EU-Staaten eine Abwärtsspirale ein?

Ein paar Sparvorschläge

Ein ausgeglichener Staatshaushalt wäre problemlos möglich, wenn es denn einen echten Willen zu Veränderungen gäbe.

"Einmaliger Kraftakt" auf fremden Schultern

Regierung plant Einsparungen von 80 Milliarden Euro bis 2014.

CIA Drones Claim 'License to Kill' with Impunity

US Drone Strikes Draw Int'l Scrutiny

CIA Drones Claim 'License to Kill' with Impunity: UN Expert

Wars’ Living Victims Honor the Dead, Push for Peace

Power-Elite Protectionism

Fury and despair as BP admits oil could leak for months

Obama administration warns that the most environmentally disastrous spill in US history may continue until August.

BP shares plunge on oil spill fears

The company's shares fell close to 17 per cent in trading in London, wiping $23bn off BP's market value after weekend news that its latest attempt to plug its blown-out seabed had failed.

BP hit by avalanche of compensation claims over US oil spill

The suits include claims for loss of earnings, loss of enjoyment or property, or for bereavement suffered by families of the 11 workers killed when BP's Deepwater Horizon rig caught fire and sank on 30 April.

From Information Clearing House


Big Oil 'bristling' at effect of six-month ban

America's 'casualty gap' Poor areas lose more of their young to wars

We found that citizens informed about the existence of a casualty gap were significantly more likely to oppose ongoing military operations and less willing to support future ones than were their peers who were not informed about casualty inequalities.

From Information Clearing House

American Denial: Living in a Can't-Do Nation

By Tom Engelhardt

Who can deny that our American world is in trouble? Or that our troubles, like our wars, have a momentum of their own against which we generally no longer raise our voices in protest; that we have, in a sense, been disarmed as citizens?


Independent Media Source

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